In The Woods

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Revelations and Explosions

Ray’s POV

“You know you really should go outside. Everyone is worried about you.” I told Aaron as I walked into the cave where he so often resided now a day. Ever since Lean left it was like he just gave up.

“Tell them not to. I need to watch over Griff.” He told me in a monotone voice without moving from his spot.

“The healers can do that, you need to be helping Dylan.” I told him putting my hands over his shoulders. I couldn’t let him do this; he couldn’t blame himself for not saving her.

“Serrina won’t let anyone from this pack watch him, she doesn’t trust them. I’m fine down here.” Aaron told me turning around and looked me in the eye willing me to leave.

“Lean wouldn’t want you to hide away from the world. She knew what she was doing when she left with them.” I told him sympathetically.

“Don’t.” Aaron told me his voice hardening as he stood up to face me.

“Lean wouldn’t want you to blame yourself.” I pushed on, any emotion would be better than nothing.

“She lost her decision when she went with them of her own free will!” Aaron finally snapped.

“She went with them to protect you. You would’ve gotten yourself killed.” I yelled back at him.

“Yes, but at least she would still be here and alive.” He snarled at me.

“You don’t know that she’s dead.” I pointed out to him. At this he looked crest fallen and just looked at me with his broken eyes.

“Get out; leave me to morn in peace.” Aaron sighed as he sat back down in the chair and looked after our fallen member.

Dylan’s POV

I rubbed my hand over my face, trying to wake up. I hadn’t been able to sleep in the two weeks since they took Lean. Although I was always awake it felt as if I was in an ongoing dream… or nightmare. Every night I would fall asleep only to be woken up hearing Lean scream as she was raped and beaten. I had to hold myself together though. Unlike Aaron who ran away to hide I kept my promise to Lea and didn’t give up. In the time of her absence I have looked after the pack and had started to formulate a plan to get her back.

“Dylan?” Gale asked impatiently as if he had already tried to get my attention.

“What?” I snapped at him, I really did need sleep… and some caffeine.

“Lacey just went into labor.” Gale repeated.

“Already? She is two weeks early!” I growled. We needed good news not dead pups.

“Steve is saying that it is because of the trauma that occurred during her stay in New Mexico.” Gale spat out. I flinched, Lea was there right now.

‘She left us on her own will.’ My wolf reminded me.

‘And we will get her back, alive.’ I promised.

“Okay lets go, you can tell me about how Griff is doing on the way over.” I told him. I knew that the kid wasn’t doing well and I needed something to take my mind off of Lean.

Serrina’s POV

“How are you doing?” Brent asked sitting down beside me.

“I’m fine, how are you?” I asked absentmindedly watching the kids play. Karina still had a limp and Alex needed to gain some weight.

“Come on Serrina, you know that I know you aren’t fine. Drop the act, I’m here to listen.” Brent told me sincerely wrapping one of his arms around my torso.

“What do you want me to say? How worried I am that Griff won’t come back to us? How I feel useless with these pregnancies? How much I am trying to just get over the fact that Lean isn’t coming back? I just need to focus on getting all of you better.” I snapped, turning to look into his light grey eyes.

“We will be fine Serrina. Maybe instead of trying to help heal everyone else you should let me help try and heal you.” He replied gently, his eyes swirling with emotion. I choked back the tears that threatened to spill over.

“Brent I-” I started but was interrupted by Ray.

“Serrina could you watch over Griff for a while? We need Aaron.” She asked. I looked over at Brent again but he was already looking away so I nodded and got up to help. Walking towards the cave where we had placed Griff I looked back in time to see Brent staring at me with mixed emotions in his eyes.

What was I going to tell him? We couldn’t be together, could we? I don’t know where these feeling came from that curl in the bottom of my stomach came from but they couldn’t stay there.

“What am I going to do?” Kris’s voice interrupted my thoughts just before I turned the corner into Griff’s cavern. “I can’t do this… I’m only fifteen. I can’t be a mom Griff. I wish you were here.”

Kris’s sobs echoed around the cave as I stood still shocked. How could she be pregnant? Even if they raped her in New Mexico she was a bird shifter and they were all wolf shifters…

“Kris…” my lips were numbs as her name rolled off them. I stepped around the corner and looks at her as she held her hand over her stomach.

“Serrina… it-it isn’t what it looks like!” Kris stumbled through her words, desperately trying to make me believe them.

“How long?” I asked her. I wanted to say so many different things, tell her I was sorry that this happened to her, but I kept it professional. I had to get her to trust me so that I could take care of her. With her age and the trauma she had been through this pregnancy would be dangerous; she couldn’t do it alone, and I owed it to Griff to take care of his sister.

“What?” Kris asked me sniffling and rubbing the tears from her face.

“How far along are you?” I asked her. They had been gone for quite a while and she could be in her third trimester, even if she wasn’t showing, or she could be only a few weeks in.

“Not really sure, but I think about a month. I don’t know who the father is though. I was blind folded while they ‘purged’ me of my attitude.” Kris spat out snidely. She was so bitter now, and I didn’t blame her.

“I’m so sorry Kris.” I told her, holding back my tears as I wrapped my arms around her.

“Don’t be, it was either me or they were going to go after Karina. I had too.” She sniffled her face going hard. “We just… need to get Lean out of there.”

“We will, I promise. Dylan, Gale, and Aaron won’t give up on her. But right now I need you to watch Griff while I go get you some prenatal vitamins.”

“No, you can’t tell anyone! I’m not ready yet.” Kris cried desperately clawing at my arm to get me to stay.

“Don’t worry,” I told her pulling away from her grasp, “ They won’t miss a few going missing with all the pregnancies around here.”

With that I turned around and walked slowly out of the cave. The information I had just learned weighed me down. I was so lost in thought I didn’t see the shadowy figure come up to me until the rough cave wall was digging into my back. Startled I prepared to change. That was until I saw a familiar pair of swirling grey eyes. My lower stomach clenched and I felt a heat wave pass through my body.

“Brent… what?” I started to ask but was cut off by Brent pressing his lips gently against mine in a passionate kiss. One of his hands circled my body to protect me from the wall and the other was wrapped tightly in my hair. As suddenly as he appeared Brent dropped me to my feet and disappeared back into the darkness that had enveloped the air.

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