In The Woods

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Watch and Learn

“I don’t see why you are so mad. I mean you could have been stuck with someone a lot worse than me.” Matt commented as he laid on his bed, staring at me. I still sat in the corner by the elevator doors, refusing to go near him.

“I could also have someone that is a lot better than you.”

“Anyone else would’ve taken you by force by now.”

“Anyone else wouldn’t have put me through hell to get me here.” I sniped back at him.

“Why can’t you just give up, we are meant to be mates whether or not you like it.” He sighed rolling so he was staring up at the ceiling.

“We are not mates. You are some masochist, sexist, obsessive, man whore, royal, asshole that gets everything he wants.” I growled.

“You are my mate. I have been nothing but nice since you got here. Have I ever done anything to harm you?” He rolled his eyes back towards me so that he could see my reaction.

“Yes! You had me kidnapped three times, got me chloroformed, had me beaten, and taken away from everyone I love.” I snapped at him.

“You did not get hurt from the kidnapping. Everyone that hurt you is dead and you sustained no permanent damage.” He scoffed as if I was making a big deal of nothing. I growled and turned so that he could see my back.

“How is that not permanent damage? They fucking carved me.” I screamed at him.

“Your markings are so attractive Lean. Plus I enjoyed killing the last of the insolent souls that hurt you. By the time his heart stopped he was begging for death.” Matt said with glee and longing in his voice.

“Um… disturbing. Matt how can you not see how wrong that is? You killed another human being, slowly by the sound of it.” Not that I minded, I mean I was happy when I figured out that Gale and Damian had killed the men that had hurt me.

“We are animals Lean that is what we do. We mate when we feel like it, we hurt people that take our blood, and we protect what is ours. On a side note if you want me to continue being polite you should probably not turn like that.”

“It wouldn’t be a problem if you gave me some fucking clothes!” I snapped at him.

“Tell you what; I’ll give you some clothes, if you let me kiss you.” Matt said his eyes gleaming.

“No.” I growled. In a blink of an eye he was across the room. I fell to the side as he backhanded me across the face.

“You will mind me.” He growled back at me. He grabbed me by my wrists and drug me over to the corner of the room where he had a bed of pillows laid out underneath two pairs of fuzzy handcuffs that seemed to be built into the wall.

“You’d never hurt me, right.” I commented as Matt threw a pair of sweatpants one of his old t-shirts at me.

“I’ll start slow with you Lea.” Was all he said before he turned his back to me and walked out of the room. Fifteen minutes later the elevator opened and Matt walked back into the room followed closely by a scantily clad girl with tan skin and long black hair. She was at least his age, unlike some of the other girls I had seen down there.

“Watch closely Lea, Willow and I are going to show you what to do.” Matt told me as he grabbed ‘Willow’ by her hair and slammed her back against the elevator shaft as he kissed her ravenously. I heard her moan as she rubbed her waist against Matts hips as if she was desperate. He leaned back against the wall and I could see the bulge in his pants. Willow moaned as she used one hand to rub him and another to take his pants off, her lips still preoccupied. Matt closed his eyes as she wrapped her hands around his member and pumped him fast and furious. She was doing that all wrong, but I wasn’t going to comment. I felt the nausea in my stomach as bile started to make its way up my throat. This was a private matter and I should not be witnessing it.

“Lea, oh God, Lean.” Matt gasped as he came and grabbed Willow by her hair to kiss her hard enough to bruise her. As soon as he was done he pushed her away and pulled up his pants, regaining his composer. “That’s all I needed Willow, you are free to go.”

“Are you really not going to fuck me?” She asked in disbelief.

“I said you were free to go, now get the hell out.” Matt told her as he walked over and calmly broke two of her fingers. She made a small squeak but walked into the elevator without further ado.

“I would never be with you Matthew, you are sick.” I screamed at him as I bent over and barfed onto the floor.

“Oh, but you will Princess.” He tells me as he un-cuffed me and carried me to his bed. I fought him and got a fist to the stomach for it. It made me sick to hear the once endearing term that Aaron had used come out of his mouth. Matt grabbed my nose, forcing me to drink the liquid he poured into my mouth. Almost instantaneously I felt dizzy and he petted my hair.

“I would rather die than be with you.” I murmured before the blackness completely took over.

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