In The Woods

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Losses and Victories

Serrina’s POV

I walked through the trees in the bright morning sunlight. The foliage smelled fresh and green; I always had loved the smell of nature in spring, it allowed me to think. I had so much to think about right now. I mean what happened between Brent and I? He had been gone for months and when we finally get him back, we suddenly have feelings for each other. We had always been friends and never anything more. We couldn’t even be together, could we? What happened to him in New Mexico that made this all come to surface?

Not to mention Kris, stealing those vitamins for her was really taking its toll on my morals. She was going to start to show through soon. What would the others say? What were her babies going to be anyway? A mix of avian and canine blood was unheard of. The birth would be dangerous and the babies might not even survive past their first shift. Plus the stress of her brother’s condition couldn’t help her health.

Griff was still in a coma and no matter what I did I couldn’t bring him back to me. I missed him so much. He was the friend that I could talk to about anything and I had so much to talk to him about. When the others were taken he got me through it. Without Brent and the kids I had lost my drive, he got me through it. Now, he might be dying just because I don’t know the correct procedures to help him. What would he say about Brent? Would he tell me to go for it or tell me I shouldn’t even think about that? I just wanted my best friend back. Not to mention what him being in a coma was doing to Kris and the kids. Bumping into something brought me out of my thoughts. I looked up to see a familiar mop of dark brown hair and I screamed.

Aaron’s POV

I ran as fast as I could towards the sound of Serrina’s scream. What I saw stopped me in my tracks. His feet swung like a pendulum from the tree, his neck encircled by a rope. Dylan ran into the forest and I howled before tensing my muscles and leaped at him. I managed to punch him in the face before Damian grabbed me by the waist and pulled me back. I turned around to snap at him but Ray stepped in front of me. Her eyes were furious as she pushed me back by my chest.

“We have all been through enough without you going psychotic brother. Stop blaming Dylan for everything. We found the suicide note; this had nothing to do with Dylan.” Ray snapped at me. Gale was holding Serrina in his lap as she sobbed.

“None of this happened before he came back into our lives!” I growled back at her. Looking around at all of the grim faces that I knew so well I realized they were all on her side for this argument.

“Look you don’t have to like me but you are hurting others with the way you are acting. Everyone’s been worried about you. Why don’t we focus our efforts on trying to get Lea back so that we don’t lose another of our number.” Dylan spoke up, looking at me with calm in his voice but not in his eyes. He blamed me as well; I would just have to make everyone see it.

Kris’s POV

“Oh Griff, I wish you were here. I have started to feel it.” I told him in a soft voice as I placed Griff’s hand on my stomach where the baby had started to move around.

“Griff you need to get better, I can’t do this without you. Not to mention how much Serrina misses you.” I rambled on until I felt another movement, this one not from inside. Gasping I stared down at Griffins hand willing it to move. I watched the hand until I was sure that I had imagined it. Then I felt movement again watching Griffin’s face closely as I stroked his hand.

“Please wake up, I need you Griff.” I told him as I squeezed his hand and his eye lids flickered! Slowly Griff’s eyes opened.

“Kris,” Griff said his voice ruff with nonuse and his eyes were having a hard time focusing, “are you alright?”

“Jesus Griffin, don’t you ever do that again!” I cried as I hugged his chest roughly.

“Do what?” He asked me confused.

“I’m gonna go get Serrina, she will explain everything to you.” I promised him and ducked out of the cave.

Serrina’s POV

I sat in Gale’s arms, crying like a lunatic. Hadn’t we already lost so much? How could he just take his own life like that? He didn’t seem like the suicidal type.

“Serrina sweety, I have to go help Aaron and Dylan. It will be alright I promise. I’m gonna leave you with Brent. I want our pack to stay together. We will help each other through this.” Gale told me reassuringly as he stroked my hair and lifted me into Brent’s lap.

“Serrina,” Brent whispered into my hair as he pulled my chin up to look at him, “it will be okay. It might not feel like it but it will. I told you earlier and I am telling you again, I am here to listen. I am here to be whatever you need me to be. Just say the word and I will be there. No matter what time or what I’m doing I will stop all of it for you. His death will affect all of us but in time we will only remember the good things about our time with him.”

“Serrina! I need you to come quickly, Griffin woke up!” Kris blurted out urgently. Her face fell as she saw us. “What happened?”

“Max is dead.”

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