In The Woods

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At the End

I sat sullenly in the corner that I was chained too. I had long since learned that even fuzzy hand cuffs can make your wrists bloody if you struggle enough. Three weeks I had sat in this corner refusing to accept Matt. So far he had been patient with me but… his patience was waning, I could see it every day. I would follow through with my words though, when he finally snapped I would make him kill me before he rapes me. I would never fall that low. Matt had made a ‘bed’ for me in the corner of his room out of pillows and he had hired people to make two sets of fuzzy handcuffs chained into the wall. This is where I spent all of my time. Occasionally he would allow me to shower and he unchains one of my wrists so that I can eat.

“Look whose back,” I sneered as the elevator opened to reveal Matt, “did you find a nice whore to take care of your needs?”

“Lean, do you ever get tired of your endless antagonizing?” Matt asked, throwing me an annoyed look.

“No, if only you would.” I smiled sweetly back up at him.

“I’m not going to tire of you Lea, you should get used to that. We will have a nice life together once you get used to me again. Maybe I need to kill the low life wolf that you still have feelings for.” Matt’s voice calmly floated across the room so contradictory to the heavy weight that crushed the breath from my chest.

“You wouldn’t,” I looked over at his face to call his bluff. My heart was beating faster than hummingbird’s wings.

“Ah, but I would. It would solve so many problems. If your heart doesn’t belong to another your wolf would warm up to me.” Matt commented his eyes mean as he stroked the back of his hand down my face.

“You can’t, you don’t even know who they are. I could be a lesbian for all you know.” I told him snapping my teeth at his hand.

“I am a very powerful man in my world sweet heart; you really don’t think I have spies in that pack? I have spies in every pack on this continent. I will not only capture Aaron but I will bring him here and make you watch as girls ride him, and if that doesn’t break your bond, you can listen to his screams as he is tortured and killed. I could combine the both, you know Rape-aXe is said to be very painful.” Matt’s voice held calm while he purred the vile words. Picturing Aaron being killed because of me made my wolf howl and break want to sink our fangs into Matt’s jugular veins. I started to growl and bare my fangs.

“No.” I growled at him, my chest vibrating with the need to shift.

“I could also add Dylan to that list, if you wanted.” Matt commented as my heart broke. As much as Aaron’s pain makes my heart hurt, Dylan’s pain tore it apart. It was like a knife versus a mace. While they could both do substantial damage, you don’t need knowledge on how to swing a mace. Matt’s face was triumphant as he saw my spirit breaking.

“No.” I said again but in a much different tone of voice. Matts face grew into a smirk as he knew that he had hit a home run. He had finally won and broken my spirit.

“Maybe I should start with the blonde one?” He asked looking at me meanly, “Oh don’t like that? You know you can prevent their pain Lean. I can be reasonable.”

“What do you want?” I asked softly, I couldn’t let that happen to them no matter what I had to do.

“You know what I want Lean. We are to be mates and I have been far too patient with you. I’m done waiting Lean.” Matt told me his arms cold, not at all like the Matt I used to know.

“You promise you won’t hurt anyone from my pack?” I asked, needing to make sure I wasn’t giving up my freedom for nothing.

“You have my word, I will not allow my pack to move against yours in any event connected to you as long as you agree to being mates. Just give in Lean. You. Are. Mine.” Matt whispered, his lips brushing my ear.

“How do I know you are telling me the truth?”

“We will create a written blood oath.” Matt smiled triumphantly as he knew he had won. He pulled out a prewritten paper from the binder he had been carrying. He had planned this! It didn’t matter though; I knew he wouldn’t hesitate to hurt them. He found his fire and he intended to play with it. He pulled out a penknife and smiled. “Ladies first.”

“Don’t I get to read it first? Or am I supposed to forget I know how?” I asked holding my voice firm. I would not cry in front of him.

“You can read it if you want. It really is pretty lenient. It says you have to be cooperative and actually try to make this relationship work. It also says that you are mine until I release you or I die. In the event that I die before I can release you, you go to my closest relative. In return we cannot attack your pack, without provocation, for the next fifty years. When we create the mating bond there will be a new version of this for us both to sign.” Matt stated business like.

“You would just give me away?” I asked numbly, was I just another girl to him?

“It is only a safety clause. Once we mate you will not have another male touch you. Also if your… pack… tries to stage a rescue attempt I cannot promise their safety. If one of them kills me this contract, once signed, insures that individual’s death.”

“Matthew, why are you doing this? Do you not care at all about what I want?” I asked him quietly. My eyes roamed trying to find the answer in his face. I mean I knew that he wanted me, but I thought he at least cared about me as a person.

“I am willing to wait on this contract, but, you have to try with this relationship. You have to listen and respect me. The first infraction I will take you as my mate by force, the second the lover boy of your choice dies, the third you die. Either way you will behave just the consequences that differ.” He added. I grabbed the penknife as Dylan’s voice echoed in my mind ‘I will come after you. I will not give up.’ My hand shook as I ran the blade over my palm and let the blood soak into the parchment. Looking up as the first drop of red stained the paper I met his eyes.

“This is not a relationship, this is slavery.”

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