In The Woods

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Decision Time

Lean set down on the floor of their living room. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the couch trying to decide what to do. She had already decided that if they were going to make her a whore or a slave then she was going to ask them to kill her. If they said they wouldn't kill her then she had decided to go for one of their throats, now just to decide which one. She thought of Gale and how he seemed the most gentle of them all, but then she thought of the handprint on her shoulder. Gale wouldn't work he was too strong. She thought of Damian next, how he had tried to help her when Gale had a hold on her shoulder. Then she thought of how quick to anger he was. No Damian wouldn't work; he would just knock her aside. She thought about Aaron next but then she decided he might just hurt her before she could die someone would intervene. Then she thought of that girl. They would protect her, and she had no reason to actually anger the girl so someone else would take care of it. Lean drifted off against the couch.

Lean woke up about an hour later when she heard footsteps coming her way. She cracked her eyes so no one could tell that she was awake but she could see them. So consequently Lean saw when Gale and the girl came in and sat down together. The girls sat with her arms around Gale and he bent over and whispered something in her ear and bit it. 'Well there goes the idea of going after her…' thought Lean. About fifteen minutes went by and the next person came in, it was a boy with dark brown hair. He looked to be in his mid teens and was pretty tall for his age just like everyone around here if she had to estimate he was about 5'10. A girl trailed in after him. She looked like him enough to be his sister. They had the same pale shade of skin and the same facial structure. Her eyes were a light green that changed to a deep forest green when she saw Lean. However the boy she had come in with had the same green eyes that were already dark but swirled light green with interest. They both sat down on the couch by Gale. Next came in a guy that had light blond hair who was also in his teens, he had whitish grey eyes that was about two inches shorter than the boy that had come in before him. He was followed by two bickering little kids. One was a girl who had strait black hair who looked about the age one would start kindergarten and one was a boy with light brown hair and a pale complexion he didn't look much older.

"Alex stop pulling Karina's hair!" Serrina scolded coming in. "Brent could you help?" she snapped at the boy in front of her.

"Hey brats listen to Serrina" Said Brent laughing. He went and sat down on the second couch in the room fallowed by Serrina and the kids. Next came Damian who sat down on the third couch that was empty. A bleach blond girl trailed in after him with heels and shorts on. She fallowed Damian to the couch and sat on his lap, well that is until Damian gave her a look that made her get off and sit next to him. By this time Lean didn't even pretend to sleep. She was sitting fully against the couch. Damian had sat so close to her that his leg was brushing her arm. She pushed herself over so she wasn't touching him.

"Brent, Serrina go take the kids to play. Griff go find Max and join them." Gale said from where he sat.

"WHAT? But that's not fair!" yelled the dark brown haired guy that had come in with the girl that looked like him.

"You heard him kid. Don't argue Griff just head out and take your sister with you." Said Damian from beside her. Griff gave them both a dirty look but headed out behind Brent, Serrina, and the kids. He brushed past Aaron as he walked in.

"Aaron glad you could grace us with your presence." Gale said sarcastically. Aaron sneered at him and sat down on the floor opposite of her. "Now we need to talk about some things. First what's your name again? Also what is your natural?"

"Lean and um dirty blond…?" Lean said confused.

"No he means your natural shift." Damian said and put a hand on her shoulder. She tensed.

"I have no idea what you are talking about. Also as I have been sayin since I got here I'm not going to be your slave or your pet so why can't you just save us all some time and kill me?" Lean growled.

"We aren't going to kill you! And we don't keep pets we find it sick." sighed Gale. That was it. The conformation she needed. She tensed to pounce and she was knocked to the ground by somebody instead.

"Oomph" she said as she hit the ground.

"Don't even think about it princess" Growled Aaron in her ear.

"Get off me!" Lean said.

"Well now that we got that out of the way." Gale said. "Are you going to keep pretending you don't know what we are talking about are you going to drop the act and tell us your natural shift?"

"I already told you I don't know what you're talking about!" Lean screamed wiggling trying to get out from under Aaron. Aaron, Gale, and Damian all looked at each other and Damian rolled his eyes.

"Look honey we all know that you're a shifter you don't have to hide from us" said the blond chick that had walked in with Damian.

"You are all crazy! I don't know what you are talking about! I don't know what a shifter or a natural shift is!" she yelled. "And are you going to let me up or are you just going to lay on me all day?"

"It depends are you going to go for us again? Also will you please drop the dumb blond act?" Aaron said tired and mad. Gale singled for Aaron to let her up.

"Maybe she isn't putting on an act Aaron. What do you know?" Gale asked turning to Lean.

"All I know is that I got kidnapped by some drunken gang members and was almost killed. Then you came and set your dogs on them therefore saving my life. Then you and Damian brought me back here. Serrina healed me then you crushed my shoulder, which I still have a handprint bruise from, by the way, and then I got knocked out with some meds. When I woke up I took a shower and saw that my eyes were purple and I screamed. Aaron came in and got mad at me acting like I was an idiot he walked out and you told me to come out here." Lean said sitting back up against the couch. She rubbed her head where she was slammed against the floor.

"Aaron what is she talking about?" Gale asked in a dangerous voice. His eyes swirled dark blue.

"She had just gotten out of the shower and she screamed I figured it was a spider or something so I went in to help. She was freaking out about her eyes and I just figured that Serrina had given her too much vicoden or something." Aaron said defensively.

"You didn't think this was important to tell us?" Damian asked in the same danger filled voice that Gale had used. She looked at him and saw that his orange eyes had turned a dark almost brown color. They were swirling dangerously.

"It wasn't important enough to mention!" Aaron yelled. The girl got up from the couch and went over to Lean. She put a hand on Leans shoulder. She bent over and gave Lean a sympathetic smile.

"Honey are you saying that your eyes just changed?" asked the girl.

"Yes that's what I told Aaron this morning! That's what I have been saying all afternoon to you guys." Lean repeated, feeling redundant. The girl gave Gale a look. Both the boys were glaring at Aaron, and Aaron was glaring at her.

"Honey you're a shifter. That means that you can shift your shape. You can become anything you want. A natural shift is what animal you shift into without thinking. I know it's a lot to take in but it's just your life now. You are living with us now. You are one of us now." She told her in in a solemn voice, like stating a mantra. Leans eyes had darkened to a royal blood purple as the girl was talking. When she was done Lean laughed.

"You are all crazy!" Lean said laughing like she herself was crazy. "Where is the door? If you're not going to kill me then I am leaving. Thank you for saving my life. I'm sorry you have all lost your minds." They all just stared at her when she was finished. "Where is the door?" she repeated slowly as if they couldn't understand.

"We aren't crazy" said the girl as she hugged Lean.

"Uh yeah you are" she said shrugging the strange girl off. "I'll find the door myself."

"We aren't crazy." said Damian standing up and putting a hand on her shoulder. "And you aren't leaving."

"What do you mean I'm not leaving? Sorry to tell yah but yeah I am leaving, ya'll are all too crazy for me." She sneered. They were all standing up by now all but the blond chick that is. She turned towards the door and started to walk out, but Damian's hand was still on her shoulder and when she tried to shrug it off it turned from comforting to restricting. "Let go of me." Lean said.

"No" Damian said. "You aren't going anywhere."

"Yes I am. Unless you are going to keep me here against my will. You already said you don't keep pets so I guess it would be a prisoner. My mistake." Damian let go of her.

"You aren't going anywhere. If keeping you here means posting a guard outside the hospital and when you can move outside your room then fine. But you're not leaving, you’re staying right here." Gale threatened. 'And just when I thought he was the nice one…' She tensed; maybe she would have to die after all. She made a split second decision and flew at the blond chick. She grabbed her throat in her teeth and bit down. The blond chick screamed. Lean was knocked off of her and on to the floor. Her head hit the wood with a thud. She felt a hand circling her throat. She waited to be choked to death but the hand just held her to the floor.

"I told you not to try it Princess" someone whispered in her ear. She started trying to kick scratch bite anything to push them over the edge, so that they would kill her. She heard a hiss and she opened her eyes to see a shredded pair of shorts and a tank top torn to pieces where the blond chick was she now saw a cougar wearing the blonde's high heels. As she watched Damian fell to his hands and…. and turned into a dog… no not a dog, a wolf. The same wolf she had seen a few nights ago, the wolf that had saved her life and ripped those guys throats out with its teeth. She saw as the wolf turned on the cougar and snarled. Saw as the cougar backed off and hissed.

Aaron saw as Lean's eyes widened. He felt as she tensed in fear. He was pissed that she was so stubborn, why couldn't she just have accepted that they were not going to kill her. Also he was pissed because of the fact that she had all but blamed him. Gale, Damian, and Ray were all mad at him now; they were beyond mad! On top of all that she looked at him as if he were some type of monster. As if he was going to change right here on top of her and rip her throat out. Her eyes had gone light purple with shock; she was in no danger to change now. He was though. He had been all of yesterday and today, she just made him so mad! She showed up here at his home then called them all crazy and THEN decided to get him in trouble with his family.

He heard her whimper and start to struggle harder than she had been. He looked down to see that his hand had curled around her neck instead of just keeping her down. His nails had lengthened and turned dark. He was now resting his full weight on her and his knees were on either side of her body. She was trying to wiggle, trying to get free of him and even he knew that unless he stopped soon he was going to kill her. When he looked down at her he actually had to fight himself to not kill her. There was no doubt that he hated this girl. He hated her so much, even if the logical part of his brain knew that it wasn't her fault that she had been through a really hard time less than a week ago. He kept his weight partially on her though so that she couldn't move too much. He held her arms down.

"Sarah go back to your room and get some clothes on then stay in there until I say you can come out. You have been here for almost two years now and a lapse in control is inexcusable. Damian I understand why your change was necessary so go get some cloths on and get back out here." Gale turned to Aaron and Lean, and laughed.

"What the hell are you laughing about?" Aaron asked exasperated.

"Nothing" Gale said but it was ruined by the smile on his face. Gale then turned to the girl he came in with. "Ray, you are going to have to teach her. We all knew she would have to be taught but not this much. It was between you and Sarah and Sarah obviously can't do it if she has that weak of control. So your kind of stuck with it babe, sorry." He leaned in and kissed her lightly.

"That's fine but we better get started right away. We should figure out her natural shift as soon as possible. Oh and who is gonna be on first watch tonight to make sure she doesn't try to kill herself again?" said Ray.

"Well we will decide it when you're training. It will either be Damian or Aaron because I have to go hunting tonight" replied Gale. 'Well that's just fucking great' thought Aaron.

Lean still didn't understand completely what was going on. 'This is impossible' thought Lean as they were walking down a long hallway leading to the outside. She turned a corner and fallowed Ray out the door to a nice little courtyard. There was a garden in the corner to one side was bursting with life. You could see the big red strawberries and tomatoes and the huge green cucumbers. The courtyard was ginormous though it must have been at least 1000 square yards. Ray took her over to the middle of the yard and turned around and slapped her in the face.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?" Lean screamed. Ray was already coming at her again though. She punched her in the guts and leaned down and bit her neck.

"Aren't you going to even try?" Ray growled at her. Lean could feel anger swirling around in her about to burst out. Ray tripped her and grabbed her neck. Lean screamed. Ray let go. She felt as if her whole body was breaking and reorganizing itself. She lay on the ground panting and screaming in pain. When the pain ended the sky had grown dark and hours had passed, but to Lean it felt like an eternity. She lay there and looked around, her eyes sight had changed. Her vision was more acute and accurate. She could smell every little thing so well that she could taste everything on her tongue. She tried to stand up but she couldn't all she could do was get on all fours. She looked down at herself, and she tried to scream but it came out as a howl. She was white and furry, she had paws! Lean looked around trying to find an explanation but all she saw was Ray. Ray was just looking at her in apprehension. Lean smelled her shock though.

"Look Lean you changed for the first time. I need to call the boys okay? You're fine. You changed into an Arctic wolf." Ray picked out a cell from inside her pocket and dialed a phone number. "You need to grab Aaron and Gale and get out here quick!" she heard Ray say into the phone then she paused. "Yes she changed you idiot!" Ray slammed the phone shut. She rolled her eyes and looked at Lean. "Guys" she murmured. Lean growled in agreement.

Aaron ran to the kitchen and grabbed Gale. He had been called by Damian to get out into the court yard. That Ray had said there had been some sort of problem with the girl's first shift.

"Courtyard now! Ray said there was a problem and that she needed us out there." That was all he needed to say. Although Ray was his sister he knew that Gale would protect her from anyone or anything until death. They had been dating for over a year now but the whole pack knew that it was more than just simple dating. Gale was running out of the kitchen before Aaron even finished. Aaron was slower to follow. He didn't want to see the girl again. Even if the girl was going to be living with them now he was going to hate it just like he didn't like Sarah. He only spent a couple seconds procrastinating then went to help his sister. He ran down the hallway and pushed the door open to find that the girl had changed into a wolf. Aaron’s anger grew rapidly, and he only hung onto his control by a thread. No one had been able to change into a wolf. Only Ray, Gale, Damian, and he could do that. Only the original four! They were the ones that had escaped. They were the ones that had the right to be a wolf!

"What do we do?" He heard Ray asking.

"Well one of us will obviously have to change" Gale said.

"I will" Damian and Aaron said at the same time. They scowled at each other. Aaron needed to change. It was so close to the full moon and so much was going on he just needed to cool down. He had gone hunting with Ray only 6 days ago but he needed to change now.

"Stop giving each other death glares. Why don't you just both go?" Gale said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. So Damian and Aaron headed off behind the bushes to strip. Once Damian stripped he changed. It took all of about 15 seconds to change fully. Aaron ran out from behind the bushes and pounced on a running Damian. He pinned him to the ground and grabbed his throat in his mouth. 'Got ya' Aaron thought.

'Yeah you always have been best at reading people. That's why you already ended up on top of Lean twice today' Damian thought with a teasing tone back to Aaron.

'God dammit I was protecting you guys! I didn't want to be on top of her!' Aaron thought as he growled at Damian.

'Whatever you say dude. But I don't think any red-blooded guy on earth wouldn't want to be on top of that chick.' Damian thought back.

'Is that why you pushed the whore off of you earlier?' Aaron asked pissed. He jumped off of Damian. He knew exactly what Damian was talking about. Lean's milky smooth skin and her soft hair….

'Yeah I thought that maybe if she knew that I wasn't with Sarah…' Damian replied and all but winked at Aaron.

'Tell Gale I'll be back in an hour or two." Aaron said shortly.

Lean saw as the jet black wolf jumped over the fence. She could smell his overwhelming anger, 'So it must be Aaron.' She thought.

'Yeah that was Aaron.' She heard Damian say.

'How in hells name did you just hear my thoughts.' She growled at him, backing herself into a corner.

'Cause that's what wolf shifters do. They can think things at each other and the other one can hear it. Pretty cool huh?' he asked her as he lay down beside her. She snarled snapping her jaw in warning.

'No, none of this is cool. I'm going insane, and don't touch me!' She thought at him backing further into the garden slowly a growl rising, ears down.

'Fine, I'm going to go change back now. Good luck with the change back. I was going to help you so it wouldn't hurt so much but hey if you're just going to sit here and insult me I don't see the point.' Damian thought walking away. Lean sighed as she ran up to Damian; if there was a way out of that pain again she was going to take it.

'Wait I didn't mean to insult you. I just… this is kind of overwhelming and yeah. So can you help me?' she asked him in a quiet thought.

'Yes I can.' Damian turned back to her. 'You have to believe you can do it. Picture a cage around your wolf. Now throw that cage into the back of your mind under tight lock and key. Now go behind the bushes and just picture yourself human again. If you picture yourself human again now you're going to come back naked by the way' he thought and gave her a puppy grin. She flinched. They only people that had ever seen her naked were they guys from the warehouse. She shivered and ran behind the bushes. Changing back was pretty painful but nothing like before. This time it only lasted about 15 minutes, but those fifteen minutes had her hot, sweaty, and in pain. She just sat on the ground for a few minutes. She felt a hand on her shoulder and she jumped.

"What the hell?" she asked spinning around. She tried to punch them in the face. Ray knocked her hand aside and handed her some clothes.

"Lean I know there's a lot to think about, but you got to stop being so jumpy!" Ray said. Before Lean could reply Ray was already walking away.

"It's Lea" Lean whispered so softly she didn't know if Ray would here or not. Ray turned around and smiled, and Lea smiled back.

Aaron was running through the woods. He couldn't believe how much Damian's remark had bothered him. 'I only tackled her because she was about to go for someone's throat and she would have killed Sarah.' He tried to convince himself. Yet Aaron knew better even as he lied to himself. As much as he hated her he knew that she would not have hurt Sarah. Plus all of them were strong, stronger than a newbie could be.

He didn't know why he hated the girl so much. So he made a list in his head.

She came into his home

She blamed him and made everyone mad at him

She turned into a wolf


No matter how hard he tried he couldn't figure out a fourth reason. That made him even angrier, but the anger was directed at himself and not at her. Maybe he should apologize. 'NO!' he would not apologize! She was a bitch that had taken over his home, his family, and his life….

He better get back home he thought. Aaron went over to where he buried his rabbit and ran all the way back home….

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