In The Woods

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Baby sitting oh JOY

I wiped off the dishes. They had all sat down to eat after they got back in. I had my long dirty blond hair pulled up in a scrunchie and I was in a tight low scoped long sleeve and shorts that were a little tight. Ray had let me borrow some clothes.

"You know we really have to get you some cloths since you are going to be staying here." Damian said coming up behind me. He grabbed the sponge from my hand. "Here let me help." He said giving me a smile that I'm sure was supposed to be flirtatious but it just was creepy.

"I got it" I said taking the sponge back from him. I didn't like the way he leaned back against the sink so close he was touching my arm, didn't like the smile he gave me, or the way he looked at me with his half closed orange eyes.

"Come on give me the sponge." He said trying to grab the sponge from her hands. She dodged him and tried to turn away. He started laughing and trapped her between his arms. "Give me the sponge!"

"No!" I said starting to laugh. This reminded me of my best friend Matt. We usually walked home together but Matt had had a late exam the night that those men had grabbed me. I had been wondering ever since that night if it was that, or the fact that we had gotten into a fight the day before. The smile had faded off of my face while I was thinking. I looked up and saw that Damian still had me caged against the wall but we were now sitting on the floor. He was looking at me strangely and I reached my fingers up to feel my face and they were wet with tears. Damian grabbed my hand and held them at my sides.

"What are you thinking about?" He questioned.

"Nothing" I replied quickly. Maybe too quickly because he gave me a look that said he didn't believe me. "Would you stop touching me? This is like the 5th time today I have told you to stop touching me." I growled at him. Why did he have to touch me? I didn't like the way he had just come in and started to joke with me. I stood up and wiped off the last dish. Leaving the room and I went towards the hospital. When I got there I was confronted by a grinning Serrina.

"You don't need to be here now. You have your own room." Serrina smiled and grabbed my arm towing me behind her. "Follow me and we can go there now!"

"Okay…. Where is it? Is it by anyone else's? Does it have a lock?" I questioned. Hoping that the answers were no and yes.

"You'll just have to follow and see won't you?" Serrina teased. She ran off and I had no choice but to follow. It took about 8 minutes to get to the room. By that time I was about to go insane. When Serrina stopped in front of a solid oak door that was that had been glazed with a cherry color. I nudged the door open and found that there was a double bed with a reddish down comfiture on it. The walls were painted a dusty red color that reminded me of desert sand. There was a couch and a chair in the room both made of a dark brown cloth that went very well with the floor that was a gleaming wood oak and there was a rug on the floor that was a thick red color. I just collapsed on the thick plush carpet.

"Comfortable Lean?" Serrina asked laughing.

"Yesssss" I groaned. Serrina turned to leave. "Oh and its Lea." Serrina laughed again. "Okay Lea." Serrina said smiling, only a small time later I fell asleep. What seemed like only a few minutes later I was woken up by the dull thud of footsteps as someone walked down the hallway. I wouldn't have been able to hear it if not for the fact that my ear was still pressed to the rug. I rubbed my palm over my sore cheek and felt the imprints from the carpet threads being pressed against the skin there. I sat up, stretched, and rubbed my eyes lying back down on the carpet. Someone opened the door and came in, they shut the door quietly. I was able to see the outline of the person even in the dark; it was thick and tall with short hair. The figure pulled a cell out of their pocket and flipped it open; they used the light to shine it on the room. I could tell by the light that the silhouette provided that this was Aaron. I groaned, what was he doing here?

Aaron walked into the room that Serrina had told him was Lean's. Gale was so mad about him just taking off that he had assigned him to guard duty for the next week. He didn't see her even with his enhanced vision, so he pulled out his cell phone and used the light to look for her. Lean wasn't on the bed, so he started looking around the room. He heard her groan and looked around again. He saw her on the floor; her face was buried into the rug. Aaron guessed that she was hiding her face from the light of his cell. He sighed. Lean looked so peace full in her sleep disoriented state. All of the tenseness had gone out of her, she smelled for the majority happy and not full of fear. Shoving his cell into his pocket; he was wearing plaid pajama pants. Aaron ran a hand through his thick black hair, he couldn't believe what he was about to do.

Putting one hand under her knees and one hand under her back he picked Lean up and cradled her against his chest. She felt so fragile, like a baby in his arms. Aaron felt her body heat leaking through her shirt and radiating against him, more than he should have. He sighed again and looked down at her as he flipped the blankets back and set her in the bed. He settled in the chair to watch her. Aaron fell asleep about half way through the night.

When he woke up the light was shining brightly through the window. He looked up at the bed and Lean was still sleeping. She looked even more peaceful than he remembered from last night. He heard a sound, startled he completely focused on listening. He heard it again, it was a low whimpering sound. He looked back at Lean and he saw her lips move as the next sound came. Aaron fought the erg to go and wake her up.

As Aaron watched Lean stirred and whimpered again, as if she was in pain. He breathed deeply and smelt her fear.

Lean ran. She ran and they still chased her. They would never give up, that is, as long as she lived.

I sat up as my lungs froze and my heart raced. I struggled to pull air into my deprived lungs. I could still remember my dream so vividly. I just had to run I didn't know where or who from but I knew I was being hunted.

I looked around the room and Aaron was nowhere to be seen. I silently wondered if I had imagined last night. Aaron coming in my room and picking me up, the way he cradled me against his chest the way where he touched me how my skin seemed to be on fire…. Yes I had defiantly imagined it. Aaron didn't like me at all, and he would be repulsed by even touching me, wouldn't he? I got up and stretched popping my back, neck, and shoulders. He always acted like she was his enemy and he was two seconds away from tearing her throat out, why would he care if she had been sleeping on the floor? In fact he probably would have kicked me.

I wondered what I should do, I mean I didn't know my way around the house or whatever it was and no one was around…. That's when Serrina walked in.

"Good morning! I get to hang out with you today! We are going to go shopping for your new clothes today if it's okay with Gale and Ray. I would say Aaron but the others are mad at him for being such an idiot. But then again aren't all guys?" Serrina sighed. "You should get dressed! Here's some of my cloths you can wear them until we get you some of your own today." She handed me a pair of shorts and a short sleeved t-shirt that was silky and green. I grabbed the cloths and went into the closet to get dressed. Surprisingly they fit if just a little tight, that was a real blow to my ego I mean the kid was like 5 years younger than me and our chest was the same size. I sighed and came out of the closet.

"There, what next?" I asked kind of annoyed that they sent a 12 year old in to keep watch over me.

"Now if you're hungry then we can go get some breakfast if not then we will go ask if we can go out to town!" Serrina said joyously.

"I'm not hungry…" I replied, I hated shopping but if I was staying here for a while I would have to get some clothes.

"Great so we can go right to shopping! Let's go ask!" She exclaimed skipping down the hallway.

"Ungggg" I groaned and followed her, I mean seriously was this girl ever not happy? I trailed after Serrina turning into the living room where we found Gale, Damian, Ray, Aaron, and Sarah. They were apparently talking about how they were going to deal with Sarah's anger issues, or whatever they were.

"Hey…" Serrina said waiting for a reply she didn't get. "HEY!" Serrina exclaimed, louder and more obtrusive. Gale turned to her with an amused expression while the others kept arguing.

"What do you need kiddo?" Gale asked smiling.

"First of all don't call me kiddo" Serrina scowled at him (HAHA she can be unhappy!). "Second of all I want to take Lea shopping for her own cloths since she is going to be staying here; I came to ask if that was okay."

"In other words you came to ask for money and for someone to drive you?" Gale stated humorously. I did not want to know where they got their money from.

"Mayyyybe" Serrina said with a smile.

"Fine here is some money and you can take Aaron and Ray along with you." Gale replied with a broad smile on his face. 'Oh no! Why does Aaron have to come along? Ungggg' I thought to myself.

"What did I just get volunteered for?" Ray asked. Aaron was still arguing with Damian and Sarah I don't even think he heard his name.

"If you don't mind babe you are going to go with Serrina, Lean, and Aaron. They are gonna go get a wardrobe for Lean." Gale said and pulled Ray to her feet kissing her swiftly.

"That's cool I'll go this should be fun!" Ray said with a smile. "You ready Aaron?" This time Aaron did hear his name.

"What? Where? Why? When?" Aaron asked and then saw me his expression changed from that of a normal content look to a more kind of pissed off look. 'Well that's just Fing great.' I thought 'Now I have to watch my back where ever I go because apparently Aaron is out to get me.'

"You're going shopping with Ray, Serrina, and Lean." Gale said his face turning hard.

"Now look dude I know I screwed up last night and left but l watched her last night and I already have to watch her for the next week! I do not need to go on some shopping spree with the girls! You are acting like you are in charge of everything lately maybe you have forgotten that we all came from the same place? We all came from the" and then he was cut off by Damian. Who along with Sarah had fallen silent during the exchange.

"How do you think any of us could have forgotten where we came from? Don't you even dare suggest it! The only reason he is acting like he is in charge is because you are too busy being pissed at some girl you don't even know!" Damian yelled in his face.

"Look has he even given you the chance to be in charge? No! He has been too busy taking it for himself." Aaron screamed back at him. You could hear a growl rip through the room.

"Both of you shut the hell up! Aaron you are going shopping, and if anything happens to these girls I will personally take it out of your hide. I can't believe I have to treat you like a 5 year old! If you have complaints then take them up with me in private. Damian stop harassing Aaron." Gale said in a dangerous voice. Aaron glared at him but stalked out of the room. Damian opened his mouth to speak but then decided it would be with his better judgment not to. Gale handed out some money to Ray. "Take the Jeep." That was all he said, obviously pissed off.

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