In The Woods

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Our shopping trip was okay they took me to a small town about 30 minutes from where they live I couldn't even tell what the name was if I wanted to because they had me blind folded the entire time. When we got there they un-blind folded me and we set out to shop. Did I ever mention that I HATE shopping. All we did was try on clothes and then take them off again. Just when I would start to have a little bit of fun I saw Aaron glare at me or scoff at the way the girls wanted to see the outfits. So yet again I felt self conscious and went back in to try on another outfit. Slipping the silky blue shirt over my head I realized that the shirt was too small when it got stuck around my shoulders. "Fuck." I mumbled. Ray and Serrina had just gone off to get a snack so I couldn't ask them for help, and I definitely was not asking Aaron for help. I struggled with the material to get it off without ripping it. It took a good 15 minutes but I finally got it to slip over my head with minimal damage to the fabric, my ego was a whole separate matter though. I walked out with the shirt in my hands and put it on the rack that meant the store workers could put it away.

"So the girls leave and I don't get to see you model anymore?" Aaron sneered at me, "What a shame."

"Would you just shut up, let's leave." I snapped back.

"Oh is the princess getting irritated?" He replied leisurely and didn't move from his lounging spot against the wall.

"Why yes kind sir, maybe if you would be a bit nicer I would give you a curtsey and a token of my gratitude." I replied seething.

"Now there is no need for sass princess. I only asked a simple question." He said lazily, egging me on.

"Why are you such a dick? What did I ever do to you?" I asked in a deadly whisper. It was either that or I scream but I would rather just keep this conversation between us. When he didn't answer I walked out on him. I didn't care where I was or how I got here I couldn't spend another second with him.

"Attention shoppers, we are in an internal threat lockdown. No one is too leave the store they are in and you are recommended to take cover. The police are on their way however-" the man said and was cut off after we heard a gross cracking sound.

"Oh pretty Lea, what are you running from? We just want to talk. If you come talk to me then I will let the rest of these… nice people go… but if you don't well… there has already been so many unneeded deaths don't you think? Those stupid men didn't do what they were supposed to. Imagine our surprise to get there and find three dead girls and all of our hired hands with their throats ripped out. Although one hung on to his life, would you like to know what he said about you? Well we didn't like that he didn't obey orders very much... in fact he is here himself to tell you how sorry he is. If you come here his life is in your hands. So Lean what do you say? Do you want to come… talk… to us?" the voice on the loud speaker asked. During this entire thing it seemed like my heart was going to beat out of my chest. I couldn't let them get me, I couldn't go through that again. I looked around, I had to hide, to run, to do anything to make sure they didn't catch me. While I was thinking I got grabbed from behind and a hand was placed over my mouth so that I couldn't scream. The man trapped my arms with one of his that he had snaked around me just under my breasts. My legs were trapped as well so the only thing I could do was bite. Opening my mouth I got a chunk of flesh in my mouth and bit down. The man behind me grunted.

"Lean calm down, it’s me. I need to get you out of here, now." Aaron whispered in my ear. Instantly I sagged against him, even if I didn't like him he was better than these men. Aaron let me go and then motioned for me to follow him. He led me to a spot where we could see the doors, however they had at least 5 guards there and we couldn't beat all of them if they decided to use the shiny black pieces of metal in their hands. We turned and he led me into the nearest bathroom that we could find. Leading me past the urinals he went into a stall.

"We need to keep it quiet princess, they might look in here." As he did this he pinned me against the wall and started to kiss me sweet, long kisses that could last for days and I wouldn't mind…. Wait what?

I woke with a start. The shopping trip had gone fine but we came back late and I had gone straight to bed. When we got back it was about 9 o clock at night and I was exhausted. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth with my new toothbrush that had been unopened in the closet and splashed my face with some cold water to shake off that nightmare. I pulled my hair out of the pony tail and shook my head. It felt so good to loosen up her hair my always loved it when Matt would run his hands through the long strands after a hard day. I missed him so much! I wonder what he thinks happened to me? Would he look for me? I knew that nobody but Matt would miss me. I had no family and Matt was my only close friend. While I had been thinking I apparently had wondered back into my room, only to find Aaron sitting in the chair.

"What are you doing here?" I asked half expecting him to stab me in the back when I wasn't looking. I carefully sat down on the bed facing Aaron.

"I have to watch you and make sure you don't try to kill yourself again. So let's make this easy are you going to kill yourself?" He asked scowling.

"No I'm not, but it is a little creepy you just sitting there staring at me all night." I replied. I mean how can I get any sleep with him sitting there staring daggers into my back? Especially with that dream that I had just had….

"Nervous princess?" Aaron sneered.

"Maybe I'm just mad I am being baby sat, ever think of that?" I snapped back raising my eyebrows.

"Well if you didn't try to kill yourself TWICE then you wouldn't have to be baby sat." He said his voice growing low and dangerous.

"Well maybe if you didn't hate me so much then you wouldn't be stuck babysitting me!" I screamed at him.

"Well maybe if you weren't so-" Aaron started but then we heard footsteps and we shut up. I didn't want anyone else coming in here and he didn't need to get in any more trouble. Aaron got up and looked out in the hallway. "It's okay it's just Ray." I nodded. Aaron sat back down and tried to look like he was bored.

"Hey Lea just wanted to tell you we are gonna continue training tomorrow, kay?" Ray asked sticking her head in the door. She took one look at Aaron then looked at me and rolled her eyes. "Meet me in the courtyard at 10" She said and left.

"Lea? Wow she seems to like you" Aaron sneered.

"Well yeah everyone seems to get along with me besides you. Why do you hate me by the way?" I asked him my voice had gone quite.

"Go to bed, if you would like I will turn around until you fall asleep." Aaron said, back to his normal voice.

"What, don't avoid the question!" I replied, why wouldn't he just answer my question?

"Go to bed Lean" He sighed.

"Fine but this isn't over." I snapped back, I rolled over and tried to go to sleep. I fell asleep right away because I was just exhausted.

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