In The Woods

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I felt something cold and wet prodding into my side. When it did prod into my side I gasped in pain. I heard something mushy like a spoon being stirred in some thick batter. Then I heard feet running away from me, but they came back towards me in a couple minutes.

"Lea? Lea listen to me. Can you hear me? Make a noise if you can hear me." Aaron said worry and fear evident in his voice. I didn't feel like answering though, I just felt like lying here and maybe just shutting my eyes for a minute… "Princess? Please Princess…. please answer me…" Aaron said, the worry now turning into something else. I wondered if he could hear my thoughts when he's in his human form, it was worth a try. So that he would just leave me alone and in peace to take a nap.

*Aaron, what happened?* I asked through my thoughts. Then I felt an unexpected weight on top of me and I let out a small whimper in pain. I felt arms wrap around my torso, my ears flicked at his unexpected hug.

"LEA! Your okay!" Aaron said happily.

*What is up with you and squishing me?* I asked opening my eyes to glare at him.

"CRAP! I'm sorry Princess." He said still smiling. "But you usually like it." He said and winked.

*Uggggg how bout no.* I said then rolled my wolf eyes. *Any way how am I supposed to get back? I can barely move.*

"Um…well… I will carry you but you will have to change back…" He said awkwardly. I didn't get why at first, but then I remembered that I change back naked. This means since I can barely move that…. WELL CRAP!

*Um but if I do that won’t it hurt even more? Also it will screw up the setting of m-my bones, right?* I asked trying to get out of this any way I could. Aaron was NOT seeing me naked, not after last night. Even if it meant that we had to call Serrina to come help.

"Well it might but it would hurt you even more if I ran back with you in this form. Cause I would have to carry you on your side and if my suspicions are correct you have about 8 broken ribs and severe concussion." He said uncertainly.

*So we should call Serrina and see what we should do. Wait, you did bring you cell right?*

"Um….. well…."


"Well we are in the middle of the woods hunting! Also I didn't expect to actually get anything! We usually have to spend days out here to find anything let alone a deer! Even if we do find deer they are farther out than this, and usually not as big as the buck on steroids over there!"

*Well…. Well….. we have to make a plan then.* I mentally sighed.

"Well you have a choice. You can change back, or you can be in more pain this way. I can't force you on this one." Aaron said with a sure tone in his voice.

*I-I-I I want to go back in this form.* I said, I mean yeah it might be more pain. Pain fades though! Aaron seeing me naked would haunt me as long as I am with these guys. Plus I just was not ready for being naked around someone! I mean hello, I was kidnapped, sexually and physically abused, and almost murdered all just about 2 weeks ago! Oh and there is the small fact of me being only 18! I shivered.

"This is really going to hurt." Aaron warned me and I closed my eyes. I felt it as Aarons pushed his hands and arms under my side; I bit my tongue in order to keep from biting him. It hurt so badly as he jangled my broken ribs.

*Just get it over with!* I said, he was doing everything excruciatingly slow. He heard me and before I knew it I was being curled in his arms as he stood up. I howled, I couldn't keep it in any longer. It hurt like hell, I was crying. I knew it probably either made him feel bad or gave him satisfaction to see me cry but I just didn't care at the moment. Aaron started running back to the house. I gasped for air as my ribs jangled around inside of my chest. The broken side was up though so that the ribs wouldn't puncture my lungs.

When you're hurt your body releases chemicals that numb the pain. These chemicals are called endorphins. Your body is supposed to do this as soon as you get hurt. This is why less than a minute after you skin your knee it feels a lot better. My body didn't release these endorphins until I was being carried by a running Aaron. When my body did finally release the endorphins into my system I immediately relaxed. I was still breathing heavily but at least it didn't hurt as badly anymore.

"We are almost there Lean just hang on." Aaron said as he continued running towards the house. We had run about a mile now. About a minute after he said that everything went blissfully black.

When I woke up I was in the hospital again. I hurt all over; it felt like I was on fire. When I tried to sit up I realized I couldn't. I looked behind me to realize I was strapped on the bed by handcuffs that connected my hands to the posts. I felt panic shoot through me. I was wearing my shorts and my red shirt from earlier. When I heard voices coming down the hall way I tried to scream to them for help. They came into the room, and I wished I hadn't let them know that I was awake.

"WHAT a surprise. Your acting is outstanding you know." Gale sneered in my direction.

"W-w-what are you talking a-about?" I asked. I hadn't seen Gale like this before, and let me tell you this it scared the shit out of me.

"Don't pretend any more Lean. We already know." Ray said coldly from Gale's side.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about!" I yelled back at them. There were 6 people in the room not counting myself. Damian, Gale, Ray, Aaron, Serrina, and Griff were all there. They all looked tired and mad beyond belief. Serrina was the only one who didn't look mad and she was crying.

"WHERE DID THEY TAKE THEM BITCH?" Griff yelled at me. I flinched. The kid looked younger than me and he had just called me a bitch. I had only seen him a couple times before too. Once with Serrina and at meals or walking the hallways. Damian put his arm out and stepped in front of Brent. He walked towards me.

"Lean we already know you led them here. We need to know where they took the kids though. We won't hurt you as long as you just cooperate." Damian said gritting his teeth and making his face into a forced calm. My eyes grew wider with each sentence.

"Lead who here? Someone took the kids?" I practically screamed at them. All fear was forgotten. Why were they not out looking for the kids? Why in Hell's name was I handcuffed to the bed?

"STOP PLAYING DUMB!" Griff yelled at me and slapped me across the face. I growled at him. It was a low menacing growl that warned as well as threatened. Damian grabbed Griff and pulled him back growling at both of us.

"SHIT Serrina can I please have some pain killers? My ribs kill!" I asked her. "Do you guys really think I 'led' anyone here? I mean seriously? I don't even know were here is! Also Aaron has been babysitting me the entire time I am not with Ray! How in the world could I have contacted someone?" Serrina looked at Gale silently asking for permission. Gale nodded after hesitating slightly. Serrina walked over to me released one of my wrists. She handed me two pills that I shoved in to the back of my throat. I took the glass she handed me and tried to drink but I started choking and couldn't breathe. What the hell did she give me?

"Oh my goodness!" Serrina yelled and looked confused for a minute. "It was just asprin!"

"A-A-Allergic" I managed to weakly gasp out of my swelling throat.

"Oh Shit!" I heard one of the boys yell as my body started bucking in protest to the sudden lack of oxygen. My mouth opened and closed like a fish that was out of water. I was suffocating. My ribs killed and I am pretty sure I re-broke one or two of them. I felt hands fluttering over me.

"Help me!" I heard Serrina yell. "Hold her down!" She shouted at the others.

"Why should we help her? She gave us up!" Griff yelled.

"Get your ass over there!" Gale shouted at him. I heard a growl. "If you don't get over there then I am not letting you come with us to look for the kids." I heard footsteps and felt three pairs of hands holding down my torso, legs, and head. Then I felt a sharp pain as a needle was inserted into my thigh right into a hole in my shorts.

"Alright, you need to hold her down until her swelling goes down. Depending on her condition in the next minute, we might need to perform an emergency tracheotomy." Serrina said. My eyes had been open this entire time but I couldn't protest to any medication or Gale forcing Griff to hold me down. I started seeing black spots and my body stopped fighting. Suddenly I could get a little air into my trachea. I gasped rapidly as I tried to get air to fill my lungs and go to my brain again.

"Thank God she's alright." Ray sighed.

"Why do we want her to be alright?" Griff yelled again.

"Griff you are dismissed!" Gale scolded him.

"He's just upset because of Kris. Gale, you know that." Ray murmured.

"Sorry about your girlfriend." I croaked. "If you stop trying to hurt me I'll help you find her, if you want." I heard someone laugh after I said the first sentence. Griff went stiff as I looked at him.

"She. Is. Not. My. Girl. Friend. She. Is. My. Sister." Griff growled at me. His green eyes had turned dark forest green with anger. He was losing control.

"Griff! I said you were dismissed!" Gale snarled at him, for once his 'cool' was slipping. His sharp jet blue eyes that were already deep grew darker. Today was just not his day I guess. Griff turned on Gale and took a step towards him. Before I knew it he was pinned against the wall by Ray and Damian. The hands that had been holding me down had all disappeared. All but the one on my forehead that is. I looked up and recognized Aaron holding my head down. He felt me tense under his hand. His eyes that had been a bright green of happiness when he was zoned out now swirled with black. He snapped his hand back I was a nasty piece of trash. GREAT he's back to hating me for something that I didn't even do. Well…. Crap.

"Griff. BACK OFF. I know that you are mad because you, as well of the rest of us, suspect Lea of leading them here. I know they took your sister. But if you don't back off I think Gale might just castrate you on the spot so that we don't have to deal with any children you may or may not have." Damian said managing to look mad while smirking. Griff's face paled briefly before the fire of fight came back into his eyes.

"Get off of me." Griff said and pushed Damian and Ray back. They didn't fight him because he just walked right out of the room.

"You guys. I didn't lead anybody here. I couldn't not only because I haven't had time to do much of anything, I don't have a phone, or a computer. I couldn't cause… well yeah." I said, my throat still rough and a little swollen.

"Well yeah what? Also you don't need a phone of a computer or even alone time to lead them here." Damian said. Gale was now calming down and taking deep breaths. Ray was helping him calm down, hints the deep breaths, she was making him.

"What do you mean?" I asked confused.

"He means a fucking microchip." Aaron said harshly.

"….You mean like the thing in computers?" I asked slightly confused and more than a little scared.

"No! I MEAN like the thing that you put into someone to track them. It's called a GPS tracking chip." He replied harshly, like a snake striking its victim.

"Why would someone put one of those into me?" I asked hyperventilating my eyes growing wide and I was scared to death.

"Maybe because they wanted you to be kidnapped? Or maybe you had it planned all along that you were going to come here play all innocent and then have them come here and kill us all. But that didn't work did it? Because while they were here kidnapping the kids and doing some of the same things those men did to you, most likely, you were out hunting! I took you out hunting and you were happy while the KIDS were here being kidnapped." Aaron yelled at me. Damian came over and put a hand on his shoulder silently telling him to calm down.

"I swear I didn't do any of that! I wouldn't ever do that and if you think I am the type of person to do that than just get away from me! All of you! If I do have a micro chip in my body then Serrina can stay to cut it out but other than that I would like you to leave!" I said tearing up. I couldn't believe Aaron would think that! I mean unless last night was actually a dream and I just imagined those connections that we made…. I mean the fear in his voice during hunting when I got hurt could have just been because he was scared he was going to get in trouble. The tears had started to slowly drip out of my eyes even though I tried to hold them back.

"I am NOT leaving. Don't you tell me what to do. If you have been faking it since the beginning then the test will tell. If you have nothing to hide, surly you will agree to it." He said just as coldly if not colder than before.

"Go screw yourself!" I yelled at him and turned so my face was in the pillows. It was very painful on my wrist still handcuffed to the bed, but it was worth the pain. I was not going to give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry. I heard someone laugh, I think it was Damian. I heard them talking but I couldn't really make out the words. Next thing I know I had fallen asleep.

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