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City of Black

By James Kennedy All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Action

Man In Black

A man in a black suit and tie watched from the clock tower as the police chased some nameless criminals down the road. Pondering to himself; how many of times has he watched this scenario played out. Cops chase the bad guys and the bad guys perform a narrow escape, getting away scott free. But not this time he thought to himself because this time they chose the wrong street go down.

His favorite character was the Mayhem guy from the Allstate commercials. Mayhem was a random encounter but when he showed up, he was like a brick wall and that's what Mr. Black is all about. 

The cop screams in the radio for back up like is life depended on it while the crooks think their that they just pulled the perfect heist as their big bad hot rod going to get them but in the end, its all just scrap metal. Just as they reached the middle of a four way, an eighteen wheeler comes charging in the hot rod's path causing them to collide. What was a beautiful racing machine of perfection became a twisted metal of death as the vehicle crunched and folded up like a piece of paper. The impact killed the driver but the passenger was still barely alive with his body broken from the crash and delirious from a head wound while the eighteen wheeler's driver's door opened up and Mr. Black stepping out without a scratch on him. He thinks he made Mayhem proud with that crash but he isn't done yet because no criminal has ever walked away alive when he is present and that's not about to change. In his deliriousness, the thug begged for his live but Mr. Black knew that if he let him limp away, he will just do it again and so he pulled the pistol from his inner coat pocket and put two shots into the thug's head.

“Freeze!” said the cop as he got out of his vehicle and drew his gun toward Mr. Black.

Mr. Black almost chuckled under his silver hockey mask; the thought that this useless cop could ever tell him what to do was a joke But it came back to that old thought of his. No criminal has ever walked away from Mr. Black's presence alive and what was a cop who failed to catch his criminal every time but a criminal allowing crime to happened. He lifted the pistol with the intent to shoot the cop but the cop fired first. The bullet leaves a dent in Mr. Black's silver hockey mask as it bounces off and leaves him disoriented but he still shoots back with less than perfect aim. His bullet only wounds the cop in the shoulder until a second one finishes the job when Mr. Black regains his balance. Walking away from the scene of the crime, he thought his job was done for now but never completely over as in the days long since past, it meant something to wear a badge when the city was golden and free of crime but time marches on and this once golden city has stagnated and decayed. Becoming a city of disease, of crime, of lost hope, and now a city of black.

The sun rises over the city as it burns away the darkness for another day but it was not the only thing that was hot today. Last night's incident had burned deep in Police Chief Higgin's mind as he read the morning news that Mr. Black struck again by killing two bank robbers and the police officer that was chasing them. His anger was so angry that he threw his mug against the wall; smashing it into several pieces. 

“Morrison; Clyde; Get in here right now” said the Chief as he slammed the door to his office.

His top detectives stepped into the office and instinctively sat down in the chairs as the chief drops their orders like lightning striking the ground. Tom Morrison and his partner; Jack Clyde were the best that this city had and they were one arrest away from setting their careers for life. Many good cops had often question how this dynamic duo got so good but no one question the Chief's favorite detectives without fear of losing their jobs but the two detectives almost forgotten the thunder of the Chief's voice and how frightening it could be. But everyone knew that the chief was only looking out for his men so he wasn't that frightening. The Chief ordered Morrison and Clyde to find this vigilante known as Mr. Black and take him into custody which the duo understood their orders well and guaranteed that they will this criminal down before anymore good cops get killed.

Their work however was easily said than done as Mr. Black never left trail back to his true identity. He was like a force of nature; destroying public property while killing any person that he considered a criminal but always disappearing when the dust settled. The detectives scrounge through every police report that mentioned Black in the name until light became dark, exhausting their will to figure out what makes this criminal tick. They had been working far too long on this case and thought it was time to get some fresh air. So they stepped outside to the local hot dog stand where they smoked and shared stories about the old days over a couple hot dogs and drinks.

“Have you heard anything about this Mr. Black character Tom?” Asked Clyde.
“supposed to be some Batman/Punisher wannabe. He's going to be prison bitch when we nail his ass.” Said Morrison while he put relish on his hot dog.
“Do you need all that relish? Your going to end up in a early grave” 
“I'll eat what I eat so lay off of me”

“This conversation is boring me to tears. Try some of the ketchup!” Said the hot dog stand owner as he punched Morrison so hard that he fell to the ground.

“What the hell are you doing?!” demanded Clyde

The hot dog owner revealed himself as Mr. Black as soon as he put on the silver hockey mask. Ripping off his white apron and dashing into the dark alley with Clyde in pursuit and Morrison struggling to his feet.

“Thats the guy! THATS THE GUY!!” shouted Clyde as he raced down the alley way.

“Jack; Wait up; Don't take that guy head one!” Replied Morrison.

Morrison raced down the alley but there was no sign of Mr. Black or Clyde however he could here Clyde yelling fade into steam, calling for his partner to help him. Morrison drew his gun from his holster, expecting anything to happened from anywhere; even places that he wouldn't expect for an ambush to occur.

“Jack?! Where are you man?” said Morrison

“Detective Tom Angelo Morrison! Two commendations for bravery and highest police record on the force. But thats just your skin talking is it? No one talks about the meat in the skin suit aka Hammer Morrison. The police the officer that ruthlessly beaten his criminals into confession and planted evidence to achieve that shiny police record.” said Mr. Black.

It was like Mr. Black became one with the city as the shadows and steam would not betray his location. The fact that he knew all that information made him much more terrifying in person.

“Where are you MAANN!” Yelled Morrison before shooting several angles in the sky, hoping to Mr. Black in the process.

“I think you got me. I can't hold on for much longer” Said Mr. Black as he hacked and coughed while speaking.

The sounds of something falling was coming ever so closer to Morrison until a body fell from the sky and caused a loud thud in front of him. Morrison instantly recognized the body as it was Clyde. In his confusion, Morrison had shot clyde several times but it was the fall that finally killed him. The thought of what he had done and Mr. Black's taunting was sending him tumbling down in a nervous breakdown until nothing seemed real anymore. Running foot steps surrounded him like a marching parade and every human being that walked past the alleyway seemed to dress in black for no apparent reason.

“WHERE ARE YOU?” cried Morrison.

Morrison's cries were answered with a sharp pain from his back and a quiet whisper telling him that Mr. Black was behind him. With each stab in his back, Morrison's voice faded in the steam as he dropped to his weakened knees. His vision began to blur as his life force bled out of him like a crimson river until his life was no more. 

The next morning; the Chief enjoyed his cup of coffee as there was no mention of Mr. Black in any of the papers. In fact; there was no mention of any bad press about the force or any criminals running rampant in his city. He pulled back the curtains to reveal a beautiful sight of the city as he wore a smile that nothing could go wrong. But just like his sunny disposition, the glass from his window shattered as a body flew in and landed on his desk with a not so perfect grace. The Chief recognized the body instantly as it was Morrison still covered in his own blood.

As the Chief calmed his nerves and quickly gazed over the body, he found a note stapled to Morrison's jacket.

The note read: Have a cold one on me. Loved Mr. Black.

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