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Linn, Mia and Emilia are three best friends and Linn's friend Mikeal has not been replying

Action / Fantasy
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Holidays Chapter 1

The sun is shining brightly and the green earth is vibrant with life. Each new day is a new beggining, so we should take every day as a chance to move forward. And as this new day dawns, Crystal Primary School seems a little more calm than casual. That is because the school is closed for a four day weekend holiday. linn,''
Is everyone here yet?''Everyone nodded their head as Mia started with taking the attendance of everyone.''I was looking forward to just travel with you and linn,but why are there so many unessasary people here and it is all your fault!''Emilia said as she sighted at linn,Emilia is one of the princesses in the school and is A very intelligent and straight forward student. Linn is a lively and a cheerful girl and Mia is a gentle girl with a talent for handicraft.''Don't get the wrong idea,I am here because Linn invited me here.''Sofia said as she carries her luggage on the bus. Sofia is another princess from the schoo, she is bitter but kind in another way-I guessed? Emilia walked up the bus with her sad looking face. Mia patted on Emilia's back as she approached her. Flashback...........''I think Mikeal hates me now,he has not been answering my emails or any letter.''Linn sobbed as she said, Mikeal is a musical prodigy who is currently studing music in Prague. Mia comforted her by telling her that he is just sulking and to give him a silent treatment and he will contact her.''Wait, isn't him coming back tomorrow? I recieved a email from him a few days ago,did'nt he tell you?''Emilia said as she passed Linn a piece of tissue. Mia and Linn startled a bit then stared at Emilia with their mouth opening wide.Linn's tears dripped from her eyes............
Chapter 1
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