The Nerd and I: Book Two

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Chapter Eleven


It’s been three hours since those guys kidnapped me. How did I know? Well, there was a huge wall clock right across from me and the ticking sound of it makes me head hurts. The only interesting thing inside the room was the clock and it’s getting annoying.

I sighed and tried to sleep. At least they didn’t make me stay in a dungeon this time or rape me or something like that.

I stared at the door to my side and wondered when will Matthias arrive?

How many times will I get kidnapped just because I’m with someone who’s in the Mafia?

Not that I’m complaining unless they hurt the shit out of me again.

“Hmmm.” I looked up the ceiling while trying to unloose the bound behind me. I knew I was tied into a rope and it’s getting uncomfortable already. The rope was already scraping my skin and I know it’s already wounded by now.

“Matthias.” I said Matthias’ name and sighed again. “I’m bored.”

The door finally opened and I thought that it was Matthias but only groaned when I saw that Bella came in. She was wearing a dress and she smiled when she looked at me.

“Hey there, getting hungry?” She asked and I just rolled my eyes at her.

“Will you feed me if I say yes?”

She grinned. “Of course not.”

I just shook my head. This girl was pretty but she’s pretty sadistic.

“Just kidding. I already prepared dinner for you.” She said as she snapped her fingers and came two men holding a tray and moving table. I watched them set the table in front of me and laid the tray on top.

Bella shooed the two men and they quickly disappeared from the room. She grabbed the chair on the side and placed it right across me and the table. “Let’s eat, shall we?”

“Gee thanks.” I said sarcastically and she only laughed. She finally stood up and walked behind me to take the rope off. Once it was done, I quickly pushed her away to get to the door but she managed to pull me back from where I was and the next thing I knew was that I’m already on the floor while she’s holding me with her strong hands, gripping mine against my back.

“Damn it. I seriously need to learn how to fight.” I mumbled and she just patted my head.

“If it’s Matthias I’m dealing with right now, I’m hundred percent sure I’m dead by now.” Bella said as she helped me stand up. She was still holding my hands and when she let go, I glared at her. I know that it’s futile to escape from this place. The security looks tight and there’s a buttload of camera’s around.

“Come on, sit.” Bella instructed and I sighed. I pulled the chair and set it in front of the table before sitting.

“I apologize that we need to do this.” Bella said and that caught my attention.


“Martin, that man who’s my boss is the one who wants Matthias so bad. He wants him to work for him again.”

“Who’s Martin?” I asked and Bella smiled.

“He’s one of the loan sharks here in Italy. A dangerous loan shark.” She added and I paled.

“Okay. So he wants Matthias to kill someone who didn’t pay him back?”


“How much is the debt?”

Bella looked straight into my eyes. “50 billion US dollars.”

My eyes widened. “What?!”

“Matthias already agreed to kill the bastard but he didn’t. He didn’t kill the target.” Bella said and I gasped.

He didn’t kill him?

Bella sighed and leaned on the chair. “I don’t know what his reasons are but Martin was fuming in anger after knowing that Matthias failed.” She looked down. “The truth is he wants to punish Matthias for what he did.”

I glared at her. My heart tightened at what she said. The reason why they kidnapped me was to lure Matthias out so that they can teach him a lesson.

I gripped the spoon. Even if Matthias stopped killing, people won’t stop bothering him.

Because this was the kind of world he lives in.

And there’s no escape for him.

Bella caressed my hand and I felt relaxed when she touched it. “Don’t worry. I’m sure Matthias will do something to take you back.”

“You seem so close to Matthias.” I said a little bit jealous because I don’t know anything about their relationship.

Was she one of Matthias’ ex-girlfriends or something?

Bella read what I was thinking and laughed out loud before smacking the table. “I know what you’re thinking, Earl! No, I’m not Matthias’ past lover. I’m actually Marge’s best friend.”

I gaped at her and her laugh became loud. “Yep, Marge and I are actually childhood friends and well I guess Matthias became close to me because of that. I often go to their house to play. My father is actually one of the business partners of their father so it’s only natural for us to be acquainted.” She explained and I just nodded.

So that’s the reason why. Suddenly, I felt relieved at what she said.

“I see.” I mumbled feeling the embarrassment. I can’t believe I suspected him as Matthias ex. I mean, I can’t blame her.

She gives off this vibe.

I smiled. “Sorry.”

“For what?”

“For doubting you.”

Bella smiled and shook her head. “That’s the only thing I could do now.”

I blinked. “Huh?”

“So! How did the two of you meet?” She suddenly asked and I choked on my salad.

“M-meet? Who?” I cleared my throat and tried to hide my blush. Of course he’s talking about Matthias, who else!

Bella looked at me deadpanned. “Do you think I didn’t know that you are lovers?”

I blushed even more and lowered my face. “E-erm…” This was kind of awkward especially because I don’t usually talk to others about my relationship with Matthias except Liza and Harry.

Bella leaned closer, her face filled with hope to hearing our story. “Sooooo, what happened?! Come on, tell me! Per favore [Please].”

I bit my lips and sighed. “It all started when we were still high school.”

“Woah! Seriously?!” Was it me or did I just saw a faint blush on Bella’s face.

“Yeah.” I leaned on the chair and smiled a little when memories rushed through my mind. “He was quite a bully back there. Always making me do his assignments, teasing me a lot and things like that. He was never nice to me and I hated him so much but…”

“T-thanks.” I looked behind him, trying to avoid his stare.

“You should be.” He snorted and I just rolled my eyes on him. I walked pass him when he suddenly grabbed my wrist. I looked at him with raised brows.

“Wait.” He closed the gap between us and brushed some locks of hair away from my face.

My face flustered at the sudden action.

“W-what…ah…uhm…” I stammered feeling a little embarrassed and awkward.

“Hn. Looks better.” He said softly.

A voice I never heard before from him.

“Anyway.” Matthias cleared his throat. “Let’s go.”

He stepped out of my room and left me speechless.

I blushed at the sudden closeness. “W-what’re you doing?!” He coiled his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him.

“Are you even eating? You’re so thin it’s like I could snap you in half.” He whispered with a slight tint of amusement. I paled at what he just said.

He chuckled. “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna kill you. Literally that is.”


Matthias suddenly pushed me on the bed and I gulped when I saw him on top of me. He licked his lips and leaned closer to me until our lips were inches apart.


“Shut up.”

It felt like time stopped when his lips touched mine.

No way, Matthias Blaise is kissing me. Under my bed, inside my room and on top of me.

I chuckled at the memories. I can’t help but to feel warm and fuzzy whenever I remember them. The Matthias back when we were still schoolmates was really different from the Matthias I’m going out with now. Yes, he’s still the same jerk I knew. Bad boy, arrogant and temperamental stupid but there’s something in him that will make you fall in love over and over again.

And yes, even though there are a lot of painful moments with him, I’m not regretting any of it.

Because that made our relationship even stronger.

And I trust him from the bottom of my heart.

I scowled a little when I remembered our argument days ago.

It was half my fault why we had that fight. I was just so impatient and angry, not at him, but to myself because I couldn’t do anything to make him feel better.

Because I’m worthless to Matthias.

What can I do for him anyway?

All this time…

He’s the only one doing something for me.

Always saving me – sacrificing his life for my safety.

“Oh, you’re eating mio caro[My dear]?” I saw Martin walked inside the room with two guards behind him.

Bella stood up and smiled. “You told me to feed him, right?” She said and Martin sweetly smiled.

“Of course.” He walked passed her until he was in front of me. “I deeply apologize for doing this, Earl.”

I just looked at him, unfazed by his current disposition.

“Matthias will be here any minute. He can’t bear to see you like this anyway.” Martin said with a slight sadistic smirk on his face. “And when he gets hear, I’ll teach him a lesson he won’t forget.”

Bella’s face became adamant and I just closed my eyes. I slowly opened them and glared at Martin. He gasped in fear as soon as he saw my eyes.

“I’m going to kill you.”

Martin stepped back for a moment, cold sweat dripping from his face. His face smudged in fear quickly dissolved and started laughing.

“Indeed, you have a blood of someone who came from the Gunther family.” Martin smirked. “I can use you.”

I saw Bella flinch her fist. She too must be feeling the intensity from our conversation.

“Are you insane, Martin? You wanna start a war against the Italian and German Mafia?” Bella said but Martin shut her up with a glare.

I gasped when he slapped her hard. “It’s none of your business, Bella. Just do your job and shut the fuck up.”

Bella gritted her teeth and glared at Martin. She inhaled and sighed. “Of course, boss.”

“You bastard.” I mumbled.

One of the guard’s phones rang and he answered it. After talking, he put his phone down and looked at Martion.

“Boss, we got him.”

Bella and I looked at each other.

Martin smiled. “Well, finally, the guest of honour arrived. Bring him to me.”


My heart skipped a beat when two guards dragged a wounded Matthias inside the room. He was dripping blood all over.

“Matthias!!” I called his name but he didn’t answer and just remained still. The guards threw him on the floor making him grunt in pain.

Bella cursed and looked at me with worried face. I looked back at her. Please, Bella, please do something.

Martin laughed hysterically when he saw Matthias all beat up. “That’s what you get for betraying me, brat!” He kicked Matthias on the stomach and laughed again when he coughed out some blood.

My mind went black.

Seeing Matthias like this, I can’t take it anymore.

Please Bella.

Martin squatted in front of Matthias and gripped a fistful of hair to pull him up. I can’t even see his eyes because of the blood. He was tattered all over, trembling because of the pain.

“This isn’t enough for what you did. I’ll make sure you suffer for what you did. I treated you nicely, didn’t I?” Martin slapped Matthias’ face. “But this is what you did, you ungrateful shit!!”


“You think you can just come here and rescue your princess? Well think again, bastard.” Martin stood up and looked at his guards. “Togliere i vestiti e legarlo. [Strip off his clothes and tie him up.]”

The guards nodded before ripping Matthias shirt off and leaving him with just his pants. They pulled him to a post across mine and tied both of his arms and legs apart.

No, I can’t watch this anymore.

“Now, now. Don’t die yet, brat.” Martin snapped his fingers and a guard handed him a black whip.

No, I can’t anymore.

One, three, five, eight.

The continuous sound of the whip striking the flesh of my beloved echoed the whole room, along with his cries of pain and Bella’s gasps.

My mind was already in a haze.

I can’t think anymore, can’t feel anymore.

My heart became numb already.

My breath was not in rhythm anymore.

The blood splattering down on the floor made me coil up with a lot of emotions.

Anger, self-pity, remorse, everything.

I can’t even do anything now that Matthias was being tortured right in front of me.

Matthias, I’m so sorry I’m so worthless.



Please someone, save him.

Save him.


“Looks like you’re enjoying beating him up, ey?”

We all looked to the door and saw a tall man standing, with both his arms crossed on his chest. He smiled a little, not looking at anyone inside the room except for Martin who was unbelievably shaking in what…fear?

“W-what are you doing here…?!” He asked. It’s obvious that he was intimated by the man’s presence. Heck, even I was intimidated and he wasn’t even looking at me.

This man was dangerous. That’s all I can think while staring at his face.

Wait, he’s familiar to me. Did I meet him already?

The guard beside Matthias stepped forward but we all gasped when he was shot straight in the head. I felt cold sweat running down my face when I saw the man fall down on the floor.

“Did I tell you to fucking move?” The man muttered under his breath. Just being with him in the same room makes it harder to breathe. This intensity, this fear, it’s overwhelming that I can’t even blink.

He’s a cold-blooded killer.

The man put his pistol down and regained his smiling yet sadistic face.

Blood slowly puddled below his head and I want to puke when I saw it. Someone died again in front of me just like that!

“Now…where were we?” He walked towards Martin and every step he made echoed throughout the room. Making him approach you makes you feel like you’re waiting for death to arrive.

Martin’s knees were shaking and the whip covered with Matthias’ blood was already lying down on the floor long ago.

Posso spiegare! [I can explain].”

The man stopped a few inches away from Martin. He was much taller, much muscular and much authoritative that it looks like Martin has no chance to fight with this…person.


Martin gasped. His lips and hands were trembling and his sweating like a pig. “W-wait…boss…”

The man’s eyes turned into slit. “I said KNEEL.

In a matter of second, I heard a silent gunshot from nowhere and my eyes widened when I saw Martin kneeling down in front of the man. His knees were bleeding and he was clutching it in pain while crying out loud.

“If I tell you to kneel, you’ll kneel.”

I saw the glass from beside them shattered like a bullet went through it.

Shit, this person must be…

He pulled Martin’s hair up and gripped it tight. He was smirking and his eyes were gleaming with murderous intent.

“You fucked up my son like a piece of shit, motherfucker. I’m the only one who can do that to him.” He spat on Martin’s face while he just continued to say strings of apology and cry.

The other guard was just standing there, all stunned and scared as shit. Who wouldn’t? Even Bella can’t move.

The man looked at him and he shuddered. “You, take him down.”

Without even questioning him, the guard nodded his head and hastily yet carefully untied Matthias from the post.

The man smirked. “Okay, you live.” The guard felt relieved for a little before gasping when he saw the gun pointing directly into his head. “Just kidding.”

I shut my eyes and heard another gunshot.

Oh God…

He killed two people just like that!

Bella looked at me. She gulped and when I noticed the sweat on her forehead, I knew that she was also astonished at the man’s arrival.

She walked towards me and untied the rope behind me. I silently thanked her and was about to run to Matthias’ side but stopped when the man looked at me with his piercing eyes.

I felt my heart skipped a beat and a single, scary thought ran through my mind.

Will he kill me as well?

He averted his eyes and glared at Martin. “You’re not even worth my time. Move.” He kicked him to the side, so hard that he screamed in pain when his back hit the wall.

The man walked towards the unconscious Matthias and I quickly trotted towards him. I don’t know what made me do it? But I know I have to protect Matthias!

I dropped down to my knees and hugged the wounded Matthias. His blood was soaking my clothes but I don’t care. I just want him secured.

The man looked down on me.

Shit, even his eyes tells you that he’s going to freaking cut your guts out when you piss him off. It’s only a matter of second before I broke the staring. The ominous feeling was too intense that I can’t look at him for even a minute.

“What’re you doing?” The man asked me and I gulped.

“Earl!” Bella called me but I can’t even lift my face. I’m too scared on what’s going to happen – too scared to even see the reality.

The man looked at Bella then back at me. “Oh, so you’re his brat.” He said and I bit my lips.

He’s really Matthias’…


I glanced up a little and saw him reaching down to me like he was about to touch my head but it stopped when Matthias slapped his hand away.

“Don’t you dare fucking lay a hand on my man. He’s mine.” Matthias warned and I shuddered when I saw his eyes looking up to his dad.

Matthias’ dad just stared at him and smirked. “You’re finally awake. Stupid, worthless, brat.”

He moved a little and hissed when he stretched his arms like he just woke up.

I blinked at him.

Over and over and over and over again.

What does he mean by ‘awake’?

Don’t tell me he’s been –

This motherfucking bastard was just sleeping while taking all of that beating and shit?!!

And here I was worried that he might die or something!

Matthias looked at me and snorted. “What? You think I’m gonna die from all that? You give me no credit.” He pouted while wiping the blood away from his face. He glanced at Bella. “Gimme a towel.”

Bella just rolled her eyes and tossed her handkerchief on him. He caught it and wiped the droplets on blood on his face. When he was done, he looked at his dad and glared at him. “What’re you even doing here, old man?”

“Cleaning your mess. Damascus called me and said that you got involved with some shit.” He explained.

Wow, even the way he talked reminds me of Matthias.

Matthias sighed. “I’m gonna kill that Damascus.” He whispered to me but his dad heard it.

“Don’t blame him. Blame yourself for being so weak. My men are outside the building to take care of this. Just get out of here and don’t show your face again.” His dad walked away and when he was gone, the heavy air of danger disappeared with him.

Matthias groaned. “Fuck. I didn’t expect that he’ll come here personally.”

Bella smirked. “He is your father after all. He’s just worried.”

He laughed sarcastically. “Yeah right. Father of the year, right there.” He stood up and stretched again. “Damn.”

I looked at Martin and saw him already passed out from the loss of blood. “What will we do to him?”

“Leave him there to die.” Matthias said evilly and I rolled my eyes at him.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of him.” Bella said from behind us.

“Good.” Matthias took his shirt on the floor and put it on in spite of his wounds. “Let’s go. I’m hungry.”

I stood up as well and tried to help him walk but he just moved me to the side. “Thanks. I got it.”

I just smiled and nodded. He’s the kind of person that won’t ever admit that he needed help.

That’s just Matthias.

And I love him for that.

I laid down the stacks of towels on the counter before peaking at Matthias who was still showering. Though I can’t see his body because of the steam clouding the whole shower room, I can still hear him hissing in pain. It must be that painful to clean your body covered with fresh wounds.

I cringed when I saw the floor covered with blood.

“Earl.” I jumped when he called my name. He’s not even turning around and he already knew that I’m behind him.

“Y-yes?” I asked nervously.

My eyes widened when he opened the glass door of the shower. I resisted the urge to blush when I saw his manhood dangling down below him.

His smirked when he noticed what I was looking at and I quickly averted my eyes and looked at the other direction. “D-do you need something?”

Matthias laughed a little. “You’ve seen me a hundred times naked and you still act like a fucking virgin.” He teased and I just rolled my eyes at him.

“What do you want?” I asked a little bit embarrassed at what he said. Of course I’m aware of that fact, thank you very much. But I still can’t get enough of that luscious body he had. Those bulging muscles, chiselled abs and those nipples…

“Careful. You might get a nosebleed.” He teased even more and I groaned at him.

“Whatever. I’m gonna go now.” I was about to turn around but stopped when he suddenly spoke.


I looked at him and reality bites me back when I saw the reddening slashes of bruises on his arms, chest and legs. I immediately felt the guilt eating me up as I stared at those wounds.

“Matthias.” I slowly walked towards him.

“Fuck.” He probably knew what I was thinking when he punched the glass of the shower. “Don’t blame yourself for this.” He said while lowering his head.

“But…if it weren’t for me…” Tears were slowly dripping down my eyes. “I’m so sorry I’m such a burden.”

I gasped when he suddenly pulled me for a hug. His wet body was getting me soaked but I don’t care. The moment he held me, my emotions burst out and I sobbed on his chest.

“I’m so sorry, Matthias…” I chanted over and over again. He stayed quiet and was calmly rubbing my back for comfort. The action made me sob more. He’s so gentle at a time like this and I felt that I don’t deserve any of this.

“If I wasn’t so weak, this shouldn’t have happened.” I mumbled.

“Shut up.” He said. “It’s not your fault.” He held both of my shoulders and pulled me away to stare at my face. “Stop crying, you look stupid.”

I pouted and continued to weep like a baby. “But it’s my fault!”

Matthias rolled his eyes. “I’m telling you it’s not. The pain was nothing.” He kissed my tears away. “It’s nothing compared to what you’ve been through. I wasn’t strong enough to protect you.”

“Matthias. Thank you.” I whispered and he smiled.

He leaned down to capture my lips into a kiss. I moaned when his tongue lashed against mine, claiming me, marking me as his. He sucked every corner and I felt putty under his touches. His hands roamed around my lower waist and cupped both of my butt cheeks. I groaned a little when he massaged them.

“Matthias.” I pulled away from his kiss. My knees were beginning to weaken at his actions.


I gasped when he suddenly pulled me inside the shower room and I squealed when the hot water dampened my clothes. He shut me up by kissing me forcefully while pushing me against the cold glass. He almost ripped my shirt apart and threw it on the floor. He sucked my nipple while his fingers played with the other one.

“M-matthias…wait!” My eyes widened when he bit the nub and I grunted when he sucked it even more. “M-matthias…wait a second!”

He looked up and I blushed when I saw how hungry his eyes were. “I’m not waiting. I want you so bad.” He kissed me on the lips again while pulling both of my arms above me, trapping me with nothing but his body.

He continued to assault my mouth, licking my lips, sucking it until it turned red. He moved down to my neck, leaving lots of kiss marks, marking me as his property.

“Earl.” I cried when he bit down my skin hard enough to leave a bruise. He was still holding both of my arms above me while his other hand reached down below to grip my manhood. He massaged it through the pants I was wearing and soon, he was unzipping it down. He pulled it off of me and smirked when he saw how hard I was already.

He stroked it oh so slowly making me knees buckled in pleasure.

“Mhmm. Matthias…” I mumbled and he kissed me again.

“I won’t let you go again.”

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