The Nerd and I: Book Two

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Chapter Twenty One



“Hurry! I can’t find the young master!!”

I can hear the loud screaming of the men who were supposed to be guarding me. I silently laughed and continued to hide behind the bushes. It’s fun playing hide-and-seek with these people but I guess I’m too good in hiding it’s making them scared when they can’t find me. Well, I really can’t blame them. Daddy will probably scold them again if he knows that they left me to wander off alone.

I hugged my knees closer and pouted. Maybe I should go out now? I’m starting to get hungry.

I twitched when I heard the sudden rumble of the thunder. I looked up and pouted after seeing the sky was slowly turning grey. Lightning was all over the place and I quickly stood up to go inside the house.

While walking to the house and avoiding the men who was searching for me, I cringed and gasped when the thunder suddenly roared. I instinctively ran to the house and cried out when I tripped over a stone.

“Aaagh!” I clasped my hands on my knee, trying to stop the blood from oozing out. I paled when I saw how deep the wound was. Oh no, daddy will probably be angry if he sees this.

He’ll probably be angry, right?

Night came and some men from the family gathered at the main entrance to greet my father.

When the doors opened, they all bowed their heads and greeted him. Damascus was behind my father and when he saw me, he approached me with his usual poker face.

“Matthias, what’re you doing here?” He kneeled and patted my head.

“I wanted to see daddy.” I said in a small voice and Damascus smiled a little. When he saw my wound, he raised his brows and I quickly shut my eyes.

“What happened to your knee?” He asked in a stern voice and I paled.

“I – I’m sorry! I was playing hide-and-seek with the guys and I tripped on a stone and…!” I stopped talking when I saw dad walked past me.

Not even looking at me for once, he continued to walk down the corridor as I watch him disappear in the corner.

The men who gathered around to greet him slowly dissolved as they went off to resume their jobs. I stared at the direction where my dad went to.

He didn’t even look at me.

Damascus sighed and wrapped his large hands on my waist before lifting me up. I never even noticed that I was crying already.

The tears weren’t stopping. I want them to stop but I can’t.

I thought dad would scold me if he found out I was wounded but he didn’t. Instead, he ignored me like he usually does.

Like I don’t even exist.

He brushed me off, just like that.

He never really cared for me.

I sobbed even harder and hugged Damascus. He caressed my back and shushed me while I continued to cry on his chest.

“It really hurts! It hurts a lot Damascus!”

“Okay, we’ll clean the wound and patch it up, okay? Stop crying, Matthias.”

Damascus silently carried me to his room. I can hear the echoes of my cries all over the place but no one bothered to care.

No one bothered to care.

Harry dropped his pen on the table and pouted. “Heeeeey, why can’t we go outside, Matthias?”

I looked at him with sad eyes. “Damascus said we can’t go outside.”

He slammed his forehead on the study table and cried. “I wanna go and play outside with you!”

I ignored him and continued to draw a butterfly I saw days ago in the garden. Color pencils were scattered on the table and papers were everywhere.

Good thing Harry visited me today. He’s the only kid allowed to play with me because he’s Damascus’ niece. I always wanted to go outside the house and play with kids my age but I was forbidden to leave the land. Men were guarding me 24/7 and it’s making me really irritated.

“It’s really boring here.” He scowled and I agreed with him.

“Yeah it is.” I turned to him and grinned. “But if Harry’s here, I don’t think it’s boring anymore!”

Harry’s eyes widened and he grinned back. “I love you so much Matthias! You’re the best friend ever!” He hugged me and I laughed.

“Hey boys, what’s up?” We both turned around and I gasped in joy when I saw my mother standing right behind the door. She was wearing a lilac kimono and it was covered with pretty floral designs. I quickly ran towards her and hugged her knees.

“Mommy! I missed you!”

She smiled at me and carried me. “My, you’re getting heavy, Matthias.” She kissed me on the cheeks and I giggled.

“Hi auntie!” Harry greeted my mum and she smiled down at him.

Konnichiwa [Hello], Harry. You’re looking good aren’t you?” She grinned at him and Harry nodded.

I saw my dad arrived and when he saw us, he narrowed his eyes. “Nori, hurry it up. I still have to meet them.”

My mum sweetly smiled, kissed me on the nose and set me down. “I’ll see you later Matthias. Aishteru [I love you].”

I blushed and nodded. “I love you too, mommy.”

She walked down with my father.

“Wow, your mum is really pretty isn’t she?! She’s like a flower!”

I beamed at him. “I know!”

When I heard from the men that my father finally came home after a meeting in China, I quickly hopped off my bed, threw the book I was reading and ran to his office to see him.

It’s been a while since I last saw my dad. I can’t wait to finally ask him on what happened to his meeting in China. Did he meet a lot of Chinese people? How was the food there? Did he bring some souvenirs for me and my sister?

It was a matter of second before I finally arrived at my dad’s office. Without even knocking, I slammed the door open only to be greeted by a man in front of me, bleeding to death.

Damascus was standing beside my father and when he saw me, he raised his brows. “Matthias? What’re you doing here?”

I stood there, frozen and unable to speak. The blood on the floor made my stomach churn in disgust.

My dad was holding a gun and he was polishing it with a white cloth. He looked at me and I trembled at how cold his eyes were.

“Didn’t I tell you not to leave your room, Damian?” His voice was deep and dangerous.

I nervously gulped while I covered my mouth with my hands. There’s a dead person here, what happened?

My head was fuzzy and I can feel my body becoming weak.

Damascus neared me. “Come on. Let’s get back to your room.”

Aspetta [Wait].”

We both looked at dad and I shuddered when he was looking at me with a smirk.

“How old are you, Damian?” He asked and I felt a sting in my heart.

He doesn’t even know how old I am?

Damascus rolled his eyes. “He’s four years old, Marcus.”

I pouted a little and when I saw my dad stood up from his chair, I felt the cold air biting my skin and it made me shiver.

“Close the door.” He ordered and Damascus sighed. He walked to the door and closed it.

Dad slowly walked towards me, both his arms behind his back. Soon, he was standing in front of me and I looked up to see his eyes looking directly into mine.

“Have I ever told you what we do for a living, Damian?” He asked with an amused voice.

I nodded. “W-we do a lot of business.” I answered and gasped when he suddenly slapped me with the back of his hand.

I ended up falling down on the floor while clutching my burning cheek. “D-daddy?”

Damascus was looking at us with bored eyes. “Really Marcus? He’s only four years old.” He said and my dad only smirked at him.

“The younger the better, right?” He smiled at me. “Now, Damian, listen carefully to me. I’m going to teach you a lot of things you’ll never forget.”

I stared up to him and for the first time in my life, I asked myself who this person in front of me was.

Months passed since my dad started training me how to kill people. He’s been forcing me to hold a gun and whenever I drop it because it’s too heavy, he’ll whip me over and over again until I bleed to death.

The sun was shining bright and I can hear the birds chirping outside. As much as I wanted to get up, my body was too sore.

I sighed and closed my eyes.

“Matthias!!!” I cringed when the door suddenly slammed open.

“M-marge?! What’re you…?

Marge stomped towards me as her bright yellow dress fluttered in the air. Flowers were adorning her long brunette hair and I made a face when I saw how shining and shimmering she was.

“What are you still doing on bed?! Mum said she’s gonna take us to the villa!”

I grinned at what she said and tried getting up but hissed when the wounds in my back stung. “Aaagh, it hurts…”

“Hmm, what’s wrong?” She asked and I was about to tell her the wounds but I stopped when I saw my dad came inside my room.

“What’re you still waiting for, Damian?”

I stared at him in fear. “Huh?”

Marge looked at dad and smiled. “Dad!” She ran towards him and hugged him. “Where have you been?!”

Something pricked my heart when I saw my dad hugged Marge. “Sorry princess, daddy’s been busy these past few days.”

Marge pouted and grinned at him.

“Run along now. I have to talk to your brother.”

“Okay! See you later bro!” I watched Marge ran out of the room and when the door closed, I gulped nervously.

Dad patted Marge’s head and he lets her hug him. I never get to do that with him. Come to think of it, he never really touched me unless he’s punishing me.

He walked towards me and I shuddered in fear when he touched my neck. “Do you know what time it is already?”

I bit my lips and tried to answer him. “E-eight in the morning.”

He gripped my neck and I gasped out. “I told you to get up at exactly 7 am, you worthless shit.” He slapped me on the cheeks and it made me cry.

“I – I’m so sorry daddy!” I held his arms and continued to sob.

“Remember this, Damian. Someone like you should be perfect. There’s no space for mistakes. Make everyone fear you with just one look.” He tipped my chin and sweat was running down my cheeks as I stared into his cold, cold eyes.

He leaned closer and whispered in my ear. “Your job is to obey me as long as I’m alive. Come with me, I’ll teach you how to kill a person.”

The car parked in front of an abandoned building and I looked out the window and saw how dark it was. There were no lights except the one in the car.

I looked at my father who was sitting beside me. He glanced at me and smirked. “Let’s go.” He guided me out of the car and I saw men in black suits were waiting for us.

Strange, even though it’s really dark, I can clearly see everything. Maybe it’s because dad has been locking me in a room with nothing but darkness. It was really scary at first but I got used to it in no time.

We went inside the abandoned building. Everything was a mess inside and it smelled so bad. I tried to ignore it. My hands were trembling in fear and I know dad will only hit me again if he sees how scared I am. I hid it behind my pockets and continued to follow him to the elevator.

After arriving at the 18th floor, we stepped out of the elevator. Dad continued to walk down the aisle with three men following us behind.

Damascus was waiting in front of a metal door and when he saw us, he bowed his head to my father.

“Everything is ready.” He shortly informed. When he looked down to see me, his eyes narrowed in disappointment. I wanted to ask him what’s going on but he averted his eyes away from me.

Damascus opened the door for us and when we entered the room, I immediately smelled the blood.

My dad smirked in satisfaction when he saw a lifeless body hanging in the middle of the room. Both of his hands were tied in a chain connected to the ceiling and his blood was dripping down on the floor.

Some men were standing in the room, all alert and emotionless.

“Is he the one smuggling the drugs out of the country?” He asked and one of the men nodded.

“Yes boss, he was stacking them up inside the bodies of dead children. He’s working for the Francisco family but he betrayed them and started his own business of smuggling drugs.”


“What do you want to do, boss?”

I flinched when dad looked at me with a smile. Everyone looked as well and I gulped.

“Come here Damian.” He motioned me to come closer and I did. “Now I’m going to teach you how to torture someone.”

I felt my blood rushed out of my body at what he said. “T-Torture…?”

“Yes, you do know what torture means, right?”

I slowly nodded and he smiled at me. “That’s a good boy.” He looked at his men. “Take him down and tie him on a chair.”

They were looking at us with doubt but did what they were ordered to. Damascus was silently standing behind us and every second passed, I can feel my heart beating fast.

After tying the man down on the chair, they put a basin with water on the floor and put both of his feet on it. I watched them curiously. What’re they doing?

Dad walked to the man and poked him on the forehead. “Wake up.”

The man staggered to open his eyes and when he saw my father, he screamed in fear. “P-please don’t, please stop it! Just let me go, I’m begging you!!”

My dad smirked at him and when the man saw that his feet were soaked in water, he panicked. “N-no please! Please! I’ll do anything for you!!”

Dad squatted in front of the man, smiled and turned his head to look at me. He looked back at the man again. “What’s your name again, ragazzo [Boy]?”

“J -Jasper, Sir…” He answered with shaking voice.

Dad pulled me close to him and grinned. “Damian, I want you to remember the name of the first person you’ll torture to death.”

We both gasped at what dad said. “You see Jasper, I’m training my son, Damian, to be the next boss of the Blaise family. I hope you don’t mind being his training partner.”

I can hear Damascus sighing and I wanted to beg him to take me away from this place but I can’t move a muscle.

Dad handed me a metal baton and smiled at me. “Do you know how this works?”

I nodded in fear. “I – I d-don’t…” I choked when I saw dad’s eyes gleaming with danger, as if telling me he’s going to use the device on me if I refuse.

“It’s easy Damian, just put the stick here.” He pointed at the sides of the man and chuckled. “And you’re done. Come on, try it.”

Everyone in the room was watching me while the man was crying and begging for me to stop. I looked up to him and tears wells my eyes when I saw how futile he was.

His face was badly beaten up. He can’t even properly open his eyes to look at me. “P-please, don’t do this…”

“Do it Damian.” My dad whispered.

My hands were trembling as I reach up to poke his sides with the stun stick.

“Come on Damian. Do it. Do it!” He took my hand and forced it to stab the man. He screamed in pain and thrashed around as he gets electrocuted by the stun stick.

Tears finally burst out my eyes and I cried together with the guy I was torturing. I can hear my dad laughing behind me and when he dropped my hands, I fell on the floor and cried even more.

“I wanna go home now! Please, I wanna go home! I don’t want to do this anymore!!” I sobbed even harder when my father harshly pulled my arms back.

“You’ll never go home if you don’t finish this, Damian.”

I shook my head but he only slapped me.

“Please daddy, I wanna go home…!!” Snot was dripping down my nose and my eyes were burning. I want my mommy here, I want her here!

Damascus was about to stop us but dad glared at him. He looked at me in pity and just lowered his head.

“Now, repeat it Damian. We won’t go home until you burn his insides. Do it!!”

Hours passed and I was definitely exhausted. I dropped the baton down and watched the man sizzle with electricity. Smoke was coming out of his ears and his whole body was combusting.

“Good job Damian. You finally did something right.” He ruffled my hair and smiled at me. “Now, let’s finish this shall we so we can eat. I bet you’re hungry, aren’t you?”

I stared at my dad with blanked eyes. “What should I do?”

He smirked even more and gave me a gun. “Finish him.”

I obediently nodded and pointed the gun on his head. I slowly pulled the trigger with both of my hands and shot him straight in the head. Blood spurted all over the place and I watch his body sagged down.

“Very good!” Dad grinned at me and carried me. “You’ve been a good boy, haven’t you Damian. How was it? Did you enjoy it?”

I looked at him. My whole body feels empty. Why am I feeling like this? Even though I killed someone, I don’t feel anything. I should cry in remorse, I should cry with guilt. But I’m not feeling anything.

Damascus watched me and gasped when he saw how I smiled at my dad. I pulled out a grin and laughed out loud.

Everyone stared at me in disbelief as the whole room echoed with my laugh.

“Killing people is fun, right dad? I want to torture more people.” I grabbed onto him and he grinned in satisfaction.

“I want to kill more people!”


I slowly opened my eyes and it stung.

“Oh hi, you’re finally awake, hmmm?” I heard Nicholas’ voice from beside me. “You’re probably hungry now, right? I prepared breakfast for you.” He put the tray filled with food in front of me.

I slowly got up and saw that both my hands were still tied. I looked at Nicholas and he grinned. “Is something wrong?”

“I dreamt of something really weird.” I answered him and he blinked at me.


I stared at the food. “I dreamt of Marcus and how he managed to break me.” My sight was slowly turning blank. That empty feeling I had when I first killed that man was starting to come back. I can’t feel anything anymore. My mind’s empty, I can’t think straight, I don’t know what’s right or wrong anymore.

I don’t even know what’s happening anymore.


I looked at Nicholas and his eyes widened when he saw my face. “I want to kill someone.”


“My hands, it’s really itchy. It’s been years since I last killed someone. I want to feel it again. The pleasure of taking someone’s life.”

“Matthias, are you – ”

“Killing people is fun. Killing people is so fucking fun.”

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