The Nerd and I: Book Two

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Chapter Twenty Two


Fuck, why did I even think of shooting someone! I barely scraped him with the bullet! How the hell can Matthias shoot someone so accurately?!

I continued to run down the corridor with two men on my tail. Shit, what should I do?!

My eyes widened when I saw the elevator doors closing. Damn it! I quickened my pace and banged the door of the elevator to open it. I fumbled inside and almost punched the close button.


My breath got caught in a hitch when the door closed before those men arrived to stop me. I sighed in relief and slowly dropped down on the floor.

“Shitttt…” I wiped the sweat on my forehead. I hid the gun inside the satchel and stood up again when the elevator doors opened.

A couple entered the lift and they both looked at me with confused faces. I nodded at them and smiled. Act natural Earl, act natural.

Finally, the elevator arrived on the ground level. I marched out of the lift and walked naturally. I need to get out of this building alive.

The guard who opened the door looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and quickly ran out of the building. Shit! My heart was still beating so fast I’m gonna combust.

I looked around and saw that the streets were almost empty, except for the few people who were walking on the sides. I turned to the right and walked straight until I saw the signage of 7/11.

I crossed the streets and when I got there, I opened the glass door with trembling hands.

Buonasera [Good evening]!” I smiled at the clerk behind the cashier.

Where are you, Bella?!

“Earl!” I looked beside me and saw Bella wearing a heavy coat with a black bonnet on her head. I blinked at her and walked towards her.

“Bella, what the hell is happening?”

She shushed me down and pulled me away from the convenience store.

“W-what’s wrong?!” She threw me inside a black car and hopped in inside the driver’s seat.

“Put your seatbelt on.” She said and I made a face but did it nevertheless.

Bella turned the engine on and started to drive.

“What’s wrong?! Can you finally tell me what’s happening!”

“Matthias is missing.”

“Yeah, I know that! Where the hell is he?”

Bella’s hand tightened around the wheel. “I don’t know.”

“Then what the hell are we gonna do?!”

“We’re going to talk to Marcus.”

I froze at what she said. “W-woah, Matthias’ dad?”

“Yep, they were the last people who talked to Matthias before he disappeared.”

I leaned on the chair and rubbed my face. “Shit.”

“I’m sorry you got involved in this Earl. Matthias asked me before he disappeared that if something happened, I’ll have to take you with me.” She smiled but never took her eyes away from the road.

I sighed and smiled a little. “Two men working for Bianco were outside his unit. They were probably there to guard me in case I do something.”

Bella thought. “But…why does he know who you are?”

I looked at her.


An hour of driving, we finally arrived in front of a rundown apartment. I looked up the establishment and blinked.

“Where are we?” I asked Bella but she only pulled the keys off of the car and stepped out. I followed her and we walked to the gate of the apartment.

One man was guarding and when he saw Bella, he bowed his head and entered the password of the gate. It quietly opened and we both stepped inside.

We climbed the stairs and when we arrived at the second floor, Bella walked through the long dark corridor. She stopped in front of a door and knocked.

“We’re here.” She whispered. The door opened and I looked inside only to see the man who visited Matthias once and his father.

“Bella.” Matthias’ father greeted with a smile. He stood up and walked towards her.

I looked at the other man and thought that he’s probably Damascus. He looked at me and smiled a little.

Marcus glanced at me and smiled as well. “How are you Earl?”

I blinked at him. That’s weird. I thought I’ll be more scared to meet this man after he showed up last time when he saved Matthias from Martin. But I can’t feel anything even when I’m looking straight in his eyes.

“H-how’d you know my name?” I silently asked and I gulped when he stared at me.

Oh shit, now the feeling’s coming back.

“Well, you are Ernest’s son so of course I know you. You probably don’t remember me but we first met when you’re mother died.”

I stared at him with wide eyes.

“You see, Marcus and I, we were – best of friends for a very long time. We both started out as individual assassin’s working for the Italian and German Mafia respectively. We were both living our life by killing people. But we did a very grave mistake by killing the leader of the Russian Mafia. We thought that we can take over – ” He stopped and cast his gaze low on the floor. “ – they took revenge, to the both of us. They killed…our wives just like that.”

Oh yeah, I remember dad saying something like that.

“Anyway, Bella.” He looked at her and his face turned serious. “Can you tell me where my stupid son is?”

“I already sent some of my men to look for him but – ” She shook her head. “The GPS attached to him isn’t working either.”

Marcus sighed and rubbed his temples. “Where’s Rick?”

Bella looked at her phone. “I can’t contact him. For some reason, all our communication line is dead.”

Marcus greeted his teeth. “Then send someone to go get him.”

“Understood.” She walked out of the room, leaving me with the most dangerous man in Italy. I silently gulped and stood there frozen.

Damascus looked at me. “You can sit Earl.”

“A-ah, thanks so much!” I sat down on the sofa.

Marcus only groaned and sat down on his chair. “Where the fuck is that boy?”

Wow, even though I’ve seen him already, I can’t believe how alike Matthias and his dad were. The look on their faces, the way they talk and move.

Come to think of it, Matthias seems to hate his dad so much. I wonder what happened to the two of them. I remember Marge telling me that when he was young, Matthias’ dad already trained him how to become an assassin.

“I’m sorry you’re dragged into this.”

I looked at Damascus. “Eh?”

He was still standing beside Marcus. “You see, this idiot tends to become overly paranoid whenever his son is missing.” He pointed his thumb on Marcus who only glared at him.

I stared at him in disbelief. How come he can talk to him just like that?

“Shut up Damascus.”

I forced out a laugh. By looking at them, I can assume that they’ve known each other for a very long time. They seem comfortable without even talking to each other.


Why does it feel like I’m seeing Matthias and me when I look at them?

I stiffened when my stomach suddenly gurgled. They both turned their heads at me and I anxiously forced out a laugh.

“I – I’m so sorry. I haven’t eaten dinner yet.” I laughed again and Damascus pulled out a grin.

“We should probably order some food. I’m getting hungry as well.” He said and I blushed at him.

I can’t believe I’m thinking about food at a time like this!

Marcus was looking at me with a poker face and I nervously gulped. I thought he’ll tell me something mean but instead, he pulled out his phone from his pocket and threw it to Damascus.

“Order some pizza.” He leaned on his chair and put both of his legs on the table. “And some fries too. And hamburgers.” He added and Damascus nodded.

“What do you want Earl?” He asked and I waved my hands.

“A-anything is fine!”

“Okay.” He turned around to order some take-outs.

I waited for a few minutes and Damascus finally put the phone down. He returned it to Marcus. “I also ordered some deserts.” He glanced at me. “I hope you don’t mind some chocolate puddings.”

I shook my head. “I – It’s fine.”

Marcus made a face and pouted. “Not chocolate again…” He groaned and Damascus laughed a little.

“He hates chocolates more than anything in the world.”

“Aaah.” That’s weird. Matthias loves chocolates but his father hates them.

Damascus walked towards me and sat on the sofa.

“I haven’t formally introduced myself yet.” He said to me. “I’m Damascus. Marcus’ consigliere.

I raised my brows at him. “His what?”

He chuckled. “Basically, I’m his advisor and secretary…and slave.” I laughed at what he whispered at the end. “I’ve been with him for almost a decade.”

“How’d the two of you met?” I asked and I covered my mouth. “I’m sorry, I was just curious.”

“No it’s okay. We met in Germany. My parents died when I was six and since then, I grew up in an orphanage. I lived my life stealing from people One day, I met Marcus and I guess he was interested in me and took me in.” He said in a low voice and I can tell that there’s something more to it.

“I see.” I looked up the ceiling.

“I’m sure you’re probably getting tired from all of this.”


He looked down and clasped his hands. “Once you get involved in this, there’s no turning back. There’s no way out.”

I thought for a moment and nodded. “Yeah, I know. I mean, I don’t really enjoy this kind of life but I’m getting used to it. Besides, I really belong to the Mafia. I’m just avoiding it by living normally.” I sighed. “But sometimes, I can’t wish but to stay and live peacefully. You know, without the fear of being killed or being chased down by dangerous people.”

“I know that feeling.” He said and I looked at him.

“This is the kind of life we’re living. There’s no other choice but to accept it.”

I know. I know that very well.

I can hear the sound of the street echoing in my ears. Crap! I fell asleep right after eating last night. I was about to move when I heard voices at the corner of the room.

I slowly opened my eyes and froze after seeing Damascus sitting on Marcus’ lap. They were sharing quite a passionate kiss and I can’t help but to blush at how lewd their position was.

“We should probably stop now…ah…Earl might wake up any minute...”

I’m already awake!

Non ti preoccupare [Don’t worry].” He licked his neck and Damascus closed his eyes and moaned. “It’s been a while since I last touched you.”

“But this isn’t the right time boss.”

Shit, I should really wake up now so they won’t go any further!

“Aaah…” I acted as if I only woke up. I moved my arms and rubbed my eyes. “W-what time is it?”

When I looked at them, Damascus was already standing up and fixing his shirt. Marcus was pouting and I kinda pitied him.

There was a knock on the door and it opened, revealing Bella and Matthias’ secretary.

“R-Rick?” I called him and he looked at me.

“Oh Earl.”

Marcus glared at him and he stood up straight. “Where’s Damian?” He sternly asked and I can feel the atmosphere of the room was slowly changing.

“I last talked to Sir Matthias after he left the house. He went straight to a restaurant called the Haven Coven to meet with Mr. Hall and some of his clients for dinner.”

It’s as if time stopped when I heard Nicholas’ name.

“Woah, wait a damn minute. Don’t tell me Nicholas is Bianco.” I recited and they all looked at me.

Bella was the first one to react. “Shit.”

I stood up and stomped towards Rick. “Where the hell is this Haven Coven?!”

When we arrived in front of the Haven Coven restaurant, I didn’t wait for Rick to turn off the engine. I ran out of the car and I can hear Bella calling me but I don’t care anymore.

The restaurant was empty when I entered and when I saw a waiter, he was looking at me with wide eyes. He changed his expression and smiled at me.

“I’m sorry sir, but we’re currently – ” He shut his mouth when he saw the gun I was holding.

“If you want to live, tell me where the hell Matthias is.”

He backed away from me and I can tell he was scared. “W-wait a minute sir…”

“Talk or I’ll force you to.”

I glared at him when he smirked. I looked around but never pulled the gun away from him. There were three men surrounding me with guns pointing at me.

“Now, let’s take it easy shall we…”


We both gasped when the men surrounding me dropped down on the floor with holes on their head. I turned around and saw Marcus behind us with Damascus following him.

“I like how you handle the situation Earl but I think Ernest will kill me if something happens to you.” He grinned at me. “Let me take care of this, ?” He walked past me and approached the waiter who was trembling in fear.

“Now, tell me something I want to know, boy. Where the hell is my fucking son?”

When we learned where Nicholas was keeping Matthias, Rick immediately drove to the direction. Bella was silently sitting beside me while a black car was following behind us.

My hands were trembling in anger. That fucking Nicholas. I should have listened to Matthias when he said that there’s something wrong with that fucker.

Fuck, this is my fault.

I gasped when Bella held my hand. She was shaking so hard. “What’s wrong Bella?”

“I want to him. I want to kill Nicholas.”

I caressed her hand and nodded.

“Me too. I want to kill him too.”

We parked a few meters away from the said place. I stepped out of the vehicle and saw Marcus and Damascus getting off of their car.

They both approached me and we all looked at the mansion placed at the middle of the woods.

“Well, I can tell he’s freaking rich.” Marcus commented and Damascus rolled his eyes.

“Of course he is. He’s the only heir of the Caro-Hall Enterprises.”

Marcus shrugged his shoulders. “Why would someone from the Hall wants my stupid son?”

“We’re going to find out.” Damascus said. He looked at me and smiled. “Don’t worry Earl, we’ll get Matthias.”

I heard Marcus snorted in amusement. “Oh yeah we will. After all, I’m the one who’s gonna get him.”

I looked at him and thought that he probably really loves Matthias. He didn’t send anyone from the Mafia to get his son. He personally came here to get him.

Oh Matthias, I wish you can see how worried your dad was.

“Bella, I want you to stay here with Rick. Oh and get some back-ups.” Marcus ordered and they both nodded. He turned to Damascus and smirked. “It’s been a while since we last did this, right?”

He rolled his eyes on them and shrugged his shoulders. “Yeah, back where you raided the Russians with Ernest.” He walked back to the car and after a while, he pulled out three machine guns, two shot guns, two rifles, a bunch of pistols and a butt load of ammos.

My jaw almost dropped when I saw the heavy artillery they were pulling out of the vehicle.

Marcus grabbed the firearms and smirked. “Let’s show them who we really are.”

Bella was looking at Matthias’ father with awe and I was too.

Rick smiled a little and Damascus only sighed.

After giving Bella and Rick more instructions, the two men equipped with dangerous firearms walked towards the mansion and I followed them. I was thinking that they’ll probably let me stay with Bella but they didn’t stop me.

Damascus turned to look at me. “You have Matthias’ guns, right?”

I nodded.

“Good. Do you know how to shoot?”

I nodded again. “I know how to use this but…”

“If you want to protect someone, shoot it without hesitating.” He reminded and I blinked at him.

“You’re not going to stop me?”

He smiled a little. “You’re going to save the one you love. We can’t possibly stop you from doing that.”

My whole face blushed at what he said.

I watched Marcus and Damascus walked straight towards the mansion gate. Woah, wait. What the heck are they doing? Don’t tell me they’re going to just enter the enemy’s territory just like that!

Damascus hacked the password of the gate and after a few seconds, he finally breached the security. Marcus pushed the heavy gate with ease and Damascus and I followed him behind.

I silently gasped when I saw four men saw us. They were about to shoot us with their guns but before they could do anything, Marcus already beat them to it. I stared at him in disbelief. He killed those people without even looking at them!

Damascus sighed and smiled a little at me. “He’s good in assault rather than sneaking.”

I forced out a smile. “Y-yeah, I can see that.”

Marcus’ evilly grinned when he saw men with machine guns were coming out in every corner. Sirens filled the whole mansion and everyone was panicking.

“It’s good to be back in action!”

“Watch out for your back.”

“Shut up.”


I lay down on the bed, all wet and sticky. Nicholas kissed me on the lips one more time before pulling away from my member. He smiled at me as he caressed my hair.

“How’re you feeling Matthias?”

I tried looking at him but I can’t see anything. I can’t feel anything. Maybe because of the drugs he injected me hours ago. I don’t know. Maybe even something more?

I blinked and suddenly coughed. Nicholas helped me get up and I puked on the sheets. He patted my back and watched me soil the sheets with nothing but saliva.

“You should really eat something Matthias.” He snapped his fingers and a man came inside. Nicholas lifted me away from the bed and made me sit down on the chair.

He stood up and disappeared in another room. I watched the man who was cleaning the sheets.

“Come on Damian. Do it. Do it!

Something clicked inside me. My body moved by itself and soon, I was walking to the man who was completely oblivious to what I was gonna do.

I kicked his knee to make him lose his balance and he gasped out loud as he fell down on the floor. I instantly pulled his arms behind his back and twisted it. He cried out but I covered his mouth with my hand.


The look in his eyes sent ecstasy all over my body. That look where he’s telling me he’ll do anything to make me stop. That he’ll do anything just to make me let him go.

I smirked at him and twisted his arm even more making him cry out. He thrashed underneath me but it was futile.

There’s nothing he can do.

And I love that fact.

I was ready to tear his arm away from his torso but someone pulled me away from him.

“Matthias!!” He held both of my arms and I turned around to punch his lights out but I immediately felt my body going limb. I sagged towards Nicholas who was holding an injection. He dropped it down on the floor and caught me before I fall down.

I tried to lift my arms but I can’t. My body felt heavy and soon, my eyes were closing on its own.

I can feel Nicholas lifting me up. He called some people inside and ordered them to clean the room. He was scolding them but I can’t hear the exact words. Soon, he guided me towards the bed and carefully laid me down.

I saw him looking at me with a smile. “Are you feeling better now?”

I wanted to answer but I can’t.

I can’t do anything.

“Sssh, it’s alright Matthias. You’re safe here. No one’s going to bother us anymore. We’ll be together.” He kissed my eyelids. “I swear I’m going to protect you.”

I slowly fell asleep.

“Yeah, you don’t need someone as weak as Earl. All you need is me.”

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