The Nerd and I: Book Two

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Chapter Twenty Five

Matthias looked at me before sipping his latte.

I rolled my eyes and finally glared at him. “You’ve been looking at me for like…the whole time. What’s wrong with you?” I asked and he just shrugged his shoulders.

“Nothing.” He took his phone out and dropped it on the table again. He sighed before rubbing his forehead.

“Seriously, what’s wrong with you?” I asked again and he groaned.

“Nothing, just a lot of work to do.” Matthias answered as he leaned against his chair and sighed out loud.

I pursed my lips and nodded. “If you say so.”

I took the folders on the folder and browsed the reports while I munch my donut.

Matthias chuckled and I raised my brows at him. “What?”

“What are you doing here?” He asked in amusement and I blushed. I decided to spend my free afternoon in Matthias’ office and believe me, it’s not every day for someone like me to lounge around the executive’s office just like this.

“Am I bothering you?” I asked him and he shook his head in reply. “Good.” I mumbled and returned back on eating my donut.

“Two weeks.” He whispered.

“Two weeks what?” I repeated but I didn’t look at him.

“Nothing.” He turned his chair against me to face the windows.

I opened the door of my apartment and stepped inside before closing it. I threw my keys on the floor and trotted towards the kitchen to grab a bottle of water.

After drinking, I sat down on the chair, pulled my phone out of my pockets and stared at the screen. Matthias has been acting weird these days. He kept on staring at me and mumbling words I can’t understand.

I hope nothing’s wrong. It’s been a heck of a long time that we managed to live our lives as quietly as this. No mafia works, no killing, no bad guys.

My phone rang and I tilted my head when I saw that it was mum who was calling.


“Hey honey, it’s been a while since we last talked. I missed you.” Her sweet voice filled my ears and I can’t help but to smile and admit that I missed her as well.

“Yeah, I missed you too, mum. What’s up?” I asked while I take my tie off.

“Just wanna ask you when will you be back?” I stopped smiling when I realized what she just said.


Elizabeth laughed. “You enjoyed Italy that much that you forgot that it’s been six months.”

My heart skipped a beat.

“A-ah…yah, it’s been three months ha.” I forced a laugh. “Thanks for reminding me.”

“No biggie. So, when will you be back? Tim’s been asking me the whole time and we are getting annoyed.” She joked and I smiled a little after I heard Timothy’s name.

“I’ll be back…” My eyes widened when I counted the remaining days in my head. “…in two weeks.”

“Really? That’s wonderful! I’ll prepare a celebration then! I’ll call you again later, okay? Be safe there, darling. Your dad and I misses you.” She said and I hanged up the phone. I put it down on the table and sighed,

So that’s what Matthias was talking about. I quickly forgot that my stay here in Italy wasn’t permanent.

“Matthias.” I whispered his name and bit my lips. “If I leave…will you let me?”

Liza greeted me when I entered my office. “G’morning.” She grinned and I smiled at her.

“Good morning.” I turned the Mac on and sat on my chair.

“Did something happen?” She asked and I shook my head. She shrugged her shoulders before plopping down on the sofa. “Two weeks and we’re finally going back to New York, ha. It’s been long but I missed my folks there.” She said while laughing.

“Yeah, me too.” I mumbled. She sensed that my answer was dead so she looked at me with worried eyes.

“Oh…” She rubbed her arm and smiled a little. “You’ll be separated from Matthias…”

I snorted. “Yeah, I guess I will be.”

“Uh…do you want to talk about it?” Liza asked.

“No, it’s alright. Give me the reports.”


Soon, I finished my work and it’s time to go home. I got my bag and stood up from my chair before exiting the office. I walked pass some of the employees working under me and they all briefly smiled at me. I returned their smile but kept my pace fast since I’m starving already. Once I arrived in front of the elevator, I quickly pushed the button and waited for the lift to arrive my floor.

Finally, the doors opened, revealing a crowd inside the elevator. I squeezed through them to enter.

I flinched when I felt my phone vibrated inside my pockets. I hastily took it out and pressed the ’answer’ button. “Yes, hello?”

“Where are you?” Asked Matthias.

I rubbed my nose when the girl in front of me brushed it with her hair. “Inside the elevator. I’m about to go to home.”

“Wait for me at the lobby.” He ordered. I can hear the shuffling of chairs and papers from the other line.

“Huh? What for?”

“We’re gonna eat dinner together, idiot.”

I blushed and slowly nodded. “O-oh okay. See you then.”

I looked at my wristwatch and sighed. It’s been five minutes since I arrived here and still no Matthias. That damn idiot. I’m so freaking hungry already.

When Matthias exited the elevator, I glared at him. “Where were you? I’m so hungry already!”

He innocently blinked at me. “Some of the old men wanted to talk for a little.”

I rolled my eyes at him and walked out of the building. “Where do you wanna eat?”

He walked beside me and pulled his phone out. When he didn’t answer me, I faced him. “Matthias, where are we gonna eat?”

“Just follow me.” He pushed the button of his car keys and the door to his car opened. The guards greeted us goodbye and we quickly hopped inside the vehicle.

I grumbled in frustration. Damn, I’m so hungry I wanna eat like, right now. I glared at him while he’s starting the engine.

After minutes of driving, he finally parked inside a vintage Japanese restaurant.

“Where are we?” I asked but he didn’t answer again. I pursed my lips and only rubbed my head.

We entered the restaurant and the waiters all greeted us. A woman working there approached us with a smile. “Konnichiwa! Table for how many people?”

Matthias walked in front of me. “I have a reserved table under the name Blaise.”

The woman perked up and quickly bowed her head at Matthias. “I apologize, this way please.” She humbly walked to one of the VIP’s room and opened the door.

My eyes widened when I saw a perfect Japanese buffet for two people inside. I looked around and it’s a typical first class Japanese private room that I can only see in television.

“Wow.” I muttered.

Matthias took off his shoes and the woman neatly placed it at the side of the room. She looked at me and I blushed. “A-ah, excuse me.” I quickly took it off and she smiled at me before putting it beside Matthias’ shoes.

“Enjoy your dinner.”

She silently closed the door, leaving the two of us inside. I gulped when I saw Matthias already sitting down on the cushion.

“What? Aren’t you hungry?”

“Ah, yeah.” I stumbled to the opposite side and quickly sat down. I stared at the food in front of me. All I can see were raw fishes, sushis, uhm, what else, is that fried pork…no, beef?

Matthias took his chopsticks and silently ate the rice meal in front of him.

I blushed at how graceful and elegant he looks like, even when he’s eating. I bit my lips and grabbed the chopsticks, only to nudge the bottle of soy sauce beside me.

Matthias raised his brows at me. “What’re you doing?”

“Uh…uhm, sorry!” I quickly put it back on its place. Why am I so nervous anyway?! It’s not like it’s our first date, dammit.

I peaked at Matthias who was still eating his dinner.

“Do you want something else?” He asked and I quickly waved my hands.

“No! This is fine!”

I started to eat. Just relax, Earl. Nothing bad is going to happen. Nicholas is already dead and…

My hands froze at what I thought. I looked at Matthias and wondered what he felt when Nicholas forced himself to him. For someone as proud and arrogant like him, it’s not easy to be taken down by anyone.

“Matthias, are you feeling okay now?” I asked out of a sudden. He looked at me with sharp eyes and I gulped. “I mean…after what happened with Nicholas, I guess…”

“Don’t remind me of that fucking name again.” He spat with a voice so resentful.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything. If I wasn’t there, you probably…” I can feel my heart aching because of what I’m saying. But it’s probably true. I was used as bait again for Matthias. Enemies know that I’m Matthias’ only weakness and I can’t even do anything to protect myself.

“Sorry.” I mumbled with a low voice. I’m really, really sorry Matthias.

“Stop apologizing.” He put the chopsticks down. It was my decision to go with Nicholas’ plan. Sure you were involved but that’s the only thing I can do to save you. I’d rather fuck him than let you die.”

My hands twitched in anger. I still can’t believe Nicholas was a first rate motherfucking stalker and he’s so obsess with Matthias that a lot of people died just because of his selfish whim to own him.

Well, I can relate to what Nicholas’ feeling. I mean, just look at this man. I looked up to observe Matthias’ face. Even though I’ve stared at his face for like a million times already, I still can’t get enough of how handsome he looks like. Those perfect brows, deep brown eyes, well sculpted nose and those sexy, sexy lips.

Matthias is almost perfect, it’s scaring me. Am I really good enough for him?

“What’re you thinking?” I woke up from my trance and saw Matthias staring at me with narrowed eyes.


No Earl, you have to move on. Nicholas is dead and there’s no way he’ll take Matthias away from me.

“Matthias, I love you.” I smiled at him and he only stared at me with wide eyes.

He smiled back and ate his fried pork. “Yeah.”

I pouted. “When will you say you love me too?”

Matthias smirked at me. “Someday.”

I rolled my eyes at him.

After finishing our dinner, the waiters cleaned up the room. We remained seated while they serve us green tea. They bid us goodbye and closed the door again.

“Wow.” I stared at the now empty table.

Matthias drank his tea. “Oh, before I forget.”

I blinked at him when he pulled out something inside his pockets.

“Huh? What is it?”

“Here.” He threw something on the table and I stared hard to recognize what it was.

I gasped and felt my heart skipped a beat when I realized that it was a silver ring.


Matthias smiled at me and pulled a necklace hiding underneath his shirt. My eyes widened when I saw that it was the same hring I gave him back when we celebrated our first Christmas together.

“I figured out it’s time to make you mine, officially.” He said and I playfully glared at him.

“What? Is this supposed to be your proposal?” I asked and he shrugged his shoulders.

I grabbed the ring and I can feel my eyes sparkling while I look at it. It’s nothing fancy, just scraps of small diamonds adoring the front side of the ring.

Oh my god, I can feel tears trying to escape my eyes.

Matthias made a face. “What? Don’t tell me you’re crying just because of a ring?”

I ignored what he said and stretched my right arm in front of him. “Put it on.”


“Come on. Do it.” I ordered with a grin and he glared at me.

“Fine.” He pulled my hand much closer to him, took the ring from me and inserted the ring on my ring finger.

I laughed at how sappy we were and Matthias only rolled his eyes.

“Matthias, thank you.” I looked straight into his eyes and sincerely smiled. “Thank you.”

He stared before returning his smile. “Yeah, me too.”

“Do you really have to book a hotel room just for this?” I asked Matthias while we were walking towards our room in the hotel.

“Well, that’s what you do after you get married, right?” He said in a teasing voice and I blushed. “Let’s just say this is our honeymoon.”

He took my hand and entangled it with his. “Hurry up.”

We finally arrived in front of our room. Matthias swiped the key card and we both entered the room. I stared in marvel after seeing the Royal Suite of the hotel. Every furniture screams high class and even the carpet on the floor feels awesome to the touch.

I was about to step further in when Matthias suddenly carried me bridal style. I flushed at what he was doing. “W-what?!”

“It’s our honeymoon, right?” He smirked at me while he walked towards the bedroom. He kicked the door open while I was clutching on him like a freaking koala.

Matthias threw me on the queen sized bed covered with white silk sheets. He crawled on top of me with a predatory look and I know I’m in for a night of pure pleasure.

“M-matthias…I wanna take a shower please…” I said with a small voice and he only laughed.

“There’s a time for that, later.” He leaned down and kissed me on the lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. When we pulled away, I panted underneath him and smiled.

“You’re the best kisser.” I mumbled and he smirked.

“Of course I am.” He captured my lips with another kiss and this time, it was more powerful, hungrier and more passionate. Oh damn, after all these years of being with Matthias, I really still can’t get enough of him.

“Matthias…wait…” I struggled when I felt my pants tightened below me. I tried to hide it away but Matthias pulled my hands away from my crotch.

“You’re this hard just because of a kiss. You’re so naughty, aren’t you, Earl?” He breathed my name oh so sexily and I flushed even more.

He started to massage my crotch through the pants and I moaned. “Mhmm…” I bit my lips and stared straight into his eyes. He licked his moist lips and that face was enough to make me come.

“Matthias, more. Come on…” I whispered while I thrust my crotch into his hand. He smirked at me before undoing my belt. He pulled it out in a one swift move and threw it on the floor. He then unzipped my fly and pulled my pants away. After seeing how hard I was, he chuckled in amusement.

He lopped my cock underneath the briefs and I moaned out loud after feeling his wet tongue playing with my member. He traced the edges of my penis while licking and sucking it. After teasing it, he finally pulled my briefs off and smiled when he saw how wet my cock was.

I watched him lick my member, over and over again before kissing the head, sucking the pre-cum off before stroking my manhood. In no time, I was dripping with pleasure. My toes were curling from the sensations and soon, I readied myself to release.

He suddenly released my cock with a loud pop and smirked at me. “Not yet.” He continued to stroke my cock with his huge hands.

I cried at the loss of his mouth on my member. “Matthias, please.”

Matthias took off his shirt and pants and threw them somewhere on the floor. He pulled me towards him and I sat on his lap while he kissed me senseless. His wet tongue explored my mouth making me taste my own essence.

I tried to take off my shirt but Matthias helped me to it. “W-wait…” I hastily said. Matthias’ hands roamed on my back while attacking my neck with his kisses. He sucked at the other side before planting another kiss on the other. Goosebumps were crawling all over my skin. He was so gentle before but now, I can tell how excited he was.

My hands were trembling with thrill. I threw my head back and moaned out loud when he sucked hard on the skin of my neck. He lips travelled down and down until it reached my nipples.

He placed hard kisses around my nipple and I looked at him with begging eyes. Come on, suck it already. I thought for a moment and when he did, I covered my mouth with my hand to suppress my loud moans.

“M-Matthias…!” I bit my fingers when Matthias bit the nub of my nipples before playing it with his tongue. Around and around, making it more erect and sensitive than it already was. His huge hands were supporting my back since I’m slowly losing all of my strength from the sheer pleasure of his mouth.

After making it so sensitive, he placed gentle kisses on the edges of my nipples and it made me almost lose my mind. I shut my eyes and all I can feel were sensations from my nipples. It feels so good, it feels so good, I can’t…!

“Ngh! No…!!” I spurted my cum all over Matthias’ stomach. My whole body trembled and I reached up to clasp my hands on his hair.

I can hear Matthias chuckling but I was too busy from the effects of my release. I sagged towards his body and moaned when my nipple brushed against his.

He supported me with his arms and laid me down on the bed. “Matthias you jerk…” I can’t believe he made me cum by just playing with my nipples.

“You’re more sensitive than a woman.” He teased. I wanted to say something back but I don’t have the strength anymore.

He caressed both of my legs with his hands and I shivered. “Mnnnm, that feels nice.” I whispered.

My eyes widened when his hand started to stroke my cock. The wet sounds of his hands playing with my member made me flushed in embarrassment.

His thumb played with the head that was still covered with cum. He pinched it and I jerked my body towards his. “I wonder how many times I can make you cum tonight.” He asked with a laugh and I shook my head.

I reached up to pull him towards the bed and when I did, he was looking at me with an amused eye. He remained lying down while I smile at him.

“It’s time for payback.” I said.

“Oh really.” He asked playfully. I smirked at him before turning around. Now that we’re in this position, I can freely play with his cock. Matthias held my ass cheeks but he remained motionless, probably waiting for what I’m about to do.

I took his briefs half-way off and blushed when I saw how huge and hard his member was. There were veins adorning the long rod and it was simply sexy in all ways.

I stroke it with my small hands and played with the head with my moist lips. I kissed the slit before swallowing him whole. I can hear Matthias’ small grunts behind me and I smiled to myself.

I kissed the skin and licked the long rod, tracing those veins with my tongue. “Mhmm, I love your cock, Matthias.” I swallowed it whole again and sucked hard.

“Yeah, that’s it.” His hands were caressing my ass.

I was about to pleasure his member again but stopped when I felt his tongue playing with my hole. He forced it open with his thumbs and dabbed his tongue on my entrance.

“N-no…” My hands shivered and soon I felt putty from his mouth. I gasped out loud when two of his fingers forced their way inside. He fingers played inside me, rubbing my inner walls before thrusting it in and out.

“M-Matthias…” I swallowed his cock again but stopped when he finally found my prostrate. I released his member inside my mouth and moaned continuously when he rubbed his fingers over and over again to that one single spot.

My arms were slowly losing its strength and I wobbled down. I lay down on Matthias’ crotch while he continues to pleasure my ass.

“God…oh no…” I shut my eyes to stop myself from another release. The way he played with my prostate was making me writhe in pleasure.

I gathered my last remaining strength to face Matthias again.

“Ride me.” He said with a hoarse voice and I nodded. I slowly placed myself on top of his erect cock and soon, he entered me and it made me scream so loud.

The pain of being full and the pleasure of having his cock inside me were overwhelming. I stared at Matthias’ face and his expression drowned in pleasure set fire inside me.

I hold onto his chest and started to move up and down. Soon, we were thrusting at a steady pace. My saliva was already dripping down my mouth and my eyes were becoming unfocused because of his cock ramming inside me.

“Matthias, you’re s-so…big.” My heart was about to explode. “I love you so much…” I bit my lips and cried out loud when his thrust became harder and faster.

“You don’t know how lewd your face is, Earl.” He smirked at me and held both of my hands with his. “Come on, ride me faster.”

The racking of the bed, the sound of our fucking and the noise we were making was filling the whole room.

“Yes, yes, it feels so good! Ah!” I threw my head back and moaned continuously when Matthias’ cock hit my favourite spot. My eyes widened when I felt my release. “I-I’m gonna cum…Matthias…!!”

Matthias bit his lips and was soon moaning with me. His thrust was so powerful I can’t think straight anymore.

My vision became white when we finally came together. “Matthias!!”

I dropped down on the bed, panting and wheezing at the same time. My ass hole felt like it’s on fire. As much as I wanted Matthias’ cock inside me, the pain of having his huge member really hurts like hell.

My body was covered with sweat. I can’t move a muscle and my eyes felt so heavy. I guess doing it three times made my body sore and tired.

I can feel Matthias moving around me but I can’t look at him.

“Hey Earl, are you alright?” He asked me as he caressed my hair. I moaned under his touches. Guess I’m still sensitive after our love making.

“I’m…tired…” I mumbled.

“Don’t you want to take a shower?” He asked and I remained still. He sighed and I heard the door closed. I’m about to fall asleep when I felt his hands helping me to sit up.

I hissed in pain when my ass hole throbbed. Matthias looked at me and I saw a small white towel on his hands. “I’m gonna wipe you so sit up.”

I shook my head. “I can’t…”

Matthias stared before sighing. He made me lie back on the bed again and I smiled when he started wiping my arms with the wet towel.

“Matthias you’re so sweet.” I teased.

His hand tightened around my arm. “Shut up.”

My eyes were dropping and soon, I can’t even open them. “I love you Matthias.”

“I love you too.”

Was the last thing I heard before falling asleep.

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