The Nerd and I: Book Two

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When I open the door of the café, I immediately saw four familiar guys sitting on one of the tables at the corner. I approach them and when they see me, I give them an apologetic smile.

“I’m sorry I’m late. I have to take care of my little brother before coming here.” I say as I take a sit down on the chair.

Cyrille grins at me. “It’s been years since I last saw you Earl!! I’m so glad you can finally hang out with us!”

“Yeah, you know he’s been missing you.” Sam informs and that makes me chuckle.

“I’m really sorry Cy. I was really busy when I was in Italy.” I say and Cyrille only cross his arms.

“Whatever! You’re gonna pay for our coffee’s okay?” He pouts.

I laugh at him. He never really did change. “Fine, I’ll treat you all.”

“Yes!” Cyrille pumps his arm in the air while the others only laugh out loud.

Noticing someone seems new, I look at him and smile. He was sitting beside Cyrille and when he notices that I’m looking at him, he averts his eyes. “Uh…”

Cyrille is about to drink his coffee but when he sees our reaction, he stops. “Oh sorry! You don’t know him yet, right? He was our classmate at Business Management. He’s Aiden. He’s working at this café!”

“Oh I see.” I smile at him. “Hi. I’m Earl Harrison. Nice to meet you.”

He looks down on my hand and before shaking it he rolls his eyes and sighs. “Aiden Austin. Nice to meet you too.”

I force a smile. Is it me or is he really gloomy.

“So how was Italy?” Henry suddenly asks while sipping his coffee.

Memories flash through my mind because of his question. “It was fun. Lot of places to see and people to meet.” I can’t resist smiling when Matthias suddenly appears on my mind. “But damn, the work there was so…urgh.” I wave my hands in exasperation and they all laugh.

“But you work at Altrees right? They’re famous for having a bunch of branches all over the world.” Sam says while looking at me.

I nod. “Yeah, I was the Chief of Finance there.”

“Wow, you really are cool, Earl.” Cyrille says and he smiles when he sees me blushing.

“Ah thanks I guess.”

Sam raises an eyebrow at me. “So where are you working now?” He asks.

“Well…about that…” I feel my phone vibrating inside my pocket so I give him an apologetic smile before answering the call. I see Matthias’ name flashing on the screen and I resists the urge to roll my eyes.

Knowing it’s just his usual banter to make me miss him more, I push the end button on the phone. I put it back in my pocket before smiling back at Sam who was patiently waiting for my reply. “I don’t have a job right now.” I finally answer.

Cyrille’s eyes widen and he chokes on his frap. “Woah, wait what? You quit your work?”

I nod while pursing my lips. “Yeah. My dad said I should come and work for his company but I’m still thinking about it.”

“That sucks.”

I grin at them. “So how’s life? Been doing well while I was gone?” I suddenly ask to change the subject.

Cyrille pout his lips. “Well I’m working at the company my boyfriend owns.”

I blink at him. Well, that’s new. “Wow really?”

I remember him talking about breaking up with his boyfriend before he went to college. I guess they finally reconcile with each other. Come to think of it, why did they even break up back in high school?

Cyrille heaves a sigh. “But it’s really hard to spend some time alone with him. He’s always busy with work.”

Aiden scoffs. “That’s because you always want to have sex with him, Cy.” He says in a deadpan voice.

His face flushes as he smacks Aiden’s arm. “S-shut up!”

We all laugh at the two of them.

“How about you two?” I turn to Henry and Sam and I immediately see Sam’s face blushing. Oh damn, after all these years and he’s still like that whenever someone asks about them.

It’s Henry who speaks. “We’re doing great. We’re planning on living together.” He informs and I quite honestly, I’m surprised.

“Finally! How many years has it been since you dated.” I tease and Henry laughs.

“It’s hard persuading Sam.” He says with a knowing grin.

“Stop asking about us and tell us about yours.” Cyrille says in a mocking voice while smirking at me. He points the straw on me and grin. “How’s your love life, you cheeky Earl. I bet you met a lot of men in Italy, hmmmm?”

Aiden looks at me, probably interested at the sudden question.

“Uh, I’m still dating the guy I’ve been dating back in high school.” I smile at them. “Well, he’s still in Italy right now but he said he’ll come back in New York next month.” I shyly answer.

“Wow, long distance relationship. That’s…hard, right?” Henry asks.

I shrug my shoulders. “Yeah. He’s been calling me non-stop already.” I chuckle.

It’s already afternoon and we are still talking about a lot of stuffs. It’s been years since I’ve last seen these guys. They were my underclassmen when I was still a college student and we were quite close back then.

My phone vibrates again but I ignore it. I clench my fist in irritation while keeping a smile on my face.

Damn you Matthias. I told him not to call or text me today because I’m going to meet my friends. I inwardly sigh. What am I expecting anyway? He’s probably curious who I’m going to meet since I didn’t tell him yesterday.

Cyrille notice me squirming on my seat. “Is something wrong?”

I shake my head. “Uh…I really have to take this call. Excuse me.” I stand up before walking outside the café to answer his call. When I got out, I check my phone and I can’t believe he called me fifteen times. Not to mention his thirty messages in my inbox.

I finally answer it. “What do you want Matthias? I already told you that –”

“I’m coming to get you.”

I stop at what he said. “Huh?! What do you mean you’re coming to get me?”

“I left the airport an hour ago.” I can hear the sound of the GPS speaking on his side. He’s probably tracking me right now. Damn stalker.

“Wait. You’re here at New York? Like right now?”

“Yeah.” I cringe when he suddenly curse out loud. “Motherfuckers, stay off the road you idiots!!”

I roll my eyes at him. “Didn’t you tell me you’ll arrive next month? What’re you doing here?”

“Something came up so I have to get back to New York to handle it. Damascus has been bitching about it.”

Ah, well that explains it. “Okay, but why are you picking me up?”

There’s a long pause before Matthias replies. “Because I wanna fuck you so bad already.”

My cheeks flush at what he said. “M-Matthias!!”

“What? You asked me why and I answered you.”

“Whatever. I’m meeting up with some of my friends. Don’t come here.”

“Too late, I’m already here.”

Indeed, I see a black Hummer parking on the sideway.

Oh man, now that I’ve seen his car, I suddenly feel nervous. How many months has it been since we last see each other?

I pale when I see Matthias getting out of his car. Everyone who’s walking almost stop to stare at him. He slams the door of the car to close it and without even looking at the people who are gawking at him, he walks towards me.

Fuck, my heart suddenly beats louder in excitement.

The moment he reaches me, he suddenly pulls me by my arm to kiss me on the lips.

My whole body feels numb at what he just did. “M-Matthias…?!”

He pushes his tongue inside my mouth and I couldn’t t help but to melt in happiness. I slowly tangle my arms around his head to deepen the kiss.

“Mmmhm.” Matthias finally pulls away before smirking. He licks his lips and I blush deep red once our eyes meet.

“Let’s go home already.” He whispers and I absently nod.

“Okay. I’ll get my bag…”

I walk back inside the café with Matthias following me. When he steps inside, almost everyone stops what they’re doing to look at him. I ignore their looks while continuing to walk where Cyrille and the others are.

“Hey.” I call out and when they look up to see me, their eyes immediately move to Matthias who’s silently standing beside me.

“N-no way, you’re – !!!” Cyrille suddenly stands up to point a finger at Matthias. “You’re the one who – ”

Matthias blinks at Cyrille. I look at him in confusion. “Huh? You know each other?”

“Yeah! He was the one who saved me when I – ” Cyrille suddenly stops like he remembers something awful. “Don’t tell me he’s the one you’re dating, Earl!”

“Ah yeah. He’s the one.” I pull my bag and sling it on my shoulder. “Do you know Cyrille, Matthias?”

He smirks at Cyrille. “Cyrille, right? The one dating Adrianne?” He grin at him. “Tell Adrianne to stop by and visit me. I’ll teach him some new techniques.”

Cyrille and I both blush at what Matthias said.

“S-shut up!!”

We arrive in my apartment and it’s Matthias who kick the door open. When we get inside, he wrapped his hands around my waist and starts kissing me on the neck.

He pushes me down on the floor and I smile when he gives me another kiss on the lips. Over and over again until it becomes swollen. He pulls away and smirks.

“You better get ready. It’s been years since I last fucked you.” He seductively whispers.

I pale at his threat. “T-t-take it easy.”

“No way.” He suddenly rips my shirt open and I moan when he leans down to suck my nipple.

“W-wait…” He bites it, making me cry out. “Matthias, take me t-to the…” My toes are curling because of the pleasure.


“Shit!!” Matthias throws his phone away and I heard it breaking.

He’s about to take his shirt off when my phone suddenly rings. We both look at each other but I only furrow my brows at him.

“Don’t you dare break it.” I mumble and he only gives me a hard and irritated look. I take it out of my pocket and sees that it’s Edward who’s calling me.

I answer it while Matthias waits for me.

“Yeah?” I blink a couple of times before sighing. “Okay.”

I look at Matthias and nods. He growls before standing up. “Fucking work!! Can’t I even have a day off?!!”

I finally hang up the phone. “Come on.”

I walk towards the hidden cabinet in my room and when I push the button at the side, the doors automatically open. Matthias whistles at the sight. I stare at the set of high calibre guns and weapons neatly arranged inside.

“Well, here goes nothing.” Matthias shakes his head.

Work beckons. There’s no break for the Mafia people.

I smirk at him and he sighs.

“It’s go time.”


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