The Nerd and I: Book Two

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Chapter Five


“Woah, good thing the blackout last night only lasted for an hour.” She said while gathering the paper materials on my table. I stared at the monitor, still thinking about what happened last night. That shitty Matthias. I can’t believe we did it until morning.

My ass hurts a lot and I can feel my hips were about to break.

“What’s wrong?” Liza waved a hand in front of my face and I snapped back to reality.

“S-sorry, just thinking of something.” Or someone.

“Well, I’ll head up to the HR department to deliver this to them.” Liza said as she went out of the room. I sighed and leaned on my chair.

I slowly trailed a finger to my lips and felt how soft it was. I can still feel Matthias’ faint kisses, his touches, everything.

I blushed and caressed my neck. He did touch me here, right?

“Haaa…Matthias…” I breathed out his name.

“Earl, you feel so good.”

His voice, they kept on repeating inside my mind. His cold fingers manipulating my body, making me writhe in plain pleasure.

“You like that, right? I can suck you all day.”

I bit my lips and watched my hands unzipped my pants.

“Whenever I stroke you here, you really can’t stop coming ha. You’re so naughty, my Earl.”

Matthias. Shit…

What the hell did you do to me?

I finally finished the calculations. I leaned down on my table and looked at the clock. Damn, it’s past eight already. I still need to find an apartment. The hotel rent was killing my salary.

I was about to turn off my mac when a window suddenly appeared on the screen. I looked at it and saw the calculations I did for the salary this moth started going down.

“What the - ?” I quickly sat down on the chair and watched how quick the salary bar goes down. Shit, I fumbled through my desk to get my cellphone to call Matthias since I can’t use the company phone. Someone might hear our conversation.

“What?” Matthias asked and I noticed how stringent his voice was.

“You need to come here and see this. The salary I computed was…”

“Yah, I can see that too. I hacked into your computer to see what you’ve been doing.”

I blushed. Stalkers skills have no boundaries. “Oh, okay. What are you gonna do about it?”

“Fuck, it stopped.”

I nodded and saw that the salary bar started going back to normal.

“I’ll meet you there, okay? Don’t hang up.” I sighed and rubbed my temples. Damn, why did all of this happen? Why did I even agree to be transferred here in Italy? I could just go back to my old company and work there.

But I know I can’t go back anymore. Now that Matthias was here.

I covered my face with my hand and grunted.

I heard the door opened and thought that it was Matthias. I opened my eyes and gasped when I saw an unfamiliar guy in front of me.

I glanced back at my phone and saw Matthias still wasn’t hanging up the call. I hid it inside my pockets. “Uh, can I help you?”

The guy stared at me before pointing a gun in my face.

Oh shit.

I gasped and suddenly realized that I was inside a car. I looked around a man driving in front of me while another one was beside me. I stared at him knowing that he was the same man from my office.

“Where am I?” I asked him and he just looked at me with dead eyes.

“Can we kill him?”

I paled at what he said. Oh shit, everything’s coming back to me. Were they the assassins who were sent to kill the executive president?

“No, not yet. Boss said he’s still important.”

I shook my head and felt dizzy. I want to touch my neck because it was throbbing but my hands were bound.

They must have shot me with tranquilizer. Damn, I should have known this was coming. They probably wanted me because I saw the anomaly inside the company.

But how could they know it was me who saw it.

The car stopped and the man beside me pulled me out of the vehicle. I looked at the dark building and gulped. This reminds me of one of the hide-outs of Matthias’ gang.

The man pulled me in my arm and I flinched at how tight he was holding me.

When we entered the building, the whole floor was dark. Only the lights of the elevator buttons were all I can see. He pushed me inside the lift and pressed the button for the highest floor. I felt cold and scared all of a sudden. Not because of my situation, but because I’m afraid of what was going to happen once the elevator door open.

A few seconds of waiting and the doors finally opened. I was greeted with random men scattered all around the room. They were wearing black suits and I paled when I saw the big guns they were holding. They were all watching me as the man behind me pushed me to walk towards the room at the end of the corridor. The floor looks abandoned and was dark as well.

The man guarding the wooden door nodded at the one behind me. He opened the door and pulled me inside. He threw me on the floor and I grunted.

“That hurts.” I mumbled. I want to rub the sore end of my elbow that scratched the rough floor.

“Here he is boss.”

I looked up at the man who was sitting on the table smoking a cigarette. I can’t see who it was because the room was dark.

“You know – ” My eyes widened when I recognized the voice. “ – I never expected that you’ll be the one who’ll see it.”

I shuddered when I saw Tom faced me.

“N-no way.”

He smiled and ruffled my hair. “Sorry I have to do this but I can’t let you spoil my plan.”


“You see Earl, I want to take over the Altrees Bank Company.” He walked around me while caressing a finger down my cheek. His index finger curled a lock of my hair.

“Are you insane?” I jerked my head to the side to let him go of my hair.

“Maybe, I don’t know.” He chuckled and patted my head. “It’s just that, I really need the money.”

“What for? You seem rich enough.” I said sarcastically.

“Do I? But it’s not enough. It’s not enough to pay my debt so I thought that, ’Hey, what if I steal the position of the president of the company so I can have all the money in the world.”

“So that’s why you want to kill the exec. Pres.” I mumbled in realization and he clapped his hand.

“Yes, yes. I’m glad you understand, Earl.” He kissed me on the nose and I glared at him.

“You see, that old fart was once my accomplice. I was the one who’s been telling him to steal money from the employees. But it was never enough. I still need more.”

“If he’s your accomplice, they why do you want to kill him?” I asked and he gritted his teeth.

“Because he wants the money for himself!!”

I cringed when he suddenly shouted.

“That’s why I have to kill him, I want to kill him. I want to torture the shit out of him and see him suffer for what he did to me.” He mumbled to himself while pacing back and forth in front of me. He suddenly snapped his head to me and sweetly smiled.

“Earl, you’ll help me, right?” He asked while nuzzling the side of my neck.

“Lucky for you I’m all tied up. Because I really want to bitch slap you right now.” I said with a menacing tone.

He giggled. “As expected for someone who came from the mafia.”

I gasped. “How’d you…?”

“Oh, you thought I didn’t know that you’re from the German Mafia?” Tom smiled, walked towards the huge desk and pulled out one of the drawers. He grabbed a folder and held it up for me to see.

“These are all your files.” He said and I hissed at him.

“You fucking bastard.” I cursed and he smiled again.

“No, don’t talk like that babe.”

“Don’t you dare call me babe. Did you forget, we broke up, right.” I warned and he grinned.

“You really shouldn’t talk to me like that, babe, considering your situation now.”

I glared at him. “You think you’re a match against the Blaise family? Do you even know who they are?”

“No, not really. All I know is that they are fucking rich. It won’t hurt them to have a company less, right?”

I looked up to him. So he doesn’t know that the Blaise holds the Italian Mafia. That’s weird since he knew where I belong.

I sighed. I hate being in this kind of situation.


“Hey, do you know who I dated before you?” I asked him while he sat down on the table.

“No, couldn’t care less.” He smirked and I returned it back.

“It was Matthias Damian Blaise.”

His eyes widened in realization. “What?”

“We dated while we were in high school.”

He glared. “I don’t care about that.”

I have to do this.

“You’re not even worth comparing to Matthias.”

His glare intensified. “Shut up.”

“It was right to break up with you. Why did I even date a douche like you anyway? Matthias is much better.”

He growled and suddenly lunged towards me. He slapped me so hard in the face I need to bite my lips to stop myself from screaming.

“You’re mine Earl!” He said while gripping my hair.

I glared at him. “That wouldn’t happen.”




I smiled at him. “I still love Matthias fucking Blaise.”


He growled and suddenly threw me on the floor. “I won’t let you love anyone other than me!” He kicked me on the stomach that made me puke out some blood. “You’re mine!! You’re mine, you’re mine, you’re mine!!!”

I opened my eyes and saw him on top of me. “You really did break my heart when you broke up with me.” I gasped when he suddenly tore my shirt. “I’ll train you properly to become my lover, EARL.”


I continued to stare at the ceiling. How long have I been inside this damp cellar? It smells like shit. It’s dark and the only light was the one coming from the small window up on the wall.

I lifted my arm and saw the many scratches on my skin. It kept on bleeding and it hurts like hell. My whole body already became numb.

I licked my dry lips and coughed when I noticed that I’m thirsty. I twisted my head to the side and saw the dirty tray of food on the floor.

I sighed. I really should stop dating guys who’s into businesses like this. (A/N: I laughed at this. Sorry. XD)

I turned to the side and hissed after feeling that blazing pain on my asshole. My hands were bound and I can’t even reach it down to rub it.

Oh man. Am I gonna die here?

I still want to live.

I closed my eyes, waiting for sleepiness to visit me. At least, I can dream of Matthias here, right?

How many thoughts did I have of him saving me? Every time I wake up, I imagined him to be here, pulling me away from this place, breaking my shackles, telling me that everything will be alright.

Damn. I don’t wanna cry anymore. I told myself that I need to be strong. I am no longer the Earl who’s weak and naïve.


The rusty, heavy door of the prison finally opened and I rolled my eyes knowing that it’s Tom. I sensed him walked towards me and heard the door closing behind him.

“How are you feeling, baby?” Tom asked but I didn’t answer him. I’m too tired to even think of a retort much less speak.

He kicked me on the side and I winced when he hit a bruise. “What’s wrong? Given up already?” Tom leaned down and kisses my cheeks. “You’re really sexy when you look like that.”

I closed my eyes again, silently praying to make him disappear.

“Talk to me, Earl.” I gasped when he held my neck, tight enough to make me choke for air. “If I’m telling you to talk to me, you will TALK!!” He spat on my face.

I stared straight at his eyes and saw that it was already not the Tom I used to know. “F-fuck you.”

Tom growled and harshly threw me on the floor. “I guess you still haven’t learned your lesson yet.” I watched him take off his shirt. He took off his pants as well and pulled my hair near to his crotch. I gagged when he forced me to suck his cock.

I glared at him and bit down hard. He screamed in pain and kicked me on the chin. I bit my bottom lip before landing on the floor.

“You fucking idiot!!” He slapped me on the face. “I’m going to fucking kill you!!” Tom pulled me and forced me down on the floor. I panicked when I felt something big being penetrated inside me.

I flushed in embarrassment when I knew what it was. Don’t tell me he’s using a toy?!

I screamed when he pushed it deeper. “Noooo!! T-that hurts!!!” I banged my head on the floor and started thrashing around but the handcuffs were keeping me in place. Tom laughed hysterically above me.

“That’s what happen when you disobey me, you slut!” He stepped on my ass and I felt the toy digging deeper inside me.

“S-stop!! P-please, stop it!!” I cried in pain and I know I’m already bleeding down there. Tom pulled my hair up, forcing me to look at his face. He was smirking evilly.

He licked the blood dripping from my lip. “Nobody can save you, babe. You’ll be my toy forever, you got that!” He kissed me and forced his tongue inside my mouth. He sucked it and licked everything inside and that made me want to puke so bad.

I pulled away and panted. “Haa…haa…”

Tom smirked and slapped my face again. I cried again before dropping me on the floor.

My eyes widened in fear when the toy inside me started vibrating. “S-shit what the…?!”

“I’ll break you the way you broke me, Earl.”

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