Sixth Bloodline: City of Eden

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Up til when are you going to sleep, my beloved? Till all the cities return to dust? No, that's too of a fleeting moment for you. Till I rot and my body crumbles down? What an ill fated wish... One would start off by saying that vampires are real and exist, walking by our side on this planet for the past few centuries. Mikhael? Mikhael would start off by saying how his life would've been much simpler had it not been for those fuckers. Twenty years ago, with rise of development of human science, vampires became known to people and the world was thrown in chaos. War was led between every single human that formed three groups and vampires led by Seven Purebloods that would later inherit the title of Royals. After the long battle and fear over the planet that could be lost had they continued with the war and death of youngest Pureblood, the remaining Six Purebloods and Three Groups came to an agreement. Joining the best from the best, three groups formed W.E.R.P. [World Eden's Regulatory Police] whilst the other side demanded special places where humans had no reign over and vampires could do as they pleased, places that were henceforth named "Eden". Despite being leaders, Royals weren't the most powerful out there. It was instead a new race, half-bloods. And where does Mikhael come in that picture? Well, that's him, A half-blood in hiding under the roof of a Pureblood.

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IT WAS definitely not Mikhael’s lucky day. He had to run for entire hour at an speed that surpassed 60mp/h just to catch the next train for Texas only to miss it and be abandoned alone in the waste city of New York.

Don’t get him wrong, he didn’t really have anything against that city — it was a nice place where you could find a couple fucking on every second corner and a vampire on every sixth. Most of them were allowed to roam free by the Government and W.E.R.P., but some of them were rather bothersome experience for Mikhael to handle. Usually newly-turned ones that haven’t gotten caught yet who would prey on a new target just to quench their insatiable thirst — he had killed way too many of them to not notice them now.

Sighing, he raised his right hand to rub the back of his head, he was quite proud of his looks and golden hair that never got tainted by the darkness surrounding him. His eyes baby blue, something he loved to believe to have inherited from his mother — he never met his father and if he had, he would immediately blow a bullet through his brain — shone as he asserted the night sky, barely suppressing the need to switch them to his vampire red ones.

Sky always looked more beautiful when he used red eyes — from all the pollution in the city air, he couldn’t really find himself enjoying the same view he’s been looking at for the last six centuries.

Shaking his head, he continued to walk forward, without destination. He ended up in that city by an accident, but it wasn’t his first time visiting it — yet every time he came back there, the place would’ve changed too far for him to believe to be the same.

Nostalgia hit him, but he didn’t really mind it. He loved the change, he loved how the world was improving forward. After those two decades of war and disaster, witnessing the tranquility of a silent night wasn’t something he could ever complain about.

If only vampires didn’t exist, though — he wouldn’t have had to deal with it.

Sighing, he noticed that he had arrived in the park, no need to pay and always some free bench to be found around — a perfect place to stay the night and save some money.

“Guess this is it for us, tonight?” he said patting his briefcase he carried around where his gun rested — one of the Twin Bloods — two similar weapons were the trademark of Twenty Seats, organization he belonged to. Since when had hunting vampires become so normal to him, he wondered?

Opening a void, he threw the briefcase in it — just to make sure that no one was going to steal it while he was sleeping — as he switched his rucksack from his left to his right shoulder.

It would do as a pillow for the night.

“Now, all that is left is to chose—” he started to himself before suddenly stopping. It was barely audible, but he heard it — a scream of a girl, probably human. Why would a vampire, who stood on top of the food chain of current era, scream in the middle of the night?

He sighed, it wasn’t his mission and he had nothing to do with it. The girl will just have her blood sucked and be left alone, in worst case scenario, she will be murdered. He had nothing to do with it, so he should just—

Another, this time louder.

He will get in the trouble if he helps. He’s been through it hundreds of times and this was going to be just another case. He didn’t need the ability to foresee the future to know that he will end in trouble.

It was the only truth he knew. Help others and get involved in their shit.

“Help!” the voice was getting closer and closer and he cursed. He was going to regret it, but what was the worst that could happen? Get an arm chopped off? Get covered in blood? Accused as a murderer?

Whatever the girl was running away from, and it had over 200% chances of being a vampire, he was going to deal with it. Since she already decided to run towards him, he couldn’t just ignore it.

Calm down, Mikhael — he took a deep breath. He was prepared. Whatever hardship saving that human brings, he was ready to deal with it.

What was the worst thing that could happen on such a beautiful night with the full moon illuminating it brightly from the very center of the sky?

Boy, he should’ve known better.

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