War Machine

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We stood to the right of the caskets as they were paraded down the aisle. We comforted each other with soft touches, we looked over to Glenn and Mary, who also stood together, inconsolable. The worst had happened, the unthinkable had touched us. The caskets were a dark grey, almost as dark as the mascara that Anna wore. We were in the capital, attending the funeral of six of our battalion.

Anna and I had made our tattoos turn into the tone of our skin, so they wouldn't be seen and our eyes back to normal. It itched, but it was a matter of security, not even Glenn and Mary could know. The parade lasted for three minutes, as each casket was placed on their respective tables. I glanced around once again, and I noticed a family of three that had just arrived. They looked oddly similar to Mason, they were probably his family.

I nudged Anna mentally and nodded towards their direction, she glanced over and looked at me. Her mind poised a question, along with an answer, I nodded slightly and she sighed. We agreed to go talk to them after the ceremony finished, we focused on the Dean, who was giving a speech. Soon it was over and the caskets were lowered, with three volleys of shots fired from a team of seven. And everyone went to pay their respects. We hung back, surveying everyone who went, then it came time for us to go.

We stood above Mason's and Clara's caskets, which were six feet below us. Anna burst out crying and I pulled her in close, muffling her sobs. I stared at the gleaming top of the casket, remembering all the memories we had together. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a M1911, it was his favorite gun, though it was outdated. I chambered a round and knelt down, carefully letting it drop onto the top of the casket. He always wanted a viking sort of burial, with his weapon with him.

I nodded and we left to talk to his family, who started to walk to Masons casket. They stopped as they saw us walking to them, the mother glanced at the father, who glanced back. We nodded to them, trying to calm them. "I'm guessing you are his family. Mason fought valiantly, and courageously. I'm sorry I couldn't save your son." I said, looking his mother in the eyes, she teared up. "Thank you. And its fine, it wasn't your fault." She looked nervously to her husband.

"If its OK, could you tell us what he was, all it says on the invitation is that he was Special Ops." I nodded, and leaned in."I know I'm not supposed to tell, but he was an Assassin. One of the best, too." Anna nudged me hard, and I shook my head. She was exasperated. I shrugged. The woman gasped and smiled,"Thank you so much! We wanted him to get in that section. But we were never told if he did." I nodded and we let the family go mourn Mason. Anna slapped me softly on my back, I shrugged and we left the cemetery.

It was 4 AM and I was striding down the hallway for a uniform and room inspection. I had informed my squad yesterday last night at around 10 PM. This was in lieu with the recruitment of our new squad mates, Dylan and Camille. They were first years, and were talented enough to be put with us. I didn't like it, but orders were orders.

Glenn and Mary stood at attention outside of their room, in their dress uniform, and Dylan and Camille stood at attention outside their room too. Anna was walking beside me, sharing my discomfort in our new recruits. We inspected Glenn and Mary first, satisfied that they were tidy we inspected their room. It was spotless, as I had come to expect. We inspected the recruits, and were surprised to see that they were also tidy and spotless. I couldn't find a flaw. I glanced at Anna, she tilted her head, she was surprised too."Ok, you guys did fine, dismissed." I said coldly, they saluted and darted into their room.

Glenn stepped up to me,"Yo, just give them a break. They're new to this, they're worried and scared. Remember how we were?" I nodded, and with one last glance he stole off into his room, where Mary had gone to sit on their couch. I shrugged and Anna snuck her hand into mine. We changed into our normal BDU uniforms and walked out of the dorm. We spotted our battalion commander striding to us, we froze and stood at attention.

"Nickolas, I need you and Annabeth to do an immediate skills check on the new recruits. Once you're done I need you to report to admin. Understand?" We nodded and marched back into the dorm. We got everyone else out of their rooms and all jogged down to the simulation building and stepped into the VR room. Dylan and Camille looked around in awe, this shit was state of the art. It was a few levels above what the other divisions had for testing, it had to be.

We sent Dylan in one room and Camille into the other, starting up the simulation and watched them through various cameras that had been sent up. They passed their solos and their doubles, we let them out and congratulated them on passing their first test. Then Anna and I sprinted to the Admin buildings, which were just under a half mile away. We entered the main building and said we had an appointment and told them our names. The front desk ladies smiled and led the way to a office off to the side. We knocked on the door, which was met by a male voice,"Come in."

We opened the door and stepped in. The Dean sat across the desk, and another man sat in a chair closest to us. The new comer turned around in his seat and smiled,"Ah! The famed Kill Team. I've heard a lot of good things about you two and much of it from the Dean here." He stood up, and held out his hand. I let Anna shake his hand first, I just stood back and looked at the Dean. He smiled and nodded, I relaxed slight and shook the man's hand.

The man let his hand drop to his side, I tensed. The Dean noticed and waved his hand, I relaxed again,"My name is John Malzursky, and as I'm sure you already know I am the speaker in the House of the Senate." We nodded, he was the most important man in the country. He knew everything and anything, but he was also the one with the biggest heart and most integrity. He had gone through extensive training and testing, and he had passed the hardest tests in the country. If there was anyone you could depend on, it was him.

He was an expert in politics, and could out maneuver the best. He rarely did so, but the ability was always there. He was knowledgeable about all of the issues and past issues that plagued the world. His problem solving skills were astounding too, in essence, he was the best person to have as a president. His term would last three more years and then there would be four candidates that would be rated by voting, then the testing would begin.

There was also a Senate council that consisted of 100 Senators, they also went through testing and could not be sold out to various companies. It was a fool proof idea, and it had been working for almost 25 years. He motioned for us to sit down in the two chairs the were to our left. We sat down and waited for them to speak. It didn't take a minute,"So, as you two know the bi-annual UN meeting is comin up in a month, and all the big world leaders will be there, discussing the situation at the moment."

"And, on a side note, all the world leaders are getting their shit together. So thats a plus. Anyways, I need some security, and one of the unwritten rules is that the security will always be two from a school every meeting. And this time, I've chosen you. One, because of your considerable skills, two, because you have been augmented and I want to see that in action, and three, I've been dying to meet you. So, you guys are hired, and as a bonus, you two will be paid a considerable amount of money, which you will receive once you graduate."

Anna and I looked at each other; it was extremely rare for that to happen, unless it was for the meeting."Now, the council want's you to know that the money is not for protecting us, but its because we know, that if something were to happen, we know that you will not try to save just me, but you will try to save everyone you can, regardless of the social standing. It has happened before, and we know it will happen again." We nodded, it had been ingrained in us that if we ever take contracts, don't just try to save one person, try to save as many as you can. But never get too attached to them, casualties will happen.

The President handed us two envelopes and we opened them, inside there was a check. We pulled them out and saw the amount of money, it was $500,000, each. The President spoke again,"Now, sometimes the person will die before graduating and we usually give it to the next of kin, but in your case, Nick, you have none. And you, Ms. Annabeth, your case is very special indeed; so we will give these to Glenn and Mary, assuming they don't pass away." We nodded and he smiled,"Good. So I will see you two in a months time then."

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