War Machine

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I Think I've Seen This Before..

Anna and I stood in suits, looking out into the crowd. We had already gotten the presidents up the steps and almost into the building. More politicians were getting out of their cars and onto the steps up into the Council Building. We studied the crowd and vehicles that passed by. We had trained all month for a large mass shooting and bombing. We were certain that something was going to happen since the office got a tip off of terrorist activity in the area.

We had found some stashes earlier this week, but hadn't found the suspects. The President had been stopped at the door by the President of Russia. They conversed in low voices, so not even me and Anna could hear them. I glanced around at the other officials and spotted one that looked out of the ordinary. He was in the proper attire, proper haircut, credentials, everything. But the slight difference in the way he stood and surveyed the crowd was different.

He almost could hide it, but I still noticed, I nudged Anna and nodded to where he stood. She glanced and her eyes widened, she pulled out her silenced pistol and aimed. Good thing she did too, because a millisecond later he pulled out a mini Uzi and aimed at the president. She fired, hitting him in the head, as he slumped he tensed, pulling the trigger. Fortunately, his hand was pointing to the air, so no one was injured.

The crowd started to disperse and I puled out my pistol, covering her as she checked the man for any markings. She found one on his neck and pulled me down to see, there was a tattoo of a hand in the shape of a gun, pointing at his ear. There was a skin colored earpiece there and we pulled it out, and pocketed it. It had been fried, but we knew some guys who could trace it to a source.

The president stepped out from behind a pillar that he had darted to when he heard the Uzi. He smiled at us and nodded, he turned to the Russian President,"See? The best of the best. Not that your forces are incompetent, far from that." The man grunted and stared at us, considering our risk, I gave him a toothed smile. He turned and walked inside the building, smart. The President clapped our backs"It was the mercenary group, God's Hand.

There's more of them, so you should get inside." I said, leading him to the door, a bullet zipped past our heads. We ducked and Anna whipped around, laying down some suppressive fire. I tapped her and we retreated behind one of the pillars, a bullet cracked against the marble, chipping it.

I tapped my wrist pad and called Mike, a sniper I worked with in a few small ops. He had become a good friend, and as far as I was concerned was the best sniper I had seen. I had asked him to come with us as over watch, and right now I needed him to come take that asshole out. I was sure that the council protection force was clearing out the buildings, but Mark was faster.

The longer we stayed here the more in danger we were in, I could see the CPF stacking up against the buildings. They couldn't move from there, for fear of being picked off. I could hear a helicopter in the distance, that was Mike. I looked to my right, where there were a few lone figures darting closer to us. The way they moved marked them as enemies, I aimed and fired four times, hitting two. Anna watched our left, making sure we weren't flanked.

Another shot cracked out close to us, there was a second sniper, I snuck my head out to look for him. I saw a rifle barrel poking out of a building next to us, pointing to the sniper on the roof. I smiled, it was probably one of the citizens who had been a sniper in his time in the military. The shot had hit the lip of the building, so close to hitting it mark. The enemy popped his head down for a minute, then popped up again, taking aim. I poked my head out slightly in time to see his head get blown off by another bullet.

The CPF ran towards us, and took their places behind the pillars, we led the President inside. Once he was inside the meeting started, we walked back outside to cover the entrance. Some of the CPF nodded in recognition and smiled. We walked to the building where the civilian sniper had fired from. We knocked on the door, and it opened slightly, we smiled and showed our hands. Once satisfied the hostile gaze opened up and revealed an old, decrepit man.

We hid our surprise and asked him his name,"My name's Benjamin, but my friends call me Ben." I nodded and asked him what branch of the military he was with."I was a Navy SEAL back before all this happened. I was in a small town in California, so I joined a group, they all died and I ended up here. I still go some of my old skill." We nodded and he huffed. He walked back further into the room and grabbed some whiskey,"This whiskey was made before the disaster, care to try some true US made whiskey?" We shrugged and he grabbed three shot glasses and poured each of us a shot.

We clinked our glasses together and downed the alcohol. It burned as it went down and we laughed, Ben put away the whiskey."Thats enough for now, you guys have a job to do, so go out and do it. And when you have some free time, come back and we'll have some more."He said, waving us off with a smile, we thanked him and walked back to the Council building, good thing too. A whole platoon of mercenaries had run up on us. Shots started going off, a few of them were sniper rounds, I looked for the source, but couldn't find one.

I saw the mercenaries dropping one by one and realized Mark had landed on top of the building. A CPF threw both of us a Scorpion A10, another gun modified from their pre-disaster ancestors. It was a carbine and was a few inches shorter than its ancestor, the Scorpion Evo. It was easier to carry and lighter, though it had more attachments and functions.

Anna and I led a team into the buildings to clear out the mercenaries. We went from room to room, making sure we didn't miss anything. Even one enemy at our back could screw us over. We came into contact with them after two buildings, they had set up in the windows facing the Council building. They were spraying the front of the building, trying to distract the CPF from the main force, who were running down a side street. I relayed this over to Mark, who alerted the CPF. We took care of the mercenaries, flash banging each room before entering.

Anna and I cleared the last room in that building, we didn't have anymore flash bangs so we just tried to get them off balance so to speak. There were three in there, and we got two down, but the last one was fucking quick. He rushed Anna, causing her to drop her gun. He punched her in the side, she stumbled then looked up. I smiled at him as he glanced at me, wondering why I was just standing there.

"You're fucked."I said, before she fucking went at him. She knee'd him in the balls, then as he crumpled she threw his face into her knee again. He laid dazed on the ground, and she put him in an arm bar, he bit her calf, causing her to scream. I flinched, she pulled back on his forearm so it broke his arm at the elbow. He passed out, and she broke his other arm, and legs. He was a bloody pulp as she stood up, panting.

I nodded as she looked up, I patted her back,"I think you got him. Yep, you definitely did get his ass."She smiled and we zip tied him. I dragged him out as Anna picked her gun up and we followed the CPF to the council building. One of them clapped me on the back,"Good job dude." I shook my head,"It was her, and next time you wanna assume one of us did a good job, assume her. She's still has a bit of anger inside." He stepped back cautiously,"Will do." He said, then almost ran off.

Anna nudged me and smiled. A bell rung through the air, and the doors opened, spilling out politicians. A few stared at us, but kept moving, they weren't surprised by the CPF, as attacks had become more and more frequent all around the world. The President walked out and headed straight towards us, he looked down at our prisoner and smiled,"Ah, I see you two brought a little friend? Maybe you all can go have a nice chat with the CPF supervisor?" We nodded and dragged the man's broken body to the Seargent.

He nodded and jerked his head at a van that was parked off to the side, we threw the prisoner in and entered the limousine the President waited in. The car started up and we drove out of the city. Missoula was the capital of the country, and I loved it. We already agreed that we could move to a cabin close to the city, where we could go out and enjoy the natural world while still being close to the city. Anna rested her head on my shoulder and fell asleep, I laid my head back, trying to figure out her dreams.

Her thoughts and dreams were erratic and sometimes worrying when she slept. I tried not to think too much about it but sometimes I had to wonder. I looked across the little cabin to the President who smiled and opened a mini fridge. I took a bottle of water he offered me and we toasted to a job well done.

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