War Machine

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Avalanches Are a Slight Problem, Aren't They?

Anna and I held hands as we looked out into the air that buffeted against the plane. We were suited up in squirrel suits and a parachute. The air was crisp and chilled our noses, we waited for the green light before jumping out into a free fall. We were minuscule against the sky above us and the snow covered mountain below us. We were on out hundredth target since the UN meeting six months ago, and we were now infamous, we even had a ten million bounty on our heads.

Anna and I joked about it sometimes, but I really was annoying when we had to go through customs. Sometimes we had hit men try to kill us as soon as we got into a foreign country. They were always dispatched, but sometimes they left marks on us. Now we had scars on our backs, arms, necks, legs, everywhere. Most of the small ones we could cover with the implants, but we couldn't get the big ones.

Our target was a big weapons distributor for a lot of third world countries, he was an evil man who got his fortune off the backs of slaves. He had a 10 million dollar home in the northern part of Russia, which we were over at the moment. Our job was to destroy the house, kill everyone inside, and do whatever else, then get out quickly. That was the good thing about killing these rich targets, most of them had money laying around, and the government was fine with us taking whatever we wanted. They never wanted anything.

We've taken souvenirs from every hit we've done, like a small statue of a wolf from a insane Senator in NYC, a cherry blossom tree from a perfectly sane drug cartel head in Cuba, etc.

We were a thousand feet in the air now, and we opened our squirrel suit so they could take in air. The stop was abrupt, but we tilted ourselves forwards so we wouldn't just fall. We glided towards the mansion, it was a beautiful place, but something about it was marred by all the bloodshed that it took to attain it. Anna agreed with my thoughts and mentally nudged me to open my parachute. I smiled and opened it, being saved from the ground a hundred feet below.

We pulled out our pistols and started firing at the mercenaries that had now noticed us. We emptied the back patio of mercenaries, then moved in through the house. We found the man laying in his bathtub, reading a book. He saw us and put the book down,"Ah, so you have come? I was hoping this could wait another week, but oh well. It happens it happens." He said, calmly. I nodded, some of our targets weren't surprised we had come for them, they usually just did one last thing and then we could do our job. "You know, I admire you two. You get to be together doing the thing you do best. Arms dealing is a lonely road." I nodded and pulled up a chair for me and Anna.

"The safe is in the basement, the code is 93428. Take what you can carry, but no more. I would like to leave some money for my illegitimate sons. There are ten of them around the world, I have a paper coming with their names and addresses. I know I haven't done much good in the world, but I would like them to have a chance to do so. I won't be leaving any money for my one legitimate son."

"He is a brat and he is already on a dark path." The door opened and a maid came in with some papers, I started to stand up but Anna held me down. The maid glanced at me and the man, she nodded with tears in her eyes and kissed him on the cheek. He nodded and spoke to her in Russian, then she left. He held out two packets,"These are the names, addresses of the children, and in the back is more info on my colleagues." Also, when you destroy the house, make sure the maid is safe, I am also leaving her a small fortune, it will be wired to her when they find out I died."

We nodded and stood up, he grabbed my wrist,"Will it be quick?" He asked, scared. I nodded,"Quick and painless, no more suffering for you." He nodded and laid down in the water, and closed his eyes. I pulled out a needle, and injected him with a poison that would kill him within a minute. I looked out a window, a limousine was rolling down the long drive. The maid was inside the car, driving. We would wait an hour, and then blow the house.

We went though the house, grabbing whatever we wanted, and ate a bit. Legally, we weren't supposed to do it, but we were going to blow up the house anyway, so why not? we opened the safe last, finding rows and rows of crates full with gems and gold bars. We pocketed a bar each and small baggie of diamonds. In the far back was a sword and shield, with a plaque under it.

It read: THE SWORD OF HUGUES DE PAYENS. MAY HE REST IN PEACE. We looked up at the sword, it was a long-sword with a few nicks and scratches on it. It was preserved excellently, and was a historical relic. We had to save this from destruction. I strapped it to my back and we left to go find some skis to use. We found them in the gym, it was all brand new equipment. Shame.

We had a few more minutes to spare so we went to the kitchen and dug through the fridge and pantry. We didn't find anything that wasn't an ingredient, and we huffed, we were hungry. Whatever, time to blow this place. We had already set up the charges as we were going around. We started walking out the front door, but then I remembered something. I ran back inside, Anna huffed and followed me.

I ran into the basement and opened a box in the far back, I pulled out a small glass box, inside it contained a red diamond. I weighed it in my head, it was about one gram. A good size. I think I've read about it before, so I was going to keep it and check the internet about it. I took it out of the box and shoved it in my pocket."Now I'm ready." I said, Anna laughed and we ran out of the building, not even bothering to take out the guards at the front.

We strapped on our skis as they fired at us, hitting the snow around us. We pushed off and gained speed as we went down hill, I checked to make sure I had put on a new parachute. I did; we were about a half mile away when we felt the blast, I looked back. A large wall of snow was rushing at us. My heart beat quicker than it ever had before,"OH FUCK!" I yelled and tried to go faster. Anna heard me and looked back, she yelled the same thing and crouched, suddenly she was zooming out in front of me. I followed suit and picked up speed.

The avalanche was right on our tail, small snowballs hit us in our backs. Suddenly the snow ended and we were out in the open air. The avalanche traveled ten feet then started dropping. We pulled open our parachute and glided to a VTOL plane that hovered out about a quarter mile. We cut our parachutes right before we entered, trying to not get it tangled in the rotors. It worked, and we slammed into the opposite wall, we were safely inside.

"You know, I vaguely heard something about avalanche, but I didn't realize you meant avalanche." I said to the Dean, who sat in a chair facing us. He laughed and the pilots took off into the air, speeding towards Alaska. The side door closed slowly and then we were left panting on the floor."I see you guys got a new sword and some other souvenirs." We nodded,"He invited us to do so." The Dean nodded,"What is the importance of that sword?"

I shrugged,"It belonged to Hugues de Payens." The Dean's eyes widened,"Seriously?" I nodded,"Why?" He shook his head."He was the founder and first Grand Master of the Templar Order." I nodded slowly,"So... Important piece of history then?" He nodded,"Keep that shit safe, or I will come after you and beat you." I laughed and nodded.

Turns out that the diamond was the biggest red diamond in the world. Neat. And I put the sword in a maximum security storage along with the gems and gold. Also neat. And I didn't have to pay for anything, it all came out of the Dean's pockets. Good day, huh?

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