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The Battle of Anticosti Island

Sometimes history really does repeat itself. June 6, 1944, the day thousands of lives were lost. Men aged from 16 to 50 fought for their countries, most never returned. We swore as a world that the tragedy would never happen again. We would never had another D-Day. Funny how things don't work out that way.

We were in amphibious boats, they were covered with Kevlar and steel so most bullets wouldn't kill us. There were two hundred of those, going close up to the embankments that the enemy had made. Each one contained twenty soldiers, all geared up. This was the first time in the new US's history where there would be mass casualties in the military. The reason for this D-Day style invasion was that somehow arms dealers infiltrated our databases and certain military bases. They took tech and gave it to the old US. We had an edge, now it was gone. We were at a technological standstill.

Bullets started pinging against the hull of the boat, and we all tensed. Just one of those had to get through, and one of us would be dead. We got thrown up slightly as we hit the land, we were close to being released from the boats. The boat stopped, and groaned as the wheels shredded, the mud under us to continue to move. The doors opened, revealing the horror of the battlefield. Grenades were flying through the air, blowing up the ground around us.

We ran out, taking cover as LMGs opened up, a few didn't make it, and they laid on the ground, sprawled and motionless. I sat against a concrete divider, staring at one of my comrades, who had his hand reaching for me. He was dead, so close to safety. I looked around, almost half the amphibious boats had been stopped too early by mud or an obstruction. Our bombers hadn't been able to fly over, either they would get shot down or some type of jammer device made the engines die and the planes would crash. It was our job to take those out so the planes could come in.

Anna shook me,"Yo, hill!" She yelled, I nodded and we ran closer to our objective. The bullets tore up the ground as we ran, I prepared to die. We finally go to the concrete dividers that marked the end of the beach. I looked back, almost half of the soldiers we came with were dead, I shook my head and flicked my rifle off safety. Anna and I waited for a team who were making their way towards us.

We would've had our team by our side, but they only sent a pair of Assassins for every few hundred other soldiers. So they were a ways down the beach somewhere, hopefully not dead. The team reached us and we exchanged words briefly. Then we hopped the barriers and pushed up the hill to the entrance to the bunkers. A few of the other team died in the push, but we finally made it up.

Anna and I cleared the first bunker, then we moved on to the second. These guys were ready and as Anna swung open the door they opened fire. Anna hopped out of the way almost in time, she jerked back as the bullets tore through her forearm. She grunted and slid down the concrete wall. I blacked out in a deep, endless rage; when I was finished I was kneeling next to Anna, tending to her arm.

I shook my head, she smiled and kissed me. I assured her that she was fine and would get out, then I went and looked at my handy work. Jesus. I'm a monster. Blood had soaked the walls, and various human body parts were tossed everywhere. A man had been torn in half with both halves thrown opposite of each other. This was all me. Am I even human anymore?

I jumped as the door opened again and a combat sergeant walked in. He surveyed the rooms and looked me in the eyes, he nodded slowly and said,"This is because of her, isn't it?" I nodded,"She got hit and I blacked out." He nodded again, and walked out. I had one last look at what I had done and followed him, I kept my hand on Anna's back as I led her to the medic tent at the base of the incline. A medic sat her down and patched her arm up, then gave her morphine.

After she was cleared by a senior medic we went back to the small HQ that had been set up. An officer pulled us aside,"We need you two to go take an anti-air turret. The combat teams haven't been able to breach the compound." We nodded and the officer hailed a jeep that passed by. He told the driver where we needed to go to, and we got in. We sped towards death once again.

Bullets sprayed the corner of the concrete and the ground in front of us as we leaned against the walls, panting. We had finally made it inside the compound, with the thanks of two combat teams, who were dead now. It was just us, and we couldn't retreat, because of the ass on the LMG. I poked my head out from behind the wall, and looked at the port hole in which the guy was perched. The bullets flew through the air next to my head.

I pulled my head back in, and looked at Anna, I shook my head. She sighed, and sat down. This was the end. I looked to my right, and saw another head poke out, looking towards us. He was an enemy, and he yelled to his team. He fired at me, missing. I raised my pistol and shot him in the face. He jerked to the ground, twitching.

A black thing poking out from a nook in the wall caught my eye. I slouched over to it and pulled it out, I smiled. It was a riot shield, it had a few bullet marks on it, but it would hold up to the LMG. I hoisted it onto my arm and nodded to Anna, she readied herself and we began to move up. The LMG guy almost melted his muzzle because he fired so many rounds all at once. There was a pause, and he was reloading, Anna aimed and shot him. We moved up even faster, shooting the enemies who were in the other passage ways.

We made it to the AA gun and opened the shell hatch, we pulled the pin on a grenade then threw it in, closing the hatch. We ran and dove for cover as the gun was shredded into pieces as the blast inside could no longer be held. We sat up and looked around us, there were bodies that littered the ground, along with metal from the gun. We laughed hysterically, we had done the impossible. I popped a black smoke grenade and threw it next to the broken gun. The smoke wafted into the air, and soon we heard the drone of fighter jets flying low over the ground.

They blew past just mere meters above us, dropping bombs on the other turrets. All they needed was one turret to go down, then they could get in behind the other guns, because they weren't manufactured to go a full three sixty. Explosions rocked the ground every few seconds, but we had one more job to do.

After the AA turrets had been taken down, the beach soldiers had surrendered, realizing that they would all be killed for no reason. It was a different story for the inland soldiers. They all retreated to a fort styled as a castle, built to intimidate the locals. Then our Abrams M5A2's rolled through the small town towards the castle, it rested on the highest hill and had a sort of haunting beauty about it. A seriously skilled architect had designed the place, it loomed above us, like a beast that growled at us.

The towns people cheered and waved US flags as we passed. Anna and I rode on the last tank. The rest of our team were in the Humvee behind us, watching over us. I didn't like the fact that Anna had to fight even with her injury, but they had given us morphine, and promised us immediate treatment as soon as we took the Commander. The Commander was in charge of the whole island, and was the only reason why we didn't just blow the shit out of the castle. We needed him alive, and orders were orders.

A motorcycle sped towards us, with one of our soldiers on it. It was Mark, and he seemed breathless, even though he was on a motorcycle."Anna! We need you!" She nodded,"What for?" She asked, he shook his head,"I'll have to tell you later." She nodded and jumped of the M5A2, she blew a kiss towards me and sped off with Mark."Keep her safe!" I yelled after them, he waved his hand in acknowledgement." Anna's thoughts pressed against mine, reassuring me. I smiled and focused back on the building around us.

I slammed down to the metal as bullets flew over my head, where I had been. Camille leaned out of the Humvee, raising her rifle and fired, killing the man. The body tipped over the railing and fell to the ground next to the convoy. I jumped off the tank and searched him, finding a phone, almost fully charged. He was a secret agent of the enemy, an informer on the going ons in the town. He was like the KGB, or the Gestapo.

Now he was paying for his dirty work. I ran back to the tank and jumped on, I told Glenn my findings, which he told the others. He acknowledged, then put down the radio to drive. We made it to where they had cleared out the forest so they could have a good view of attackers. We stopped jut before we came out into the open and planned our move. The tanks would move out and line up just inside the tree line, then would fire at the walls, and the buildings, creating general chaos.

Then mine and another Assassin Team would move in with invisible cloaks. We would jump the walls and try to get the gate open, while killing everyone we see. The invisible cloaks were called that because we had no other term for it. And we had to move fairly slowly, or the system wouldn't run at the needed speed. Then it would look as if some guys just painted a landscape and were running around with it, hoping to fool the snipers who lurked in the towers.

We set up for our push, then the tanks started firing their rounds. It was deafening, but effective. Pieces of the walls started to crumble and fall, it was like another scene from one of the world wars. We started to move, making our way surely but slowly. Soon we had covered half of th mile wide expanse of mud and shredded ground.

We made it to the walls, and found a part that had been broken down completely. We vaulted through it, surprising the squad of soldiers who ran past. We gunned them down before they could react, more soldiers came, attracted by the noise. We became trapped, trying to fend off the waves of soldiers. Soon bodies littered the ground, a few of them were our own. None of my squad was hurt, but the other guys were doing poorly.

They never gave up, eve when their friends were dead, laying around them, even when they knew they were all going to die, they still fought on. The squad leader, Will, turned to me, ripping off his dog tags,"Nick, you're a fucking good soldier. And so is the rest of your team. We aren't going to make it, I know that for a fucking fact. I will have my team push up and give you guys cover, then you guys make a run for it. Give 'em hell." I nodded and took the dog tags.

Anna's thought suddenly became worried, What's wrong? They seemed to say, I shook my head and remeasured her. I got my squad together, and Will pushed up with his team, passing the passageway we needed to get through. I urged my squad on and we ran down it, killing the soldiers in our way. I heard grunts and yells behind us and turned in time to see Will follow us. But before he could get fully in he jerked as bullets hit him, he looked me in the eyes and smiled. He died how he wanted to die, fighting for what he believes in. I saluted and he fell to the ground, dead.

I paced back and forth across the waiting room, I was agitated because Anna was getting a prosthetic. Some times the procedures went wrong, and the prosthetic wouldn't work right. We had captured the Commander shortly after Will died and interrogated him. He revealed quite a bit of information and then died from stress. Cowardly fuck.

Anna had been taken on a sniping mission, because one of Mark's team had been killed while taking the beach, and Anna was the best shot he knew. They had taken out some of the snipers in the towers, while we were trapped. While we were being med evac-ed to the nearest hospital we talked about our experiences. We had a moment of silence for Will and his team. Even though he died, he would live on in our hearts; I was grateful for him saving my life, she was also grateful for that too.

In the end, there had been 1,293 deaths in the Battle of Anticosti Island. There would be a funeral in a week for the fallen in Missoula, and then we would go back to war.

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