War Machine

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The Battle of Fort Sumter

Weird place to build a prison, don't you think? They take a historical fort and make it into a high security prison for political rivals and undesirables. We didn't have any trouble taking it, in fact, we were now allied with it battalion of soldiers who acted as guards. They had come out for a parlay as we prepared to take it. They stated they were tired of fighting for a government who cared nothing for them.

General Churchill had talked with their commanding CO and came to an agreement. Now we waited patiently for the attack that we knew the enemy were planning. Churchill wasn't the general's actual name, but we gave him the nickname after Anticosti, for his ways of boosting morale and for being the spearhead of the Northern Offense. He was now in charge of five SF brigades, one of which was us. The other four were somewhere else, fighting their battles.

This was going to be a weird battle for sure, also a bloody one. They had cut off supplies to us, but then our army had cut off their supplies. So neither of us could be resupplied. Churchill was also surprised by this unusual turn, but as usual, he always had a plan. This one was simple, just wait for them and fight back as hard as we could, then some more. We knew it would turn into hand to hand combat, with gruesome trench battles, but we had prepared ourselves.

I envied Churchill, he was a natural leader, and was very respectful, even to the privates. Thats another thing, I had been ranked up to Sergeant Major, Anna had been ranked up to a First Sergeant, and the others had been ranked up to Master Sergeant. We had a celebration in honor of the fallen and getting the ranks the night of the funeral. So now we were making bank, but we wouldn't get any of that until we graduated, so we had to survive until then.

Anna sat down with me at the mess hall, we talked and ate until the rest of the squad came. We left to go do patrol on the walls, as we had been assigned to. The side closest to the main land had been reinforced and the sand bar had been raised to allow the tanks to roll in. Now Fort Sumter was no longer surrounded by water, it was connected to the rest of the continent by a land bridge. We had dug trenches, but they filled up about a foot or so with water, causing us to abandon those. Now they were just so the enemy tanks couldn't get close.

We were about to end our shift when we heard faint yelling that came closer. We looked out towards the mainland and saw hundreds of soldiers and a few tanks coming up on us. We sounded the alarm and got down into the trenches. We readied the LMG's and waited, a heavy fog rolled in from the ocean and we were soon squinting into the eerie depths of grey. Everything had gone quiet and still, we heard fire from our left, going outward. Then all of a sudden the enemy was on us, I pulled the trigger on my rifle, spraying them down. We kept controlled bursts, never using more than what we had to.

The waves kept coming, and every time a few of our own would die. They somehow kept it up for hours, and then we were all almost out of bullets. The last wave came, who were a thousand strong, and also almost out of bullets. We pushed up through the trenches, trying to keep them from getting through to the fort. We came into contact with them, exchanging fire until we both totally and completely ran out of bullets.

Anna stuck with me until we got separated by two guys who came out of nowhere. I pulled out a combat knife while he had a machete, we stared at each other for a moment then he threw himself at me. We parried and jabbed at each other, finally, he was to tired to continue. I thrust my knife into his heart and moved on, the fights happened again and again, until I was soaked to the bone in blood, mud, and water.

We were pushed back into the courtyard, picking up the fallen rifles and firing them until we ran out. We dropped those and picked up another one. Fist fights were happening all across the courtyard, with even prisoners joining in. I surveyed all the death and bloodshed. God I was so tired; I stepped to the side as an enemy charged me with a knife, I wrapped my arm around his throat and slit it. Another soldier thrust his knife at me, stabbing me in the stomach, I grunted and downed him with a jab to the throat.

Anna finally found and practically shrieked at the knife in my gut, she rushed me, knocking me down in her hug. I laughed and held her, we rolled as yet another soldier tried to hit us with the butt of his rifle. She pulled out her pistol and fired into his head, he fell on top of us, spurting blood onto us. We scrambled out from under him and continued fighting, this time not leaving either's side.

Finally the commotion stopped as the last enemy soldier was killed. Anna collapsed to the ground, panting. I frantically knelt next to her, searching for any big wounds, she laughed and held my hand,"I'm fine, you're the one who needs looking after." I nodded and grunted, the pain was finally kicking in. I fell to the ground and blacked out as Anna called for a medic.

I came to with even more parts of myself metal, I looked over my body, examining the cuts, scratches, bruises, and prosthetics I had. A few of my fingers were now replaced by a prosthetic, and a few of my toes were too. I hadn't even noticed those. A large bandage covered my abdomen and head. I looked over to the beds beside me, surprised to see Anna sleeping in one. I stood up, holding onto the pole so I wouldn't fall.

I looked her over, she had bandages all around her torso and one of her legs were heavily bandaged. Under it I could see metal poking out, the rest of her leg disappeared under the cover. I moved the cover to find her leg was now prosthetic too. She yawned and twisted around to look at me, she smiled and touched her leg to my prosthetic,"Twinsies." She said with a huff of laughter. I smiled and kissed her forehead,"Yeah. Twinsies."

Anna and I jumped as the rifles fired into the air, we stood, saluting as the caskets were being lowered into the ground. A whole cemetery full of caskets, full of men and women being laid to rest. The soldiers who were all that was left of the 5th Specialist Brigade stood with us, all two hundred of us. Thank God none of my squad had died during the battle, though all of us had at least one prosthetic limb now. We were lucky to be alive, but by the end of this war, we were going to be more metal than actual flesh.

The others had now gotten the implants, so me and Anna had to help them get better at controlling their thoughts and all the little details. We were going to be transferred back into our old battalion and company, then we were going to be shipped to New York. Yet another battle to participate in. The soldiers already there couldn't get pass the East River, and had also taken the east part of Long Island, but couldn't get into the more dense part of the island.

They needed reinforcements, and they were going to get another five brigades. We had now pushed the enemy into New Jersey, Delaware, and Virginia. We were close to winning this war, and it was getting bloodier by the day. Already hundreds of thousands had died, and thousands more were to come. I came back to reality as the General stepped down from the podium. He nodded and we saluted once more, then broke up to go look for our friends.

The Battle of Fort Sumter had come to a close, making way for a new chapter of the war.

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