War Machine

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We Get Some Needed Rest

We had been able to get a suite that had a direct view of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine River behind it. This was all coming out of our money, but I'm pretty sure we had a few million dollars anyways, so who cares, right? Anna and I sat on the balcony facing the tower, she had her feet resting on the railing. I couldn't stop staring at her, she wore all white today, so her blouse and short shorts were totally in contrast to her hair and tattoos. She allowed part of the tattoo to show, because she had grown "fond" of it. I didn't care wither way, but the tattoos were pretty cool, I had to admit.

I had worn grey, I usually do. It wasn't really a conscious decision, but I guess I like grey the most. It was a neutral color and not on either side of white or black. My personality is like that anyways, so it fit either way. We had been here a week, and that was one of the best weeks of my life, just me and Anna, doing whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted to. Most nights we also fucked, sometimes it was rough and fast, others gentle and slow.

Sometimes we'd try to parkour up onto different buildings all throughout Paris, having friendly competitions with other dudes that did it for fun. We usually beat all of them, because they did it for fun, we did it professionally. We never told them our true line of work, which was common sense. We hadn't been contacted by anybody from Hell's Gate other than Glenn, Camille, Dylan and Mary. We would trade stories, because they were also on a vacation to other places, Glenn and Mary were in Dublin, and Dylan and Camille were in Japan.

I went to lay down on the king bed that had been set up for the room. It was a multi room suite, complete with its own kitchen, closet, bath, living room, and den. I turned on the TV, dozing as the chatter became quieter. I was starting to crave those moments where nobody expected anything of you. Where you could just lay there and doze without having to worry of someone getting hurt, or needing to go kill people.

I was shaken back into reality as the glass door slid close, I looked over to see Anna shedding her blouse and short shorts. I smiled and she crawled under the sheets with me. I kissed her forehead, then the tip of her nose, then her lips, then her chin, and I kept going farther down. I kissed her collar bone and then noticed the numbers. I sat back, she looked me in the eyes,"What?" She asked, a smile playing on her lips. I shook my head,"The numbers, what do they mean?"

She shook her heads,"Can't this wait until tomorrow?" I shook my head again,"No, you keep putting it off, I want to know now." She sighed and pulled the covers off of her. She paced around the room, trying to make up her mind about telling me. She opened the mini fridge and pulled out a bottle of beer that we had snuck in, she popped it open and took a drink. She sat down on the bed, facing outside.

I gave her a massage while she sat in thought. Finally she turned to me,"I'm not entirely human." She shook her head,"Technically I'm not even supposed to tell you this. I am also the daughter of the current president of the other US, that fucking bastard. They took me at birth and experimented with me, adding parts to me until I was almost fully synthetic. I can do everything a human can do, I grow like them, I have the same functions, but 90%of my body is either synthetic, or machine." I shook my head, I looked back up at her again, tears were in her eyes,"I didn't know if you could still love me when you knew I'm an fucking robot. I couldn't even feel love until I met you."

I hugged her tight,"I will always love you, even with all of your imperfections." She sobbed,"I dated all those guys because I was trying to feel something but I never felt anything, the only time I could was with you. At first I didn't know what it was, but then I couldn't stop thinking of you, I realized that day when you almost died that what I felt was actually love." I now had tears in my eyes too,"I didn't know, I'm so sorry." She shook her head,"It's fine now, but the nightmares is from the testing they did on me.

"They discovered I had a sort of talent for art, and they showed me pictures. Pictures of nature, birds, wolves, bears, deer, everything. But they also showed me pictures of war, death and destruction. Sometimes I have to paint them to get release from the images. I nodded, I had seen them before. She gave me a squease and kissed me. I smile and cupped my hand around her cheek,"I will love you, forever, even if we die, I will still love you." She smiled and laughed nervously."Really?" I nodded,"Of course, I couldn't love anyone but you."

The buzzing that came from my wrist pad woke me up, or was it something else? I blinked and stared at the pad, who calls this late in the night? I pressed answer, the Dean's voice came in."Nick, get the fuck out of there!" He hung up before I could ask why, I shook Anna awake, and we ran out onto the balcony. We looked around for a ledge to jump on, the door to the suite burst open. I looked at her and shrugged, she jumped into the Seine that we overlooked. I pulled out my pistol and fired into the soldier that first saw me.

I turned back around and jumped in with Anna, who was already a ways downriver. Water began to spray into my face as bullets struck it. I flipped the soldiers off and swam to Anna, we climbed out and ducked into alleyways. We had already planned our escape routes in case we were attacked. You don't get to live long if you're not prepared.

We stopped by a gas station to get some food, because for some reason we were needlessly hungry. We went to pick up some clothes in the store near us, we messed around, we were confident that we hadn't been followed. We tried some on, then bought them, we left with a few bags of groceries and clothes. We payed cash for another motel so we could change out and make arrangements to go somewhere else. We debated where we wanted to go, and decided that we were going to meet up with Glenn and Mary in Dublin.

We called the Dean, who shot that down,"No, sorry. We can't have you going anywhere at the moment. First we need you to take out the guys who came to kill you, we have intel gathered from the hallway camera's from the hotel. They're part of the organization to kill the President, God's hand. They're fuckin' incompetent, huh?" We nodded and he told us his plan, we left the groceries here, loaded up our last few mags into our pockets and set out to go on a hunt.

We followed the directions that the Dean sent over to us and we soon found them packing into two vans. We opened fire, taking out the one who was apparently the boss, then everyone who gave commands after that. Soon the last few surrendered, some fucking mercenaries. We questioned them, gaining lost respect for them when they didn't answer us. I relayed my thoughts to Anna, who nodded, and gave off a discomforted feeling.

It quickly turned to resolve as she stepped to the one closest to her and shot him in the knee. He crumpled over, screaming. The other mercs looked at him in horror, getting shot in the knee was the worst thing to happen. I grimaced, I knew the sort of pain that came from it, since it had happened to me too. Anna asked her question again, and finally one of the mercs started blabbing out info.

He told us their base location, who hired them, where they were, and why they had hired a merc group. The people who hired them was of course the old US government and they were trying to get our now 50 million bounty. Even I was tempted on turning myself in, that was a pretty sum of money. Anna and I released them and left to catch our plane that we were told to go on. Our vacation was almost finished, and we would spend the rest of it in safety.

The whiskey burned as it went down my throat, I slammed my lass on the table, signalling for more."You know, even though this is technically your first time actually drinking, you're taking it like a champ." The old Navy SEAL said. I laughed and he poured some more for me, I was on my sixteenth shot of whiskey, and the old man was on his twentieth. Anna had passed out on the couch, she had taken like fifteen shots withing a few minutes and immediately passed out.

I had already put a pillow under her head and pulled a comfy blanket over her. Ben took note of all this quietly, and chose not to comment on it. I nodded my thanks, I didn't feel like explaining our relationship. He had already shown me his collection of weapons, ranging from the M40A3, to a M9. It was enough to supply a small army.

"I don't like the new sort of weapons, they too complicated, I prefer the old shit." I nodded and we went back upstairs. He also showed me his movie collection, some were extremely rare, having mostly disappeared during the disaster."You know, you guys do some fuckin great work for two 17 year olds." He shook his head,"When I was your age most of the kids my age were fucking idiots. All they could talk about was shallow shit, never anything that goes deeper than a toy boat in the ocean." I nodded,"I guess some people are like that still, but not much, thank God."

We talked the rest of the night, and watched a few war films, laughing at how inaccurate they were. The next day we were called to Hell's Gate, the end of our vacation was over. Hopefully we would have another one soon.

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