War Machine

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The DC Incident That Was Totally Not Us

Anna held on to me tight, expressing her extreme discomfort. We were passing through a whole army of bodyguards that protected our target. We were in the enemy capital, Washington DC, and our target was a huge corrupt business man. Anna and I were dressed in formal clothes and were entering a special event only for the elite. Our documents had been forged and copied so we were good to go. We got to the front entrance and checked in, the guard looked up and sighed,"They get younger every year." He mumbled under his breath. I smiled and we passed him, entering the ball room.

It was luxurious to say the least, most of the things here was inlaid with gold, the floor and walls were made out of marble. Party guest roamed around in silk dresses and suits, laughing while drinking expensive chardonnay. Just blocks away it looked like a refuge camp from a war zone, with the people inside it starving and fighting. This was a sick expenditure, showing just how truly corrupt this government was. I would raze it to ground right here and now if I could.

But no, we had to ensure the death of a man. Anna and I wandered around, making it look as if we were really who we said we were. If we went straight to his office then it would be suspicious. We took two glasses of the waiter and engaged in some conversation, talking about useless stuff. I was surprised to find some actual decent human beings, but there were some that I talked to.

Anna and I managed to pull ourselves out of the conversation and headed up the spiral stairs, to the office. I peeked down the hallway leading to the office. There were two muscular bodyguards that carried assault rifles. I raised two fingers to Anna, she nodded and bent over I slipped my arm around her waist and we stumbled down the hallway. THe guards raised their rifles, I put my hand up, pleading,"No! My date feels very sick! Can you show me to a restroom?" They lowered their rifles, letting me get closer. Their mistake.

Anna suddenly stoop upright, slamming a combat knife into the left body guard's brain. I pulled my own out at the same time and stabbed the man in the throat. He slumped to the ground, clawing at the blade. I closed his eye lids as he laid dead. I nodded to Anna, I looked her up and down for any specks of blood. There were none on either of us, as the blades had plugged the holes.

We stepped over their bodies and entered the office, where the target sat up quickly, startled."Who are you?" He asked, his voice trembling, I shook my head."We're here to repay you in small for your deeds." It seemed like he was trying to become smaller in his chair. I strode up to the desk and poured a glass of whiskey, then handed it to him,"Here, you can go out with a glass of whiskey."

He nodded, shakily, accepting his death. I had to respect him for that. Not many men who throw out other's lives to boost their own wouldn't go quietly into the night. Sipping from the cup he waited for the bullet that would end his life. I strode purposely around behind him, and pulled out my sidearm that I had hidden in the vest.

I put the barrel against his head and switched it off safety. I looked at the door as four bodyguards bust into the room. The started spraying the room and I pulled the trigger, the target slumped onto the desk, dead. Anna and I hid behind the desk as we returned fire. I had seen that there was a window behind the desk, looking out onto the street.

I tapped Anna, who nodded and ran towards it, busting the glass and free falling towards the bushes down below. I followed her shortly after, firing as the view inside the window rushed away. Anna had already sprung to her feet and was trying to unlock one of the super cars that lined the sidewalk. I fired towards the window as a head popped through, it hit the body guard square between the eyes. He fell back, blood spattering the ground at my feet.

Anna exclaimed, signalling that we had our ride. I turned around to get in an smiled, it was my favorite car, and an antique. The Lamborghini Aventador, Anna was sitting in the passenger seat, she already knew I drove best with this car. I slid across the hood and opened the driver's side door, sitting down quickly. I hot wired the car and soon we sped off, weaving between all the cars that crowded the road.

I heard shots ping off the side of the car, scratching the million dollar paint job. I checked the rear-view mirror, I swore, those body guards were on our asses. They had also commandeered some super cars of their own. A second burst from a machine gun blew out the rear windshield and left gaping holes in our front. Anna muttered and turned to return fire, she got a few shots in before another car almost T-boned us, making me swerve crazily.

She slammed against the door, grunting in surprise and pain. She punched me hard on my arm,"Sorry!" I exclaimed, trying to keep focus. Jesus Christ that fucking punch hurt like a goddamn bitch. She returned fire again and yelled to me that one of the cars was gaining on us. I slowed down, she swore at me, understanding what I wanted to do,"NO Nick! THIS IS NO THE TIME FOR YOUR STUPID SHENANIGANS!"

I smiled at her and she sighed,"Fine, but make sure you don't lose me." I grasped her hand and squeezed it, giving her a kiss. She readied herself to jump onto the other car, reloading a mag into her pistol. The enemy vehicle came up on our right side, perfect. At the last second she opened the passenger door and jumped onto the hood, firing into the shooter, killing him.

The driver swerved, trying to knock her off. She held on just barely, and broke the passenger window, and grabbed the dead body guard's gun. I slowed down, providing something to jump on. She jumped, while shooting the driver in the heart, he slumped forward, making the car swerve and the horn to sound. The sound quickly faded away as we left the car behind.

I drifted into a left turn, coming up on a crowded street. I honked the horn as I drove up on the street, destroying the front of the car. Smoke blew up from the cracks in the metal, I gritted my teeth, the fucking suspension was way too low for what I wanted to do. Anna stared at the smoke, annoyed,"Well I hope we don't blow up." She said, I shook my head,"It's A OK. Just relax and we'll be fine."

Fucking hell, any time I say something's fine, it immediately just is not fine. Like, what the shit, life? Come on. Flames appeared from beneath the hood, causing me to swear,"Oh it's FINE, isn't it?" Anna asked, smug. I shook my head and tried to ignore the flames.

I skidded to a stop and got out, taking cover behind the car, Anna understood, and followed suit. We waited for the first super car to screech to a stop to start firing. It took a surprisingly short time to kill both the men, we ran up to the car, seating ourselves. The men had been apparently at the front of the pack, as the main part drifted into the street

I revved the engine as a challenge to the body guards, they took it, speeding up towards me. At the last second I turned the car around and drove straight at them, catching them off guard and confusing them. The body guards in my way swerved out of the way to avoid a crash, and I was give a clear path down the road. I sped through, going left, our extraction point was almost two miles away, nearing the edge of the elite section. We had to navigate a maze of roads, cars, intersections and basically everything else to get there.

But that was fine, I had memorized every road, every turn, ever house. I had that shit on lock down. I drifted into a residential street then burned rubber going down the street. Anna tapped me,"Uh, they're still on us, dum-dum." I smiled and drifted into the next street, I knew there was a small T intersection, so I drifted into that too, I shut off the engine, and waited for them to pass. I heard the cars getting closer, and soon they roared past us.

One of the houses had a car of a new model, a Mercedes, so we commandeered that. We drove calmly to the extract, as to not raise attention, once we even had the body guards blow past in front of us, not bothering to give us a second glance. The mercenaries know how to shoot, but they were next to useless when actually dealing with hitmen.

We reached within a quarter mile of the VTOL that had been hidden in an excavation sight. That was when the mercs' finally decided to get smart and not chase air. Either a surveillance drone had tipped them off or they went back to the intersection they had lost us and actually looked around. Didn't matter which, they knew we were in this car and had now blocked us off from our ride out of here. We ducked down as a LMG that had been hastily set up opened up, liquidizing the windshield and starting a fire in the engine.

I opened the driver side door and dropped to the ground, I aimed for the man on the LMG. I fired twice, hitting him the second time in the left eye. Satisfied that he was dropped I yelled for Anna to start firing what was left of her stolen rifle. She started popping shots, dropping men left and right. I ran to the side of the house on the left side of the house, then started firing at the blockade, providing a window for Anna to get in cover.

I fired the rest of my mag then we ran and jumped the wall, I could hear angry men behind us, trying to scale the wall. I sighed and said to Anna jokingly,"Should we wait for the buffoons who call themselves body guards? You know, give them an actual chance?" She smiled,"No. I think we have a scenic plane to catch. And a date to go on." I smiled and turned to see the first body guard's head pop up over the wall,"Apparently I'm going on a date!" I said, smiling. I raised the pistol and fired, hitting the body guard in the cranium.

He fell back and I could hear exclamations from the men who had grouped up at the wall. I pulled out my only grenade,"You think this is the time?" She shrugged and nodded, I pulled the pin and tossed it over the wall. There was a silence, then the men struggled to get out of the narrow passage. The grenade blew, and there was finally a lasting silence,"You think I go them?" I asked, she shook her head,"I don't think so, wanna check?" I shook my head,"Faith will last me this time."

We jogged down the backyards of houses until we reached the site. We boarded and soon we lifted off, flying away from the scene of chaos and oppression. Soon this war would be over, and this whole city rebuilt.

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