War Machine

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A Day In The Life In Hell's Gate


I woke up and groaned, it was Monday, it was all instruction today, with nothing fun, like weapons training, driving, flying simulator, etc. I tried to lift my left arm, finding it blocked I looked over, Anna was sleeping with her head on my arm. I smiled and kissed her forehead, I pulled off the sheets with my free hand, I looked down, and promptly pulled them back up. She was in only her bra and panties, I was only in a boxer, fuck. I shook her gently awake, she moaned softly and shifted her head, moving it closer to my chest.

I shook her harder until she woke up, "Nightmare again?" I asked, she nodded, and sat up, letting the sheets fall. I admired her body, the curves, the gentle sort of glow around her. She was perfect, I looked away quickly as she glanced at me,"Oh come on, it's not like its the first time you've seen a girl." She chided, I shook my head, "Its not that. Its just you're so perfect." I blurted out, immediately regretting it. She looked away as her face grew redder, and I started to mentally beat myself up.

She leaned back down to kiss my cheek and got up, going to her bedroom to dress for the day. I stood up, putting on my uniform, an urban camo BDU assaulter shirt, and pants. I strapped my second love, my G19, to my thigh; it was a semi-auto 9 x 19 caliber. It had helped me through a lot of training. There were newer, better guns that I could choose from, but I liked the old pistols. They weren't as complicated.

I came out of my bedroom as Anna did, we made a quick breakfast and caught the bus to the classroom center. The classroom center was a rectangle with lecture halls and classrooms on all sides, it was my least favorite place. We walked into the far right building, the history building, it was almost cramped in there, as the whole battalion was in there. The school system was wonky, with a whole battalion in one class, each battalion switched out through every class, allowing each battalion to have the class.

We sat through almost five hours of boring lectures, history, science, language arts, health, and mathematics. Most of these topics would have little to no effect on our lives, but they were still required by the state. If we decided to leave the military we would need those to have jobs. There were online schools, but only if you wanted to stay home, and not in the schools. After that was done we headed to a cafe a block away, they had the best burgers and shakes.

We worked a little on our homework, but mostly we fucked around, throwing fries at each other, stealing bites from each other's food. We soon left to go to the shooting range, one of our favorite places, even though we had to do extensive safety and competency training and testing before we could use the guns. We went through the armory, picking out weapons; today, we decided to go with the .50 cals. We laid out the rounds and mat as we prepared to shoot. We loaded and started firing at targets that ranged from 100 to 2000 yards away.

We mostly hit the targets, with some being close, and some were way off. We packed up as darkness came, and headed back to the dorms. We gave each other good nights and went to sleep.

Tuesday-Physical Training

We woke up bright and early to get our own warm up in, it was more intensive than the combat squad workouts. The assassins squad PT was one of the most grueling because we had to do the impossible and do it better than anyone else, while trying not to die from a few thousand bullets trailing after you. But the most important thing about the training is to try not to become a bodybuilder. If you could do the PT and not blackout afterward, you're already pretty fucking good. But all that training isn't gonna work if bodyguards already mark you as dangerous before you even see the target.

We finished and after eating we left with our squad to the training building. Tuesdays were upper body and core, along with gymnastics, Thursdays were cardio and leg strength, as in jumping, like trying to jump a 15-foot gap between buildings. There was a lot of parkour in it, and that was one of my favorite things to do too. We went in and trained, at the end doing free running, which was basically parkour. Parkour was essential, it got us out of situations better than running through hallways or streets, where you can be trapped.

Afterward we went to a restaurant, where I ordered a rib eye steak, while she ordered sirloin. I snuck a few bites, every time getting caught. Life was good, but soon we had to go iron and clean our dress uniforms for tomorrow. It was uniform day, where we had to march and stand at attention to be inspected for about three hours, as it was our short day.

Wednesday-Uniform and Marching

We almost woke up late, having to hurriedly put on our uniforms and rush to the bus. A pair from the second squad also happened to be late, we nodded and I looked away. As squad leader, I was supposed to report anyone who was close to being late or were late. I usually didn't, being a problem child myself, the bad thing was, I was first in line for my company, being first squad leader. My Company Commander, Peter, and First Sergeant, Natasha were both in the leadership core, so we rarely saw them other than occasionally during instruction and then today, were they inspected us and taught marching.

We ran as fast as we could to the parade field without ruining our uniform, getting there just in time. Natasha raised her eyebrow in question as we huffed in line. I shot a quick smile to her and she nodded, letting it slide. The roll was called and soon we passed inspection, Anna and I passed with full marks, another perk of assassin training, we noticed the small details. We marched for two hours and finally we were dismissed with a hooah.

We went to the driving range and picked out cars from the garage. We picked a Lamborghini Orion A10, a new model based on the Aventador. Lamborghini was one of the only car brands that did well enough to survive the disaster. We raced each other while trying to do tricks, she won, again and we left. We stretched right before we went to sleep, to be ready for the morning.

Thursday-Physical Training

I woke up again to find Anna in my bed, I kissed her forehead and gently shook her awake. We dressed in shorts and tank tops and went to the lake to run, we ran around it a few times, totaling three miles in close to 16 minutes. We stopped by a corner store to grab water and ran to the track field. We played a few games after a one-mile warm up, and then we went to the mall, free running on the roof and inside. We messed around and tried to do impressive tricks.

We went back to the field to play more games, four on four wasn't the best, so we invited two more squads to join our game. We won the most points, only suffering a few losses; we played dirty tricks, like jumping over them, tripping them, and distracting them. They soon got payback, as most of the combat soldiers were a lot larger than us they used their weight to barge through us. We may be stronger than them, but we didn't have the size, although we were more agile than them. It was almost fairly matched.

We were dismissed, and me and Anna went to a burger joint to eat. We randomly chose one every day, just to mix things up a bit, we never went to the same one twice in a row. We ate and discussed new, daring tactics for tomorrow, which was special instruction. It entailed all the squads to go to their own respective training, teaching them on finessing the skills that they would need on the battlefield. It was fun and grueling, but needless to say, essential.

Friday-Special Instructions

We woke up and ate before putting on our uniforms, running to the bus and climbing to the top of it. Our building was a special building, as in it was stupidly difficult to get into, hence the need for parkour. To get on it you had to get on top of the bus, jump onto the administrative building, run and jump to the briefing building, then climb up the side of our Spec Ops building, then crawl through the vents. Then we had to jump across the filter shaft and then had to make a series of drops to the mats below, where class will start. It was confusing as all fuck, but after a while we had finally memorized the way.

We stood at attention as class started, we had gotten there almost 15 minutes early, so we could fuck around, playing tag with whoever else made it early. The last pair made it just in time, I sighed in relief, I never really liked to discipline. Mostly because I did the same shit as them, I just was better at hiding it. I called roll, and we started with a quick free run around the room, then we formed up as our instructors went through what we were going to do. We went to the simulation room and split up into two teams, three v three.

We fought for five hours, coming up with new tactics during breaks, using them, and changing them as we continued to fight. We were dismissed, and we went to our dorm panting and sweating, and that was a typical week in the life of the kill squad.

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