War Machine

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The Destruction of Mexico City

The VTOL hummed as we descended upon the ruined outskirts of Mexico City. We were suited up in contamination suits, they looked actually really cool, unlike the old, bulky and insect looking ones that they had before the war. We were going to drop in about 60 miles from the edge of the detonation area that struck in the south west part of the city. The sky was clouded from the radiation clouds, it had been two days, and it had still not dissipated. The experts said that this was because Mexico was actually in a geographical bowl, and that pollution and other forms of toxicity would be stuck inside it.

My squad was accompanied by one other combat squad and a sniper pair, specifically prepped for a nuclear devastation battlefield. We were sure there was going to be some resistance, because if there wasn't there would be no reason for an attack on Mexico City. Our suits had orange plates, and lights, so we would be marked as hazard units, not actual combat units. The light inside of the craft turned yellow, signalling us to be on standby. We checked our gear, chambered our rounds, and flicked the guns off safety.

We walked off the VTOL as soon as the light turned green and the ramp lowered to the ground. We made a defensive semi circle around the VTOL until it took off, I took command, being the highest rank. We entered the building closest to us, looking for either survivors or enemy targets. We cleared the building quickly, and made our way to a objective about a half mile closer to the crater. It was a point where there was a considerable heat signature, since it showed through the radioactive blanket that the nuke created.

We looked like something out of a sci-fi movie, with cool-ass suits and sleek guns. Anna and I had also gone in for surgery a few days earlier, where they re-calibrated the eye implants to lock onto bullets. They would tell us automatically where it came from, where it would hit, what type of bullet it was, who made it, what gun shot it, etc. It was cool as fuck. The implants caused us to have a sort of bronze colored ring around our pupils. A win-win situation.

We made our way through the crumbling buildings, occasionally wiping off the ash and soot that fell steadily on us from above. Anna tugged on my arm, pointing down the street we were walking down. There was a squad talking loudly, checking all the buildings. We dashed into the building to our right, hustling up to the top floor and hiding beneath the furniture. We laid in wait for the enemy to enter the building, we could hear the enemy entering the buildings leading up to ours, occasionally we could hear screams, and gunshots.

Anna's anger was overwhelming, I tried to sooth her, and keep her from barging out and killing all of them. I twisted around to her and whispered,"Once we find out what they want us to find out then you can go ape-shit on them." She nodded curtly, and we all went still as the door below us banged open. We heard a command to search upstairs and we began to hold our breaths. The door to the room was kicked down and we saw feet hurriedly cross the room.

Anna grasped my hand tight, but it wasn't just out of worry, she was physically trying to hold herself back. Her anger carried onto me and almost flooded my head, I squeezed back harder. I wanted her to focus on the pain instead of the anger, and it was working. We heard a few curt words then the enemy troops left the room, clattering their way down and out of the building. We released our breaths as one, and maneuvered ourselves out from under the furniture.

We waited until the patrol had passed a few buildings before we made our way to the FOB. The snipers set up in a empty skyscraper overlooking the FOB while we searched for a quiet way inside. The snipers told us that there was four COs, about a hundred infantrymen, ten snipers, and three tanks, along with two helis. It was a big ass fucking force that they inserted here, and we still didn't know why. We spotted the senior CO, who had entered a building in the middle of the compound and had not come out, although there were multiple people entering and exiting.

We left the combat squad in a small building close to the compound and inserted with a pair at each wall. The sniper team was covering the last wall, they were on orders to not fire, unless they absolutely had to, because even though the snipers were suppressed, the sound of a bullet flying overhead and hearing the bullet hit its target would set off alarms, making the mission harder than it already was. Anna and I hopped the wall quickly, avoiding detection by anyone. We were the closest to the command tent, so we advanced first towards it. Meanwhile the other two pairs slowly secured the outside, and worked their way towards the middle.

Anna and I burst silently into the tent, immediately assessing everything inside. There was one officer, who was obviously the CO of the FOB. He turned around and was startled by us, but silently raised his hands, showing us his palms. I gave a curt nod, and Anna stepped up, putting his hands behind his back and zip tied them together. She held a pistol to his back, nestled against his spine slightly below his neck.

If she didn't like what he was doing, she would shoot him there, effectively making him quadriplegic. He would never be able to move his limbs again. He understood and was silent as we escorted him to the edge of the compound, where the combat team had stumbled upon a small crack. The others had pulled out and rendezvoused with us in a building that sat a few hundred meters away. We asked the CO a few questions, but he would only give his name and position.

I stepped into the next room and asked for immediate ex-fill, finally getting it after a few minutes. Going back into the room the CO finally spoke up, saying one word:"Tracking." I glanced at Anna, startled, her eye's were wide as she rushed to the window. She reeled back as a round shot out the window ad struck the ceiling, leaving a small cloud of dust. I switched my rifle off safety and crouched walked to the window. I popped my head out, seeing a squad of what seemed to be special forces.

I ducked down as another round entered the room and hit within an inch of the first hole. I gritted my teeth and pulled out a grenade, I pulled the pin out and tossed it out the window. It blew, blowing out my eardrums, I popped back up and fired a few rounds as rounds flew past my head. I heard a few men yelling, and only one gun was going off, so I guessed there was only one left. Anna had already looked out another window and confirmed it, also letting me know excactly where he was.

A bullet grazed my shoulder as I tried to stand, I hissed in pain, causing Anna to jump up and put a round between the man's eyes. I grasped my shoulder as Dylan knocked down the door, followed by Camille who was escorting the CO. Anna checked my shoulder as we jogged to the LZ, tsking at it. Eventually she declared it was a minor flesh wound, which I already knew, but chose not to comment on. We made it to the LZ, but was greeted by an LMG opening up behind us. We ducked behind the low concrete walls which were all that was left of the building.

I radioed in for help, but they said that the ETA for the nearest aircraft was ten minutes, and it was only a ancient Black Hawk. It did have a few fifty cals mounted on it, so we could hold out until it got here. I relayed this to the team, as the combat squad held off the attacking platoon. I snapped my head as I heard a soft yell come from my right. I saw one of the combat squad guys drop as his shoulder became a cesspool of blood and mashed bone. It was a .50 cal round, and judging by the fact that it was one shot, there was a sniper in the area.

I yelled for the rest of them to drop, and just in time, as another sniper round skipped off one of their helmets. The radio crackled and an officer's voice came through,"We see that you are taking fire, so for that reason we are sending three to your position. Make sure the POW gets on the one that is slightly darker than the other two." I jerked back as the radio was shot out of my hand by a stray bullet, I checked to make sure Anna had the POW. She nodded at me and I grabbed one of the snipers, telling him my plan that was loosely made.

He accepted, and we crawled out of the LZ and made our way to a building a little behind it. I covered the sniper as he hurriedly set up and searched for the sniper. Finally, he found him and took him down, I popped a smoke and threw it out in front, creating a smoke screen for the others to move back to the new LZ. They hauled ass towards it, weaving between the buildings to confuse the enemy. The sniper fired until he had two magazines left, then we dashed to the rest of the guys. We could now vaguely hear helicopter blades whirring in the distance.

We looked towards the FOB as the sort of fog was lit up from the explosions that rocked the ground beneath us. We got in contact with the plots on a shortwave radio and confirmed a safe LZ. The enemy must've finally understood what was happening, because they began to rush us from our front. There was simply too many to kill them all before they overran our position, we started to retreat, but was saved by one of the Black Hawks opening up with the machine gun. It hovered a dozen feet about us, with the gunner yelling at us to board the other ones.

We got the POW on the specified one and boarded the last one, viewing a scene of absolute bloodshed beneath us. We tossed some grenades down into the FOB for good measure as we passed above it and finally we had left Mexico City.

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