War Machine

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Gang Hunting In China

The prototype VTOL hummed silently over the slums of Beijing, China. The light was still red, as we were a little over a mile away from the LZ, my squad sat with three other special forces squads from all over the world. They were all older than us, but they all eyed us warily. The Mexico Disaster had left the new months ago, and we had more or less recovered from the ordeal. Now we were hunting, hunting for the notorious Beijing Central Gang, a gang full of vile and cruel criminals.

China had called for help from all nations to deal with this rising calamity, as it was now too big for China to deal with. China had been one of the hardest ht by the resource plummet, and were now reduced to a third world country status. Half of Beijing had been turned into a slum, ripe for crimes and dealings. It was physically separated from the tourist and business side by a thirty meter high wall. Guards patrolled it day and night, nothing could get past it, or thats what the official report said.

We were dressed in dark suits, equipped with suppressed rifles, pistols, and flash bangs. We had made and rehearsed a plan that was more or less based on the intel we could gather. We had A plans, B plans, C plans, and so on; we knew we could easily deal with whatever came our way. No one knew we were coming, and wouldn't know until every last one of them was dead. Our goal was to kill or capture every single member that had any sort of power, so the organization would truly be decapitated.

Everybody in question was in a sort of tiered meeting in a predesignated building. We would enter all at once and take them all out, one by one. It was quick, and brutal, but it was the only way to deal with these gangs, and we had already determined that no one that was innocent would be there, due to the confidentiality of the information shared. We had done back ground checks on every member we already knew about, and had made sure they were able to be convicted of high class crimes. Every one knew their role, and knew how to do it effortlessly, even under pressure.

No snipers would be used for this op, as the buildings were too tightly packed for them to be of any use. The light turned green and we turned on our night vision, flicking our rifles off safety. The ramp lowered onto the roof of a building, we got onto the roof and pulled security until the VTOL left, seeming to disappear into the night. The rain pattered onto us and the grounds, loud enough to cover our cautious footsteps. Light and noise came from everywhere around us we could hear rambunctious laughter from a bar across the street.

We made sure everything was clear, then bee-lined for the steps to the ground, and weaving through the alleys towards the large, abandoned building where the meeting was being held. My squad positioned on the south side of the building, ready to enter the door. We held there until the other squads radioed that they were ready to roll. I nodded to Anna, who stepped to the other side of the door, cracking it open for me to see inside. I nodded again and she flung it open, revealing the members in the room. We rushed in, and lined the wall, shooting into the criminals.

We noticed the other squads doing the same, soon enough it was over, and we couldn't hear anything from the upstairs. We had successfully gotten this floor, we checked the bodies quickly, a little uncomfortable about the way we had killed them. This killing held no sort of adrenaline, or purpose for us; it was just a cold killing, not like winning a fire fight. We hurried to the stairs and repeated the process, but this time we messed up slightly. One of the criminals yelled for help before we could put a round in him, alerting the next floor up. We hurried to finish the job before getting caught with our pants down.

We reloaded and pushed up to the next floor, the final one, more cautiously. I poked my head above the floor and tried to look into the room. I ducked my head as multiple rounds flew past me and into the wall behind me. I smiled at Anna,"Now its going to get real fucking interesting, huh." She smiled back and we pulled the pin on our flash bangs, throwing them into the room. We closed our eyes and covered our ears until we heard the loud bang, then rushed into the room.

Again it finished quickly, but we had left one alive. He was hunkering below a table, mumbling to himself, we grabbed him and stood him up, zip tying his hands. I shook my head as my mind swam and went dark, flashes of memory threw themselves at me. I reeled back, stumbling into Glenn, who held onto my shoulder, holding me steady. I came back to my senses and Camille and Dylan took hold of the POW, leading him back downstairs.

Anna came over and rubbed my back, understanding what had happened. They kept an eye on me as we walked down the stairs, making sure I didn't have another flash back. A rifle fired from the other building, and time seemed to slow down as the bullet flew towards my eyes. In that time I accepted that I was going to die, I started to look at Anna, as I wanted her to be the last thing I saw. I could almost feel the bullet coming nearer, I was startled by a hand the shot in front of me and blocked the bullet.

My face was splattered with little bits of metal as the bullet blew Anna's robotic hand apart. She whimpered as the force of the bullet almost pulled the prosthetic off of her actual arm. I pulled her down as another round was fired off, hitting the wall above our heads. I picked Anna up and sprinted down the stairs, surrounded by my squad. We rushed to the bottom, but were met by a small army of gang members.

I stepped back as a hail of bullets struck the wall. Glenn poked his head out and shot towards the criminals, taking a few down. Then Mary followed suit, then Dylan, then Camille, they took turns, almost looking like the game Whack-A-Mole. To my surprise they had taken them all down in about ten minutes, we hurried the fuck out of there. Anna had totally passed out from the pain in her arm, her head lolling around as we ran. We met up with another squad, and exchanged information on what had happened.

They looked worse off than us, with one of their members missing and another severely injured. They said that the other two squads had been with them, but they disappeared. I nodded and we hustled to the exfill point, huffing as we arrived. The VTOL had been parked there, shrouded by the shadows of the buildings around it. The rain had let up, but still came down in a soft patter.

The ramp opened up after an unseen soldier confirmed that we were friendlies. Medics ran out and helped the injured soldier from the other squad in, and tried to take Anna out of my arms. I held on tight to her, almost fighting to keep her with me, finally the medic tired of this and let me hold her as he checked up on her, making sure the injuries weren't life threatening. I messed with her hair as I stared at her face, admiring the lines and the curves. I kissed her forehead as we lifted off, leaving the capital of crimes.

The VTOL shuddered slightly as a RPG blew up near the VTOL, Camille whimpered and held tightly onto Dylan, who had shut his eyes. I held onto the bottom of the seat with one hand as my knuckles whitened, holding Anna close to me. The medic raised an eyebrow from our obvious fear, but decided to not mention it. The rest of the ride went smoothly, and Anna woke up, though she was severely sick from the pain. One of the medics happened to have some knowledge about why she was so sick.

Apparently, the tattoos and electronic interface weren't just attached to the nerves for motor functions, they were also attached to the pain nerves. And for some reason the pain you get when you almost rip them out of place its one of the worst things you can experience. Anna chuckled a bit,"Well, can't wait to have kids, that'll be a blast, huh?" I smiled, if she could joke about it, we were good.

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