War Machine

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At Last The War Is Over

The VTOL hummed as we flew low over the rooftops of DC, flak shells were exploding a couple meters above us, sending shrapnel into the air around us. Some even managed to strike the hull, leaving little gaps in the metal, with the wind shrieking in through. It would've hurt our ears if we hadn't been wearing helmets and suits designed for specifically this mission. All over the edge of the city VTOLs were flying over the city, dropping troops, with transport vehicles screeching to a stop in random streets, spilling out more troops. Today would be the last day of the old US.

The light turned yellow, then green and we lined up to jump in. The ground rush below us, suddenly turning blue as the Lincoln Memorial Reflection Pool was below us. I jumped and readied to get hurt by the bottom of the pool, it was less than three feet deep and we were going over three hundred miles per hour. We all tried to jump at once, but ended up being all along the length of the pool. My ass hurt, but I stood up quickly and looked around, flicking the gun off safety.

Anna covered my back as we went down the length of the pool and checked on the rest of my squad. They were all fine, but there was only one of the other soldiers from other squad. He was leaned over the edge of the east side of the pool. We ran to check on him as machine gun fire sounded off north of us, from the White House. This confirmed the fact that the president was still in the building.

We dove into the water and crawled to the crumpled soldier, finally we reached him and pulled him down with us. Bullets ricocheted off the pavement next to us; I checked for a pulse from the man but there was none. A bullet ripped into his chest, making the water turn a bright red. I popped up and returned fire, but it was pointless as I couldn't see where they were, they were too far away. We tried our luck and ran into the WW2 memorial, taking cover behind the granite walls.

We requested a artillery shell to hit the encampment that Dylan had spotted as we ran. It was indeed on top of the White House, normally it wouldn't be possible for us to damage the White House because the superiors would get mad. But it was needed for the mission to be carried out. We looked up as our transport VTOL went in for a strafe, it machine guns whirring as bullets exited the barrel. We heard faint yells and screams as the encampment was torn to pieces.

We cheered as the VTOL passed over the building. Suddenly a small rocket shot up and hit the underbelly of the VTOL, blowing up. The VTOL shuddered and started smoking, making me grit my teeth. It started going down until it passed out of our sight, and soon there was a large explosion. We sprinted toward the building, taking random arms fire from the buildings to our left and right.

We were just outside of the eclipse now, and the firing had increased tremendously. I didn't understand how we were alive, but we were, and now we would try our luck again. We sprinted the final length to the fence that separated the White House from the rest of the city. Spec Ops guys were probably on the other side, readying up to combat us. We formed up and peaked over the wall, getting rounds around our heads for our trouble.

We counted about twenty men, all suited up and ready to kill. I shrugged and got ready to jump the wall, Dylan pulled the pin on a grenade and tossed it over the wall. The men ran for cover as I jumped the wall, moments before the grenade blew. Our suits were also designed to be a little more resistant to grenade blasts. So I was counting on that and laying flat against the ground to save me.

Shrapnel flew above me, and I felt a bit of heat from the blast. I was sure it had taken down a few of the guys, but I sat up and put a bullet into all the soldiers to be sure. I yelled that it was clear, and the rest of the team hopped the wall, getting into a sort of semi circle. We logged to the south lawn, shooting down any enemy that we saw. I saw a window shatter and two men standing just behind the wall, one of them holding a tube.

I grabbed Anna as I ran and dove out of the way, bringing her to the ground with me. A rocket flew at us, hitting the spot I was just at, I propped myself up, asking if the others were fine. Anna tapped my shoulder, I looked down at my hand. It was very coincindentally on her breast, I took it off and she gasped,"We'll have time to have fun later, Nick, but now is not the time." She said laughing a little.

I smiled and helped her up, I looked at the broken window. There was no one there, they must've ran off, to another point of defense. We began jogging again, heading for the broken window, the south door was under it, locked. I shot the hinges and the knob, then kicked the door open, stepping to the side as the rest of my team breached. The white House was six floors, one hundred and thirty-two rooms, thirty-five bathrooms, four hundred and twelve doors, eight staircases, and three elevators.

This all amounted to up to fifty-five thousand square feet that we needed to clear as quick as possible. Any room could kill us, any room could send us home in a wooden box with a flag over it. But any room could be the end of the bloody war. We hurried through all the rooms, trying to be as thorough as possible. Soon we had finished the top six floors, and were about to breach the PEOC or Presidential Emergency Operations Center.

We were blocked by a thick steel door that separated the PEOC from the White House. No one really knew what it looked like inside, the schematics or blueprints were never revealed. And somehow we couldn't map it out using sonar, the signal always came back jumbled up. We were well and truly on our on, although we had heard of a platoon of friendlies getting close to our position. We checked our ammo levels and gear, then once everyone was ready I ran up to the steel door an place a large amount of C4.

We had no idea how thick the door was, so I just put a fuck load of C4 so if it was really thick then it would still blow through. Even if it was not that thick then maybe we would get lucky and the shrapnel would absolutely shred up anyone in the corridor behind it. We ran behind a few barriers a couple meters away, then crouched below them. We were still obviously too fucking close but the suits would take most the heat and/or shrapnel that came our way. I held the detonator in my hand, then pressed the button, wrapping an arm around Anna.

Well I'll say two things for sure. One was that we put more than enough C4 on the door to blow it the fuck up and did its job. And two was that these suits were a god send, we would've probably been dead from the blast, but no, we were alive. Fuck you world. We popped our heads up over the barrier, surveying the damage.

The door had a large ass hole in it and we could see inside a corridor, where bodies littered the ground. Some we could see were civilians, I said a small sort of prayer for them as we rushed inside the corridor. There were multiple doors on the sides of the corridor that we didn't have time for. We put a claymore on each of the doors, hoping that would at least slow them down, if not stop them completely. We did have one piece of info about the PEOC, and that was the Combat Information Center was down the corridor and turned right and was the last door in the corridor.

We practically bum-rushed to it, stopping only to put down anyone we saw and to put claymores on the doors. Soon we had reached the door, and readied ourselves, now was the time. It was the time to end this war once and for all. No more brutal or senseless battles, no more poverty or people caught in war zones. Anna and I readied to go in while Glenn took his place next to the door, about to open it. The other three were right behind us, and would enter just after Glenn. Then we would form a line and take down everyone in the room.

Both Anna and I nodded to Glenn who opened the door suddenly and we stepped in the room and to the left. Putting rounds in all the officers, generals, and cabinet members sitting around a table. Glenn stepped in and went to the right, followed by Dylan and Camille. Soon it was over, with two people left alive. They were the President and Vice President of the old United States of America. And they were going to die.

Anna pulled out her pistol and put four rounds into their knees. Making them scream out in pain and almost fall out of their comfortable chairs, worthless bastards. Then she put a round into each of their shoulders, effectively making them disabled, except they weren't paralyzed. Finally she put a round into the Vice President's head, killing him. She pulled a general out of his chair, next to the still writhing President and set her pistol on the table in front of him, making him go still.

"Hello father, you worthless fucking cunt." She said quietly, finally after a long pause. He twisted his head to look at her, squinting his eyes to get a better view."You're not my daughter, shes dead." Anna smiled slyly, chills went down my back."Oh, you left me to fucking die when the facility was attacked, didn't you. But how could you even care when YOU LEFT ME TO BECOME A TEST SUBJECT!" She yelled, standing up and spittle flying at the President's face.

I tapped Glenn's shoulder,"Maybe you guys should get out before she rips him to pieces, you don't want to see that." I whispered to Glenn, who nodded slightly and silently led the others out of the room. I pulled a cabinet member out of the seat across the President and sat down, watching. She continued to yell at him as I zoned out, the anger, frustration, and the utter sadness and despair were coming off of her in overwhelming waves. I was surprised that she hadn't leaped on him already and torn him apart like an animal.

I knew she would do it eventually, and I wasn't going to stop her. She had to do it to be able to finally release the man from her mind and heart. If she had just simply put a bullet in his head then she would still carry around all the luggage that came with him. It seemed like she yelled at him for an hour before she finally flew off the rails at the speed of light. She had somehow managed to find a dull and rusty knife and was now painfully ripping him apart.

His screams would haunt my nightmares for the rest of my life. Dylan poked his head in and was about to open his mouth to say something. Then he saw what Anna was doing and stood open-mouthed, I was on him in a flash. I picked him up by his throat and threw him out, trying my best to control the rage that had filled both me and Anna up. I slammed the door and turned back to watch Anna tear the President up.

She had almost torn out all of his intestines, leaving the vital ones for last. She stabbed his arms repeatedly, then somehow found the strength to make a long incision and start ripping his skin off. It was like she was skinning an animal, except she was tearing and not cutting. The President finally passed out, Anna pulled out a taser and shocked him awake. Then started torturing him again.

Finally after what seemed like years she tired, and finally ended it, stabbing him in the heart multiple times. She stepped away from him, covered in the deep red of his blood, she looked at me, her eyes wide. I nodded and unstrapped my pistol, putting three rounds between his eyes. I grabbed her just as her knees buckled, then turned her around to face me. I looked into her eyes, not saying anything, finally she nodded and walked to the door.

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