War Machine

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Now All We Have To Do Is Leave, Should Be Easy

She opened it to reveal the rest of the team, who were taken aback by how she looked. No one said anything until I did,“Well? Lets fucking go, pretty sure friendlies and enemies are already here.” They all nodded, and we jogged back the way we came, everyone keeping a weary eye on Anna. She ran with us, completely silent and her eyes stuck to the ground in front of her. We made it to the ground floor and stopped at the top of the stairwell, I looked out, swiveling my head.

I was indeed right, as a firefight had broken out on the open grass. I pulled out a short-wave radio," Hey, whos the friendlies over here, this is Alpha One Zebra, over." I said into the radio, there was a short pause before a gruff voice spoke back,"This is Delta Zebra command, over." I smiled,"Good to hear your voice, Captain. Well, we got our job done and we need a bit of help getting out of here, think you can help us with that, Captain?" Immediately the voice came back,"Fuck yeah we can, as soon as you see what happens fucking book it to the Executive block to your right, if your facing the south side.

I nodded and pointed out the building to the rest of the squad, then put the radio in my chest rig. We waited patiently for another minute or two before mortars struck the ground to our left, throwing up plumes of dust and smoke. We took that as our signal and fucking ran the other way, towards our guys. I looked back as a machine gunner opened up, spraying through the dust. All the particles in the air really fucked with the bullets, so they flew around us haphazardly.

Camille went down as a bullet struck her back, throwing her to the ground. Dylan yelled and picked her up in his arms, and ran with us, he stopped for a second and put Camille down. Apparently the fucking bullet hadn't gone past the stuff she had in her pack, so she wasn't harmed. It was just the force threw her. We continued running as another machine gun opened up, but this time a friendly was on it.

He sprayed in the general direction of the enemy, and he must've hit someone, because the rounds stepped coming behind us. We reached the friendly building just as the smoke and dust settled on the ground. We were now as safe as we could be in a battlefield. The Captain and First Sergeant shook our hands then went back to their duties. We pointed our guns and shot at the enemy in controlled bursts, hoping to at least take some out.

We could hear the Captain arguing with someone over the radio, finally he yelled at whoever was on the other side. This made everyone turn and stare at him, he waved his hand and sat down, speaking in a barely audible volume. Finally he stood up and talked to a staff sergeant, who nodded and his squad packed up. The Captain walked to us, and waited for me to stand up, which I promptly did.

He put a hand on my shoulder," I know your job is done and you should go, but we need you to take a AA gun down. We cant be ex-filled or have any air-strikes until thats taken down, and we cant get to it without eliminating the threat over there. I would feel better about sending my guys in if you guys were out there with them." I nodded and stood at attention, and after his salute I gave my salute. The rest of the squad followed suit and we left with the other squad, introducing ourselves as we walked down the stairs.

The rest of the guys above us had focused on providing cover fire, so we could cross over to the White House easily. By the time we had reached the building the enemy had noticed and were now taking their chances to kill us. We made our way around the north end of the building, staying as close to the wall as possible. Everyone here had already been in combat before coming here, but some were still nervous. We could all feel them shaking and hear their ragged breaths.

I glanced at Anna and jerked my head towards the guys who were nervous. She nodded and got Camille on it, I raised my brow, she gestured to the drying blood that covered her. I smiled slightly and nodded, understanding her point that if she wandered over to them covered in blood she wouldn't be able to sooth them. Finally Camille got them to stop shaking, they were still scared, we all were. But they had stopped distracting everyone else.

We made it to the east wing, we stacked up as I peaked around the wall. A shot hit the wall and almost ricocheted into my face. I pulled my head back just as another round entered the area where my head would've been. I heard a yell from behind me, I turned around to see one of the guys had strayed from the stack and was trying to look around the wall. The bullet that had missed me hit him in the chest, next to his heart.

The medic was attending to him, trying to stop the bleeding. As the highest rank in the immediate vicinity, all eyes were on me, waiting for me to give an order. I quickly ordered the medic to pull the fallen guy back fully into cover as I poked my head out once more. Again, another bullet whizzed past my head as I pulled my head back. This gave me all the information I needed to know.

There were two snipers, positioned a few meters apart, judging from the angle of the bullets. They had DMRs, not bolt action, so we were a bit fucked. Suddenly a bullet whizzed past my head again, except this time going the opposite direction. I panicked and dropped to the ground, I yelled at the rest to get down, looking behind us for another bullet that would definitely kill one of us. I closed my eyes as another bullet whizzed over my head, waiting for the end. I opened my eyes as my radio crackled to life.

"It's just me, Nick, get your ass up and run!" Mark said, the fucking bastard. I told him he was one and he laughed, as he fired another bullet, hitting another target. I yelled to everyone to get up and get moving. We ran to the building in front of us and quickly moved south through the building, clearing rooms as we went. Soon there were no more enemies alive in the whole building so we rushed towards the AA gun encampment.

The encampment, we were told, was in the White House Visitor Center, just across the street from the building we were in. We were also told that there were a fuck ton of soldiers surrounding it. It was the most important AA gun in the city, as it was the only one in the area, covering the South West side of the area. Well, I thought, they might get scared off by Anna, as she's already scaring friendlies. We sat in the southern end of the visitor center for a few minutes, observing the encampment.

There definitely were a fuck ton of soldiers, but a lot of them could be taken out by a few grenades. Maybe if we could get them into a bottleneck, and we could kill most of them without even having to see the gun. Finally I gave the order to attack, and we swarmed the building, catching the enemy off-guard. We entered the building and rushed the the corridors and rooms, trying to keep the momentum. But that ended when we saw the AA gun, by now the whole building had been alerted to our presence, and were filling up the corridor on either side of us.

Now it was just a slow massacre, with my men dying left and right. But, we gave more than what we got, with four enemies going down for every friendly. But they had too many, and that wouldn't be enough. My thoughts must've bothered Anna, because she put a hand on my back, gently rubbing it. I smiled slightly, at least I could die with Anna.

Then, quite suddenly one of the soldiers gave a yell and broke through the window and jumped out, running to the AA gun. I saw his hand reach up and pull off his tags, throwing them on the ground. He had barely reached the AA gun when multiple bullets found their mark in his back. He went down as a big-ass grenade rolled out of his hand, stopping as it hit the base of the gun. I pulled everyone left alive down with me as the grenade blew, shaking the earth beneath us.

I stood up as the dust settled, my ears ringing, I looked around, my finger on the trigger of my gun. None of the enemies had survived the blast, and only one friendly was killed from it. I sighed and walked to his dog tags, picking them off the ground. I read the name on there, and saluted the area where his body had been, before it was practically vaporized.

I turned around to face the ravaged soldiers,"Who knew this man? Who was his closest friend?" Everyone shook their head, until one spoke up," His best friend was left back with everyone else, his name is Clark Lawson." I nodded and pocketed the dog tags. I radioed in to the Captain the casualties and that the mission was successful. I shut my eyes tights as I gave a small thanks that no one from my squad had been downed, especially Anna.

We ran back to the Captain, as I gave my full report to him, then went to look for Clark. I found him, on a machine gun, and wildly looking around for his friend. He looked up at me, finally noticing; he saw the look on my face and seemed to die. I took out his friend's dog tags, and handed it to him, nodding slightly."He saved us all, and completed the mission. He was valiant and good, remember that." He nodded again and turned to face the window.

The Captain let me know that there was a VTOL inbound, ready to pick up wounded and dead, and we were to go with them. I nodded and let the other's know, we waited outside, quiet. Now was not a time for celebrating, that would come later, for now we would mourn the losses. I looked up at the VTOL, high in the sky, the one that would end the terror and sadness. Finally it landed in front of us, and we waited until all of the wounded and dead were on board before boarding ourselves.

One of the medics rushed to Anna, trying to find any wounds on her. She told him that she had none, it was all someone else's blood. The medic looked at me for confirmation as everyone looked away, we all knew who's blood it was, and what had happened. I nodded curtly, I didn't want to go into details. Technically, torture was a war crime unless it had specifically good reasons to happen.

The medic left us alone as Anna rested her head on my shoulder, it had been a long day, and we had been fighting for almost fifteen hours. I looked out the window at the war zone, our job was done, but the battle would rage on for another day before the old US finally surrendered. It was the beginning of a new, unified US, from sea to shining sea.

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