War Machine

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The Start of A (somewhat) Successful Career

Less than one week into our summer, Anna and I were called into the briefing room at 2 in the morning. We stood at attention, in our uniforms, we shot glances at each other, raising eyebrows. We snapped our faces forward as two instructors and the Dean came in. Anna gasped quietly, and my eyes widened, no one we'd known had ever seen the Dean. He was more of a mythical creature than a solid governing figure.

He limped slightly as he walked in front of the hologram board, he stopped, looking at us silently. We looked forward, though we still tracked his movements in our peripherals, as we had been trained to do. Suddenly, he spoke, making us jump a little,"Well, from what I've seen, you two are considerably close, and dangerous. We have a target for you, his name is Shaun Howard, a CEO of a big corporate arms dealer supplying the old US." We nodded, and he clicked a button, showing a picture on the board.

He pointed to it,"He is 61, and is surrounded by two snipers, and five bodyguards at all times. And do not mistake them for rookie body builders, they are all former special operations, and have twenty years more experience than you. Now, I am not implying that you cannot deal with them, just don't underestimate them." We nodded again and he looked down at the odium,"Now, you have exactly one hour to get your gear, then you are being shipped out to London, where after a five hour wait, you will get on a plane headed to Washington D.C."

"Here, you will set up camp, and then you will wait until he is entering his vehicle, and execute him. Also, try to take out the guards too, if left alone, they will find a new master to bow for." The holograms switched off, and he gave us each a folder, detailing the target's bio and intentions."Get going and meet the flight crew on the tarmac in exactly one hour." We nodded and flew out of there, heading home first, then to the armory, then to the explosives department. We already formatted a plan in our head, along with a back up plan.

Once we had deemed we were considerably ready we ran to the airport, where we met a small two man flight crew made of older students. We boarded and were soon off, flying through the warm Canadian air, Anna quickly fell asleep with her hand in mine, and her head resting on my shoulder. The pilots noticed and made a quick comment,"You're a lucky guy, she's hot as fuck dude. And she's lucky to have you too." I nodded, acknowledging the compliment, that was enough for them. I looked out of the window, surprised that we were already over the Atlantic Ocean.

I admired the view, and pulled my cap over my head, settling in for the four hour ride.

I woke up right before we began our descent, Anna was still sleeping. I looked down at her face, I smiled and kissed her forehead, waking her up. She rose her head slowly and looked around, bleary-eyed,"Are we there yet?" I wrapped my arm around her, as was my custom and squeezed slightly. I shook my head, "We're almost there, we're starting our descent."

We dozed until we hit the ground, jerking us from our rest, we made sure we had everything. We jumped out as soon as we stopped, with a thanks to the pilots, we strode to the guards. They turned around and were about to stop us, but we held up our IDs that we had been given in the folder. They stopped and led us through the human traffic, we changed in a secluded room. Once we were in normal clothes, we left, blending in with the people that stood around, waiting for their flight.

We sat around in the waiting area for the flight labeled as going to Washington D.C. For the five hour wait, we ate, and dozed, taking turns as to make sure no one stole our bags. We loaded into the plane, keeping our bags with us at all times, we tried to look as inconspicuous as possible. No one noticed us, or look our way twice, except the young men, who were taken aback at Anna's beauty. One even tried to ask for her number, but they all turned away as they saw me, glaring at them.

After the twentieth one turned away Anna hit me gently,"You're scaring all the cute boys away!" I looked at her,"And I'm not cute?" She smiled and looked away,"You know damn well you're the hottest one here." I blushed and also turned away,"Oh." I said in a whisper. She grasped my hand and squeezed. Soon after that we landed, relieving us of our worries. It wasn't uncommon for US terrorists to take down whole planes just to ensure the death of one person.

We hurried out of the airport, and called a taxi to come get us. We had already booked a hotel close to where our target would be, in a day's time. We arrived and checked in, we set our stuff down, just laying next to each other, enjoying each other's company. After a while of just laying, we got up and went about setting our ambush up. The simplest plans were the best.

We went to the road the target would be going on and opened up our drone. We hooked an explosive charge powerful enough to destroy the three-car convoy he would be traveling in. The target would not have any other civilians in the car with him and the road would be clear of cars, due to the security measures. We flew the drone up to rest on a building next to the road. Then we set up another drone farther down, just in case the first one didn't work.

We went back to the hotel and slept until two hours before the target was supposed to be there. We climbed to the top of a building pretty close to the road and waited until we saw our target. I kept watch while Anna once again dozed off with her head resting on my lap. Every so often I would check to make sure she was alright. God, I loved her so much.

I woke her up thirty minutes to target elimination, she awoke quickly, snapping up to make sure everything was okay. I reassured her and we turned on the drones to idle until we saw the convoy. The road was totally empty of people and cars, perfect. Finally, it came time for the convoy to come down the road, I saw the first car and looked at my wrist pad, they were exactly on time. I smiled, my first mission kill. I took command of the drone and maneuvered it directly over the middle car. I pressed a button on the right side of the controller, dropping the charge.

The blast rocked through the air, shattering all the glass within a hundred yards. Anna and I pulled out our pistols, and ran around the buildings, looking for the two snipers. We found them and killed them before dropping to the street, we walked up slowly to the cars. We didn't bother with the middle one, as it had been reduced to a lump of metal. We looked for survivors, there were none, then we looked into the middle car, looking for target confirmation.

We found Shaun and took a DNA swab, keeping it for the lab to see if he had been a dud. We looked up as we heard sirens coming quickly down the street, we sprinted into the maze of buildings, quickly losing the cops. We pulled off our masks and fist bumped each other as we walked leisurely to the hotel. We celebrated that night and left as soon as dawn broke through the horizon. We took turns sleeping on the plane ride back to London, again repelling Anna's suitors. As soon as we touched down we went to the small cargo plane that waited to take us back to Hell's Gate.

We changed back into our uniforms before we touched down, expecting for the Dean to meet us. He wasn't on the tarmac when we arrived, so we were left with going to our room and rest. We undressed and went to bed, tired from traveling and the adrenaline that took us as we did our mission. My last thought before falling into a deep sleep was how glad I was that Anna was safe again. I'm hopeless.

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