War Machine

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I Get Captured By A Crazy Dude, For No Reason

Now, let me tell you the one bad thing about being part of the assassin squad. We all have a distinctive tattoo on our lower backs, inside them is a embedded chip with our details. Now, no one other than the assassin squad, and battalion commander knows this, but everyone knows about the Mark. It is punishable by death to have one on you if you were not an assassin, so that discourages most people from doing it. And it also intrigues many people, good and bad, and usually the bad try to capture every assassin they can get their hands on.

All it takes is a gentle breeze to lift up your shirt to show it. And thats fucking retarded, if you ask me. Many people have been captured because of this, and I was no exception. Fuck my life, dude. Although, I knew Anna would come in guns blazing any minute now along with Mason and Glenn. It is a surreal thing to know that you are truly wanted by people, to know they would do absolutely anything for you, as you would do for them. That was all that kept me going through all the beatings, maiming, burning, etc. I was a bloody pulp, but I could still hold my own if I got my adrenaline running.

And thats another secret augment that every assassin carries, we're injected with a chemical that boosts our adrenaline, making us even stronger, quicker, and durable. It wasn't so we would be more dangerous so we could kill easier, it was more as an insurance to get home safe. Also, it happened to kick in when we got angry, and Anna was surely to be as angry as a bull with red in his eyes. I looked up, pulled into reality, the man in front of me was Sturge Fargo. He was middle aged, with a pronounced limp, highly likely from a heavy machinery accident, judging from how he limped, he was missing a finger, also indicating a machinery accident.

He was wealthy and an asshole, judging by the way he talked to anyone below him. He was also stupid enough to bring me to his house, and also, one last thing. He was about to die, judging from the Anna shaped shadow that hovered above him. I looked around with my eyes, I found Mason and Glenn, to my left and right, right above the two groups of mercenaries." What is your purpose?" Sturge asked me, I winked and spoke for the first time in a day,"To kill anyone who gets in my way." Just then Anna chose that time to break the glass skylight above him and fall on top of him, knocking him down.

She raised her knife, stabbing it into his hand, pinning it to the mahogany floor. Mason and Glenn also broke through the skylight, wreaking death and havoc in the groups. Soon, everyone except Sturge was dead. Anna ran to me, with tears in her eyes,"What the fuck did they do to you?" I shrugged and looked at her beautiful face once again, filling me with happiness,"Oh, you know. Nothing too bad, just the usual burning, maiming, beatings. It's all good."

She started to cry, I reached out and wiped a tear away,"At least you came." I said, trying to comfort her. She cut my other hand and feet loose, freeing me, I reached up and pulled her in close. We hugged until Sturges voice pulled us out of our cocoon,"Well, thats all lovely, but you know. You're all about to die, I have twenty mercenary teams inbound right now, you fucking pieces of shits." I looked over Anna's shoulder,"Well, you piece of shit. You're gonna die slowly, before they get here. And we'll be gone."

Anna helped me up to limp to him, standing over him, I spit on him,"How should we kill him?" I asked Anna, Mason, and Glenn. All their faces lit up, we had also taken classes on interrogation, where we learned the different methods of torture. We were gonna leave a nice little present for the soldiers. We went to work, ignoring Sturge's screams the whole time, once we were done we had created an elaborate work of art. It was the Norse's idea, called the " The Blood Eagle" if you don't know what that is, search it up, although you might wanna prepare yourself before.

We heard yells outside the door, fuck. I turned to them,"Go, I'll stay here. I'll slow you down. Now go!" Anna stood there with tears again in her eyes, I hugged her, whispering into her ear,"I love you. Please just go, I don't want you to get captured either." She nodded and kissed me, then ran to the rope she had thrown up to escape. She pulled herself up along it and with a final look towards me she disappeared, the rope soon came after her. I sat back down in the chair, my pistol sitting on my lap.

The doors slammed open, and I lifted the gun, firing into the mass of soldiers that barged in. I had killed a dozen before they threw me to the ground, knocking me out. I smiled, satisfied that I was the only one who would die.

I woke up to glaring lights that stung my eyes, I tried to shield my eyes, forgetting that they were tied up again. I opened my eyes as I looked down, as to not blind myself. I could hear the soft patter of rain outside, I smiled, a rainy, dark night was ideal for escape. I knew it was night because the skylights were dark, duh. Anyways the world darkened as a figure stepped in front of the lamp, relieving me.

I looked up to his face, quickly realizing it was not a he, but a she. The lamp was turned off, eliminating the halo around her figure and giving me enough light to see her face. She was considerably beautiful, but she had a dark glint that turned me off. She was the type to kill puppies for fun, and no one did that, not even the worst people. That was the number one rule to be allowed to have a place in the world, never kill a fucking puppy.

I shot a fake smile at her, trying to throw her off,"Well, isn't this nice. A pretty lady, among other's that want me dead." I looked around at the wall of bulky mercs that surrounded me and her,"What's the occasion?" I said as I looked back at her. She smiled and put her hand on my face, I suppressed a shudder, it was as cold as fucking ice. She leaned in close,"Oh aren't you the pretty boy. I want to eat you up like a nice juicy steak." I laughed a little,"Well, ma'am, I'll have you know I love steak too, but you seem a little rancid. Could it possibly be from all the puppies you've killed?"

She hissed and pulled back."Yeah, that's right, puppy killer. I know your dirty secret, puppy killer. She laughed,"Oh, you don't know the half of it. And the man you left as a present? That was my husband!" I scoffed,"Not only are you a bitch, but you have a bad taste in men. By the way, how was he in bed? Was he as spread out as he is now? Or was that just for me?"

She screamed in anger and slapped me, hard. I laughed,"Hey! You even hit harder than him!" Now I'm confused as to who the bitch is here!" She screamed and went down on me, hitting, slapping and kicking. I smiled through the blows, so it wasn't too hard to throw her off and make her rage. Through the patter of rain I heard soft steps that came from above us, I shook my head, confident they could see me.

Everything went quiet as the woman stepped back, panting. I looked back up at her," Well, you might as well give me your name before you go to town with me, its just common courtesy." I heard a snicker from one of the mercs,"Well, I'm glad I get to put on a show for you all, but I need to get to my next one, if you please." She smiled seductively,"Well if you must know my name is Patricia Fargo." I raised my eyebrow,"Well that is a very plain name for a crazy psycho. Have you thought of changing it?" She slapped me again and walked up to one of the mercs, she whispered into his ear so quiet even I couldn't hear.

The merc nodded and pulled out a pistol from his shirt, I growled as I saw it was mine. He heard and smiled,"Oh, territorial aren't we" I regained my composure,"You haven't seen the all of it. And you haven't seen my partner, they're gonna kill you first." The merc stepped back, his eyes showing the rising fear he had. He obviously knew about the assassin squads, and he might've even had some contact with them.

I smiled at his fear,"Ah, yes. You do know what they're going to do to you once they come in, huh?" The merc glanced around at his team, he caved into their expectant stares. He lifted the pistol and shot, the bullet entered my abdomen and stopped when it hit my spine. I arched my back in pain, I grunted and slumped forward, almost unconscious. I had felt a lot of pain before, but never this much, I looked down as my legs began to feel wet, they were being drenched in blood.

I looked back up just in time to see the merc shoot me again, this time in my right knee, shattering it. I blacked out from the pain, coming to a minute later, my head swam, and I vomited. I looked at the merc again with a smiled, I will not show them how much I feel like actually dying. He raised the pistol again and fired th, hitting my right shoulder, blowing off my arm. I blacked out for an hour this time, coming to with the light glaring into my eyes again. I was so over whelmed with pain I couldn't feel anything at all, just the acceptance of death.

The light shut off, and the woman, what was her name? I searched for it, ah, yes, Patricia. Patricia held my pistol to my head, her finger on the trigger, I smiled as I looked into her eyes,"We'll, looks like the both of us gets to die today." She frowned,"No, I'm afraid. Just you. A shame, you were so handsome, too." I smiled,"I aim to please." She looked away.

"Never killed a person before? Well, its easy to do, just look away and pull the trigger. It'll be over before you know it. Trust me, I've had experience." She nodded and looked away, her finger squeezing the trigger, I smiled and closed my eyes and accepted my death whole heartedly. Except the killing bullet never came, but I did hear a shatter of glass and the crack of a gun going off. I was knocked out by Anna before I could hear anything else.

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