War Machine

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I Get Saved By An Angel, Again.

I came to as I was cradled in a comfortable, and soft lap. I opened my eyes, regretting it as the light blinded me, I could feel tears dripping onto my forehead."Anna?" I asked, though I was sure it was her. I opened my eyes again, looking at her, she nodded and cried even harder. I tried to reach up and wipe her tears, but I was again struck with the realization that I no longer had a right arm.

I reached up with my left, she grabbed it and put it to her face. I smiled and stroked her cheek,"Its fine, I'm here." She shook her head and hugged me, I hugged her back as best as I could with my one arm. I sat up with her help and looked at Glenn and Mason, who rushed to make sure I was fine. I waved them off and we sat around for a few minutes, exchanging stories. Soon we had to leave, this time with me in tow; Anna would not let me out of her grasp.

She would glance at me to make sure I was fine and actually there. I smiled the whole way back, I was in so much pain, but the feeling of actually truly being wanted pushed all that away. Once we had reached ground level we called a taxi, and I covered up my injuries. We were in hostile territory, no way was I going to a hospital. He took us as close to the border as he could, and we got out, tipping him generously.

The three of them switched out for the role of helping me walk on my only good leg through about a hundred miles of nothing. Glenn had thought to get water and food before we left, so we wouldn't starve or get dehydrated on the walk. Soon my wounds became infected, I was put on a makeshift stretcher. I tossed and turned as we walked, only really getting sleep when night time came and Anna laid beside me. The only thing I could think in my delirium was of Anna, so like I said, I'm hopeless.

As we traveled over the wasteland we met soldiers, retreating from the border. They paid us no heed, probably too focused on saving them selves from the disaster that was the border. As we crossed over the border I was close to dead, we stumbled into a Forward Operating Base, met by many medics. As they gave me antibiotics they questioned Anna, Mason and Glenn, trying to figure out how long I had a fever. They quickly called in a med evac after checking me up, I was so close to dead they didn't understand how I was still alive.

Anna gave them a sly smile as she put her hand on my face, I was aware of this, for some reason, though I had been in full delirium for almost a week. I reached up and took her hand, pulling it up to my face, she looked over and smiled again. I smiled back and fell back asleep, I didn't notice the VTOL that practically landed like five feet away. We loaded up and we were flown as fast as we could to the nearest emergency hospital. Once there I went into surgery and I was given a shit load of antibiotics to pull me out of the fever.

After the 8 surgeries back to back that took almost 24 hours I was finally put into a room. Anna quietly slipped into bed with me and fell asleep.

I woke up two days later, in the afternoon. I tried to lift my left arm, but it was trapped by Anna's head, I smiled and gently shook her awake. Her head snapped up and she stared at me, wide eyed. She finally smiled as she burst into tears,"Finally! I thought you were never going to wake up!" She said through the tears while she hugged me tightly.

I wrapped my arms around her, but sat up straight as I realized I had a right arm. I shook it in disbelief. I moved it through a set of motions that I had to do before, in the medical clearance exam when I came into the school. It worked perfectly, I slammed it onto the table, seeing if I could feel anything. I hissed as pain shot up it, but I stared at it, the pain was toned down, so that was neat. I pulled the covers up, looking at my knee, I was shocked to find they had completely replaced my knee and lower leg.

I moved it around, it was just like my new arm, I looked at my stomach, the wound was closed and had been covered with a flexible metal. I laid back down, I was totally in shock, Anna put her head on my arm again,"Now that you've checked yourself out, how do you feel, handsome?" I looked into her eyes,"I feel pretty great, now that I'm with you." She smiled and blushed. I hugged her again, just content with her touch, light and sweet.

Then I realized that I needed to take a piss so bad my bladder was hurting. I twisted and sat up, startling Anna, she put a hand on my shoulder,"Don't get up yet, let me help you." I shrugged her off,"I can take a simple piss myself." She laughed,"Fine, try it yourself then." I smiled and stood," See, I ca-" I started saying but then I fell forward, slamming into the floor.

"Ow." I whispered. Anna got out of the bed and came to help me, she helped me up and we walked to the bathroom. She let me down on the toilet and left me alone in the bathroom, and I just let loose. After I was done I sighed in relief and pulled my pants up. I struggled to lift myself up and flush the toilet, Anna came in again and walked me to the bed. We laid down, laughing quietly, I looked at her, my God. I know I keep saying it, but she is the most beautiful thing on earth.

She looked at me too, and after a pause I kissed her, not on her forehead, or cheek, but her lips. It was the first time I had actually kissed a girl, and it was great. She pressed her lips against mine, encouraging me. I pulled back,"So what does this make us, now?" She raised her eyebrow,"What do you mean?" I rolled my eyes,"You know what I mean." She smiled and kissed me again.

Soon, the doctor came in, interrupting us,"Nickolas, surgery is ready for you." He said, as if he had not seen the two of us kissing. I rolled my eyes and Anna smiled,"Ok, bring them in." Anna stepped off to the side with one last kiss and watched the nurses wheel me out. I looked back and smiled at her, reassuring her that I was fine.

I came to again almost an hour after the surgery, again with Anna laying at my side. I raised my arm to shake her awake, but I saw tattoos that covered most of my arm. I paused, staring at the tattoos, they were in a sort of floral pattern with roses, lilies, and peony flowers. It was all in black though, I pulled the sheets down, discovering they were on my stomach too. They were really pretty and I liked them, it was just that I wasn't used to having tattoos that I could see.

Anna woke up from my rustling around and looked at me, she smiled. I kissed her out of impulse and we went down the spiral of kissing again. When I could finally pull myself back I asked her about the tattoos, she shrugged and said that the doctors wouldn't tell her, and that it was something about a neural interface that was necessary to not be brain dead from the trauma. And that it was on the side of my neck and went up to my ear. I looked into a mirror, also finding I had a small white streak in my usually black hair. I looked closer and found that my left eye had become a light grey, which was a shocking difference from my usual brown.

I asked about that, and she said it was from the chemicals they used to patch me up. I shrugged and started kissing her again. All in all, I say that my mission was a bloody success.

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