War Machine

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Physical Therapy is A Bitch

It had already been a month since the surgeries that saved my life, and life was going pretty fuckin' great if you ask me. It should've been at least a year for me to walk again, but I was already limping around with the help of Anna. Apparently there was a property of the tattoos and the neural interface that made me heal faster than a normal humans. I would guess that it puts the damaged cells into even more of an overdrive than they already were. It wasn't too much faster, but it was still fast.

Anna helped me walk around the infirmary, which I was required to do for my weekly check up. It wasn't too difficult, except the stumbling, which made Anna giggle. we finished after a few laps and sat down on one of the beds, the doc came in and checked up on my prosthetic. He cleared my leg and went to my arm, putting it through a range of motion. I liked the arm, but it was difficult to keep in check, it was twice as powerful as my flesh and bones.

It was hard to not break things or get too rough, like with Anna, she already had a few bruises, each time it happened, I apologized profusely, but she shrugged it off. She was a tough ass mother fucker, and I loved her for it. He soon cleared my arm and we were ready to go, we put on our caps and walked out into the bright and beautiful day. It was about mid afternoon, letting the skyscrapers that stood in the middle of the school grounds cast a long shadow. It was warm too, which made it nice and comfortable for a walk, so we didn't take the bus, but instead walked to the dorm.

It took us almost twenty minutes to walk the mile, with my hobbling and shit. We finally arrived and walked up the stairs to the third floor, we swung the door open, stepped in and closed it gently behind us. I still couldn't shake the image of me wheeling myself in on a wheelchair. It wasn't what happened that traumatized me, it was the after effects. I had never been confined to a wheel chair before, and had never thought about losing my ability to walk before. After that my confidence took a hit, and now I'm too scared to push myself. Anna knew this and had been trying to help me push past that.

We sat on the couch and watched TV for a while, I know, right? TV in a post apocalyptic world? Have good people in charge and you can create wonders, hell, the old US doesn't even have nation wide electricity. And you wonder why there are so many immigrants and tourists. European nations were doing relatively well, compared to the rest of the world, they had electricity and plumbing, but not TV's. Currently, the new US is at the forefront of innovation and care, we distribute resources to worse off countries.

We tried to give the old US our tech, but they refused, claiming"We don't want foreign technology. We can make do with ourselves, thank you very much!" My god, the country is run by dimwits. Anyways, the new US was basically self sufficient, only needing rare commodities from overseas. We didn't really need those, but we chose to buy them to try to help the worldwide economies. There were a few countries that had been cut off from the world by the old US, who basically bullied them into an alliance.

Whatever, anyways, after a while of watching TV we got bored. Even though we had TV, there wasn't whole companies dedicated to making TV. Which was sort of good, depending on how you looked at it, the lack of commodities like WiFi and TV made people more social, and more parlors and clubs started to pop up. Anna and I went to the bedroom to get frisky, I know, what a travesty, 16 year old's having sex and whatnot. And just as we were getting into it we heard a knock at the door, I sighed and rolled my eyes.

Putting our shirts back on we stepped out into the hallway, we pulled open the door to find the dean, and two officers behind him. I swallowed, fuck, I didn't know what I did, but I'm in trouble. I let the dean step into the hallway and he walked to the living room. The officers just stood there, I nodded to them and closed the door, hoping they didn't want to come in. The dean sat down on the couch, flipping through the channels. He promptly turned off the TV and stood up, facing us.

We snapped to attention, he waved his hand and went into the kitchen, he looked through the fridge. He stopped, pulled out a steak and turned to us,"Which of you can make a steak better?" I pointed at Anna, who rolled her eyes and took the steak from the dean. He smiled and high fived me,"God its been a while since I've had steak, and I fucking LOVE it!" I smiled and glanced at Anna, raising my eyebrow, she shrugged and went back to cooking. The Dean sat on a bar stool and motioned for me to sit on the couch.

I sat down, waiting for him to speak, but he was looking out of the window, looking content. He snapped back to reality and studied me,"You know, I fuckin' hate the formalities and regulations. They just keep the fun out of everything, I'm not even old yet! I'm only like forty." I sat in shock,"I know right? A shocker. Also, I was in your position too, I was part of one of the first assassin squads, and I was squad leader." I glanced at Anna again, she just shrugged and turned on the stove, I rolled my eyes at her back.

"I also found my wife in the squad, she was beautiful and one of the scariest people I know." I nodded,"Yeah, I know that feeling." While staring at Anna, me and the dean jumped as Anna slammed a knife into the cutting board. " Moving on..." The dean said, with a slight smile." So anyways, I here to talk about your prosthetic and what they really mean for you in the future, and also, congratulations on 1: Surviving the torture, and 2: your successful mission." I nodded and shook his offered hand.

Then he shifted into a more formal tone,"Now, onto your prosthetics. The neural implant that rests in the tattoo allows your body to function at a higher level than most humans, it also gives you a better sense of people, as in if they are a threat or not, and if they're telling the truth. And, if Anna here is willing to get the implants you both will have your minds connected, in a way. It won't technically be telepathy, but you will be able to feel the other's emotions and a few other things. I'm not sure about the specific abilities, but I do know it does connect your minds. Now the draw back to that is that, if one of you die's the other does too." Anna had stopped making the steak and now stood stock still.

"Your prosthetics also work at a higher level than a normal humans, giving about twice the normal power." I nodded, he muttered to himself,"Ah, and I think that Anna already told you about the chemicals affecting your hair, giving it a white streak." I nodded, Anna finally spoke up,"If I was willing to get the implants, when would I get them?" The dean smiled, he already knew her answer,"Tomorrow." She walked over to him and shook his head,"Tomorrow, then."

I paced around the waiting area for the Operating Room, I was nervous and anxious. The docs told me before she went in that there was a chance the implants could affect her brain in a bad way. I didn't know what that meant, but I'm sure it. They had already been in there for five hours, and there was still one more left to go. A nurse came out of the OR, distracting me,"Are you Nickolas Wilding?" She asked, I nodded.

She smiled,"I'm happy to let you know that the surgery has gone smoothly, and they're just finishing up now, she will be out in an hour. She will continue to sleep for almost a day, keep the lights off when she wakes up, as her senses will be raw and easy to harm. Speak softly, and then her senses will come back to normal within an hour of her waking." I nodded and she walked off. I cocked my head, I could feel something vibrating in my head, I smiled.

That must be the connection, but there was no emotions or thoughts, only just a blackness. The dean's voice came from behind me,"I think you're getting the connection now, the blackness is because she's in a sort of coma state, she isn't dreaming. Once she wakes up and from now on when she sleeps her mind will always be connected to yours. This is why its vital for two partners to actually be in a deep relationship, or else you both are gonna have a tough time living with each other." I nodded and thanked him, and he wandered off.

Soon Anna came out of the OR, and I followed the docs to a secluded room in the infirmary. I smiled as they transferred her to the bed, she looked so peaceful. THe white streak was appearing slowly in her hair, and the tattoos looked beautiful on her lightly tanned skin. A piece of her hair from around her hair had been shaved, revealing the pale skin and the tattoo. I stepped up to the bed, grabbing a hold of her hand.

I looked closer at the spot behind her ear, there was another tattoo. It read 05, I looked down at her face, wondering what the tattoo meant. I would ask her when she woke up tomorrow. For now I'm gonna get some sleep, so I crawled into bed next to her.

I woke up from my dreamless sleep because of the excited buzz that went on in the back of my mind. I groaned and sat up; my eyes widened as I realized what the buzz meant. I looked at Anna, who looked at me with these beautiful blue and white eyes. She smiled, and a loving feeling enveloped my mind, I laid down, staggered a the intensity."Fuck, I wish we had this sooner, then I wouldn't have been confused for a whole fucking year."

She laughed and hugged me tightly, I hugged her back, just enjoying the feeling of being loved. I have never felt this ever before, and I was going to enjoy every fucking second of it. I only thought of how much I loved Anna, reciprocating her feelings."Oh fuck." She said, breathlessly. I nodded,"I know right. Its the best feeling in the world." She nodded, and soon the love turned into a sort of feral hunger, I released her in surprise,"What the fuck? You're influencing my feelings! Not fair!" She laughed and pulled my shirt off, kissing my neck and feeling me up. I smiled and soon we dove under the covers, attacking each other like animals.

My god, the fucking hormones again. And I never got to ask her about the numbers.

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