War Machine

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Its Always War Time In The Fucking Apocalypse

The rest of the summer we spent getting me back up to my old standards, fucking, and getting closer to each other. Also as we shared thoughts and feelings, the connection sharpened, if you will. At first it was kind of blurry unless you really concentrated, but now it was easy to understand each other. The first day of school was great, and Anna almost got me detention by making me laugh at her mental jokes. But I got through it detention free, which was good, because we had a party to go to.

We ran to catch the bus, panting as we jumped on. We sat in the back talking about what might happen at the party. Parties always got pretty crazy, especially if the games got into truth or dares, or just dares. We were distracted by the ringing that came from our wrist pads, we opened the message, our eyes widened at the message: REPORT TO BRIEF IMMEDIATELY. We sighed and got off at the next stop. fortunately we were just passing by the administration block, where the Briefing Building was on the other side.

We ran to the building, we entered and ran to room 1, where most briefs happen for Charlie Battalion. We opened the door and walked down to the Echo company section. We sat down and waited for the room to fill, once it had the room darkened. The officer in charge of Charlie Battalion strode to the podium and the holograms lit up."This is the fourth time in ten years we sent students into war."

"You all are highly trained, and we have confidence in you all. Some of you may not come back, and we're sorry for that, but war is war and you all are young men and women! You are fully capable of everything a twenty five year old is. You are soldiers." Anna's thought penetrated my focus, making me snort quietly. The officer kept talking, showing us the plan of action, certain jobs we had to do, etc.

Soon it was over, and all of us were given an hour before we had to form up at the transport plane, an old US C-5M Super Galaxy. We went into our dorms, packing our uniforms, clothes, certain miscellaneous items, and then we went to the armory, getting two assault rifles and two pistols each. We picked up a few boxes of ammo and magazines, we would get more over on the front lines. We ran to meet the transport on the tarmac, we barely made it into formation with our duffel bags and day packs.

Once roll was called we hustled onto the plane, and strapped in to the seats that lined the sides. Big crates were drove in to the middle, containing ammo, food, gear, etc. We lifted off and started gaining altitude, soon flying as high as the bird could go. There was no talking, but me and Anna still communicated, Mason and Clara noticed and smiled at each other. They were also in a relationship that had been started over the summer, and Glenn and Mary were almost there.

It was all nice and good that everyone was in a relationship, but that wasn't the best idea since now were were going to actual war, not just some simulator. People were probably going to die, even me, I could make mistakes, I'm not a god. For some reason I was fine at the thought of my own death, as long as I could protect my squad. I was a fuck up who happened to be really good at killing, I wasn't really talented in anything else, I didn't have a future out of the squad. The rest of them, they were intelligent, funny, charismatic, and actually talented at other things. Like Anna, she could paint like a pro, god, I loved art classes with her, and I was sad we didn't have them after first year.

Actually, some of the pictures that hung on the dorm room wall were hers. She liked to paint sometimes, she just wasn't focused on it. Every time she finished something I had to keep convincing her to keep it. Though sometimes she painted disturbing pictures when I'm not home, scenes of just utter destruction, people burning alive, mass shootings, shit like that. Those I just let her burn, but the memories still fuck with my head.

I noticed Anna staring at me and I opened my mental barrier, letting her send her thoughts to me. She was worried and surprised that I knew about the pictures, I nodded slightly and mentally told that we'll talk later about it. She nodded and looked off to the far side of the plane, lost in her own world. I could still feel what she was thinking, but I didn't dare interrupt her. We had finally come up with a system where we weren't constantly buzzing around in each other's brains, where we could get some alone time. I couldn't send my thoughts to her, but I could still kind of sense what she was feeling.

We went the rest of the ride not talking, mentally or physically. I had obviously touched on some dark shit in her past, which she still hasn't told me about. I wouldn't push her on it, I knew she would tell me about it when she was ready. We landed and hustled off, followed by the crates, we transferred to brand new Humvee's. They were the first Humvees' we had made since the disaster, and were kitted out with state of the art tech. They were fucking cool and I was ecstatic to be in one, they also assigned one to each squad.

You know what that means. Technically the CO shouldn't drive, and instead would navigate and bark orders. I was fine with Anna doing it, switching out with her occasionally. She was in a better mood, and so I was. Glenn was on the .50 cal that was mounted to the roof of the Humvee, but he was sad he couldn't waste ammo. We all laughed every time he complained, and before we knew it we had entered the FOB. It was the biggest one on the war zone, holding a couple thousand soldiers, enlisted and officer.

We parked in our designated spot and reported to the roll call, which happened to be almost half a mile away. It wasn't far, just a bitch. We got in formation and called roll, afterwards, we went to settle down in our tents. The assassin squads got a tent per pair, because we required more privacy, as most of the shit we had on us was either contraband, or classified. That was a perk, as I had a lot of poisons and candy bars in my duffel.

We settled in and explored the compound, messing around as we did so. We got tired and retired to our tents, to get some rest before getting up to whatever was in store tomorrow. Anna had other ideas for the night though, and not surprisingly I participated in her activities. We soon finished, panting, and laid next to each other, soaking up the company, od it was like we both had never seen another person before. I shifted onto my side, looking Anna in the eyes," So, about those paintings you do." I said, hoping she would be ready to talk about them.

She shook her head and held a finger to my lips,"No, I'm not ready." I nodded and hugged her tightly. She held on long after I had planned for it to finished, and soon I realized she was fast asleep. I groaned, I already had cramps, and I wasn't tired." Well fuck." I whispered, this was going to be a long night. I couldn't see the smile that Anna had plastered to her face.

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