War Machine

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The First Offensive

I stumbled out of my tent, followed by Anna, who had a spring in her step. I was a zombie, mostly because I got no sleep, I commented on this to Anna, but she laughed and tossed me a energy drink. I promptly chugged it and dug for more, she pulled me away from the duffel, saying we would be late to the brief. I grumbled, why were the briefs held at 6 in the morning? She laughed, hearing my thought, I would say it would be like she could read my mind, but, you know, isn't it obvious?

She held onto me as I stumbled to the brief area, followed by my squad. We stood at parade rest in a line, waiting for the CO to give us our orders. We snapped to attention as he stepped out of the bunker that was at the back of the area. We saluted him until he saluted back, letting our arms fall to our sides. He set a small device on the table in front of him, it turned on and a hologram popped out.

It showed a topographic map of the war zone, showing the FOB and any buildings standing in a hundred mile area. Almost ten miles away was the enemy FOB, FOB Wilkins, it was a relatively small compound. They didn't know how many were here, as either small laser turrets or our fighter pilots destroyed recon aircraft. Also, we had jammers all along the front line to keep their sonar from making out any sort of information. We could easily destroy all of the old US, but the top guys said we didn't want to damage anything from the region.

It was the founding region, so we had to keep the history and culture alive. We intended on living there, so we couldn't really destroy all the nice things left there. Anyways, we were shown our objective, and our roles, the recon sniper team would move up and get us covered. The assassin squads would move in, killing anyone in sight and blasting a hole for the combat teams. After that it was open season on the FOB.

We all nodded, and were dismissed, given orders to be ready at 02:30 the next morning. We got our gear packed and we made sure our rifles and pistols had enough ammo to last us through two days. We sat around, bored out of our minds until we got hungry, as if we were all part of one brain we exited our tents and wandered towards the kitchen. We picked up a few meals and walked to the picnic tales, we laughed and joked around as we ate. Soon one of the other assassin squads joined us, they were older, and had more battle experience than us.

They gave us pointers, some of which we had learned ourselves, but didn't bother to comment on it. We were eager to learn, soak up all the knowledge, it could save us one day. We finished up and went around with the squad, talking with some of the combat squads that were assigned to the op tomorrow. And before we knew it, it was time for our war.

We hiked across no mans land, keeping to the shadows and burnt out buildings. Everything here was grey, and as you went more and more inside, you felt worse and worse. It was like your impending doom looming over you. We had finally made it to the other edge, and we made our way to the FOB, we had to go two miles off course because they cleared out everything in front of it. And even with the craters, we would've been spotted.

We soon came in sight of their southern wall, it stood upright for almost 20 feet, and there were no visible handholds. A dynamite blast would be too loud and bright, so we had to repel over the wall. We spotted four patrol of guards walking in pairs, we waited for a few hours, observing their routine. They changed shifts every two hours, and always had four pairs of guards walking on every wall. It would be difficult, but thats why we were tasked with this.

We readied ourselves for our plan, using some tips that the other squad gave us. We positioned the three teams of us at every third part of the wall, me and Anna would take out two pairs as they passed each other and the two other pairs would be taken out by Glenn and Mason, then Mary and Clara. We threw the clamps up, and they stuck where it hit the upper lip of the wall. We pulled ourselves up silently, careful not to be seen or heard.

We poked our heads over the edge, peeking out at their backs walking away. That was one problem with their routine, there was a minute where no one was looking at where we were. Their mistake. We hopped onto the walkway, crouching immediately as our toes lightly hit the ground. We crouch-walked to the pairs, both of one taking one pair each. As one we took them down, stabbing them with a poison that paralyzed them immediately.

They had no time to make a sound, and we motioned over the wall for the other four to go in for their take-downs. It all went smoothly, we still had to sneak in further before we could do some shit. We darted in between the buildings, keeping to the shadows, and out of site. Once we got to the command center, we took out packages wrapped in paper, all of which contained a new type of explosive. It was just out of the labs, it was called Amoforia, and it was supposedly supposed to be four times stronger than C4.

We left it behind crates and barrels, where they couldn't be noticed easily. Then we ran the fuck out of there, it was on a four minute timers, and hopefully, we would be out of there by that time. We made it to the rondevous, and sat down, waiting for blast. Right as we started to talk, it blew, and the central part of the FOB was completely obliterated, we almost fucking died because there was so much shrapnel and rounds and other explosives going off. We flattened ourselves to the ground, I shamelessly grasped Anna's hand in desperation.

It was over as quick as it happened, and we stood up, looking at the devastation."Hell fuckin' yeah. America, am I right?" Glenn whispered under his breath, I snorted."We got a job to do guys, lets get to it." They all nodded and we pulled out our assault rifles and walked as a unit to the artillery bunkers. It was too hard to blow out the bunkers, the walls were so thick.

We entered, mowing down anyone we saw. To be honest, it didn't bring any feelings of pride or satisfaction, it was just cold blooded killing. They were so confused as to what was going on that it was like killing children. We got tired of killing, so we switched to taser rifles, we always carried them on us into battle. We were highly trained killers, but we weren't heartless fucking assholes.

We tazed anyone we saw, and zip tied them and taped their mouths shut. We finally made our way around the bunkers, and we ventured towards the middle of the FOB. Only halfway there we stumbled on a group of armed soldiers, totally aware of their surroundings and looked to be Special Forces. We retreated to get our actual rifles ready, but they saw us and pursued, popping shots as we ran. I looked over my shoulder as I heard a grunt. Mason had been hit in the side, he clutched his side, bleeding through his fingers.

He got hit again in the leg, he fell and crawled behind cover. Clara gasped and ran back, trying to reach Mason, I yelled, and aimed at the enemy. I fired, taking down two of them, but I couldn't get all of them. My heart broke into pieces and fell through my boots as a .50 cal ripped through the thin metal, piercing into Clara's body. She jerked wherever the bullets hit; the fire stopped and she fell to the ground. Mason screamed and pulled his rifle out from under him so he could aim. He unloaded the clip downrange, hitting a few guys.

He threw his rifle away from him and crawled to Clara's body, shielding her from more bullets. He looked at us, and nodded grimly, with tears in his eyes. He needed to die, or he would be tortured. He forced a smiled and nodded again at Glenn, who just stood stock still. He pulled out his pistol and fired most of his clip downrange, and he saved the last one for himself. He put the barrel to his head, and with one last look to us, he pulled the trigger.

The team was inconsolable as we walked into our FOB, we had cleared out the rest of the soldiers, not using the tazers anymore. Then we radioed the combat teams and waited by Mason's and Clara's bodies. Anna and I lifted them up into the heli's as the main forces came in. We rode in the same heli as them and was forced off as we got to the FOB. We were congratulated as we stumbled to our tents, we didn't listen, it was hard to feel anything at all anymore.

I held Anna throughout the night, trying to ease her sobs and fits of anger. I would've done the same, but I needed to be there for her, as she would return the favor in my time of need. Like I said, we were a team, neither one of us was better, we were a machine that consisted of two parts. And right now, her part needed caring, it was immovable, it was broken.

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