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Sold to the Mafia: The Heir

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Trouble arises once Drew realizes that he is falling in love with the person who is bound to protect him, not knowing his malicious plans that will not only break Drew's heart, but his whole life as w Drew Orlov is the only heir of a rising Mafia family in Russia. Pressured to partake in his family business, he often finds himself in dangerous situations due to his position. Because of this, his father assigned a bodyguard to take care of him and protect him whatever the cost is. But trouble arises once Drew realizes that he is falling in love with the person who is bound to protect him, not knowing his malicious plans that will not only break Drew's heart, but his whole life as well.

Action / Erotica
Elle Sugi
4.9 54 reviews
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A solid punch on the face made me stumble on the ground. People who were walking by stopped, gasping from what happened. The guy in front of me, who I considered one of my friends, looked at me with disgust in his eyes.

“Fucking faggot,” he cursed, spitting on me. “Don’t ever talk to me again, you understand?!”

My nose was broken and yet the pain I was feeling in my chest was far greater than what I was feeling on my face. Blood dripped out of my nose and into my uniform but I didn’t wipe it off.

I watched him turn his back on me, stomping away. The people who witnessed the rejection were looking at me, some were appalled and some were amused. I struggled to stand up, hissing as I realized that I landed on my bottom.


I flinched, hearing that familiar voice. I turned to the right and indeed, Valery was running towards me, not caring if the skirt she was wearing was flapping due to how she was running. Guys who were still around whistled at the sight of her underwear but she didn’t mind and was just rushing to get to me.

“Oh my god!” she yelled, throwing her bag on the floor to help me up. “Are you alright?! Who did this to you?!”

I rolled my eyes at her.

“Calm down,” I mumbled, chuckling. “It’s Georgy.”

Valery’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“Georgy? Why the hell did he break your nose?!”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“Because I told him I like him?”

She gave me a dead look and said, “you confessed?”

I took a handkerchief out of my pocket to wipe the blood off of my nose. I scrunched my face, feeling the pain spreading throughout my head.

“Y-yeah,” I said amidst the pain.

“How many times have you been punched on the face by the people you confessed to?” Valery asked sarcastically, taking the handkerchief from me.

She cupped my cheeks with her hands, putting her thumbs on the bridge of my nose.

I blinked at her.

“I’m not sure,” I said, sheepishly smiling at her.

Because quite honestly, I lost count. I’ve been confessing my attraction to anyone who I felt attracted to, most of them were men and this was an example of what happens whenever I do that.

Being punched was nothing out of the ordinary. In a place where homosexuality was deemed as something evil and disgusting, I was the only brave guy to let my gayness all out. I don’t cross-dress like some of them but I do act a little bit effeminate, getting flustered over a sight of hot guys like I’m a teenage girl who just hit her puberty.

I tried hiding who I really am but my emotions always gets the better of me.

I’m honest with my feelings and whenever I feel like it’s true love, I do the most impossible thing a gay person could do.

Confessing their love to the same sex without batting an eye.

This had caused me a lot of trouble. Obviously, boys from my class doesn’t appreciate the fact that a faggot, as what they call people like me, tells them that I’m in love with them.

Often times it would result to this.

Getting beaten up, bullied, humiliated, despised. Those were the typical reactions I received from the guys I’m attracted to.

Of course my dad was disappointed how I turned out. Having his only son as gay wasn’t really a proud thing to have.

And I understand that. He’s a leader of a mob group. People fear and respect him yet he had a gay son.

Disappointing and embarrassing, I know.

But it’s not like I could do anything about it. This was what who I am.

I kept changing schools because of the troubles I’ve been just because I fell in love with a guy. My dad was getting fed up with me but I promised him that I would behave myself.

But I just couldn’t contain my feelings whenever I fall for someone.

I wanted to shout to the world how much I liked them, how much I wanted to be with them.

So here I am, confessing my love to one of the people I made friends with in my new school and so far, this was not going too good.


“I’m gonna fix your nose,” Valery said, waking me up from my thoughts.

“Okay, please be gentle wi -- aaaaaawww!”

I backed away from her, feeling the intense pain of my bone getting back to its previous position.

“That’s what you get for being stupid,” she said, smirking.

Valery helped me get up, dusting the dirt on my pants.

“If you father knows this, he’s gonna be livid,” she said in exasperation.

“What’s new about it, huh?” I said, laughing.

She glared at me.

“You’re really something, Drew.”

“I know. I’m fabulous.”

“Yeah, and stupid.”

“Fabulous and stupid? I can live with that.”

“Thanks for dropping me by, Val,” I said as I got out of Valery’s car.

She smiled at me and waved a hand.

“Anything for you, darling,” she teased, winking at me.

I only rolled my eyes at her but a grin was present on my face. I waved goodbye to her and watched her drive away.

Once she was out of my sight, I turned to the gate and sighed.

I’m sure by now, dad had already known what I have done.


The security guard stationed in front of our house saw me and immediately opened the gate for me.

“Bad day?” he sarcastically asked.

“You have no idea, Ben,” I answered, casually smiling at him as I walked inside.

I dragged my feet towards the enormous mansion that I call home.

Once I got inside, Nikita was the person who first greeted me. She was my dad’s secretary, as well as his mistress. Everyone in the house knew that my father was a cheating bastard but my mom seemed okay with it and doesn’t really argue with dad. I’m sure the both of them were cheating but as long as they were happy, I’m happy too.

I think.

“Good afternoon,” Nikita stiffly greeted, forcing a smile at me. “Got into another fight again?”

I gave her a toothy grin.

“Yep,” I replied.

If she’s here, it meant dad’s here too which was incredibly rare because dad was never home except for…

I grunted.

“He’s waiting for me, isn’t he?”

Nikita nodded.

“How many times do I have to tell you, Drew? How many times?!”

I flinched from dad’s sudden scream but remained standing in front of him.

“Honestly, I lost count,” I sarcastically answered.

His glare made me bit my lip.

“Do I look like I’m in the mood for games, huh?” he asked, uncrossing his arms.

Dad was always a stoic man, famous for having a scary face. After the previous leader of the Russian Mafia died, a lot of families and groups fought over for the position. Five years passed and my dad managed to grab an opportunity to become one of the most powerful groups in the Mafia. Although we’re having feuds with the other groups in a daily basis because everyone was in the mob was insane and probably should go to the asylum to get their heads fix. They were constantly fighting for the top position but no one could do what the late leader of the Mafia had done. To gather the independent and scattered groups into one to serve under him, there was only one man in history that did it.


I didn’t know anything about him since I was still a kid. My dad worked under him but we were just one of the many small groups. I don’t think my dad met the Pakhan face to face but I have heard a lot of from the guys working for us. Mikhail was known to be sadistic, brutal, ruthless, scary. In short, he was a bad man, intimidating too for sure even though I haven’t met him obviously. There’s no question that I would probably wet my pants if I did.

But I have also heard a particular rumor about that man.

Something…that made me fascinated about him.

The scary leader of the Russian Mafia was gay and he was apparently dating one of his slave.

The moment I knew that, I got curious.

Who was the guy who the Pakhan fell in love with? He was a slave turned into a lover?

It was…amazing.

Nevertheless, his death shook the underground world. People who were working under Mikhail separated after his death, going back to how they operate before him.

Everything was in disarray.

I didn’t know how my father rose to the top and to be frank, I really didn’t care. I never wanted to be a part of the Mafia because what they do disgusts me. I have high morals and hurting, extorting and bringing pain to people was never my goal in life.

And so I do everything to piss my dad off so that he could disown me.

But I don’t think my plan was working because I’m the only --

“-- son,” dad finished my monologue. “You’re my only son, Drew and you have the responsibility to work under me,” he said.

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.

“Sure,” I nonchalantly replied.

Dad sighed exasperatedly.

“What will I do with you?” he asked himself.

I grinned at him.

“Disown me?” I suggested.

“Shut up.”

“I’m just suggesting.”

A knock on the door interrupted us and we both looked at it.

“Come in,” dad beckoned.

The door opened and Nikita came in.

“You have a meeting in 30, sir,” she said, smiling at dad.

“Ah yes, thank you for reminding me, Nikki,” my dad said, smirking at Nikita.

I made a face. Facing dad, I grinned at him.

“Is it alright to go now? I want to do my…homework,” I lied.

Because I would rather be working on my assignments than to see these two idiots flirt in front of me.

Dad didn’t even answered me since he was busy eye-sexing Nikita. I shook my head, took my bag and went out of his office to go to my room.

“Are you busy?” Valery asked through the phone.

I turned the page of the novel I was reading while munching potato chips.

“I’m reading a book,” I answered.

“Then why call me?”

“Because you’re bored?”

There was a long pause before Valery spoke.

“Oleg’s still not home, Drew,” she said in a dead voice.

My face flushed from embarrassment. Just hearing his name could make my heart skip a few beats.

“I-I’m not…!”

“I know you’re crushing on my brother and I suggest you stop it because he’s got a girlfriend.”

I pouted.

“I’m only…admiring him.”

“Sure. That’s what you said about Georgy and look what happened,” she said.

I closed the book and sighed.

“I’m not even interested in soccer.”

Valery laughed.

“I can’t imagine the wimpy Drew Orlov joined the soccer team just because you like Georgy. How desperate are you?”

“Don’t forget the astronomy club too,” I added, grinning. “Soccer and astronomy, weird combination, right?”

“Because his girlfriend’s in the astronomy club,” Valery answered. “Did you even know he has a girlfriend?”

I clicked my tongue.

“I was too busy imagining him naked.”

Valery laughed out loud.

“You’re so naughty, Drew!”

“That’s why you love me,” I said while smiling.

“What’re you going to do now? You have three classes with Georgy, right? He’s going to…”

I didn’t let Valery finish whatever she was going to say.

“Don’t worry. I’m used to it.”

I tried hiding the hurt in my voice but I knew Valery caught it.

“Oh Drew...I’m sure you’ll meet the one. I’m sure of it.”

I rubbed the back of my head, sighing.


“Are you still gonna come to the cruise?”

I got up from the bed and nodded.

“Of course! Your brother’s coming. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Valery snickered.

“He’s got a girlfriend! And he’s feet smells too, eeeeew.”

We both laughed.

It was a dreadful morning. I didn’t want to go to school because I’m positive, 100 percent sure that I would be humiliated in class. I had no choice but to go, thanks to my mother who forced me to get out of bed and eat breakfast with dad.

I sat uncomfortably on the chair, staring at my food while my parents eat in front of each other. There was an awkward silence between the three of us and it was unnerving to be in this kind of situation.

I hated eating with them. It reminded me of how dysfunctional the two of them were. My mom never cared for anything except extravagant things such as branded clothes, bags and whatever. In dad’s case, he was too busy being the boss of the Orlov group. All he thinks of was how to be rich and powerful, creepy really.

I put the fork down and sighed.

“I’m going,” I said.

Mom lifted her head and narrowed her eyes at me.

“You didn’t even touch your food,” she said.

I smiled at her and said, “not hungry. Bye.”

I didn’t wait for her reply since I already stormed out of the house. One of our men offered to take me to school but I refused it. I enjoyed commuting, just looking out of the bus window and hearing different people talking to each other. It was a nice change of pace from our dull house.

I hurried to the nearest bus stop and waited. I took my phone out and checked my Instagram feed to stalk one of my crushes in school.

While enjoying what I was doing to pass time, a black Sedan car parked in front of me. I ignored it and continued browsing my phone, not noticing pairs of eyes looking my way.

The bus finally arrived. I boarded it, went to my usual seat and sat down. I smiled at the old woman sitting at the other side before continuing to browse my Instagram. I liked a couple of Valery’s posts, staring long and hard at the selfie she took with his younger brother, Oleg. He was a year younger than us but his body contrasted that fact. Big and firm muscles, manly face, deep voice, dashing smile, I’ve been crushing my best friends brother for a very long time, it’s getting hard not to show it. I wouldn’t be surprised if I blurt it out when we see each other aga --


My shoulders jolted upon hearing my name. Turning around, I looked who had called me and it was no other than one of the men in my fantasy, Valery’s brother.

He smiled at me, showing his set of white teeth. He stood up from his seat and walked towards me to sit down beside me.

“It’s been a while,” he said, tapping my shoulder. “You haven’t been visiting, I missed playing with you!”

My lips trembled as it curled into a smile.

“A-ah yes, hahahahaha, yeah, p-play, the uh, the…videogame!” I stuttered, turning different shades of red.

“What have you been up to?” Oleg asked, nudging my arm.

I gulped before answering, “fantasizing you,” I said in a small voice but quickly corrected it when he gave me a confused look. “I - I mean…Instagraming?”

“Oh, cool. You should come to house once in a while. I like playing with you,” he said with a wink and I couldn’t help but get drowned at those lovely blue eyes of his.

“Mhmm,” I hummed. “I like playing with you…too…”

Oleg blinked at me and had a questioning look on his face.

“Are you okay? You’re looking a bit red.”

I quickly tore my gaze away from him.

“Yeah! I’m fine, sorry ’bout that,” I said as I laughed in a dead voice. “Uhm, how’s the girlfriend…Jessica, right?”

Oleg sucked his cheeks, rubbing the back of his head.

“Janine,” he corrected. “We’re doing fine, thanks.”

I mentally slapped myself. Really, Drew, really? Why were you asking about his freaking girlfriend?!

“I see. T-that’s good, hahahahahaha.”

“I heard what happened yesterday, with Georgy,” Oleg suddenly said, looking at me. “Why’d he pick a fight with you?”

All of a sudden, I could feel my heart palpitate from his question. I felt flushed, cold sweat dripping down the side of my face as I stared at him.

“O-oh…that, it’s nothing. Just doing what boys usually do.”

Oleg shrugged it off.

“Well, if you need anything, I’m here for you, okay?”

I lowered my head and stared at my hands.

“Yes. Thank you.”

While walking to my classroom, I kept thinking that I needed to change schools again. What I have done, telling Georgy that I liked him, would definitely bring me trouble.

Getting bullied was nothing out of the ordinary but sometimes, sometimes it’s just too much for me.

I tightened my hold on my bag strap, inhaling a lungful of air before releasing it out. I stared at the front of my classroom, knowing full well that once I stepped inside of this room, it would be the end for me.

I sighed.

I’m sorry, Valery. I might have to change schools because of what I did.

Damn it.

I counted one to three before turning the knob and pushing the door to open. I stepped inside, expecting jeering looks but to my surprise, everyone was minding their own business, not even caring that a queer just stepped inside the room.

I furrowed my brows, blinking in confusion.

Well, this was new.

I walked to my desk, looking around the room and still waiting for them to throw insults but nothing happened.

I sat on my chair and put my bag down on the floor.

What in the world?


I turned to my right and saw a freakishly handsome guy sitting beside me. I was almost taken aback at how gorgeous looking he was. Right now, Oleg was looking like a damn frog compared to this guy.

Holy fuck.

He’s hot.

He’s definitely hot.

And definitely my type.

Oh my god.

“Hey…?” I greeted back.

Weird, I haven’t seen him before.

The guy that was clearly sent from heaven brushed a hand through his hair and such a simple act made me gasp.

“Sorry, I’m new here. Are the teacher always late in this class?” he asked.

Even his voice was turning me on.

Bad, Drew. Bad!

“N-no…Mrs. Copper’s always on time,” I said, staring right at those piercing blue eyes.

“Maybe she’s absent?” he said.

“Maybe?” I replied, still staring at him. I snapped out of my trance when he offered his hand to me.

“I’m Clark by the way. Clark Roman.”

I quickly took his hand and felt the hard callouses on his palm.

“D-Drew. I’m Drew Orlov. Hello,” I awkwardly said.

“It’s my first day of school. I’m a little bit…nervous,” Clark said, chuckling.

“Yeah! It’s…really hard making friends when you’re still new in school.”

“True and I don’t like Math,” he said, playfully rolling his eyes.

“Me too.”

“Where are you from?” Clark asked while he positioned his chair to fully face me. I felt intimidated at how sharp his gaze was.

It was as if he could see right through me.

“My house is near here,” I vaguely answered.

I’m still a son of a mob boss and giving a valuable information to someone I just met was crucial.

“What about you?” I asked.

“I live in an apartment not far away from here,” Clark answered.

“I see.”

When he raised his arm to adjust the sleeve of his shirt, I saw a glimpse of tattoo. I didn’t clearly see what it was but I ignored it.

I looked at my watch and sighed.

“Mrs. Copper’s probably absent. She’s never late in her class,” I informed.

“Who broke your nose?”

I was startled to hear his question.

“Excuse me?”

“Your nose, it was broken and someone fixed it,” Clark said, smiling at me. “Who broke it?”

I stared at him, furrowing my brows.

“How did you…?”

I was distracted when the door of the classroom suddenly opened. All colors in my face vanished as soon as I saw Georgy and his friends enter the room.

I quickly lowered my head in shame, silently praying that they wouldn’t see me but it seemed like God had better plans for me because the first person Georgy saw was me.

“Hey faggot!” he called out while his friends snickered behind me.

Everyone looked at me and in just a matter of seconds, I was the center of attention.

Georgy walked his way up to me, slamming his hand on my desk, making me twitch in fear.

“What’re you doing here?” he asked. “Faggots like you are not allowed here.”

I bit my lip, my shoulders trembling in pure humiliation.

Why o why am I alive today?

“T-this is my class, Geor -- ”

Before I could finish his name, Georgy had already sent his fist on my face. I stumbled on the ground, clutching my cheek in pain.

“Don’t call my name, it’s fucking gross!” he spat, kicking me down on the floor.

Some of my classmates stood up from the commotion Georgy was creating while his friends urged him to beat me up again.

“I-I’m sorry, okay?! I didn’t mean to -- ”

He kicked me on the face and it hurt so much, I began to cry.

“Do you have any idea how fucking disgusting it is to even imagine that I considered you as my friend?! All this time…you were looking at me like that,” Georgy said, leering at me.

I saw Clark comfortably sitting on his chair but in a split of second, I saw a dangerous glare coming from him. He quickly masked it away with a smile as he stood up.

“Georgy, right?” Clark asked.

Georgy’s attention shifted to Clark and I was scared that he might get involved with our…issue. I struggled to stand up but the pain was unbearable.

“Stay out of this,” Georgy threatened.

“I don’t think I can do that,” Clark replied. “You’re beating someone just because of their sexual orientation? That’s rather low, don’t you think so?”

Georgy’s glare intensified but it wasn’t working on Clark. He was just looking at him in confidence.

“I said stay out of this.”

Clark raised a brow.

“There’s nothing more repelling than scums like you,” he said through his gritted teeth. “Fucking disgusting.”

Everyone in the room was silently watching Clark and Georgy.

“Fuck you!” Georgy screamed as he raised his arm to punch Clark.

I gasped out of fear for Clark but he easily managed to deflect Georgy’s attack with just his hand. People inside the room were watching the scene unfold with wide eyes.

Clark smiled at Georgy before he twisted his arm in the most painful way possible. I cringed when I heard Georgy’s bone snapping and he howled from the pain, dropping down the floor while clutching his broken arm.

“It hurts! It hurts!” he cried out while his friends helped him.

Clark grinned at Georgy.

“If you touch him ever again, I’ll break all your bones. It won’t kill you but it’ll hurt. I know,” he said as he stepped towards me to help me up.

I was eyeing him in disbelief.


Clark looked at me and smirked.

“Let’s go to the clinic, shall we?”

Oh my god.

I think I’m in love.

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