Sold to the Mafia: The Heir

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“Where have you been?” Valery asked as soon as she saw me walking towards them.

We were now getting ready to go to the island where the ship would dock for a couple of hours. I was supposed to be excited, I’ve been looking forward to take photos in that place but somehow, I couldn’t seemed to forget Clark.

I just jacked off to him, used him to masturbate.

I flushed.

I’m so ashamed of myself!

Valery saw how red my face was and she furrowed her brows in worry.

“You okay?” she asked.

I nodded, saying, “I’m just…a little bit out of the weather.”

“You’re sick?”

“I hope not,” I answered, pouting.

Getting sick in a cruise was just lame.

I couldn’t get any lamer than this, if that’s even a term.


I heard Clark’s voice behind me and it made me shudder. He doesn’t sound like he’s happy. Quite the contrary, I’m sure he was angry.

Turning around to confirm my suspicion, I was correct.

Clark was angry.

“What did I just say?” he asked, glaring at me.

I blinked at him as I tried to remember what he was talking about.

“Huh?” I dumbly replied because I couldn’t remember anything else he said besides the insults and the hurtful words that turned me on.

Valery was quick to save me from Clark’s wrath, stepping in front of me only to back down from Clark’s intense glare. She stepped aside, glancing at me apologetically. She knew she was powerless against Clark.

“I told you to always stick with me,” he said through his gritted teeth. “You don’t want me punishing you.”

Oh my god, here it was again! That familiar thrill that I’ve been feeling ever since I discovered Clark’s real personality.

“W-w-what?! Punish?!”

My voice was high and sounded weird. Valery and Clark stared at me.

I accidentally saw Oleg walking past by and I saw an opportunity to get out of the awkward situation. I ran towards him, calling his name out loud. He faced me with a big grin on his face.

“Hey, Drew,” Oleg greeted.

“Let’s go together,” I suggested, forcing a tense smile at him.


He put an arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer as we walked through the bridge to get off of the ship. I was clutching my camera close to me while Oleg talked about random stuff. I wasn’t really listening that much since I was busy thinking about Clark.

The island was beautiful. I could already see the town at the top part of the hills, a little far away from where we were.

Oleg was excited and so am I. I already took a couple of shots while walking and because I’m a walking disaster, I tripped over a slightly elated wooden plank. Oleg didn’t even see me falling but a hand suddenly grabbed me.

I turned around and saw Clark behind me.

“O-oh, hello,” I awkwardly said. “How are you?”

Clark sighed.

“You’re such a klutz. I can’t even take my eye off of you,” he said in a stern voice.

I bit my lip. I tried not to think of anything else with what he said but it was hard.

“Yeah, sorry about that. It’s just who I am.”

“Maybe I should put a leash around your neck, huh?”

An image of myself wearing a collar and a leash appeared in my mind and it made my knees weak. Clark noticed my flustered expression and it made him smirk.

“Did you think of something erotic?” he teased.

I gaped at him, eyes wide.

“N-no! Of course not,” I retorted, blushing. “I…I don’t have that kind of interest.”

Clark raised a brow at me and said, “really? I think it’s interesting.”

I froze.


“Chains and whips,” he replied nonchalantly. “Wanna try?”

I backed away from him, my face getting warmer than usual.

“No thanks! I don’t like pain!”

Clark shrugged his shoulders and smirked at me.

“Who knows? You might like it.”

There was a cave that we could go to where we could take pictures. Valery told us that we could go in pairs since we needed to climb up the mountain where the cave was located. It wasn’t a developed tourist spot because the town folks wanted to preserve the place from being exploited by tourists. Only a few people could go in the cave and good thing our school got permission to access it.

It wasn’t an easy track to take, it was steep, muddy and dangerous. Though everyone who gets inside the cave and see the beauty of it all says that it was worth the blood and sweat.

I’m not really excited to go. First, because I don’t like extreme things such as hiking. Second, because I was paired with Clark.

Yet in spite of it all, I was quite relieved that I’m going with Clark. He was an athletic guy and hiking would be nothing to a person like him. He could help me get up the mountain to see this beautiful cave.

After the preparation, we patiently waited for each pairs to go to the cave. It takes half an hour to hike up the mountain and go to the cave. We have ten minutes to stay in the cave and get the pictures we wanted before leaving the place.

After Valery and Oleg’s turn, it was finally ours.

I was having trouble with my bag pack, filled with first-aid and survival kits. Going up the steep track, it was already hard to follow Clark who was in front of me.

But I remained silent, only grunting to myself while climbing up the rocky track.

Sweat was already dripping from my face but I ignored it. I was breathless, my feet hurts and I just felt miserable.

Why am I so weak?

I heaved a small sigh.

“Hey,” Clark called.

I looked up at him and saw that he was already at the top part. I struggled to get to where he was but unfortunately, my feet got caught from a branch and I lost my balance.

Clark was quick to grab me, pulling me up.

“God damn, you’re so helpless,” he commented.

“Sorry,” I said, scowling.

That was embarrassing.

Half an hour had passed by and I thanked all the gods after seeing a cave covered in greenery. Clark led me to it and when we entered the hole, it was truly dark.

He got his flashlight out and it illuminated the whole place. There was nothing extraordinary out of the place, it was just a normal cave.

I pouted in disappointment.

Was this it? After hearing the excitement of the other people who came first, I was expecting something grand.

We walked deeper inside the cave and when we finally got into the end, there was a narrow passage.

Clark looked at it.

“They say it’s beyond this part,” he said.

“We’re gonna squeeze our self through that?” I said in suspicion.

There was darkness beyond the gap and it was scary as hell to even imagine what goes beyond that. What if there’s scary animals or insects living inside, that would make me faint, no doubt.

Clark rolled his eyes at me.

“We’ve gone all the way here, it’ll be a waste if we don’t see what’s beyond this,” he said.

He does have a point.

We put our bags down on the ground and skidded our way through the narrow gap. I got small cuts from the sharp edges of the rocky walls but once we got out, my eyes widened.

Thousands of small, glittering lights adorned the whole place ceiling, it was as if we’re under the stars.

I held my chest. It’s too painful to look at something so marvelous.

“Wow…” I gasped, smiling as I drowned myself from the wonderful view of the glowing lights.

“Glowworms, huh?” Clark mumbled.

“It’s so pretty,” I said, mostly to myself.

They were right, this place was worth the pain.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Clark was looking at me, I could see him through my peripheral vision but I ignored him.

“Yeah, it is,” I heard Clark saying.

I snapped out of my trance.

“S-sorry,” I said.

“It’s okay.”

My heart hurts after hearing Clark’s gentle voice. I glanced at him and saw the twinkling lights reflecting on those blue orbs and it was a breathtaking sight. I got my camera, adjusted the settings and took a photo of him.

Clark turned to face me, smirking.

“Why’re you taking a picture of me?” he asked. “Shouldn’t you take pictures of this place instead?”

I stared down and thought.

Sure, this place was pretty but what made it more prettier was because I’m with the person I liked.

I smiled a little.

The feeling I have for Clark would kill me but for now, I should just enjoy it.

Valery and Oleg were waiting for us at the bottom of the mountain. Valery quickly ran to me and we talked about the glowworm cave. She showed me the pictures she took and as expected of her, it was all great shots.

“Let me see what you got,” she said.

I gulped, realizing that the only picture I took was of Clark.

“U-uh, my camera’s low bat,” I lied.

Valery pouted.

“Too bad.”

Once the Photography club was finished with our afternoon activity of visiting the cave, we all went to a restaurant in the town to eat dinner.

Valery, Oleg, Clark and I sat together in one table. Clark and I sat side by side and Oleg and Valery were sitting across.

I wanted to review the photos in my camera but I already told Valery that it’s low in battery. Clark was looking out the window with a bored expression.

His phone was on the table and it vibrated. I saw a glimpse of the name’s caller and it was Diana.

Clark grabbed it and walked out of the restaurant to answer the call. Valery and I watched him stand outside, phone on his ear as he talked to this Diana person.

I sighed.

“Who’s Diana?” I asked Valery.

It’s been bugging me who this person was and as much as I wanted to ask Clark, I couldn’t.

I’m sure she was his girlfriend.

“Ah, Diana? She’s Clark’s sister.”

I blinked at her.


Oleg scowled upon hearing Diana’s name.

“She told me she’s going to visit,” Valery informed.

“Oh, where’s she from?” I asked.

Valery cleared her throat.

“Their family lives in a far away place…no one really knows where they’re living now,” she answered.

I furrowed my brows at her.

“But aren’t your parents friends with each other?”

“Yeah but not even my parents know where they live.”

Okay, that just added to how mysterious Clark was.

I didn’t noticed that Clark already came back. He sat on his chair and I could hear him grunting in irritation. I checked his face and he wasn’t smiling.

Valery saw it too.

“What is it?”

I’m glad she asked the question I couldn’t.


“What about her?”

“She’s here.”

Valery and Oleg stared at Clark.

“What?” Oleg asked, his face warped in horror.

Clark smirked at him.

“Want to smoke? You might need it,” he teased.


We all looked at the person who called Clark’s name. There was a tall girl with brunette hair styled in huge curls, walking towards us, her black boots clacking on the hard floor. The little dress she was wearing was making all the guys turn their heads to stare at her.

Oleg’s jaw dropped.

“What the hell is she doing here?!”

I saw Isaac coming in the restaurant and it was my turn to drop my jaw in disbelief.

“What’s he doing here?!”

I didn’t get any answers when the girl ran to where we were, a huge grin on her beautiful face. She got everyone’s attention from her shrieking as she jump on Oleg. He caught her in remorse and Valery was too shocked to even react.

“Clark, Val, Ollie, I missed you all!”

Oleg pushed the girl away from him but she kept her arms around her.

“I missed you, Oleg!”

I was stunned to see how much the girl was trying hard to kiss Oleg who was pushing her away.

“Motherfu --, do something, Val!” he complained.

Valery patted the girl’s head, smiling at her.

“Behave, Diana,” she reprimanded.

So she was Diana. What’s she doing here?

Isaac stopped beside me, his hands inside his jean pockets. He was wearing a summer outfit and it’s refreshing to see him out of his uniform.

“Hey,” he said to me.

I waved a hand at him and said, “hello…? What’re you doing here? Why are you here and when did you get here?”

Isaac pulled a chair, setting it beside me before sitting down.

“Because the boss says so,” he vaguely answered.

I blinked at him, confused.

“Boss? Who’s boss?”

Clark cleared his throat when I looked at him for answers.

“What’s he doing here?” I asked him.

“I need my men to protect your ass,” he replied.

“But what’s your sister doing here?”

Clark shrugged his shoulders.

“Because she wants to see Oleg?”

I made a face, watching Diana give smooches to Oleg. It was evident that he wasn’t comfortable with Diana’s antics. Valery was just watching the two of them with an amused face.

“Hey, Diana,” Clark called, getting his sister’s attention.


“You’re not with them, aren’t you?” he carefully asked.

I could feel the strain in his voice.

Diana grinned at him.

“Nope. They’re busy.”

She finally left Oleg, sitting on the vacant chair beside Valery. When Diana finally calmed down, she eyed me and I got intimidated all of a sudden.

“Hi,” I said, greeting her first, “I’m Drew Orlov.”

She smiled.

“Hello! I’m Diana Roman, Clark’s sister.”

I sighed in relief. In spite of her vivacious personality, I was thinking she was kind of mean because she gives a somehow intimidating aura but thank god she’s nice.

“You’re the guy Clark’s protecting, right?” Diana asked.

I nodded.


She smirked at me and said, “be careful. That guy’s a -- ”


Diana stopped, her eyes moving to Clark. He’s glaring at her and she just raised her arms in surrender.

“It’s been a while since we last saw each other, big bro. We really missed you, you know. You broke dad’s heart when you decided to go to Russia.”

Valery giggled.

“That’s funny. You’re all from Russia,” she commented.

Diana pouted.

“Hey, our dad’s from New York.”

“Originally, that is.”

Oleg finally spoke and he was annoyed.

“Can we order food now, I’m starving!”

We ate dinner, with Diana and Isaac joining us. Like always, Isaac was quiet, only speaking when someone’s asking him question. As for Diana, she was energetic, bouncing from her chair whenever she was talking. I could feel Oleg was close to exploding in irritation but he managed to keep it together. It’s probably hard for him because he already had a girlfriend and having another girl flirting with you must be awkward.

They were all talking about family stuff and I couldn’t relate to it. Clark wasn’t participating much in the conversation, just staring outside the window while eating.

As for me, I was quiet like Isaac. I couldn’t join them because I don’t know anything about their family. Although I wanted to talk to Diana because she’s Clark sister and she was interesting as well, I wanted to know more about her.

We finished eating. Alyona told us that we have more time to look around town before going back to the ship at midnight to continue the cruise. Valery suggested to go to a bar to drink and everyone agreed except for me.

I was weak to alcohol and knowing what happened last time I drink, I refused their offer to go to the bar. Nevertheless, they still went, leaving me.

I watched them enter the bar. The music could be heard outside and even though it was already night, everything was bright. People were partying and I kind of envied them because they could enjoy their booze.

“Hey,” Isaac called out and I saw him walking away from the group.

“You’re not gonna drink with them?”

“Someone needs to look out for you.”

I was glad that Isaac’s with me but sad too because he couldn’t enjoy himself.

“You can go,” I said weakly. “I’m just gonna go back to the ship to sleep.”

“That’s not possible,” he answered. “Boss will kill me if I leave you alone.”

We walked back to the ship while talking.

“Why do you call Clark boss?”

Isaac shrugged.

“It’s kind of a habit.”

“A habit?”


“I see. Is he like your supervisor?”

“Something like that.”

I nodded.


I was bothered with Isaac getting left out.

“You know you can really leave me. I’m just gonna sleep anyway,” I said, convincing him to leave me so that he could enjoy himself with the others.

Isaac shook his head.

“After what happened to you, I don’t think I can leave you alone.”

I confounded with what he said.


He closed the gap between us and it was as if he’s going to kiss me.

“I can’t take my eyes off of you, Drew,” Isaac said, holding my arm and pulling me even closer to him.

I gulped, feeling his breath on me. He smelled really nice and for some reason, I felt my face warmed.

“B-because…you’re my bodyguard, right?!” I said, getting out from Isaac’s grasp.

He smirked at me.

“Figure that out yourself.”

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