Sold to the Mafia: The Heir

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Clark and I stared for the longest time and it was me who broke it. I pushed him away, got up and walked back to the bedroom to get my things.


“Hurt me more. That’s an order.”

What the hell am I thinking?! Why did tell Clark something as outrageous as that?! Everything’s ruined, everything!

He’s going to think I’m a freak and he’s going to hate me even more and he’s going to --

Clark tugged me back to the couch and I ended up falling on top of his lap. Arms snaking around my waist, I could feel him breathing in my ear.

“By any chance,” he started, “are you a masochist?”

My eyes widened, my heart skipped a beat and my whole body shuddered. I struggled to get out of his grasp but it was hopeless, Clark was stronger than me.

Tears were about to drop from my eyes. Could I get even more humiliated than this? To be told by the person you like that you’re a masochist, a person who enjoys pain for pleasure, it’s too shameful for someone like me.

“L-let me go!” I cried out, stomping his foot to let me go.

Unfortunately, that didn’t faze him. His arms tightened around my waist and it was getting harder to breathe.


“You ordered me to hurt you more, didn’t you?”


With ease, he managed to flip me over, positioning me so that I would lie on top of his lap. He grabbed my waist up and I gasped out loud when Clark harshly pulled my pants off. My butt was exposed and it made me super uncomfortable to be seen like this.

“Clark, w-what’re you doing?!”

His cold and rough hand caressed my ass cheek, teasing me so that I would tremble against him.

“N-no, please! Don’t…!”

Clark hit me so hard on the ass that I cried out so loud, I’m sure the whole building would have heard my scream.


The pain spread all over my ass, burning my skin. Another slap on ass but this time, it’s on the other cheek, balancing the pain I’m feeling.

“No! No! Aaaaah!”

Clark continued spanking me, like I’m a kid that was getting punished for being naughty. This was so degrading but I couldn’t resist being turned on from being spanked. I was crying, grunting, moaning from the endless pain Clark was giving me. There’s no sign of Clark stopping and I got scared, thinking that I might be bleeding down there from being hit too much.

“Clark…Clark please, ah!”

I was reaching out for something, anything to grab on to. Every time Clark hits me, my cock gets even harder. I was crying and drooling and it’s so embarrassing, I could die.

“Please…please…stop…ah! Ah!”

The pain was sending an electric-kind of jolt right through my groin and every time he slaps my ass, the growing pleasure I’m feeling gets intensified.

If Clark continues this, I’m sure I’m going to --

I’m going to --

With the last slap on my ass, I climaxed all over the floor, screaming Clark’s name.

By now, I’m sure my face was red as a tomato from what Clark was doing to me. My butt was searing and it hurts so much, it’s making me crazy. My loud cries turned into whines, my voice hoarse and rugged.

I almost fell but Clark quickly pulled me up, careful not to touch my sore ass cheeks. He wiped my tears away, smiling tenderly at me.

“You came just from being spanked?”

I was too tired to even defend myself.

“You’re really something, boss.”

I didn’t paid any attention to what he said. For all I know, I just wanted to sleep.

“ -- fer to Hiro’s account. He still doesn’t know I’m working for the Orlov.”

I woke up hearing faint voices in a distant. When I opened my eyes, I was sleeping face down on the bed. The first thing I felt was the sting in my ass. My hips hurt as well. I don’t think I could get up at this state.

“You’re awake?”

I looked to the right and saw Clark standing near the window with a phone in his hand. He was wearing a black tank top and gray sweat pants, looking as marvelous as ever.

“I’m…I’m hungry,” I said in a timid voice.

Clark smiled.

“Let’s go eat breakfast then we’ll go visit Valery.”

I perked up hearing Valery’s name.


I struggled to get up. The lower part of my body was sore just because Clark spanked me. How strong was this guy even? I’m sure he could kill someone with his bare hands, it wouldn’t surprise me, honestly.

“I readied the bath for you.”

I was stunned that Clark would something as considerate as preparing the bath for me. I mean, sure, it’s nothing special but for me who obviously liked him, this was everything.

“T-thanks,” I said, rubbing the back of my head.

Clark noticed my blushing face and he smirked.

“Wanna go together?”

My eyes widened at him and he let out a sarcastic laugh.

“Go before I change my mind.”

I didn’t understand what he meant by that. He had a scorned look on his face but it vanished as soon as I saw it. I nodded my head at him and turned to where the bathroom was. His room had one and I was guessing this was the bathroom he wanted me to use.

Entering the room, I immediately smelled the same scent I could always smell when I was with Clark. Warmth filled my body and I couldn’t resist smiling.

I closed the door behind me and walked to the tub. I could feel the heat of the water. I began taking my clothes off, hissing at the pain from my ass.

There was a huge mirror facing the tub, letting me see my exposed body. I grimaced at the reflection of myself. I looked horrible.

Turning half-way around, I stared at my butt.

It was totally red.

This was embarrassing.

Not only did I come just from being spanked, my butt looked like it sat on something really hot --

Realization dawned upon me and I almost jumped out of the building.

Clark cleaned me off last night!

I woke up wearing new clothes and feeling fresh and clean in my undies. That only means Clark changed my clothes for me and cleaned my cum off of me.

Was this for real?!

How am I going to face Clark now?!

I took a quick shower, scrubbing the same soap Clark was using all over my body.

I couldn’t believe that I came from being spanked?! How much a masochist am I?!

After I soaked in the tub for twenty minutes or so, I got out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist.

There were clothes neatly folded on the bed. Clark was nowhere to be found. I assumed he was in the kitchen to eat breakfast so I went my way to put on clothes.

I screamed as the door swung open. Clark revealed himself, blinking at me with an amused expression.

“What?” he nonchalantly asked to why I was screaming as if I’ve seen a ghost.

“Let me finish putting clothes on!” I scolded at him with a shaking voice but Clark dismissed it.

Walking towards me, he pushed me back on the bed. I gasped at the sudden action, confused to why he was doing.

“W-what is it?!”

He pulled the boxers he lent me, exposing my behind.

“Stay still,” he snapped.

I stopped thrashing against him.

“What are you going to do?” I asked nervously.

Clark lifted my hips. I hissed when he caressed my stinging ass cheeks.

“Your ass is so red,” he commented.

I pouted.

“I…I can’t do anything about that,” I mumbled.

Clark smeared something on my ass and it had a menthol whiff in it. It felt cold and the moment it touched my skin, the soreness began to cool off.

“W-what is it?”

“An ointment. My dad made this,” Clark shortly answered.

“Your dad?”

The chemist one?

After putting the ointment on me, Clark pulled me up so that I could stand up. He put my boxers on and I was ashamed to be treated like I’m a kid.

“I can dress myself,” I said.

Clark only smirked at me.

“Hurry it up. We can eat breakfast on our way to Valery’s.”


It was Sunday and there were a lot of people in the street, enjoying their weekend. Clark drove us to Valery’s house to visit her. I was anxious to see her because I’m blaming myself for what happened to her.

I didn’t know what I would say to her. What if she hates me now?

I don’t wanna lose my best friend.

I intertwined my fingers together. Valery’s the only person who understands me and to be hated by her, it scared me.

I remained frozen on the passenger seat while Clark was quietly driving. There was no music to lighten the mood between the two of us and as each second passed by, the air was getting heavier and heavier.

At the side of my eyes, I could see Clark. I tried not to focus on his lips, the lips that I kissed last night, because I would definitely lose my mind.

That was my first kiss too!

Ugh, I’m so embarrassed.

I snapped my head away from Clark to stare outside the window. If I continue staring at him at the corner of my eye, I wasn’t sure what I would do.

Minutes later, Clark parked the car in front of Valery’s house. I’ve been here a couple of times to hang out with Valery and Oleg but never did I see their parents.

A gray Audi car was parked right outside their house.

Clark and I got out of the car. I was feeling tensed it’s like I’m going to barf. Nevertheless, I held it in.

I was preparing myself before knocking on the door but Clark just entered their house without even knocking. I gaped at him in disbelief.

He looked back at me, raising a brow.



We got inside the house. Their house remained the same which calmed me down a little bit. There was no one in the first floor. I reckoned everyone was in the second floor which the bedrooms were located.

I was proven wrong when Alexandra got out of the kitchen, wearing a yellow dress with an apron.

“Hey!” she cheerfully greeted. “Perfect timing! I just finished cooking lunch.”

My stomach churned. I was already full because we already ate breakfast but I didn’t had the heart to reject her kind offer.

Alexandra looked at me and there was a radiant smile on her beautiful face.

“Hi, Drew! Valery wants to see you but she’s still recuperating. I’m glad you came to visit her.”

I smiled a little.

“I’m…I’m sorry…again for what happened to your daughter.”

Alexandra giggled.

“I told you, it’s fine! Valery’s in her room obviously,” she informed.

Clark jerked his head to the stairs, telling me to go on without him. I nodded and went upstairs, leaving Alexandra and Clark together.

“You’re not a cripple, you can get your damn apple!”

Oleg barged out of Valery’s room and stomped inside his own room. He was so angry that he didn’t even saw me coming up.

“You’re a useless brother!”

I shyly peeked at Valery’s door.

“Hi, Valery,” I greeted while waving at her.

Valery was lying down on her bed, a phone in her hand while wearing a pink pajama with strawberry design.

She gaped at me.


I watched her jumped out of her bed to run towards me and hug me tight.

“I’m so glad you’re alright!”

I was speechless at first. I wasn’t sure why she was hugging me and telling me that she’s glad I’m fine when she was the one who got kidnapped and hurt.

She pushed me back, grabbing both my shoulders to stare right into my eyes.

“They didn’t hurt you, did they?!”

I furrowed my brows at her.

“T-they didn’t! Forget about me! You were the one who got hurt!”

Valery brushed me off, smiling smugly at me.

“It was nothing! A couple of punches, pssssh, not enough to kill me!”

I was staring at her. I had an unexplainable expression right now and Valery just laughed at me.

“I told you, I’m fine now, Drew,” she said, hugging me back again. “Thanks for coming and saving me. I know you were scared but you still came for me.”

When Valery said that, tears just dropped and I sobbed in front of her like a kid. She continued comforting me, laughing and wiping my tears away.

“Clark told me everything. You punished the one who did it to me, right?”

I nodded.

“Thanks, Drew.”

I sat on the chair with Valery and Clark each by my side at the dining table. Maxim was in front of me and even though I’m not looking at him, I could feel his glare.

Alexandra put the last plate on the table.

“Eat up!”

We began eating and they talked about random stuff. Alexandra was the one leading the conversation, with Oleg and Valery participating in it. Maxim, Clark and I were all quiet, eating our food. I couldn’t lift my head up. I was just staring at the plate in front of me.

“Dad, will you stop glaring at Drew!” Valery scolded.

Maxim raised a brow at her.


“Because it’s not his fault that I got injured, okay?”

Alexandra nodded.

“Don’t blame the kid too much, dear.”

“Fine,” Maxim said in an annoyed voice.

“Besides he resembles Lucas! You like him, right?”

I saw Clark rolling his eyes but never said anything.

“In what way does he resemble Lucas?” Maxim asked in amusement.

Alexandra thought for a moment.

“Hmmm, I don’t know. The eyes, maybe?”

“Who’s Lucas?” I asked.

“Someone who’s dead,” Clark answered.

I paled.

“O-oh, I’m sorry.”

Valery pulled my sleeve to make me look at her.

“We still have to go to the cake shop I mentioned before,” she said.

Maxim narrowed his eyes at Valery.

“You can’t,” he said.

Valery pouted at her father.

“I’m not a cripple, dad! I can go to the macaroon shop myself!”

Oleg had a horrified expression on his face.

“That’s what I just said!”

Valery winked at him.

“I know!”

They began bickering. I couldn’t help but smile in admiration. I never had any interaction like this back at my house. When mom and dad were eating with me, I just couldn’t enjoy myself with them like this.

Clark put the spoon down.

“Drew can’t come with you,” he suddenly said, ending the discussion between Valery and Oleg.

“And why not?” Valery asked.

She sounded annoyed.

“We’re going somewhere else.”

My cheeks got hot and I’m sure Maxim and Alexandra saw the change of my skin color.

“Where are you going?! I wanna go!”

Clark smirked at her.

“Aren’t you supposed to be recovering?”

“Agh! I hate you so much, Clark!”

“Is it really okay to leave Valery?”

Clark and I were back at his car, driving to some place. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going. I was thinking that Clark’s gonna train me some more and as much as I hated doing that, I had no choice.

“She needs to rest. It’ll take a week for her to heal her wounds,” Clark said.

I scowled.

Even if Valery kept telling that she’s alright, I knew she wasn’t. Those guys who beat her up dealt a lot of damage to her body.

“Maxim’s using my dad’s medicine to get Valery heal faster.”

“O-oh, is that so?”

I smiled a little bit.

“Your dad sounds amazing.”

Clark snorted.

“Not really. He’s a scary bastard.”

“Scarier than you?”

He didn’t answer.

“Where are we going again?”

Clark turned to the right and I immediately recognized the street.

“Wait…are we going to the mall?”



“Because I need to buy something.”


It’s been a long time since I went to the mall. Sure, Valery and I hang out a lot but we only go to restaurants and cake shops to eat after school. I don’t have a lot of friends and so every weekend, I would spend it by locking myself in my room.

This specific mall was catered for elite people and so there were only a few people walking around, looking for something to spend their money with. I’m not fond of extravagant things even though my dad and mom were.

I was so out of place, wearing a simple sweater and jeans. Clark on the other hand was obviously rocking his outfit. Everyone’s looking at him, turning their heads to stare at him a bit more.

He was like a model out of a magazine. It’s intimidating to walk to someone like Clark.

“Hey,” Clark called, “hurry up.”

I fastened my pace so that I could catch up to him. He walked really fast and it’s tiring to keep up with him.

“We need to build your stamina,” Clark commented.

I made a face.

I hated exercise, if that’s what he’s implying.

“What’re we gonna buy here anyway?”


“What? Clothes? For you?”

“No. Clothes for you.”

I stopped walking.

“Huh? What for?”

Clark stopped as well, his hands inside his coat pockets.

“Because we’re going to attend a gathering tonight.”

We stared at each other for the longest time.

“What?!” I finally exclaimed, ignoring the unpleasant looks from the passerby’s.

“Your father is still in Italy so he can’t attend the gathering. You’ll have to fill in for him,” Clark said.

He resumed walking and I quickly followed him.

“Can’t you at least give me a heads-up like I don’t know, 2 days early notice for things like this?” I complained.

One thing I hated even more than exercising was attending stupid gatherings in the Mafia. I already attended once and I got scared seeing big, buff men sitting on a round table and discussing things I couldn’t apprehend.

Clark didn’t try defending himself. I watched him go inside an expensive clothes shop for tuxedos and suits. A woman was quick to welcome him, smiling brightly at Clark. I hid my look of disgust from her. One thing I hated most than attending meetings were people giving Clark the he’s-so-cool-I-wanna-be-his-boyfriend look.

“Are you looking for something in particular?” the woman asked in the most fake girly voice I have ever heard.

Clark pointed at me with his thumb.

“Make that guy look presentable.”

An hour of my life got wasted by going through dozens and dozens of suits that all looked the same to me. The woman, whose name was Alisa, went crazy dressing me up. Clark was just sitting on the sofa couch and was busy with his phone talking to whoever was in the other line. In the end, he purchased me five different kind of suits which costs over 120,000 rubles.

I was impressed when Clark bought it with his premium credit card, which I haven’t seen before considering how cheapskate my dad was to me.

I thanked the woman who was overjoyed with our purchase. We moved next to a shoe store and when I saw the price, ranging from 17,000 rubles to 100,000 rubles, I was devastated.

As expected, a man who was the attendee of the store, came up to us to assist. He was overly polite with Clark, informing him the best shoes of their store. I don’t know anything about shoes. Only rubber shoes because that’s what I wear most of the time.

There were pointed leather shoes, loafers and a whole lot of other kinds.

“Pick,” Clark said, ignoring the man who was trying his best to entertain him.


“I said pick.”

I looked at the shelf and thought for a moment.

“...I…I don’t know. You pick,” I said back.

Clark stared at me.


He went through the shelf, browsing the shoes from left to right. Finally, he picked one. It was a black leather Oxford shoes that seemed to be in my size.

“Sit down,” he ordered.

I sat on the couch. My heart started beating fast when Clark half-knelt in front of me. He took my shoes and peeled my socks off, revealing my foot.

“...I can put it on,” I said in a small voice.

Clark ignored my request. He did the same to my other foot. I could sense the man attending to us watching but right now, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Clark.

I watched him with an intense gaze as he put the shoes he chose on my feet. His hands were gentle, as if I’m something fragile.

I pursed my lips. Why do I feel my heart squeezing painfully at something as trivial as this. He’s just putting shoes on me, what’s the big deal with that.

I’m such an idiot.

Of course I knew what the answer was.

It’s because I love this man.

And to do something as intimate as this, it’s nerve-wracking.

Out of the blue, I put my arms around his head, pulling him close to hug him. His body got stiff but he lets me hug him.

I love him so much.

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