Sold to the Mafia: The Heir

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Clark knelt in front of me.

“Lift your foot,” he ordered.

I did what I was told, slipping into the pants he was holding. He stood up and pulled my pants along with him as he securely tucked it in my hips to prevent it from falling. I fought hard not to get erection with what Clark was doing. I know it’s nothing but trivial stuff but to me, with Clark acting as intimate as this, I couldn’t stop wishing for more.

Even though this was as far as we could get, I wanted him all for myself.

Ugh, I’m such an idiot.

Loving Clark would break my heart but I couldn’t stop.

Really, I’m an idiot.

After getting dressed, I went to the mirror to check what I looked like and I grimaced after finding out that my face was a complete mess. Never mind my expensive clothes if my face looked like I got mugged or something.

I looked horrible.

Dark bags under my dead eyes, pale and dry skin, chapped lips, ugh, have I always looked this ugly?

Clark saw the disgusted face I made in front of the mirror and asked, “what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” I said, wetting my lips with my tongue. I turned to Clark and smiled weakly, “are we ready to go?”

He stared at me for a few seconds before nodding his head in response.

“Yeah, let’s go.”

I followed Clark outside of my room and like always, Isaac and another big guy that I always see around but didn’t know his name, were standing outside, waiting for us to finished.

Isaac smiled when he saw me.

“Are you ready to go?”


We got inside the Lexus car parked in front of the house, with three other cars behind it. There were big guys roaming around the place and no matter how many times I see them, I couldn’t get used to the idea that I’m being protected extensively because of who my father was.

The big guy opened the door for me and when I glanced at his face, I got scared because of how intense it was. His eyes were piercing, as if he was ready to kill anyone right at this moment.

I quickly got inside the car, almost throwing myself because I wanted to end this thing, go back home and sleep on my nice bed.

But of course life couldn’t be that easy, right?

Clark got inside the car as well, sitting next to me while Isaac sat on the drivers seat and the scary, big guy sat beside him. It’s the first time he’s going to come with us and I’m not sure why.

I turned to Clark and asked, “where are we going again?”

“Gold Tower,” he replied, uninterested in continuing the conversation I’m starting.

I looked out the window and thought.

Wasn’t Gold Tower a five-star hotel owned by someone who I think was a controversial man? He was once featured in the news because he got exposed in running illegal gambling in the hotel.

I forgot his name, damn it.

I wonder what’re we gonna do there? Attend a meeting? A party? An event?

Nevertheless, I’m not stoked to see anyone in the Mafia anymore. Acting like I’m a person who do bad things was perturbing. Never in life did I want to hurt someone just for the sake of money and power.

Isaac drove us to the Gold Tower and it was silent as hell in the car. There was no music playing in the background, making it even more awkward.

We arrived shortly in the our destination. Isaac parked the car in the basement parking lot, together with three other cars that acted as our convoy.

I was about to get out of the car but Clark pulled my hand to stop me from leaving. I turned my head to look at him.

“What is it?” I asked as I raised a questioning brow at him.

“Don’t you ever leave my side, understand?”

I gulped, slowly nodding.

I mean, of course, he wouldn’t like the idea of me leaving his side since he was supposed to my bodyguard and he’s supposed to protect me no matter what happens because I’m his responsibility and he’s getting loads of money for doing this.

I felt a pang in my heart and I quietly scolded myself for contemplating this stuff about Clark and my attraction for him.

“Y-yeah, I understand,” I solemnly answered, feebly smiling at Clark.

We got out of the car and I was escorted by Isaac and Clark to the basement elevator to get to wherever we’re supposed to be going. The other guards that came with us were scattered all over the place, probably to secure it just in case something bad happens.

I quietly stood behind Clark and Isaac.

Arriving at the 50th floor of the Gold Tower, we exited the elevator and my jaw dropped in astonishment when I saw the long corridor painted in gold. Everything was shining bright, the golden chandeliers above and red carpet below that matched the accents.

Now I know where they got the name of the tower.

From afar, I could see five men guarding a door at the right side of the corridor. They were all wearing black suits with earpieces attached in their ears. They saw us walking towards them and they straightened their backs and bowed their heads as a sign of greeting.

Clark ignored them. He faced me and I got nervous when I realized he was looking at me with a serious expression.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Just do everything I say,” he whispered in my ear.

“Okay, that’s what I always do,” I said but it came out sarcastically.

I noticed Isaac’s face got tense and Clark only raised his brow in amusement.

One of the guards opened the heavy, wooden door. The inside of the room was dark but when we got inside, I realized that there was a stage in the middle, with a single spotlight on the ceiling. There were velvet couches surrounding the stage and I got curious what we’re gonna do tonight.

I looked around to observe more and five men were sitting on the couches, some with women dressed in nice gowns while the others were with their body guards. The smell of the smoke coming from their tobacco’s hit my nose, making me grimace.

A woman in black, leather suit that exposed most of her private parts neared us and I quickly averted my eyes when I saw her outfit.

“Good evening, gentlemen,” she greeted, her voice deep and dry.

The lady escorted us to a vacant couch, a little far away from the others. Before leaving, she gave me a remote control with a single red button. I looked at it, silently questioning myself what was the thing she handed me.

I sat down alone on the couch while Clark and Isaac stood behind me.

Turning around, I asked Clark, “what are we doing here?”

“You’re gonna purchase someone,” he answered.

I blinked at him.


Purchase someone?

“What are you talking about?”

Isaac eyed me.

“This is a human auction, boss,” he said.

My eyes widened in shock, my jaw dropping.


Clark’s glare stopped me from bursting out in panic. I kept sitting on the couch, body twisted around to talk to two of them.

“What am I doing here?!” I half-screamed, half-whispered, “why did you bring me here?!”

“Because you are going to buy someone you think you like and you’re going to make them a slave,” Clark nonchalantly answered.

I gaped at him in disbelief.

“What in the world?!”

I couldn’t stop panicking and I could feel some of the people in the room were giving me weird glances.

Clark smiled, leaning over on the couch to say, “just do what I say, Drew. Pick a damn woman or a man and I’m going to teach you how to brainwash and make them as your fucking slave,” he said through his gritted teeth, his smile never leaving his face.

I was out of words, just staring at Clark.

I’m well aware of how human trafficking knows. It’s one of my dad’s business and I’m not ignorant to that kind of things but to see a person, an actual human being, being sold like animals and make them into some kind of pets, was disturbing as hell.

I silently glared at Clark. I couldn’t believe he didn’t tell me beforehand that this was the kind of event that I needed to go to.

I would have done everything I could to get away before this situation happened.

“Now settle down on your seat and watch the show, boss,” Clark mumbled, his voice so close to my ear and I shuddered when his breath hits it, “I’ll give you a reward if you what I tell you to do.”

As much as I hated it, I sat properly on the couch, anxiously waiting for the auction to start. A jazz music played in the room and minutes later, a couple of women wearing leather suits similar to the woman who escorted us inside came out of the back stage. They were carrying trays filled with drinks poured in fancy glasses.

They roamed around the room, offering their guests refreshments. When one came to me, I politely declined her and she only smirked at me before walking away to entertain the others.

I was sweating and was getting uneasy from waiting. This was so wrong. Why do people do this? To rob someone off of their freedom just to use them for their own pleasure, it’s so wrong. (A/N: *ahem*) Were these people right in the head?

I had so many questions. I glanced back at Clark, standing behind me with both his hands behind his back. I saw him looking around the place but when he noticed I was looking at him, he blinked.


I pouted.


I returned my gaze back to the front. I tried not to hyperventilate from what’s going to happen but before I could do that, a man spoke beside me. I snapped my head towards his direction, startled that he suddenly appeared without me seeing him through my peripheral vision.

He was a tall man with sharp and intense blue eyes, pointed nose, thin lips and pale skin. He was wearing a black suit and tie, hands inside his pockets while looking at me with a smile.

I wasn’t sure why but I felt something dangerous with this guy.

I mean everyone’s dangerous in this place but this man was in different league.

“It’s been a while since I last saw you, Drew Orlov.”

His voice was deep, hoarse and he spoke in a gentle tone.

“Sorry?” I said, blinking at him in pure confusion, “I’m not exactly sure who…”

His eyes smiled and it for a split second, I saw something mischievous, something sinister in those blue eyes and it was really similar to how Clark was when I first met him.

“Of course you don’t remember me, it’s been years. I’m a close friend of your parents,” he said.

He took out something from the inside of his coat. It was a business card and he stretched out his arm to hand it to me.

“Here,” the man said and I took the card to read it, “I wish we can talk more, Drew. I’m really interested in doing business with you.”

I read the card and the name says John Kilmer. I lifted my head back to the man, whose name was John.

“Ah, t-thank you,” I nervously said.

What am I supposed to reply when someone said that to me, I don’t know but I just politely smiled at John.

He smiled but it didn’t reached his eyes.

“You’re very welcome, Drew.”

Before leaving and getting back to his spot, John curtly nodded at Clark who only looked at him with blank eyes. I watched him walk away and when he was far away, I turned to Clark.

“Do you know that guy?”


I looked at Isaac to ask the same thing but the spot light suddenly turned off and a man began to talk through the speakers, greeting us a good evening and thanking the guests for coming. I settled down on my seat, feeling anxious again.

I immediately forgot about John Kilmer when the spot light turned on again and there was now a woman, fully naked, standing in the middle of the stage. She was wobbling on her feet but for some reason, she stayed standing up. Her blonde, long hair was tied in a bun and there was a collar wrapped around her neck. Her eyes were hazed, as if she was high from drugs or something, her lips were pale and chapped.

There was a number hanging in the collar of her neck. Men began to place their bets and the numbers flashing on the screen behind her increased as each seconds passed by. It started from 500,000 rubles until someone bought her for the price of 800,000 rubles.

Everyone clapped, as if buying a person was nothing out of the ordinary. I was the only one who didn’t place any bets and I had no intention of doing so.

The spot light got turned off again and a minute or so, it came back and another woman was now standing on the stage. Like the previous lady, she was naked as well, a number hanging from the collar she was wearing around her neck. She seemed out of it too and it pained me to see someone like this.

I couldn’t bring myself to look at her.

This was all wrong.

Why would they do this to innocent people?

I tried to black out the voices I was hearing in my ears. They were fighting to buy the woman with endless money and it was sickening.

They’re all sick.

How could they do this?

Because they have money?

Because they have no conscience?

Because they’re not humans?

I tried thinking of an answer until the auction came to an end. The whole time I kept my head low, refusing to look at anyone in this room.

“Aren’t you gonna buy, Drew?” Clark asked behind me.

I glared at him and barked, “no!”

“I’m sure you’re going to like the last one,” he said, smirking at me.


Now, for the last item for this night,” the man speaking through the speakers said and I could hear people chattered in excitement for some reason.

Since I was keeping my head low the entire time, when I raised my head to see what was happening, I got blinded by the bright light. After my sight adjusted from the brightness, I gasped out loud when I realized who was the last person to be auctioned.


He was naked like the rest of the people that were sold and there’s also a collar in his neck. His eyes were unfocused, tired and he was standing in the middle of the stage like a scared, little kid that doesn’t know what was happening. I could see his body trembling but more so, it was covered in scars, as if he was slashed with knives. He was thinner when I last saw him and the hard muscles I used to love when I was still into him were now gone.

I was beyond speechless.

How in the hell did he end up in this? I know he’s been absent ever since Clark beat him up and --

Realization dawned upon me.

Clark, this was his doing.

Cold sweat dripped down from my forehead. I slowly turned around to see Clark and he was smiling at me.

“I told you, didn’t I?”

People began betting for Georgy and the battle was intense as hundreds of thousands of money appeared in the screen to buy him.

I held the remote control in my fingers and before I knew it, I pressed the button.

We have 1 million rubles in the room,” the man announced and I heard some people reacted at the money I bid.

I was sweating like crazy but I was ready to increase the money as long as I could take back Georgy.

Anyone else? We’re going once…,” the man said, patiently waiting for someone else to bid while I silently prayed no one would, “…going twice…then we have a winner. Congratulations to the young gentleman who bought item 15 for 1 million rubles.

I couldn’t hear what the man was saying anymore. I kept staring at Georgy and I felt really bad that he had to go through this horrible situation.

I wanted to run to him and tell him that I was sorry but I remained frozen on the seat, to shock to even comprehend what happened tonight.

After the auction, the man hosting it requested the people who purchased their items to stay to claim what we had bought.

I wasn’t sure how I’m going to pay a million rubles but of course, Clark had already covered for the money, as if he was anticipating it.

Because I bought Georgy who was last in the line up, we were told to stay later than the others to claim him. While waiting, I couldn’t stop glaring at Clark who was oblivious to what I’m feeling.

“Pay in cash,” he told Isaac who obediently nodded his head before taking his phone out to call someone who was probably holding the group’s money. When he left the room to talk to his phone, I was finally given the opportunity to lash out at Clark.

“You asshole!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

I was thankful we were the only ones remaining in the room.

“What did I do?” he innocently asked but I could tell that he was teasing me.

“You’re the reason why Georgy is here, right?! What did you do to him?!”

It’s the first time I probably yelled at Clark but for some reason, I’m not getting intimidated or scared of him. Maybe because of my anger but whatever it was, I’m thankful that I could get angry at Clark.

“Why are you getting angry?”

“Because this is not right! He’s not supposed to be here!”

“Like everyone else in the auction?” Clark sarcastically retorted. “Not just because you know him doesn’t mean he’s exempted.”

I stepped closer to Clark to scream at his face.

“How can you do this to me?! I know you know that Georgy’s going to be auctioned! Is this what you wanted?! For me to see someone I once liked to be subjected in this kind of humiliation?! Is this supposed to be your revenge?! Did my father or anyone else paid you to do this?!”

Clark stayed quiet and was just watching me with those piercing eyes of his.

“Why are you doing this to me?!” I finally asked, not even realizing that I was already crying in front of him.

The anxiety that I kept bottled up finally detonated and it was like a bomb that exploded out of frustration. I’m so pissed off at Clark for bringing me to this event, without telling me before we got here.

“Did you forget what that bastard did to you, Drew?”

One simple question that made me shut up.

“Are you expecting that I have some kind of conscience to someone who had hurt you?”

I don’t understand what he was saying and all I could do was to gape at him.

Clark smirked at me and asked, “do you know what I did to him, Drew? I made sure he won’t be walking for weeks. I was so close to killing that fucking idiot but I know I can still use him.”


“You told me that you want him to disappear, right?”

My eyes widened at Clark. He walked towards me to close the gap between the two of us but I backed away from him. I hit the wall behind me and Clark trapped me in between his arms, leaning close to whisper in my ear.

“I won’t allow anyone to hurt what belongs to me, Drew. I’m the only one authorize to do that.”

My skin prickled in fear as I stared at the man who got me completely by the leash. He reached out to touch my face, wiping my tears with his thumb.

“Remember this, you’re mine and you can never get away from me.”

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