Sold to the Mafia: The Heir

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Clark was pulling me, dragging me back to the car. I was resisting against his hold but he was too damn strong.

“L-let go of me, Clark!”

Isaac was waiting by the vehicle, his face emotionless. He opened the back door of the car and Clark forced me to get inside.

I bumped my head against the roof and I hissed from the pain.

Clark followed soon, slamming the door close. I saw Isaac going around the other side of the car to get inside but before he could, I tried to get out but Clark yanked me away from the door.

“Let go!” I ordered but his glare made me shiver in fear.

“If you won’t behave, I swear to God I’m going to tie you, Drew,” he threatened, his hand tightening around my neck.

I didn’t know what kind of entity possessed me to do it but I kicked Clark off of me. But it was futile, he easily evaded it and I gasped out loud when he caught my leg.

“No! Let…go!”

I struggled to get out but a loud slap on my cheek stopped me from fighting against Clark. It hurt so bad that I cried again from the intensity of the pain.

Clark squeezed my cheeks, pushing me back down on the car seat. His glare was enough to make me whine like a defeated puppy.

I heard Isaac boarding the car and I gathered all my strength to reach out for him.


Clark forced me to look straight at him and I was feeling so scared.

“Do you still have feelings for that asshole?” he asked, his hand trembling in anger.


“Then why are you feeling guilty, boss? You’re angry with him too, right? Because he humiliated you, insulted you, made fun of you, hurt you, so why the fuck are you feeling sorry for someone like him?” Clark asked, bombarding me with questions.

I didn’t know what to answer him.

Even though I hated what Georgy did to me, it wasn’t enough for me to ruin his life.

“P-please…please…release him…Clark,” I begged, holding Clark’s stiff arm, “…please...I’m…”

Clark narrowed his eyes and he was definitely not happy with my request. With his other hand, he pulled his tie off.

“It seems like I have to make you understand how a Mafia boss will do if someone dare to cross him,” Clark said through his gritted teeth.

He pulled both of my hands, wrapping his necktie around my wrists.

“What…what are you doing?!”

Clark turned to Isaac and said, “go back to the HQ. Tell Tino to bring the punk in the basement. I’m going to teach our boss a lesson.”

“I understand.”

“Before I forget, call Veron. I want him to come as well.”

We arrived at a place I’m not familiar with. The car parked in front of what seemed like a forest, with chain-link fences surrounding it. There was a no trespassing sign hanged in front of the gate and four men were guarding it, all wearing casual clothes.

Clark got out of the car but I didn’t. Isaac looked at me through the rear mirror but didn’t say anything.

“Get out,” Clark said but I ignored him.

I wanted to go home and until we’re going to, I’m not gonna leave the car. What Clark did tonight was unacceptable. To drag an innocent person, especially someone who I knew, was out of the line and I’m not having it.

I was suddenly pulled out by Clark out of the car. I resisted against him but he only threw me on his shoulder.

“No! Let go, Clark!”

I heard the door closing behind us as Clark carry me inside the creepy forest.

“No! I don’t want…let go!”

My screaming was echoing throughout the place and it made it more scary for me. I’m in a place where no other human being was alive except for Clark and his wrath. All the men working for the Orlov were obviously following Clark’s every order and even I couldn’t count on Isaac to save me.

With my tied hands, I was hitting Clark’s back.

“Boss,” a man who I couldn’t see, called, “we readied the basement. Veron just arrived.”

“Good. Secure the place.”


Heavy footsteps walked away from us but I didn’t know where they were going. Someone opened a door and it sounded like it was made of metal.

Then I only realized that Clark was bringing us down to an underground place, where every walls seemed like they were soundproof. The smell of musky air hit my nose and after going down a long set of stairs, Clark stopped.

“Good evening, boss,” a man greeted and I mentally asked myself how many people did Clark brought here.

What even was this place?

Another heavy, metal door opened. The creaking echoed and I cringed as I heard it.

“Boss!” a guy with a high-pitched voice exclaimed, “I’ve been dying to see you again!”

Clark didn’t put me down while he talked to the guy whose face I couldn’t see.

“Clark!” I barked in pure agony, “bring me down, please!”

He ignored me and continued talking to the man.

“Ah, are you gonna give me something delicious to break again?”

“Yeah,” Clark replied and I could see in my mind his evil smirk, “I want a good show, Veron. The little boss is here.”

“Of course!”

The guy who was Veron walked around Clark to inspect me. I jolted after seeing his face. He was big man and the voice I just heard a moment ago definitely didn’t belong to him.

“So this is the little boss, huh?” he said, grinning at me.

Veron had a smile that didn’t belong to a sane person and even someone as simple and naive as me could see that he takes joy in inflicting pain to others.

Why does Clark want him here and what was he planning on doing?

Clark finally put me down on a sofa couch. I scowled at him but it vanished the moment I saw a huge bed in the middle of the bed, directly facing me.

And on top was Georgy lying on it, all of his limbs tied on each corner of the bed, naked and exposed to everyone present in the room. His eyes were dead, his head moving from left to right, looking scared at the people.

I immediately stood up to get to Georgy but Clark pulled me down next to the couch he was sitting on. He made me sit on his lap, his legs crossed as he wrap one arm around my waist.

“Stay still, boss,” he mumbled in my ear, “let’s watch it and enjoy.”

“What are you planning to do with Georgy?”

“Before I teach you how to turn him into your bitch, I want you to witness how I’m going to destroy this fucker.”

I turned to Clark and I begged.

“No! Please, don’t do this to him! Don’t hurt him, please!”

“Don’t you worry, little boss,” Veron intervened and both Clark and I looked at him.

He was taking his clothes off while walking to where the bed was.

“He’s going to enjoy this,” he declared.

I stiffened after seeing Veron fully naked, climbing up on the bed.

“What…what’s he going to do?”

Clark answered in a deep, sarcastic voice, “he’s going to rape him, Drew.”

My whole body felt cold. I couldn’t speak, couldn’t blink, couldn’t breathe.

“Veron’s well known in torturing his victims this way. Tearing their asses to the point where they can’t have their bowels properly, isn’t it ironic that he’s going to do that to a person who hates gay people?” Clark said while nibbling my earlobe, “people like him doesn’t deserve mercy and I know you know that, Drew.”

No, it’s wrong.

Even with all the mean things Georgy had done to me, at one point, he became my friend. Before I confessed my feelings to him, he was a nice person. He made me feel like I’m a normal teenage kid without the responsibility of being a mob boss.

This wasn’t enough to do something as terrible as this.

I lowered my head while covering my eyes with my hands. I couldn’t bear seeing this.

Georgy’s hallowed cries as Veron begins to rape him echoed in the room as people watched like it was nothing out of the ordinary. I could even hear some were whistling as if this was some kind of entertainment for them.

“No…! Please…I can’t…please…stop! No!”

My lips were trembling while I cry along with Georgy.

“Why are you crying?” Clark asked. “Aren’t you happy you’re getting your revenge.”

I didn’t know what to reply to Clark. Right now, all I wanted to do was leave this place, go back home and hide under my blanket. The guilt I was feeling for Georgy was eating me alive. I kept thinking about his parents who were probably worried sick for him, his friends who were missing him, the girlfriend who was waiting for him, praying that he’s alright.

I was crying so hard that I ended up hyperventilating I clutched my chest, my heart beating so fast as I coughed and wheezed while gasping for air.

“Drew?” Clark called, “what’s wrong?”

I grabbed his arm for support. I was panicking since I couldn’t breathe. My nose was filled with snot, my throat stuck with phlegm.

I was blacking out but Georgy screaming for mercy didn’t stop. Before everything turned to darkness, I saw Clark’s face and to see him looking at me in agony, somehow, my heart felt a little bit lighter.

When I opened my eyes, I was in a foreign room. I looked around the place. The wallpapers were white, there were medical equipment at the right side of the room while at the other side were glass cabinets displaying different kind of medicine bottles and first aid stuff.

“You’re finally up.”

Clark was sitting on a stool beside the bed, arms and legs crossed.

“...what happened…?”

“You passed out from crying too much,” he answered, his voice hinting with disgust.

I stared at the white ceiling and remembered what happened to Georgy.

“Where…where’s Georgy?”

“Where that fucker is isn’t important,” Clark coldly replied.

I looked down on my lap, brows creasing in worry. Clark sounded furious and I wouldn’t dare add fuel to the fire.

What happened back with Georgy, it was outright sick and horrid.

“You know, you’re really something, Drew Orlov.”

My shoulders jolted when Clark spoke.

“Not a lot of people are like you anymore. You grow up in a Mafia family but you remained pure, naive. Your dad’s really protective of you and not in a good way,” he commented, a smirk evident on his face.

“But you know what kind of life we’re living, right, Drew?”

I clutched the blanket, knowing that Clark was right.

I’m well informed what kind of life I’m living.

I will never live a normal life.

“Answer me,” Clark said, his voice slightly raising.

“I know!” I blurted out. “I know what life I’m living, Clark! I know we’re bad people and we do bad stuff and we hurt people! I know that.”

“Then why do you act like you’re a saint, Drew?” Clark asked.

“Because…that’s just who I naturally am,” I finally answered, looking straight at Clark’s eyes, “even if I’m supposed to be a bad person, I just can’t. Georgy’s my friend so of course I’ll be worried about him. He hurt me, yes, but like I said, that’s not enough to make him go through something as terrible as being raped.”

Clark pulled a crooked smile.

“Is that really your reason?”


“Are you sure it’s not because you’re still in love with him.”

My heart skipped a beat.

“What?” I repeated again, utterly confused with what Clark was trying to imply.

He stood up and walked towards me. I looked up at him, blinking.

“Just a warning, boss,” Clark started, stretching out his arm to cup my cheek his hand, “I’m not fond of you looking at other men.”

My cheeks got hot in an instant and he saw my reaction and it made him smile.

“You’re mine, Drew and if I need to repeat it over and over again so you can get it through your thick skull, I will.”

Clark leaned closer, his blue eyes shining wickedly.

“Once I’ve taken an interest in someone, I make sure I will own them no matter what the consequences are.”

“Clark, are you saying that you’re…?”

Before I could answer him, he had already kissed me on the lips and everything around us vanished. I savored his kiss, my eyes automatically closing as Clark pushed his tongue inside my mouth.

The guilt I was feeling for Georgy, the fear of having to lose my humanity because of the Mafia, it all disappeared.

Right now, right at this moment, the only person that mattered was Clark.

I moaned against his lips. It’s funny and weird how kissing felt this good.

I wanted more.

The kind of kiss that will make my tongue and lips ache for more.

I need it more rough.

I need it to hurt.

Clark seemed to read my thoughts. He bit my bottom lip and I grunted from the pain. It was like an electric jolt that sent current all throughout my body, awakening my deepest, hidden desire that I tried hard to suppress.

He pulled away from me and I saw a flash of excitement in his face.

“Clark,” I breathlessly called his name.

Clark smirked and said, “I know, you need more.”

Pushing me back on the bed, he dived for another kiss that drowned me in desire. Clark was kissing me senseless and at the back of my mind, I got worried that I’m getting addicted to him.

My whole life’s revolving around him.

I need more of Clark.

I hugged him, my nails digging onto his back. Our tongues were lashing against each other and our ragged breaths resonating in the air.

It’s all about Clark and me.

Why do I have to love a complicated person?

Of all people, why Clark?

This man was a terrifying person, there’s no doubt about that. But at the same time, he’s the only one who could fulfill my distasteful desire.

Clark pulled away for the second time. He stared right into my eyes and I got excited seeing the look on his face. His lips moist and he was slightly panting from making out with me.

“Don’t stop, Clark,” I pleaded. “Give me more, please.”

Clark gave me a harrowed smile.

“Fuck it,” he snapped before pulling the blanket away from me.

I gasped when Clark pulled my shirt up but didn’t completely remove it from me. He sucked my right nipple while his hand busied itself with playing with the other one. My toes curled in sheer pleasure.


He caught the nub with his teeth and bit down hard. Another electrifying jolt ran through my body.

“I guess you’re not all that pure,” Clark commented after lapping my nipple as if it was some kind of candy.

My ears were burning hot while I stared at him.

Clark was right.

Right now, what I wanted was for Clark to hurt me.

Physically and mentally.

Damn it, I’m really not right in the head as well.

Things were getting intimate with Clark and I but we were interrupted with a knock on the door. Clark cursed under his breath but immediately backed away from me.

“Boss,” Isaac called.

Clark rolled his eyes.

“God fucking damn it,” he said before walking to the door to open it.

I straightened my shirt and calmed myself. I didn’t want Isaac to see me got ravished by Clark.

“What is it?” Clark asked and he couldn’t hide his impatience to Isaac who was puzzled why his boss was angry.

“Sorry to interrupt but Maxim’s calling for you.”

“Shit,” Clark cursed again. He faced me and said, “stay here.”

After leaving the room, I could hear Clark ordering Isaac to get him smokes. I was left alone in the room and patiently waited for Clark and Isaac to return.

The door opened and I saw Alexandra walking inside, carrying a tray filled with light snacks.

“Hi!” she cheerfully greeted, “are you feeling better now?”

“Ah, yes.”

I figured I was in the Boikov’s clinic. To see Alexandra’s friendly face managed to relax me a little bit.

“I’m sorry for causing you trouble.”

Alexandra smiled.

“It’s no trouble, Drew. You’re friends with Valery and Clark. And you know Clark’s, he’s like a son to me,” she said, smiling brightly at me. “So I consider you as my son as well!”

I was happy and warm with what Alexandra said. My parents were never this affectionate towards me and I guess hearing someone with a motherly air around her, it felt pleasant.

“Besides, like I said, you’re a lot like Lucas,” Alexandra mumbled, sighing, “I miss that child.”

I blinked at her.

“Sorry but who’s Lucas? I know he’s dead but who is he exactly? How is he similar to me?” I asked.

Alexandra sat on the stood Clark was sitting earlier and smiled longingly.

“Lucas was one of a kind, I’ll tell you that. My husband and I worked for the previous Pakhan 15 years ago and a lot happened,” she replied.

So Maxim and Alexandra also worked under the Pakhan like Isaac. Did Clark worked for the Pakhan too?

“Lucas was one of the many slaves of Mikhail, that asshole,” Alexandra said, giggling, “he was nothing but a young, frail boy, taken advantage by our boss. He was helpless at first but I guess, after witnessing his parents death, anyone would lose it.”

My eyes widened at her.


“He joined the Mafia shortly after his parents death and he became one of the most scariest assassins the Pakhan had,” Alexandra said, “I wish it could have been better for the two of them. They really loved each other.”

I gulped.

“Did Lucas die because of the Pakhan?”

Alexandra smiled and answered, “in some ways, yes. Lucas died after the Pakhan.”

“Have you loved someone so much that you’ll follow him even in death?”

I shivered after remembering what Clark had said back when we were in the island.

“So that was their story,” Alexandra summed up, clapping her hands.

“Wait, how are we alike then?” I asked.

Alexandra thought.

“I don’t know. You just have the same vibe as Lucas. I can see something’s gonna change in you but to tell you the truth, I hope you won’t come to that,” she answered, her smile getting replaced by a scowl, “we don’t need another Lucas.”

“Are you talking about Lucas again?”

Alexandra and I turned to the door and saw Clark entering the room. He was smoking cigarette while Isaac followed him behind.

“He’s reminding me of him!” Alexandra retorted. “Isaac, have you eaten the apple pie I baked?”

“Yes, it was delicious,” Isaac answered.

“That’s good!”

She stood up and patted my head.

“Go eat your slice of apple pie, okay? Call me if you need anything.”

Alexandra left the room, leaving Clark, Isaac and me alone.

“Her apple pie is too sweet, I’m surprised you ate it, Isaac,” Clark said while sitting on the edge of the bed.

Isaac shrugged his shoulders.

“It tasted good. I like it,” he said in a dead voice.

I made a face at him. I couldn’t really tell if he liked it or not.

Clark glanced back at me. He put his cigarette in between his fingers and blew the smoke out of his nostrils.

“Eat,” he said, cocking his head to the tray that Alexandra put on the night table beside the bed I was sitting on.


“Tomorrow, I’ll take you somewhere.”

I stopped and looked at Clark nervously.

He saw my reaction and said, “relax, I’m not going to let you kill the asshole.”

I closed my hands into a fist.

Georgy suddenly appeared in my mind and I got curious to where Clark brought him. I need to confront Isaac privately to ask him where Georgy was. I’m pretty sure Clark wouldn’t tell me since he’s --

“Just a warning, boss,” Clark started, stretching out his arm to cup my cheek his hand, “I’m not fond of you looking at other men.”

I couldn’t stop the incoming smile after remembering those words Clark had said to me a while ago.

Does this mean that he liked me too?

Oh God, why am I so messed up? One moment I’m worried about Georgy and now I’m feeling giddy because of Clark and his subliminal messages.

But I need to prioritize what I needed to do first. Before I get too happy with Clark, I need to make sure Georgy’s alive. I’m sure he’s not well considering what happened to him but I need to see him.

Even if it would make Clark angry again, I didn’t care.

I’m not ready yet to become like him.

I’ll hold on to my humanity as long as I could.

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