Sold to the Mafia: The Heir

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While on the way to the airport, I was thinking about what Nikita told me. Ever since she began working as dad’s secretary, she’s always been kind to me. I’ve realized their relationship when I was in my first year of high school and to be honest, it doesn’t really bother me. I knew right from the very start that the relationship of my father and mother were already in the rocks. My mom wasn’t always supportive of my dad’s line of work. The only important thing for her was that dad could provide her luxury stuff.

On the other hand, Nikita tried her best to become close to me. Sure, at first, I was uncomfortable with her but as time goes by, I could see that she really loves my dad. She’s always there for him, supporting him and loving him even though she was his mistress.

Nevertheless, I could see Nikita wanted to be my mother.

I woke up from my thoughts when Isaac didn’t turn right where the airport was supposed to be.

“Where are we going?” I asked Isaac who continued driving straight.

“The Moslow’s private hangar,” Clark answered.


“Your dad owns a private jet and it’s under the Maslow’s care,” he explained.

My eyes bulged out of its sockets.

“My dad owns a jet?!”

Clark stared at me.

“Yes,” he replied.

I slumped back on the seat.


Clark snorted.

“I still have to teach you a lot of things,” he said.

“Yeah, that’s for sure.”

A man with tanned skin and thick, black hair approached us as soon as we got out of the car. His jaw was covered with beard and he smiled upon seeing us.

“Hi, boss,” he courtly greeted. “I’m Raul.”

I blinked at him. Wow, he’s handsome. That exotic look was really alluring, it was as if his green eyes were glowing.

“H-hello,” I nervously replied. “I’m -- ”

Clark suddenly put an arm around my shoulder, pulling me away from Raul.

“He already know who you are,” he snapped, glaring at me. “Get our bags.”

“Yes, boss.”

Clark guided me inside the humongous jet parked inside the hangar. There were people dressed in black suits with heavy firearms, indicating that they’re from the Mafia. Men in coveralls were also roaming around the place, some were busy in tech repair while others were talking to the men in black.

Climbing up the short stairs leading to the door of the jet, I was nervous and excited at the same time. This was my first time traveling out of the country, although the reason was not what I was expecting. Nevertheless, I’m going out of the country with Clark and that’s exciting.

The pilot, I assumed, was talking talk to Clark while I patiently waited for him. Isaac guided me to my seat and I smiled at him.

“First time traveling?” he asked.

I nodded at Isaac.

“I’m nervous,” I shyly said.

“Don’t worry. Just sleep and we’ll be in Italy in no time,” he said, smiling back at me.

Clark appeared behind Isaac.

“Call Hiro and tell him we’ll be arriving soon,” he ordered Isaac who curtly nodded at him.

I watched him disappear from my sight. Clark sat beside me and sighed out loud.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I just didn’t expect the others will come to Italy too,” he said, sighing again, “and with Anthony, it’ll surely be chaotic.”

I stared at him.

“Your friends from the Philippines?”

He leaned his back on the seat, shrugging his shoulders.

“You can say that. They’re a bunch of rowdy fuckers but they’re not that bad,” Clark said, smiling at the distant.

He looked happy remembering those people he just mentioned.

“Why did you come to the Philippines?”

Clark crossed his legs before answering.

“To study.”


Of course. What a stupid question, Drew.

“But maybe I did it to get away from my parents.”

“Your parents?”

“We’re living in isolation, away from everyone and I’m sick with that kind of life. I wanted to get away so I convinced them to let me go with Hiro to the Philippines. Earl, one of Hiro’s dad, helped me to convince my fathers and in the end,” Clark explained.

So that’s what happened. I’m impressed Clark’s finally opening up to me, even for just a little bit.

All the preparations were finished. One of the crew members announced that we were ready to fly to Italy. Non-stop flight would take four hours, which was fine with me because I’m feeling extremely sleepy.

Isaac sat on the seat behind where Clark and I were sitting. After the take-off, I pulled my knees up on the seat and faced Clark. He was busy with his phone, yet again, probably taking care of business even though we already have a job.

His legs were crossed, an arm resting on my side while staring at his phone, typing. I moved closer, pulling his coat closer to my body.

“Clark,” I called and waited for him to leave his phone and face me as well.

Unfortunately, he didn’t.

I pouted and called his name again, “Clark…”

“I’m busy right now, Drew,” he said, never taking his eyes off of his phone.

I clenched my fists in anger. I took his phone and he gave me a quick glare and I got scared but didn’t show it. Instead, I put his phone on the side.

“Can you please at least focus on me while we’re doing this job,” I said, cheeks flushing from my embarrassing request, “I know this is work and I’m supposed to take it seriously but this is my first time traveling outside the country and it’s…it’s with you so...”

Clark’s eyes softened.

He put an arm around my shoulder, leaning down to kiss me on the forehead.

“Okay, I understand, boss.”

My heart swelled in joy. Something definitely changed after the thing happened at the shooting range. It was clear as a day, what Clark told me and it gave me confidence that I’m important to him too. That one I’m feeling for him, he feels the same way too.

Clark loved me too, even though he haven’t said it yet, I could feel it.

“Thanks,” I said, smiling at him.

He brushed the tip of his nose against mine and said, “it’s still early, you should sleep.”

“You won’t leave if I did?” I dumbly asked and it made Clark chuckle in amusement.

“No, Drew, this time, I won’t. Besides, we’re in a plane. Where can I possibly go.”

I leaned my head on his shoulder, nodding.

“Okay. Don’t leave me.”

“I won’t.”

I was woken up with someone nudging my shoulder. I opened my eyes, looked around and realized that I was in a plane.

Looking beside to check Clark, he was still there. He didn’t looked like he fell asleep during the ride. I was kind of expecting he’s back to checking his phone but I’m glad he just had a random magazine in his hand to keep him busy.

The sinking feeling of meeting Hiro Blaise dawned upon me for the nth time. The fact that I’m going to meet an awfully dangerous man terrified me. I was trying my best not to think too much, since Clark told me that there was nothing scary about Hiro but I’m sure it’s just him who’s feeling that way.

My knees were trembling that I had to hold onto Isaac’s arm to stop myself from falling down. The responsibility of having t deal with the Italians weighs on my shoulder and it’s getting heavy every step I make.

Isaac saw my distress.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Sorry, it’s nothing. Just a leg cramp from sitting for too long,” I lied, shyly laughing at Isaac.

He opened his mouth and was about to say something but Clark suddenly appeared behind my back, pulling me away from Isaac. We were both stunned from what he did but Isaac just smiled in understanding, putting his arms up in surrender.

“I’m going ahead,” he said, stepping down the stairs in haste and leaving Clark and I.

“Are you tired?” Clark whispered in my ear before biting it hard, making me yelp, “want me to carry you?”

I backed away from him, rubbing my ear while blushing from Clark’s proximity.

He smirked at me.

“Remember what’s at stake here. Not only will you disappoint your father but Georgy as well,” he reminded, walking away from me.

I watched him get down the stairs.

I know, I haven’t forgotten what’s riding into this job. Georgy’s well-being was the reason why I’m doing this.

I took a deep breath and sighed it out loud.

You can do this, Drew.

One of the men from the crowd neared us the moment I took a step on the land. He was a tall man with bald head, bright blue eyes and thin lips. I saw the tattoos on his neck peeking out of the collar of his dress shirt.

“Drew Orlov, the boss is waiting for you,” he said in a bored voice.

I was about to speak but Clark beat me to it.

“Can’t even pick us up, hmmm?” he sarcastically asked and the man just bowed his head in an apologetic manner.

“The boss is busy this morning. Something happened,” he said.

I was perplexed. What kind of something happened, I wonder.

Clark and the man began walking to one of the cars parked a little way off from where the hangar was. Raul and Isaac were following us behind and I kept my pace to match Clark’s.

“Let me guess. It’s all about Paige,” he said, his voice dripping with amusement.

“Yes,” the man shortly replied.

Paige? I kept hearing that name along Hiro’s. Who was she and what kind of relationship does she have with Hiro?

Wait, was Paige even a girl? I wasn’t sure.

I inwardly snorted. As if the leader of the Italian Mafia will be gay. Who’re you kidding, Drew? There’s no way that could happen. The last leader of the Mafia I knew was gay was the previous Pakhan and yet he managed to keep everyone below him even though homosexuality is still a big deal in Russia.

And that made him amazing even more.

Someone waiting by the car opened the door for me. Clark motioned for me to get inside and I did. Hopping in the car, I settled down on the seat while Clark followed soon. The door slammed close and I watched the man come around the other side to sit on the drivers seat.

Raul and Isaac were in another car that was going to escort us to meet Hiro Blaise. The guy waiting by the door got inside as well and sat on the drivers seat.

Clark was quiet. I was expecting he would talk more to the man about Hiro and the people who were coming to visit him as well but he didn’t. I got upset. I was hoping he would talk more and I could learn more about him.

The ride to where Hiro Blaise was long. After an hour, we were already outside the city. The road was empty and the sky was dark, creating an ominous mood.

It perfectly matched my anticipation of seeing Hiro Blaise.

The car maneuvered on the right where there was no road anymore. Trees were parted perfectly for a vehicle to fit in what seemed like a secret passage. I got nervous again but I fought it off. There’s no time to act like a baby.

I have a mission to save Georgy.

I didn’t even noticed Clark was looking at me. When I looked back, he rolled his eyes and turned his focus outside the window.

I blinked. What’s his problem?

20 minutes later, we finally arrived in front of a tall, gothic-looking fence. Behind it was a mansion standing from afar. I gulped at the sight of the scary house. This looked like this place belonged to a vampire who made a human his servant or something fictional like that.

The gate automatically opened and the man drove the car inside. Huge trees were covering the surrounding of the mansion, giving it a more eerie vibe than it already had.

The car stopped and another batch of men were already waiting for us. This time, they were wearing casual clothes, with gun holsters strapped around their chest.

Someone opened the door and Clark was the first one to get out. When I stepped out of the car, my anxiety went up and I was so close to having a nervous break down.

I’m now in front of Hiro Blaise’ house.

Oh god, it’s so surreal, I wish this was a dream.

“Hey,” Clark said, holding my shoulder to snapped me out of my thoughts, “let’s go.”

“Y-yeah, okay.”

Clark went on ahead. I turned half-way and saw Isaac and Raul getting out of their car. Isaac was carrying my things and I went back to help him.

“I can carry my bag,” I said but Isaac just stared at me.

Raul did as well.

“Boss, I’m sure Isaac can carry your stuff,” he said, chuckling.

Isaac cocked his head and I looked to where he was pointing. Clark was on the top of the porch steps, looking down at us with an irritated expression.

“You better go back to his side,” Isaac warned, “Meeting Hiro, I’m sure the boss is agitated.”


I climbed back up the stairs, apologizing to Clark but he yanked me close to him and I gasped from his strength. It hurt my shoulder but I didn’t bother complaining.

“Remember, Drew,” Clark said while we enter the mansion, “Hiro’s going to fuck your mind while dealing with you.”

I gulped, my anxiety meter rising up to the roof.

“W-what should I do?”

“Just clear your mind and know what your goal is,” he said, “and know what you truly feel for me. He’s not going to let you go now that he knows who you are to me.”

I was puzzled by what he was saying. Why would Hiro do that? What kind of relationship do they have in the past? By what he was telling me, I could tell there was something deeper more than a bond of friendship between Hiro and Clark.

I scowled.

I’m not happy with that.

We were inside and the extravagant interior design distracted me from my jealousy. This was like a palace that I always see in the TV. The walls were painted in beige, the pillars and floor were white. There was a long set of stairs leading to the second floor of the mansion, huge, golden chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. I could see the swimming pool behind the glass doors at the end of the corridor from where I was standing. There’s only a few couches scattered on the lobby with potted plants adding to the decoration of the mansion.


I felt Clark’s body tensed as soon as a male voice called his name. At the top of the stairs was a guy, who I reckoned was the same age as me, waving his arm at Clark.

“Fuck,” Clark cursed under his breath.

“What? What’s wrong?” I asked.

He pulled me upstairs and the guy patiently waited for us. We stood in front of each other. This guy was the same height as me but had a bigger built, his muscles hiding under the printed shirt he was wearing. Apple-shaped face, he had a curly brunette hair and he looked pretty and delicate and yet I felt that there was something else he was hiding, something not nice.

“What are you doing here?” Clark asked.

The guy happily grinned at him.

“I just got back home. I was with Diana and I dropped her at the island,” he said.

Clark’s gaze darkened and usually, a normal person would be pissing his pants when they see him glaring at them but this guy wasn’t affected. He was still grinning brightly at Clark.

“What did you do to her?”

“Three weeks,” he said, returning back Clark’s glare but the smile never disappearing from his face, “she disappeared for three weeks, you know how worried I am, Clark?”

Clark didn’t answer.

“And I found out she’s been waving her ass to Oleg again, you know how pissed I am?”

What the hell? Does this guy know Diana? Well, obviously he does but he knows Oleg too?

Clark shrugged his shoulders, chuckling in sarcasm that made the guy frown.

“Maybe she finds Oleg better compared to a paranoid, sociopath like you, Kurt,” he said, walking past him.

I followed Clark, afraid to even stay another second in front of that guy whose name was Kurt. Looking back at him, I saw him smirk.

“If I have to drill in her mind that she’s mine, I won’t hesitate, Clark.”

“Try acting like a gentleman for once, I’m sure my sister will like you back.”

Clark and I walked through the poorly-lit corridor with doors on each side of the wall.

“Who was that guy? He knows Diana?” I asked.

“Hiro’s fucked up younger brother,” he answered, “it runs in the family.”

I trembled.

“H-he…he’s Hiro’s brother?!”

“Yeah. He has a thing with Diana. I pity her, a Blaise is in love with her.”

I blinked.

“What does that mean?”

He didn’t answer me.

Clark stopped in front of a mahogany door. There were guards waiting on each side and when they saw Clark, they didn’t say anything and just opened the door for us.

Inside was an office, a table in the middle with a laptop on top and several stacks of folders. There were couches on the right side and the pillows were scattered all over the floor, like a hurricane passed by and destroyed everything.

There was a man sitting on it, smoking a cigarette. I couldn’t see him well because it was dark inside. The only source of light came from the tall windows covered with thin curtains.

“What took you so long?” the person said, his voice deep and raspy, “caught in traffic?”

“No,” Clark shortly answered, “what happened here?”

“Someone threw a tantrum. Fuck, and he almost clawed my eye out.”

The person stood up. He had a slender body, totally different from Clark. Walking out of the shadows, the guy was as tall as Clark but thinner than him. He was half-naked, wearing nothing but gray sweatpants. The first thing I noticed was his well-developed muscles filled with tattoos.

His face however was captivating. He had jet-black hair, slanted, brown eyes with a pointed nose and sharp jaws.

It’s him.

I was daunted standing in front of him. I felt the same thing when I first met Clark.

“Clark,” the guy started, lips curling upwards, “it’s been so long since I last saw you, baby boy.”

Clark averted his gaze away from him.

“I got busy.”

“Of course. Babysitting some brat? Is it fun?”

I couldn’t dare say anything. The only thing I could do was to stay quiet and still.

“What’s it to you?”

The man laughed but it wasn’t because he was happy.

“What’s it to me? That’s a funny question.”

He stepped forward Clark, slinging his arm on his right shoulder to whisper in his ear.

“You chose to work with some fucking kid instead of me? You know how hurt I am?”

“I told you, you don’t need me.”

The guy then looked at me and he made me freeze by just staring at me with those piercing, eyes. I saw his hand reaching behind Clark, pulling a gun out of his back that was tucked in his waistband holster.

I swore my heart was ready to stop from whatever this guy was planning on doing.

“Hiro,” he warned but he was ignored.

I was right. This man was the infamous Hiro Blaise, the person I’ve been fearing to meet.

“Say, kid, Drew Orlov, right?”

I forced myself to utter a response.


“You know how to shoot a gun?”


Clark looked at me, furrowing his brows. I nodded, understanding that he wanted me to tell Hiro that I know how.

“Y-yes! I do!”

“You want to be allies with me, right?”


Hiro took the safety off of the gun and pointed at me.

“Let’s play a game. Prove to me that you’re better than your father because he was fucking shit.”

With trembling lips, I wanted to ask him why he think my father was shit, what kind of game and why’s he pointing the gun at me but I couldn’t speak.

Damn it, am I possessed?!

“Hiro,” Clark interfered but Hiro clasped a hand on his mouth to shut him up.

“You’re in my territory, Clark. My place, my rules, you understand?”

They both stared at each other. Clark’s shoulders dropped in defeat and Hiro smirked in triumph.

“That’s a good boy.”

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