Sold to the Mafia: The Heir

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Clark, Hiro, Paige and I were all sitting in the dining table, filled with different variety of Italian food. I noticed men roaming outside the vicinity but I ignored it as I was busy sweating my ass because of the awkward air shared between the four of us.

“I want more,” Paige demanded.

He was sitting close to Hiro who was helping him eat his food. I watched while Paige messily eat his food with Hiro wiping his mouth to clean up his mess. Hiro wasn’t eating since he was busy taking care of Paige.

I’m still making up theories what happened to Paige to end up like this. He’s clearly the same age as Hiro but he’s acting like a kid to him.

The scars and burn marks I saw on his chest, I wonder if it had to do with Paige losing his mind. It’s obvious he had some mental issues but what’s the cause?

I looked down on my plate, playing with the pasta noodles with my fork.

I shouldn’t butt into their business, I know that but…

“So,” Hiro started, getting my attention, “first question, Drew.”

I snapped my head up to look at him.

“Y-yes?! What is it?”

Clark was silently sitting beside me. He didn’t touch his food and I was worried something might be bothering him.

Hiro put the utensils down on the table, straightened his back and stared at me. Meanwhile, Paige was still busy eating and he’s the only one enjoying the food and I’m kinda glad for that.

“Are you in a relationship with Clark?”

I was dumbfounded with the question that I didn’t even know what kind of reaction I had. I was expecting Hiro would ask me anything related to the Orlov family but he’s asking about Clark which made me even more suspicious about them.

Clark stayed quiet, letting me answer the question myself.

“Yes,” I bravely said.

There wasn’t any official confirmation but Clark’s confession back in the shooting range proved his love for me.

I believe he’s in love with me too.

Hiro then turned to Clark.

“How about you, Clark? You like this kid?”

I suddenly got cold. I don’t know why but I just got really insecure.

It took Clark a full minute to answer. He looked at Paige and smiled.

“You know Hiro, I talked to Paige about how I wanna meet that one person I would work for, who I’m going to give it all I have just to protect them,” Clark said.

We were now all looking at him. I was still nervous and at the same time, I find myself wanting to hear more of whatever he was going to say.

Hiro listened at Clark, the seriousness on his face never changing.

“And I know who that person is right now.”

Clark looked at me and a rare, genuine smile appeared on his handsome face.

It made my heart beat faster than usual. I think I fell in love with him even more.

“Nice answer, you gonna try that one for the Miss Universe, Clark?” Hiro sarcastically asked. “It’s just disappointing you’re choosing someone who clearly doesn’t have any idea how this world works.”

I twitched. How did he know…?

Clark raised a brow, smirking at Hiro.

“Doesn’t matter. I’ll make him the boss of the Russian Mafia.”

I gaped and turned to Clark. He didn’t say the Orlov family but the Russian Mafia.

Hiro scoffed.

“Wow, you’ve fallen deep, Clark. What happened to the man who everyone wants to work for him because of his extraordinary skills?”

Clark leaned on the chair, staring directly into Hiro’s eyes.

“You want him to be the next Mikhail?” he asked.

“What if I do?”

Hiro cheekily smirked at Clark, daunting him with that kind of smile.

“It’s never going to happen, Clark Roman. You and I both know why.”

I gulped. This conversation was turning tense but Paige chomping his food and eating like a hamster lightened it up a little bit.

Clark crossed his arms, his hands gripping his elbows hard. His face remained calm and yet I could feel he’s getting pissed off.

And Hiro knew that.

“Too bad, Clark. Your dream’s to become the Pakhan, right?”

Clark bit his lip.

“Stop it,” he said through his gritted teeth.

But Hiro kept going, aware that he’s pushing Clark to the edge where only a few people could do.

“You’re never going to be the next Mikhail because he’s your -- ”

Clark suddenly stood up, knocking his chair on the floor. Paige shrieked, quickly hugging Hiro’s arm to shield himself from Clark’s outburst.

“I said stop it!”

I jolted. It’s the first time I heard Clark yell. He’s usually indifferent and nonchalant about everything, even in times of danger.

Hiro smirked in satisfaction.

“Pushing your dream into others, real pathetic, Clark,” Hiro said, pulling Paige close to him to caress his hair and calm him down, “leave this kid alone and work with me. You’re only putting everyone you love at risk for doing this.”

Clark clenched his fists.

“This isn’t about me, Hiro. This is about the alliance of the Orlov and the Blaise.”

Hiro shrugged his shoulders and said, “I told you, Clark, my territory, my rules.”

Clark narrowed his eyes at him but didn’t say anything. He grabbed my arm and harshly pulled me up.

“Ouch, Clark!”

He dragged me away from the dining table. I looked back and saw Hiro smirking at us before tilting his head to kiss Paige on the lips.

Clark shoved me inside the room and I almost stumbled on the floor. I turned around and glared at him.

“What the hell, Clark?!”

“God damn it!” he cursed, slamming the door close, banging it so loud I’m sure everyone in the mansion heard it.

“Calm down!”

Clark faced me and towered me with his height.

“You have to win his fucking game, Drew,” he said.


“I’m so irritated right now,” Clark angrily mumbled, “he’s always like this, always doing whatever he wants, deciding my life like he’s the one who owns it, god fucking damn it!”

“C-clark…” I nervously called.

He’s shaken up with what Hiro said over dinner and I wasn’t sure what to do to calm him down. Clark froze, releasing a long sigh. He looked at me, his eyes softening.

“Don’t let Hiro get to you. He’s just an idiot who knows too much.”

I scowled.


Sitting down on the bed, I twiddled my thumbs.

“So…you wanna be the Pakhan?”

Clark sat on the couch, putting an arm on top of his eyes to cover it.

“When I was young, yes.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s complicated, Drew. My family, my life, everything.”

My scowl deepened. Standing up, I marched towards Clark, dropping on the ground to hug his leg.

“Tell me more, Clark,” I whispered.

I wanna know about his past, his parents, his relationship with Hiro and Paige, the life he lived in the Philippines, everything.

I wanna know more about the person I love.

Clark stared at me. I saw the look in his eyes and it was one of the rarest times I saw human emotion in those blue orbs. He’s always been detached, always hiding his emotions behind that poker face and to see him get affected by Hiro, I’ve seen another side of him and it made me fall in love with him even more.

“Every single one of them only wants me because of what I have,” he said, the corner of his eye twitching.

I stiffened, realizing what’s finally going on inside his head. Everyone I’ve met always tells me how much they wanted Clark because of his exceptional skills. People would kill just to make him work for him.

I’m not like them.

I got up, sat on his lap and cupped his cheeks to make him look straight in my eyes.

“I love you, Clark,” I said, putting my arms around his shoulders and kissing him on the lips.

He didn’t reacted at first but seconds later, Clark opened his mouth and pushed his tongue inside mine. He bit my bottom lip before plunging in again, intertwining our tongues and sucking it hard. My crotch tightened from our passionate kissing, yearning for more.

“C-Clark,” I moaned, pulling away from him.

My lips were wet, tingling with sensations. I reached down south, massaging the bulge forming underneath my pants. I could also feel Clark’s erection growing hard, pressing against the crack of my butt.

Clark smirked at me, amused.

“You still have to prove yourself to Hiro,” he said, nibbling my bottom lip.

I was grinding my crotch on his abdomen, feeling his hard abs rubbing against my erection.

“Mmmhm, I don’t care…I want you now,” I said, moaning from the light stimulation, “please, I need you, Clark.”

He began taking off the dress shirt I was using and he was so close in ripping it and destroying all the buttons. Pulling it down my arms, Clark wasted no time, sucking my nipple, biting and kissing it until it turned erect.

“Mmmmhm, ahh, Clark,” I continued calling his name, arching my back to feel more of his mouth.

He put bright kiss marks all over my chest and when he was finished pleasuring my nipples, it was stinging from all the biting and sucking. I glanced down and saw pre-cum was staining my pants and I felt embarrassed and proud at the same time.

Clark unbuttoned my pants, pulling the zipper down and slipping his hand inside my underwear to take my dick out. He brushed the pre-cum oozing out of the slit with his thumb and I had to bite my lip to suppress a loud moan from what he did. He took out his cock as well, taking both of our members in his hand to stroke it.

His dick was huge. I could feel it pulsating and it was so hot.

I put my hand around his and it was smaller compared to him. Clark’s rough hand stroked both our dicks while he bite my shoulder blade, grunting from the pleasure.

“Fuck,” he cursed, his teeth sinking on my skin.

It hurt but I loved it.

Clark picked up the pace, his hand turning into a blur as he he continued stroking our members, pleasuring it and bringing us to the edge. I curled my toes and finally let out a cry when I came all over his hand, soiling our clothes with my cum. He followed soon, his essence covering the both of us as we catch our breath from the rushed release.

I was busy basking over my climax when Clark suddenly pulled me by the head, our cum smearing my face as he kissed me hard on the lips. I was still sensitive and how he was kissing me as if he was hungry for more didn’t help me calm down.

“Fuck, I want more,” he said, gripping a lock of my hair and pulling it down to expose my neck.

Clark bit down hard on the side and it stung. I let out another cry of pleasure as the pain sent jolts down my groin.

In no time, I was feeling aroused again. I just had my release and I was ready for more. Clark saw the excitement in my eyes and he scoffed.

“Aren’t you a little greedy bitch, boss?” he teased.

The insult he said washed away when he kissed me on the forehead.

Pouting, I said, “it’s your fault.”

“What do you want me to do then?”

I slyly smiled at him, my eyes reflecting my desire for him.

“Fuck me.”

Clark pushed me against the tiled-wall of the bathroom, thrusting his cock in my ass that he prepared long before. I clawed his back as I screamed at the pain from being penetrated.

“Still…can’t take me, huh?” he said, stroking my cock to distract me from the pain, “is my cock too big for you, boss?”

I vigorously nodded, my eyes shut close while whining.

“C-Clark’s too big,” I replied and I heard him chuckling.

“I wanna fuck your little ass, it’s so tight,” he whispered in my ear, shoving his dick deeper inside me.

“Ah! Mmmmhmmm…! It’s too big, aaahhh…!”

The water from the shower was drenching the both of us and it felt like I couldn’t breathe. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Clark looking at me, observing my expression with those piercing blue eyes of his.

“Kiss,” I mumbled, hugging him closer to me, “I wanna kiss.”

My ass was twitching around him and I heard him grunt. Clark leaned down to give me a breathless kiss. The feeling of his tongue inside my mouth eased the pain. He didn’t stop stroking my cock, never moving until I say I was okay.

Clark bit my bottom lip again and this time, I bleed from his teeth.


“Fucking shit,” he cursed, his hands gripping my waist, “I can’t…I wanna fuck you.”

I saw the lust clouding his gaze and I finally smiled, nodding to give him the go signal that he could move. The moment I did, he started fucking me, his cock moving in and out of ass in speed. It hurts but at the same time, the pleasure of hitting that one place washed over my body and I was soon moaning, begging for more.

“Clark…Clark…ah! F-feels…good!”

He grabbed my legs, slinging it on each side of his waist and pushing me even more on the wall so that he could fuck me deeper. My weight was nothing to him but my back was aching and so as my legs. At the back of my mind, I knew I’m gonna have bruises again but I don’t give a damn.

As long as I feel him inside me, it doesn’t matter.

I always loved the pain. Clark’s the only one who could bring me the satisfaction of being drowned from endless pleasure.

I felt something pooling in my stomach. I tightened around him and that made him groan, making him thrust faster, harder, never failing a beat in claiming my ass.

“Clark…! I’m…”

He looked at me, slightly panting while smirking.

“Gonna come, boss?”

“Yes, yes, I’m…coming,” I earnestly answered.

I didn’t know what kind of face I was making but whatever it was, Clark was having fun seeing it. I hugged Clark as braced myself from the incoming climax. I ejaculated my cum spurting out of my slit. Clark suddenly pulled out of me to avoid coming inside my ass and I could hear him grunting and for a moment, I thought how freaking sexy his deep voice was.

He carefully put me down on the floor, my body sagging against him. The exhaustion finally caught up and I was feeling sleepy.

Everything’s a bliss and I couldn’t get any more happy.

I really love Clark.

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