Sold to the Mafia: The Heir

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“ -- ow he can sleep in my place,” a voice from a distant woke me up but not enough to open my eyes and see who it was.

I’m still tired from what Clark and I did that I blacked out for a second in the bathroom. He was the one who cleaned me, putting my clothes on and carrying me to bed to sleep.

I smelled the smoke of the cigarette lingering in the air.

“Stop saying unnecessary things, Hiro.”

That was Clark’s voice. So he was talking to Hiro.

“Well, I just find it sweet and amusing that the Clark Roman who everyone is afraid of is now in love with a kid,” Hiro said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

Clark snorted.

“Says the one who will kill anyone who gets close to Paige, who’s the more psycho between the two of us, huh?”

I continued feigning sleeping. I was interested in their conversation. Ugh, why do I always hear somebody’s conversation when I’m sleeping, damn.

“Anyway, is he feeling much better now?” Clark asked.

It took Hiro a full minute to answer.

“He’s getting better. With the meds and therapy, he’s definitely getting better.”

For some reason, it hurt my chest to hear Hiro’s sarcastic voice changing. He was talking softly and I wanted so much to see his face to see what kind of expression he was making.

“I’ve been hunting their whole group for the past months.”

“You killed them all?”

“No. I kept them all somewhere…”

“What did Matthias and Earl say?”

Hiro snorted.

“You know how dad’s like. Always preaching me about how violence is not the answer and getting revenge will not make me feel better,” he said. “Fuck that, I swore I’m going to make them feel all the fucking pain in the world. I won’t let them die, Clark, no, that’s too kind. I want them to suffer, I want them to feel triple the pain Paige felt. I’ll keep them alive for a long time, even after Paige recovers, I’ll still play with them.”

I shuddered. Even without seeing him, I knew Hiro was fuming in anger. Who were those people and what did they do to Paige? So Hiro wasn’t the reason why he’s mentally disturbed?

What happened with Hiro and Paige for him to turn out like that?

I woke up early. Clark was sleeping beside me, my head under his stretched shoulder. I got up, feeling bad that his arm’s numb because I slept on it. My legs were aching and my ass was sore from the activity that we did last night.

He opened his eyes and saw that I’m already awake. He lifted his arm to put it on top of his head.

“Fuck,” Clark cursed and I cringed when it was the first thing he said in the morning.

“Hey,” I greeted, “good morning.”

Clark stared at me, smiling a little bit.

“How’s your body?”

I flushed, rubbing the back of my head sheepishly.

“It hurts but…I like it,” I said, shyly smiling at Clark.

Clark smiled in amusement.

“You liked it?” he asked teasingly.

I nodded, my cheeks getting warmer.

“Yes, it’s a proof at…what we did yesterday,” I carefully said.

Clark took my hand and kissed the back of it.

“I really want to fuck you until you can’t get up and walk but unfortunately, someone’s -- ”

A loud knock on the door interrupted our conversation and I saw Clark rolling his eyes.

“ -- gonna come knocking on the door,” he finished, standing up to walk towards the door.

I was enthralled by his back muscles. The mark of my nails digging into his skin yesterday was there and I was embarrassed and proud at the same time. Even with just his back, Clark’s manage to mesmerize me, making me yearn more of him. My eyes went down and stopped to look at his butt covered with gray boxer briefs.

Why’s he so damn sexy?! It’s so early in the morning and I’m getting aroused just by looking at his back.

I’m pathetic.

The door opened revealing Marco and Isaac together, standing in front of Clark. Marco wasn’t bothered that Clark was wearing nothing but boxer briefs but I saw Isaac trying to take his eyes away from Clark’s exposed body.

“The boss is calling for you, sir” Marco informed, his eyes looking straight at Clark.

“Got it.”

Marco nodded and left, leaving Isaac. Clark let him enter the room while I busied myself to go to the bathroom and take a bath.

It took me 20 minutes to finish cleaning myself. I got out fully clothed and saw Clark sitting on the couch wearing a bathrobe with Isaac stood in front of him, reporting.

“Eva found something. The Maslow’s up to something,” Isaac said.

Clark smirked but when he saw me, the smile on his face vanished.

“Are you finished?”

“Yeah,” I replied, pulling the towel off of my head to put it in the dryer. “What’s wrong with the Maslow?”

Isaac tensed, glancing back at Clark to wait for his answer.

“It’s nothing you should concern yourself, boss,” Clark answered, brushing my question away.

I was vexed that he’s leaving me out of the Mafia business even though I’m fully committed to dedicate myself after I graduate. Nevertheless, I let it go. If Clark said I didn’t need to know, then I wouldn’t.

Clark stood up to go to the bathroom.

Before entering, he faced me and said, “you can go downstairs to eat breakfast. Isaac, stay here.”

Isaac nodded.

“You’re not coming with me? Can’t I just wait for you?” I asked, worried that Hiro might hurt me or worse, kill me if Clark’s not around.

Clark smiled.

“I told you, you’re safe as long as I’m here.”

I wasn’t convinced with his answer but nodded anyway.

“Okay. I trust you.”

There were a few people walking the corridor when I got out of the guest room. I instantly noticed they all have gun holsters around their chest. I ignored them as I walked through the hallway to get downstairs.

It was still dark even though the sun was shining bright outside. The windows were covered in heavy curtains and I couldn’t see anything behind.


I stopped and turned around to see where the sound came from. I saw a door opened ajar with Paige peeking through it. He waved his arm to call me and I walked towards him to ask what’s wrong.

“Drew!” he excitedly called my name.

I smiled. He looked so much better than yesterday. The color in his face was back and now that I’m looking at him properly, he really had an adorable face.

“Hi, Paige. How are you feeling?” I asked.

“I’m feeling fine, thank you,” he politely answered.

His cheeks were pudgy and I wanted to pinch it.

“That’s good,” I said, grinning, “do you wanna go eat breakfast with me?”

I wasn’t sure why but I feel cozy with Paige’s presence. He’s just too cute.

“Mmmhmm,” Paige hummed, nodding. “Let’s go eat.”

He stepped out of the door and I saw he was wearing an over-sized shirt without nothing on below. I panicked when I saw him getting out of the room just wearing a shirt that barely covers his junk.

“W-we should probably get you some pants, Paige!” I nervously said.

He tilted his head at me as if I’m suggesting something outrageous.

“Why?” Paige innocently asked.

“Because we’re not the only people in this place,” I said.

Paige looked down to see his naked legs.

“But it’s easier to fuck me when I don’t have pants on.”

My heart tightened and I looked at Paige in deep contemplation. I don’t know how to deal with people like him but I’m sure I have to be careful with what I’m saying.

“We can’t eat if you don’t have pants on,” I said, smiling kindly at him.

“Oh, okay.”

He entered the room and I saw how big it was. There was a king-sized bed on the right side with a silk canopy on top. It was messy, the pillows scattered all over the crimson carpeted floor. The glass doors were tightly closed with heavy curtains covering the outside view. It had a strong scent of cologne and something sweet.

I watched Paige disappear in another door and I carefully followed him to make sure he was alright. The room had a living room set, with couches and a huge screen television pasted on the wall made out of wood. There was also a bookshelf filled with difficult looking books and a desktop table beside it. There was a Macbook on top of it, stack of folders, phones and keys. I noticed several pictures clumsily fastened on the wall and I walked towards it to see what it was.

A picture of a young Hiro and Kurt with two men beside them. The one on the right had a pretty face and kind eyes while the one on the left look scary and intimidating. My eyes moved to the next frame and Hiro was with Paige and Clark and some other people I didn’t know. They all looked young, posing in front of the camera with huge smiles on their faces. I observed Paige’s face and he looked like he didn’t change except that he was a lot thinner now than before. There was also a picture of two women with a man and a teenage boy and the picture next to it was with a younger version of Diana and Clark together with another boy that looked exactly like Diana except with a short hair. I stared closer at the two men behind them, who I assumed were their fathers. It had a background of a beach behind them and they were all smiling except for the stern man behind Clark.

The other man who was Clark’s father looked too young to be his dad. Hell, he looked like he was the same age as Hiro.

The man standing next to him had gr --

“Drew! What do you think?” Paige suddenly called me and I gasped from surprise.

I snapped my head back at him and he was wearing a beige-colored shorts, going past his knees. I immediately noticed how smooth his legs were now that we’re in the light and his knees were pinkish, like a baby.

“Yes, you look nice, Paige,” I said, complimenting him to which he grinned shyly at me.

“Thank you! This is Hiro’s. I really like borrowing his clothes.”


We walked out of the room and Paige was clinging into my arm. He smelled really sweet.

“Yes, it feels like he’s always in me,” he muttered, pulling the neckline of the shirt on his nose, “I love his smell.”

I flushed.

“Y-you and Hiro…you’re…?”

Paige smiled at me, nodding.

“Hiro’s my boyfriend!”

I furiously nodded, chuckling nervously at him.

“Of course, he’s your boyfriend.”

Obviously they were, you idiot! With Hiro’s personality, I don’t think he’s going to kiss anyone so easily.

“I really love Hiro, I can’t live without him and he can’t live without me,” Paige said, “he’s mine.”

I blinked.

“Is that so?”

“What about you, Drew? Do you love Clark?”

I almost choked with my own saliva because of his question.


“Clark said you’re the one he wants to work for. You know, Clark’s really indifferent. Not a lot of people can understand him because he’s a complicated guy. That’s why Hiro’s really protective of him,” Paige explained.

I smiled.

“Yes. I love him, Paige.”

Paige smiled again.

“That’s good!”

We went downstairs and into the dining room. There were still a lot of men roaming the area but seeing Paige made them turn their eyes away from him. Paige though, he was ignoring them and was just happily conversing with me without a care for the world.

Entering the dining room, my heart almost dropped out of my chest when I saw Hiro sitting on the chair with Marco standing beside him, waiting patiently for his boss to finish his breakfast. Hiro’s eyes immediately landed at Paige.

“Hiro!” Paige excitedly called, unclasping his arm away from me to run to where Hiro was, “you weren’t there when I woke up!”

Marco quickly pulled a chair for Paige to sit. Two maids came out of the kitchen and readied Paige’s food for him while I watch in awe. They’re treating him like he’s royalty.

Hiro put his fork down and faced Paige.

“I didn’t want to wake you up,” he answered.

Paige pouted.

“But I don’t like it when I wake up without you by my side.”

“I’m sorry,” Hiro said, ruffling Paige’s hair.

I sat down on the chair across and a maid attended to me. She was quiet and polite, not looking at anyone as she put the plate in front of me. Bacon and egg, sausages and three layers of pancake, I felt my stomach churn in desire.

I didn’t touch my food while Paige began eating while Hiro just watch him. I was staring at him but he noticed my fixation and tore his gaze away from Paige to look at me.

“You’re not gonna eat?” he asked.

“I - I’m waiting for Clark,” I said.

Hiro smirked in amusement.

“You’re helpless. Without Clark, you’ll die.”


“You’re so dependent on him. Well, doesn’t matter. That’s how he’s going to control you,” Hiro said.

I furrowed my brows at him and was about to say something but Clark arrived with Isaac. He was wearing his casual clothing, a white dress shirt tucked underneath the black slacks that perfectly fitted his long legs.

He sat beside me and the maid handed out his breakfast in front of him. Isaac stood behind us and I turned around to call him and eat but he only smiled and shook his head at me.

Hiro faked a grin upon seeing Clark.

“After breakfast, let’s go play. It’ll decide whether I agree to this alliance of yours,” he said, clapping his hand to get everyone’s attention.

He then turned to Paige and whispered in his ear.

“You get to play with us, Paige,” he said.

Paige’s eyes sparkled in excitement.


“Of course.”

Hiro smirked at me.

“Don’t embarrass Clark, Drew Orlov.”

After eating breakfast, we went out of the mansion. Hiro led us to the field surrounded by tall trees. There was a table and I gulped seeing the different kinds of gun on top of it. From afar, I could see two targets.

“It’s an easy game,” Hiro started, standing in front of us to explain the game, “you, Drew Orlov,” he said, pointing at me, “will be shooting the target on top of Clark’s head.”

My heart almost stopped beating at what he said.


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