Sold to the Mafia: The Heir

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Everyone was busy talking in the dining table. Clark was barely speaking and as much as I wanted to get out and do something else, I don’t know, look outside the window and count the leaves of the trees, I couldn’t.

From what I could pick up from their conversation, all these people came from one school, which was North Vale. The woman, whose name was Maria, was the headmistress of the school while the boy always following her was Tyler. He’s probably around the same age as me but I wasn’t sure since he looked really young. Except for how intimidating and cold his eyes were, I would have assumed he was in middle school or something.

The two men who introduced themselves as Anthony and Kenneth were Tyler’s brothers. Anthony was the loud one, always blabbering and chatting with anyone while Kenneth was the more mature and quieter than the two of them. Although they both appeared like they’re tricksters and such, I could tell that they were good friends to someone as serious as Hiro and Clark. And they way they were talking to Paige, like he was their younger brother amazed me.

“How are you feeling now, Paige?” Maria asked, turning to Paige who was sitting beside her.

“I’m feeling a lot better, thanks to Hiro,” Paige replied, grinning brightly at Maria.

She forced a smile at her before turning her head to give Hiro a warning glare.

“They’re still here?” she asked.

Hiro rolled his eyes at her.

“What do you think?” he sarcastically asked.

“Well, of course they’re still be here,” Anthony interrupted, smirking at Hiro, “you know how he is when he’s angry. It won’t disappear unless he make a mess out of them.”

“Your dads are coming home as well, you better clean down your basement before they know what you’re hiding there,” Kenneth teased.

Hiro scoffed.

“As if they can do anything to make me change my mind,” he said, looking at Paige in a loving manner that made me envy for just a second.

Paige was confused the whole time but didn’t say anything. He looked at me and saw I had the same expression. Clark, who was quiet the whole time, finally spoke.

“I’m going out for a smoke,” he said, pushing his chair out and standing up.

Anthony followed him with his eyes before looking back at me.

“So, Drew!” he began, changing his tone to uplift the conversation, “how did you meet our Clark?”

I blinked at him.

“He’s…he’s working as my bodyguard,” I nervously answered.

“No, no, what I mean is how did the two of you end up falling for each other?” he sarcastically asked which made me uncomfortable.

“I don’t know…it just happened,” I replied, forcing a smile at him.

“Really? You know how scary that guy is?” he said all of a sudden that I didn’t have the time to react, “he can kill anyone without batting an eye. He’s that emotionless. Cold, ruthless, he never took anyone seriously and yet here he is, attracted to an innocent boy, interesting, right?

Hiro was quietly observing us.

Narrowing my eyes at him, I asked, “is something wrong with that…?”

“Nothing,” Anthony answered, smiling at me, “I’m just…impressed.”

“Move on, Anthony. We all know Clark’s not gonna take your ass anymore,” Kenneth said and right at the moment, I felt my heart skipped a beat.

Want…his ass? Wait, does that mean…?

Were they…?

I felt cold all of a sudden and I reckoned my face got pale after getting that information. Hiro was staring at me and I’m sure he noticed my face changing color.

“I’m…I think I need some air,” I said, clumsily pushing the chair out and standing up.

I could feel Paige watching me get out of the room. It became hard to breathe and I didn’t know what to feel after learning that Anthony and Clark did it. I mean, Diana did say that Clark had a number of…people he went out with back in the past. There’s nothing unusual there but even so, I couldn’t help but feel jealous and angry.

And to think that one of those people is here…

I never had a decent relationship before. Clark was the first person I ever dated. I don’t know how to deal with this kind of situation.

I stopped right outside the dining room and clutched my aching chest.

It’s alright, Drew. It’s alright.

Clark’s dating me. I’m the only one, I’m sure of it. What happened in the past, I couldn’t undo it. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Turning to the left, I saw Clark from outside the tall window, smoking cigarette at the porch. I was relieved seeing him but remembering what Anthony said before made my heart clench in pain.

Nevertheless, I gathered the courage to go where he Clark was. I opened the main door of the mansion and walked towards him. He didn’t even need to see him to know that I was approaching him.

“What’s wrong? Not enjoying their company?” Clark asked, blowing the smoke of the cigarette.

I slowly nodded.

“They’re nice…and all but I figured they might want to talk about things and…me being there will only make it awkward,” I informed.

Standing beside him, I lowered my head.

“They’re your friends?” I asked.

Clark shrugged his shoulders.

“More or less. The Torres-Shao brothers are useful, Maria and Hiro are family,” he answered, bored with my lazy question.

“How about Paige?” I carefully asked, “is he family too?”

Clark smiled.

“Yeah, you can say that. Hiro’s crazy about him, obviously,” he said, “but I guess there’s a few exception.”

I was nervous asking him about Anthony because I might not like his answer.

“I see,” I said, smiling sadly at the distant, “family, huh? That’s nice.”

“What’s wrong?” Clark asked, throwing the cigarette on the ground and stepping on it to extinguish the fire, “something’s bothering you.”

“Nothing, just curious about your past.”

Clark faced me, raising a brow.

“My past huh?”

I put my elbows on top of the porch railings, looking at the view of the tall trees surrounding the mansion.

“It’s complicated, Drew. My family, my life, everything.”

Seeing Clark about to open his mouth to answer, I quickly interrupted him, afraid that he might reject me again.

“I know,” I said, pursing my lips and biting it, “I know it’s not something I should ask…”

Clark ignored me.

“If you’re asking me what kind of life I lived in the Philippines, it wasn’t something special. I told you before, I wanted to escape from my family. I wanted to,” he paused, putting his hands inside his pants pockets, “I wanted to experience something new. I was tired of doing the same thing over and over again. Training, fighting, training, killing, fighting, doing merc jobs, it’s exhausting.”

I listened well at Clark, taking in the seriousness of his face.

“And when I heard Hiro was going to the Philippines to chase his prince charming, I figured I would come with him to get out of that place. My parents are really protective and it was getting annoying. When I came to the Philippines, let’s just say I got wild and did a lot of…things,” he mumbled.

I narrowed my eyes at him.

“What kind of things?”

Clark tore his gaze away from me and heaved another sigh.

“Things what teenagers usually do,” he shortly answered.

Teenagers? Wasn’t he supposed to be a teenager too?

“Were those things involved…Anthony?” I trailed off, bracing myself for Clark’s answer.

He snapped his head at me and furrowed his brows.

“How did you -- ?” he halted and rolled his eyes, realizing how I knew, “motherfucker.”

We were silent for a couple of minutes. I couldn’t dare say anything at Clark.

“Listen,” Clark started, his voice strained, “what happened between Anthony and I, it was all in the past. If he’s provoking you because of that, don’t listen to him. He’s just an asshole.”

“I know, I know,” I muttered, “I know that, Clark but…”

I calmed myself. There’s no point in getting angry and insecure because of the people on Clark’s past relationship.

“It’s not my place to say anything,” I finally said, compelling myself that this was nothing, that it wasn’t an issue and there’s no use in crying over spilled milk.

“Don’t say that,” Clark said.

I looked at him and raised a brow.


“You’re not just someone to me, Drew.”

Stretching his arm to reach for my cheek, he caressed it with his thumb and gave me a loving smile.

“You’re not anymore.”

I shuddered, suddenly excited at what Clark said. My heart felt like it’s going to leap out of my chest from happiness.

“Clark, sorry, I’m just so in love with you,” I said, leaning against his palm to feel his warmth.

He reached for my height, lowering his body to kiss me on the lips. It was gentle, full of emotions and feeling his lips against mine, it’s as if I’m going to faint from the overflowing joy in my heart.

Pulling away, Clark smiled at me.

“This is all new to me too,” he said.


“You’re the first I ever gotten serious with.”

I grinned at him, laughing.

“Me too.”

When we came back to the dining room, Marco told us that everyone was escorted to their room to settle down for their vacation here in Italy. He told us Clark and I were being summoned to Hiro’s office to talk about the details of our groups alliance.

Going upstairs, I got tensed when I saw Anthony waiting by one of the doors in the corridor. He saw us and a fake smile appeared on his face.

“Hey,” he greeted, walking up to us.

Clark looked at him, his eyes unwavering from Anthony’s presence.


“Nothing, I just can’t believe you’re settling for one lover, Clark,” he sarcastically said, “interesting, indeed.”

“Something wrong with that?” Clark asked.

“No, no, nothing’s wrong with that,” Anthony answered before giving me a sly smile, “take good care of Clark, he’s one of a kind.”

He walked past us and I watched him go down the stairs. When Anthony was gone, I looked back at Clark.

“He seems really interested in you,” I mumbled, trying to hide the fact that it’s irritating me.

“Don’t mind him.”

Clark then led me to Hiro’s office. He didn’t even bother knocking the door, opening it without warning. Hiro was sitting behind his desk, busy with his laptop while Paige was lying on the couch, an iPad in his hand. The sound from the game he was playing echoed in the room but Hiro doesn’t seem to mind.

“Drew,” Hiro called, motioning me to come sit on the chair in front of him.

I did, sitting down and turning half of my body to look at Hiro.


He tossed a folder my way and I caught it, opening the file to see a contract inside.

“The list of what we’ll offer to each other with this deal of ours,” Hiro said, taking his focus away from his laptop to look at me, “Clark made arrangements for the your contract.”

Of course he did.

“Read them before you sign it. It’s just formality and all and we both know nothing is formal in our world, Drew,” Hiro said, smirking at me, “anyway, to put it simply, whenever you need my help, I’ll come to you and when I will need your help, you’ll come to me.”

“Okay, I understand.”

I briefly read the contract and like what Hiro said, it’s all about sharing resources, business and aid to each other, whether it’s requested or if one of us see it’s necessary to send help. All kinds of trading will be allowed, whatever we could offer as well as 15% of our monthly earnings. Also, moving in and out of our countries were guaranteed as long as it’s in our territory.

I picked up the pen on the side and was about to sign the document after reading it but Hiro suddenly took my hand to stop me. I gasped out loud, looking at him in confusion.


Hiro’s eyes darkened and I felt threatened with his gaze.

“Just to make it clear, Drew. You’re the one I’m dealing with, not your father. If you want to do business with me, you are the only person who can talk to me, do you understand?”

I gulped.


“Closing a deal with me isn’t easy,” Hiro said before cocking his head towards Clark’s direction, “thanks to Clark’s influence, your family will be able to get money from me.”

“I…appreciate that,” I said honestly.

Hiro’s hand gripping my wrist got loose and he finally changed the way he was smiling at me. He let me sign the document.

“Glad to do business with you, Drew Orlov. I can tell we’ll have a wonderful relationship.”

I saw Paige and Clark narrowed their eyes at us and Hiro only laughed out loud from their reactions. Paige threw the iPad on the floor and stomped towards Hiro, forcing himself to sit on his lap while glaring at me.

“Hiro’s mine!” he said, pouting at me.

Hiro automatically put his arms around his waist and I could see how he was enjoying Paige’s jealousy.

I panicked because it wasn’t my intention to steal Hiro from Paige, I respect their relationship!

“No, I’m not going to…!”

Clark smiled at Paige.

“You don’t have to worry about that, Paige. My boss isn’t interested,” he said.

I shuddered from how deep and dangerous his voice was, like it came from the depths of hell. He pulled me up and dragged me out of Hiro’s office.

When we got out, Clark finally released me and I caressed my aching arm.

“We’ll go home tomorrow,” he said, walking back the room where I’m staying.


“We accomplished what we came here for, we’re going back to Moscow tomorrow.”

“Oh, right. Yes.”

We arrived back in the room. The bed was made and everything was in order, unlike this morning where I left it messy with my stuff. I closed the door behind me and watched Clark sit on the edge of the bed.

“This is so tiring,” he said as he massaged his temples.


He snorted.

“It’s not your fault.”


Clark lifted his gaze and I gasped, seeing how he was eyeing me in lust. The way he was looking at me made me sweat and I was aware that I wouldn’t leave this room unscathed.

“Come here,” he beckoned, “calm me down.”

With small steps, I approached Clark.

“What should I do?” I asked.

“Take your clothes off.”

My eyes widened from his request but nodded nonetheless. I began taking my shirt off, letting it slide down on my arms and down on the floor. Clark was eyeing me, fixated on my chest.

I rubbed my left arm and stood uncomfortably in front of Clark.

“I said take it off,” Clark repeated and this time, he was glaring at me.

My hands trembled, nodding once again. I unbuttoned my jeans, pulling the zipper down and taking it off. I noticed Clark smirking in delight upon seeing the forming bulge under my boxers. I soon took my underwear off, my breath getting caught in a hitch as I stood fully naked in front of Clark.

I was covering my member with my hands but Clark slapped it away, earning a loud gasp from me.

“Hands behind your back, boss,” he ordered.


Clark pinched a lock of my pubes and harshly pulled it.

“Ouch!” I complained.

“You like pain, don’t you, Drew?”

I flushed in guilt.


Clark sent me a warning glare.

“Don’t you dare lie, I know when you’re lying.”

I lowered my head in shame and nodded yet again.

“Yes…yes, I like…I like it.”

Clark smiled in delight.


He stood up, pulled me towards the bed and grabbed both my arms to pin it up. He looked around and took the shirt I was wearing, tying it around my wrists and into the bed posts.

“What are you doing?” I asked, panicking at being tied against the bed.

Clark smirked at me.

“I told you, boss, I’m very possessive.”

I gaped at him.


“You think I like it when other people touch what belongs to me?” he asked, “my boss deserves punishment, don’t you think?”

“W-wait, Clark!”

He stood on the bed and I was stunned to see him taking his clothes off. Once he was naked, he knelt back, straddling my hips while crumpling his underwear. He mischievously smiled at me, squeezing my cheeks to force my mouth to open only to shove his underwear inside, making me gag.

“I’ve been holding back because this is business but it’s not anymore, right, Drew?” he asked teasingly, “I’m impressed with how you handled the whole thing with Hiro but should know where your place is.”

I was confused.

I wanted to ask him what pissed him off so much. Was it because Hiro touched me or because he said those words?

“I told you, boss, I’m very possessive.”

Possessive…so he’s not the only one…?

“You know where your place is, Drew?” he asked, not waiting for my answer obviously because I couldn’t talk, “you’ll always be under me, aching to be fucked like a whore.”

Clark positioned himself, taking both my legs and forcing it apart. I was so exposed, he could see every inch of my body and it was humiliating and yet…I’m loving it.

“I won’t let you sleep tonight,” he warned, flicking a finger against my cock and earning a muffled yelp from me, “I’ll make sure you’ll be drowning from cum.”

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