Sold to the Mafia: The Heir

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I screamed Clark’s name for the nth time as I came. Clark finally pulled away and I felt my ass hole twitching as cum dripped out, soiling the sheet under me. I slumped down on the bed, never realizing that I had been arching my back from the intense pleasure he was giving me.

I couldn’t remember how many hours had passed since Clark started punishing me for whatever interaction I had with Hiro. My body was aching, I was sticky and sweaty all over and it was as if I would pass out from exhaustion.

Clark was relentless in fucking me. He didn’t let me rest the entire time, just pulling out when he needed to drink water to hydrate the both of us. I couldn’t move a muscle and my eyelids were heavy, indicating that I’m close to fainting.

I watched Clark stood up and walked away from the bed. He briefly checked his phone while I laid still on the bed, observing his every move. It was dark but the light from the outside let me see the outline of his body.

Putting his phone on his ear, he lit up a cigarette.

“We’re going back tomorrow,” I heard him say but his voice was getting farther, “no, I’ll meet up with Eva when I get back. I need to know what the Maslow’s are up to.’

The Maslow’s? I’ve been hearing this Eva person. Who was she? Was she also working for the Orlov family?

What’s the Maslow’s up to? Were they --

“Because your life is in danger.”


“The war of the families are starting and it’s not like before, sir Drew.”

He leaned closer at me and I instinctively backed away. This man, he’s scary in all sorts and ways.


“Because this is the war of the heirs.”

The war of the heirs? So far, nothing bad happened, except that one time where Valery got dragged into.

Soon, I found myself falling asleep with my hands tied above me, silently wishing for Clark to come back and held me tight.

I woke up and it was still dark outside. I was groggy and my whole body felt like it was made out of lead. I pushed myself up and out on the bed, realizing that I had been cleaned up. Checking beside me, I smiled when I saw Clark sleeping, an arm placed on my waist.

I blindly searched for my phone and found it under the pillow. Checking the time, I grunted when it was still just four in the morning.

I wanted to go back and sleep but I was feeling parched. I carefully got up, putting Clark’s arm away from me. All of a sudden, he caught my hand and forced me back on the bed.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

His voice sounded rough and it immediately turned me on. Having this kind of effect from Clark was scary and fascinating all at the same time.

“I…I wanna drink.”

Clark had one eye opened as he tried to focus his sight on me. He got up and I heard bones cracking while he stretched.

“What time is it?”

“It’s four,” I whispered, “sorry I woke you up.”

“It’s fine.”

Clark finally lets go of my hand. I stood up and searched for my slippers.

“What time are we going back?” I asked.

“Seven,” Clark shortly answered.

“Does your friends know?”

He grunted in annoyance.

“No and I don’t want them to know.”

I chuckled and said, “why’s that?”

“They’re just gonna make a big fuss about it, especially Tony.”

My laugh stopped and I tried not to let Clark see my disappointed expression. I know it was dark but he had a sharp vision, I wouldn’t take that chance.

“Of course. They’re good friends,” I nonchalantly commented.

“You have good friends too.”

I nodded and smiled, remembering Valery, Oleg and Alyona.

“Yeah, I do. I miss them.”

“Don’t worry. You’ll be seeing them very soon.”

Clark stood up, turning the lampshade on. I saw him naked, a sheet covering his lower body which I wished it wasn’t. He had his back turned on me and for the thousand time, I couldn’t help but adore at how chiseled and strong it looked like. His shoulders were wide and I just wanted to bite it bear my marks on his skin.

“I’m hungry,” he said before yawning.

“Oh, you wanna eat breakfast now? But everyone’s asleep though.”

Clark scoffed, refuting my claim.

“Hiro usually slept at around 5,” he informed.

I gaped in disbelief.


“Yeah, that idiot’s always sleep-deprived. After what happened to Paige, he got paranoid. He’s always thinking someone’s out there to get Paige,” Clark explained, looking back at me with an melancholic smile on his face.

Gulping, I stared straight into his eyes. I’ve always been wondering what happened to Paige and I know it’s not my place to ask but he’s been such a good friend to me and if there’s something I could do for him, I would.

“Clark, what happened to Paige?” I asked.

I walked near Clark who had his arms reaching for me. He let me sit on his lap while I leaned my head against his chest.

“What didn’t happen to him?” he asked back, his shoulders dropping, “they’ve been through a lot. I don’t blame Hiro for what he did in the past, he’s too in love with Paige and everyone in North Vale knows that. You know who Hiro is and what he’s like. He was going to be the next leader of the Blaise Family and taking over such a big and influential group, of course a lot of people will come for him.”

“What…what does that mean?” I nervously asked.

“If you want to destroy a group, one way to do it is to kill the next heir. Mafia groups works as a family business and your family name is important, unless, of course, you’re Mikhail. He managed to take over the whole Russian Mafia without a family behind him,” Clark said, smirking while talking about the infamous leader of the Russian mob, “no heir means no one’s going to take over the family business. Either someone will take over, completely changing everything the family worked for, including their family name which they established for a long time.”

I lowered my head. That’s why dad wanted me to take over. I’m the only heir of the Orlov group and if I don’t take over, someone new would and whoever that person was, he would surely change everything my dad worked for. They would claim it as their own, take all the territories and the people working under him.

“Hiro’s the heir of the Blaise group and that puts him in a position where everyone in his life is targeted. He knows, of all the people, he knows that exposing his feelings for Paige will destroy him but he’s too obsessed with him and…I guess the worst thing happened.”

Clark averted his gaze from me and sighed out loud.

“People used Paige. They used him because he’s the only weakness Hiro has and he will always be his biggest weakness. Paige disappeared…for I don’t know how long. Hiro was suicidal and if it wasn’t for my parents, he would have killed himself.”

My heart skipped a beat. I never expected something as tragic as that happened to Hiro and Paige.

“They convinced him to pick up himself and search for Paige and when they did, it was too late. Paige was already broken.”

I tightened my grip on Clark’s arm.


“Naturally, Hiro was hell-bound in having his revenge to those people who defiled Paige and until now, he’s still making their lives a living hell. It took a toll, to the two of them and Hiro, he became more protective of Paige. This place, it’s like a prisoner for Paige. He’s not allowed to go out without Hiro or any of his elite bodyguards, everyone working here knows how crazy protective Hiro is to Paige and they’re all afraid of him and as for Paige, he’s diagnosed with several mental health conditions. Hiro took him to a lot of psychologists, therapies, so on and so forth. Even my dads are helping him recuperate,” Clark said, smiling sadly at me while caressing my back.

“Your dad?”

He shrugged his shoulders and replied, “they both know a lot about mental issues.”

“Oh,” I paused and asked, “what about Paige’s parents?”

Clark shook his head.

“They’re dead. When he transferred to North Vale, he has no family. Hiro’s the only person he got now,” he answered.

My scowl deepened.

“...I can’t imagine…what happened to them and it’s so sad. I can tell how much they love each other and it hurts how people use others for their advantage,” I truthfully said, fighting the urge to cry in front of Clark.

Clark smiled, kissing my tears away.

“They’ve been through a lot. Hiro’s dad, had a hard time convincing his son not to go the same dark path as my dads did but who can blame him? They hurt the only person he truly love, I would have done the same.”

I immediately stopped crying, my brows furrowing.

“Clark…I don’t want that to happen…I…I love you so much but…if the same were to happen to you, I would do anything to get you back too.”

He grinned at me in defeat before hugging me tight.

“Fuck, why are you so damn cute?”

I flushed, feeling the heat of his exposed skin against mine.

“Clark,” I said and he pulled back to look at me in the eye, “I want to become strong…I don’t want to be your weakness.”

His smile didn’t disappear.

“I can’t do that.”


“Hiro said everyone has a weakness. When he told me that, I didn’t believe because I really didn’t know anyone who people can use against me but when I met you, I finally understood what he meant by that.”

Nuzzling the crook of my neck, he said in a hushed and sweet voice, “you’re my only weakness, Drew, even if you become strong, even stronger than me, you’ll always be my weakness.”

My heart clenched and tears finally fell from my eyes, overwhelmed with what Clark was saying. He’s reserved and he wouldn’t normally say things like this but ever since we started our relationship, Clark became more open and honest to me.

I buried my nose on his hair and brought him close to me.

I love Clark so much, please don’t take him away from me.


Someone had called Clark while we were having our conversation. I saw an unfamiliar name flashing on his screen and it was woman’s name which made me a little uncomfortable. Instead of being jealous, we just went ahead and professed our love to each other, I didn’t want to ruin the moment, I went to the table to drink water but Clark had already emptied the pitcher. I went out of the room to go to the kitchen and drink water. It was dark in the hallway but it never really made a difference because it’s always been dark even if it’s morning.

The moment I entered the kitchen, my heart almost jumped out of my chest when I saw a figure sitting on the counter table, smoking a cigarette in the dark. I easily recognized who it was.

It was Hiro.

I didn’t made a lot of noise but he figured out I was behind him.

“Excited to go back, huh?” he asked in a teasing voice.

“I…I just wanna get a drink,” I anxiously answered, “what’re you doing here?”

I heard him a heave a sigh. He was facing the large windows with the view of the garden outside.

“Paige just had a panic attack.”

I gasped out loud, genuinely worried about Paige. We didn’t have a lot of time to bond but I could tell we’ll be good friends. He was nice and sweet and I was comfortable around him and after learning his dark past, I wanted to know more about Paige. Not only the thing that happened when he became…crazy, but also how he was before everything.

If I could do anything to help him, I would but given the circumstances, it would be hard. Nevertheless, there’s always technology for us to catch up and if Hiro would give me his permission to chat with Paige and let him feel that he had other friends, other than his boyfriend and the people from the Philippines, he might overcome this obstacle of his life faster.

I would love for him to meet Valery and the others because I’m sure we would click.

“Is…is Paige alright?” I asked and I couldn’t hide that my voice was trembling.

Hiro noticed it. He looked at me and with the help of the light from the outside, I could see his face. He had and interested smile on his face, blowing the smoke out of his mouth while staring at me.

“Yeah, he’s fine. He just fell asleep, although,” he raised his arm and I saw long scratches on his right arm, “he marked me again.”

I didn’t know what to say. The whole thing with Hiro and Paige was sensitive and I didn’t want to offend him.

“Why are you here? Is he alright being alone?”

“Maria’s with him, he’ll be fine.”


Maria was Hiro’s cousin. I remember her with the perfectly shaped jaw, strong and piercing eyes and supple lips, she was dazzling, it’s almost hard to look at her.

I looked down and stared at my feet.

“Paige is so lucky to have you, Hiro,” I absently said.

Hiro stopped midway into putting the cigarette back to his lips. He was surprised with what I said and I panicked when I saw him looking at me with those sharp eyes.

“It should be the other way around. I’m lucky to have him.”

My jaw dropped, shocked with Hiro’s revelation. He was such a stoic and sarcastic man that having a serious talk with him gave me anxiety.

“Even after everything that happened, he’s still here, with me. Paige being alive, that’s the only way for me to continue living.”

I gulped. With every words, I could feel Hiro’s intense love for Paige.

“He made me feel every emotion a human can have. He’s the only reason why I’m living now,” Hiro said, his tone had a tint of agony and frustration in it, “if he tells me to leave again, I’ll lose it.”

He rubbed his face with his hand, putting out the cigarette with the ashtray.

“Fuck, I’m not even drunk and here I’m talking to a brat about Paige,” he said, sarcastically chuckling at me.

I recalled my short chat with Paige about Hiro and even for someone like me, I could tell that they truly loved each other. Hiro always had a loving look whenever Paige was in the room and anyone could see how much he loved him and as for Paige…

“He loves you,” I said, smiling at Hiro. Cheesy as it was, it was the truth, “you always look at each other like and there’s a spark, an undying emotion that only you two shares…it’s amazing.”

Hiro made a face.

“Wow, aren’t you sappy?”

I pouted at him.

“Sorry,” I said.

He snickered and for a moment, I saw what he might have probably looked like when he was still in his teens and he was absolutely stunning.

And only Paige could bring that out from him.

“You’ll suit the unemotional Clark, that’s for sure.”

I rubbed the back of my head in a sheepish way.

“R-right, thanks.”

“Hey, Drew,” Hiro called, “do me a favor.”

I blinked at him.

“What is it?”

He tapped my shoulder and smiled.

“Make that idiot happy.”

I nodded and smiled back.

“I will.”

Walking back to the guest room, I saw Clark sitting on the bed, smoking cigarette. I approached him, put my arms around his shoulders and hugged him tight.

“Took you a long time to get water,” he jokingly said.

“Yeah, I talked with Hiro,” I honestly said.

I saw the irritation in his eyes but before he say something, I kissed him on the lips to stop him. He was surprised from what I just did and when I pulled away, he had a confused look on his handsome face.

I giggled.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.


I’m aware that people in the Mafia was never good. They don’t do good things, they feed off of people’s money, extorting it from them, harassing them, using power and money to get what they wanted but I realized, even with all the horrendous things they’re doing, they were still capable of feeling love.

Clark was slowly opening up to me. I met people who knew him from the past and gradually, I’m learning what kind of person he was.

He’s also capable of falling in love.

I reached down to kiss his nipple. His arm wrapped around my waist and he was still staring at me in bewilderment.

“What did Hiro say?” he exasperatedly said.

I bit the nub of his right nipple and I saw the corner of his eye twitch. I didn’t answer him. I dropped down on the floor, in between Clark’s leg.

“Mmmhm, Clark, I want you again,” I mumbled, running a hand through his crotch.

He scoffed at me.

“We have to leave early, boss” he said, kissing my ear and making me shudder from it.

I shook my head, my arms getting busy to take his pants off.

“No, no, I want you to fuck me again,” I begged.

I was struggling to take it off but Clark helped me. He pulled it down halfway and I was mesmerized to see his cock, standing tall and proud in front of me. The head was swollen and before I realized it, I was already reaching to put it inside my mouth.

I swallowed him whole and I almost gagged when it hit the back of my throat. But with all the practice I’ve been doing, I was barely confident that I was pleasuring his dick. I felt it throbbing inside my mouth and imagining how it’s fucking my ass made me aroused. My hand travelled south, slipping it inside my pants to take my cock out and stroke it while I blow Clark’s.

“Mmmhm, fuck,” he hissed, his tongue licking his bottom lip while watching me intently.

I was switching from my mouth and my hands to make Clark come. His shaft was slick from my saliva.

My hand was getting tired but I continued jacking off. I licked Clark’s balls, gently kissing it while my other hand worked its way, stroking his cock. His dick was getting hotter and it urged me to put it back in my mouth so he could come inside me.

His hand gripped my hair and when he ejaculated, he shoved his cock deep inside my throat. I came at the same time, my mind was in a haze and I didn’t even realized that I was already crying for how much it hurt. By the time he pulled away, I was coughing, holding my neck while tears and snot came out of my eyes and mouth.

The feeling of having your throat penetrated, my gag reflex activating, it was damn painful but when I saw Clark’s satisfied face, I knew it was worth it.

He pulled me up, letting me sit on his lap while he kissed me on the lips, not bothered that he dumped his cum straight to my throat. His huge hand caressing my back calmed me down while he nibble my swollen lips.

I lazily wrapped my arms around his shoulders.

“I want more,” I declared.

Clark pursed his lips.

“Please don’t tell me Hiro gave you aphrodisiacs.”

We both stared at each other before I blurted out a laugh to which Clark grinned.

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