Sold to the Mafia: The Heir

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I was excited and nervous at the same time. This was my first time working a part-time job. I lived a good life, thanks to my parents

School was pretty normal, nothing major happened except the being treated as an outsider and the glares and the whispering.

Classes were finished and I was getting ready to go to my part-time job for my first night shift. Dad leaving the country was a big help. Mom didn’t really care, she was busy with whatever business she was doing.

Damn, I really love my family.

Note the sarcasm.

I put the last book in my bag before slinging it over my shoulder. I left the classroom without a word. I didn’t want to let Valery that I was working just for the reason of earning money for Clark’s expenses for the cruise.

Isaac, as usual, was on schedule in picking me up from school. He was already waiting for me outside the building, leaning on the wall with his arms crossed. If it wasn’t for the casual clothes he was wearing, people would mistake him for a creep or something like that.

Fortunately for him, he was good-looking but it draws attention to some people and it worried me that they might discover the fact that he was my bodyguard.

“Are you ready to go?” was the first thing he asked when he saw me.

“Yep,” I replied.

I wasn’t comfortable that someone was waiting to pick me up. I liked my freedom, thank you very much. It’s suffocating to have people follow and wait for you just to secure me.

I understand the danger of being the only son of a big Mafia boss but damn, it’s irritating.

We headed to the parking lot. I got in on the passengers seat, throwing my bag in the back seat. Isaac boarded the car and started the engine.

“How long is your shift?” he asked.

I put the seat belt on, answering, “around 2 in the morning.”

“Got it.”

I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to wait for me.”

He drove the car into traffic and into the bar I’m going to work at.

“Of course,” he nonchalantly replied.

I resisted the urge to bang my head on the dashboard.

Agh, so much for my freedom.

We arrived at The Pink Stars and I immediately saw the long line of people outside. I never knew that this was a famous place, no wonder they were desperate hiring employees.

Isaac parked the car, turned the engine off and looked at me.

“I’ll accompany you inside -- ”

I rolled my eyes at him.

“I assure you nothing bad will happen, okay? Just wait here, I’ll be fine or better yet, go home,” I said, hoping that he would listen to me.

Isaac shook his head.

“No. I’ll wait. This is my job.”

I sighed in defeat.

“Okay, fine. Suit yourself.”

I took my phone and wallet out of my bag. I bid Isaac goodbye and got out of the car. Trotting towards the back of the bar, I saw three buff men wearing suits guarding the door.

One of them saw me.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“I’m the new employee,” I briefly answered.

Guys like them doesn’t intimidate me since I’m used to having them around in the house.

The man from the farthest back talked to someone over the radio. Seconds after, he opened the door to let me in.

Before entering, I gave them a curious look. Why was the security tight? They don’t appear like they were working here judging from their clothes.

Ignoring them, I went my way to the office of the manager. The corridor was dark and messy and had a funky smell in the air.

I thought that this was just normal for a place like this, I knocked on the door and waited for the manager to open it.

A loud crash from the inside made me jolt in surprise. It sounded like glass getting thrown on the floor or something.

I knocked again.

“Hello? Is everything okay?”

“Dumb bitch!”

I furrowed my brows.

What the hell’s going on?

The door soon opened and there was a woman, a bit taller than I am who came dashing out of the room. Her cheek was swollen and she was crying as she ran away.

“W-what happened?” I nervously asked.

There were five men inside the room and one of them was the guy who interviewed me. He looked pale and was sweating. He looked at me and motioned me to come in.

I did what I was told.

The largest man from the group was sitting on top of the table. There was a familiar aura around him, something I have seen from my father.

This guy, he’s definitely in the same work as my family.

He was smoking cigarette, dressed in a lavish clothes and sparkling jewelry. The smug look on his face irked me but I maintained my cool as I stood in front of them.

No doubt, this place was being operated by the mob and not just an ordinary mob. The tattoos on this guy indicated that he belonged to a powerful group.

Ack, what have I gotten myself into?

No, calm down, Drew. Nothing bad will happen. Only a few people knew that I’m from the Orlov. As long as I focus yourself to work, I wouldn’t attract attention from anyone.

I looked around. The room was a lot messier compared to the outside. Papers and folders all over the place, a chair was toppled on the ground and next to it was a shattered glass.

“Who’s this?” the man sitting on the table asked.

He blew the smoke out of his nose, staring hard at me with those cold and emotionless eyes.

“H-he’s the new guy pitching in, b-boss,” the manager answered.

I peeked at him and damn, he was sweating bullets.

The man looked at me from top top bottom. A devilish smirk appeared on his face.

“I think he’ll like you.”

“Huh?” the manager and I both said.

“Do you want a lot of money, kid?” the man asked, his smirk getting bigger. “I can give you a lot of money from now on.”

I blinked at him, confused.

“I’ll offer you a better job than cleaning tables and serving drinks. It’s an easy money compared to being a waiter.”

“Wait a minute, boss…”

“Shut up!” the man barked, making the manager tremble in fear.

“I - I apologize.”

He turned to me and said, “so? Will you take the job?”

“What kind of job is it?”

“Please…please do this for me!”

I ignored the manager who was running after me. That freaking asshole think I’m that naive? Who in their mind would agree to his offer of serving drinks naked to people I don’t know.

I’m in dire need of money but I’m not that desperate that I would throw my dignity away for money.

If I needed to beg for my parents to have money, I would do it.

I stomped out of my way but the manager caught my hand and spun me to make me face him.

“Please!” he screamed, hands clasping together, “I really need you to do this, Drew!”

“And why would I?” I asked sarcastically. “All I want to do is do my job as a waiter and get my money. That’s what you promised me.”

“You don’t understand the situation! That man you just talked to, he’s the leader of the Vasilev group. They own this place and if they don’t get what they want, they’ll kill me!” he half-screamed on my face and I grimaced when he spat his saliva on me.

“I don’t know you, sir, so excuse me if I don’t care,” I said, wiping his drool off of me.

I turned around but he grabbed my hand one more time to stop me.

“Look, I’ll…I’ll pay you...whatever you want, Drew. Just help me out in this, please, I’m begging you…I can’t…I can’t leave my family yet…please…”

I looked straight into his eyes and saw genuine fear. Staring long at the manager, I sighed out loud in defeat.

“You owe me big time,” I said, shoulders dropping in dismay.

I couldn’t possibly compare the worth of my dignity compare to his life and the life of his family. Even though I’m not involved with the Mafia directly, I know how it worked. Sure, it’s easy money but it’s also easy death when you do something wrong.

I hated that.

“This is just a one time thing, I promise.”

“How can you assure me that it’s a one time thing?” I asked.

The manager wiped the sweat on his forehead.

“There’s a big-shot who the boss wanted to impress. He heard that this big-shot likes…young, beautiful boys and I guess that’s you,” he explained, getting uncomfortable at the topic.

I rolled my eyes.

“How ironic that someone from the Russian mob is a pedophile homo.” [A/N: *coughs*]

“Okay, I’ll do it,” I announced.

The manager’s gloomy face turned ecstatic from what I said.

“You’ll be doing me a huge favor, Drew!” he exclaimed in pure happiness.

I forced a smile at him.

“Good, at least you know.”

He led me to an extended part of the bar where security was even tighter. There were men all over the place, roaming around. They were alert and was on edge and now I know why they were acting like that.

The big-shot the manager was talking about, I wonder who he was.

“So the bar is just a front for…something like this,” I said as my eyes wander around the place.

This place was different from the bar where ordinary people were going to to spend their night with booze and dancing and more. This part was a secret kind of place where only the rich goes off to satisfy their sick needs.

Darkly-lit and red-painted corridors, soft carpets on the floor and elegant-looking doors on each sides of the wall, I’m sure this was the kind of place where I would find something disgusting and horrifying all at the same time.

“Yes,” the managed said, his voice low.

This was the kind of world my father was living in.

This was the kind of world that was waiting for me in the future.

“What am I supposed to do?” I asked as the manager and I traversed the hallway.

“Just…do everything they say,” he answered.

“And what if I don’t wanna do it?”

The manager lowered his head.

“I hope it won’t come to that.”

We stopped in front of a door same to others I saw while walking through the corridor.

“This is the place,” the manager said before looking at me. “We’ll pay you in full cash after everything is done.”

I wouldn’t lie, I was feeling scared and anxious. Everything got complicated when all I wanted to do was do my job as a waiter to earn money for Clark.

And now I’m doing this favor to save this man’s life from stupid, evil people behind this door.

“I…I know I shouldn’t do this but…”

I watched the manager take out what seemed like an alarm for thieves. He gave it to me, looking straight into my eyes.

“I’m hoping this can save you,” he said, smiling a little bit.

I laughed stiffly.

“Well, I’m saving your life, make sure you’ll save mine too.”

I entered the room. Thea heavy scent of rose and vanilla hit my nose the moment I stepped inside. The only source of light was from the lamps attached on the walls right in front of me.

Leather sofas were pasted on the each of the walls of the room. There were five men, including the man who was the leader of the Vasilev group. On top of the square table in the middle were bottles of wines and booze together with ashtrays and cigarette boxes and tobaccos. I saw packets of what I assumed were drugs but I ignored it.

The man in the middle of the seat looked at me. He was smoking a tobacco, smirking and looking at me like I’m some kind of whore he wanted to fuck.

“You brought something new, Tabor,” the man mumbled.

I was feeling scared but I kept my feet still on the ground.

“Lucky me, right?” Vasilev said, snickering at me.

“How old are you?”


The man suddenly laughed but it wasn’t a cheerful laugh. It was laugh of malice. And I didn’t liked it.

“Good, good,” he said, rubbing his hands as if he was planning something devious.

“What do you think?” Vasilev asked the man.

“Very good. You finally did something right,” he answered.

The man then turned his attention back to me.

“Take your clothes off.”

My shoulders dropped.

Stupid, horny motherfuckers.

I’m only doing this to help the manager who’s name I didn’t bother to remember.

I stripped off of my clothes, throwing it on the floor before standing straight in front of eyes looming over my naked body.

“Mmmhmm,” someone hummed in approval.

I wanted nothing but to get out of this room, to run away and hide in my room but --

“Look, I’ll…I’ll pay you...whatever you want, Drew. Just help me out in this, please, I’m begging you…I can’t…I can’t leave my family yet…please…”

Besides, the guy I’m seriously head over heels would be coming to a 3-day cruise. I could just forget everything that happened tonight and enjoy myself with Clark and my friends.

“Start serving drinks,” Vasilev beckoned as he glared at me.

I returned it back but did what I was told. I walked towards the table and began to serve drinks. I could feel the intensity of their stares on my body but I did my best to ignore it and focused in my job.

3-day cruise.

3-day cruise.






I felt a hand on my ass and I immediately turned around to swat it away but knowing better that nothing good would come out of it, I held back.

The man harassing me noticed my distress but instead of retreating his hand off of me, he continued to knead by butt cheek.




Cla --

Why am I so pathetic?

So desperate to have someone love me and accept me for who I am?


I’m sorry…I really can’t do this…

Time froze when someone’s cellphone suddenly rang. The man holding me took out his phone but never took his hand off of me. There was still that smug smirk on his face as he answered the call.

Everyone was busy drinking their booze, smoking and chattering. With trembling hands, I continued to pour the wine in the glass.

All of a sudden, the man sexually harassing me stopped. He quickly retreated his hand and when I checked to see what happened to him, there was a horrified expression his face. He stood up in panic, head turning head to right like he was searching for something.

“What’s wrong?” one of the men asked him.

The man’s eyes widened as he looked at me in fear.


I blinked at him.


The door slammed open and Isaac entered the room. He gave me a quick look but even when I was buck naked, his expression didn’t change. He just approached me, took his coat off and slung it over my shoulders to cover my body.

I saw the manager peeking from the door. He looked worried and when he sensed I was looking at him, he gave me an apologetic bow.

“Who the fuck are you?!”

Isaac ignored them.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

I was flustered at Isaac’s sudden entrance that I couldn’t speak. I was just staring at him like a dumb idiot.

He smiled a little.

“It’s okay. Everything’s okay now. Thanks to him.”

I didn’t understand what he meant by that.


“Wait outside. You don’t need to see this.”

I got out of the room, clutching Isaac’s coat closer to me. The manager stood beside me.

“Are you alright?”

I faced him and smiled.

“Yes,” I replied.

I wasn’t fine. I was far from fine. I was still trembling from everything that had happened. This was the first time I found myself in that kind of situation. I thought I could do things like that to save someone but turned out I’m not fit to be in this kind of world.

I was different.

I wasn’t like my dad.

I didn’t want to be in a world the same as his.

Isaac finally got out of the room after being in there for like 7 minutes. The first thing I noticed was his knuckles covered in blood.

“What happened?” I asked even though it was obvious.

“Just taught them a lesson,” Isaac answered.

I nodded, lowering my head in shame.


“Let’s go back, Drew. This isn’t the place for someone like you.”

While Isaac was talking to the manager, I stayed inside the car, waiting for him. I got my clothes back and all but the trauma of being in that place remained in my mind.

I put my knees up and hugged it.

Isaac came back and entered the car, sitting on the drivers seat.

“Are you hungry?”

I kept quiet because I didn’t know what to answer. Yes, I’m hungry but I’m not in the mood to eat.

Isaac looked at me.

“I know a good restaurant. We can eat before going back.”

“Isn’t it weird to eat at this time of night?” I asked.

He put his seat belt on and drove out of the parking lot.

“It looks to me you need some good food to cheer you up.”

I was touched by what Isaac said.

A few minutes of driving, the car stopped in front of a noodle restaurant. Isaac and I got out of the vehicle and entered the establishment. There were only three customers inside since it’s already midnight.

We sat on a vacant table and a waitress approached us to give us the menu. I really wasn’t in the mood to eat but once I saw the photos of noodle soup in the menu, my mouth watered and my stomach grumbled.

Isaac told the waitress what he wanted and so did I. She repeated our order before walking away from us.

The air between us was awkward. I didn’t have the nerve to look at him but I could feel that he was staring at me.

“Ah…before I forget.”

Isaac slid a thick amount of cash on the table, giving it to me. My eyes widened in disbelief.

“W-what…what’s this?”

“The money I got from the manager. I told him to get a new job. I hope he’ll follow my advice. He’s not suited there,” Isaac replied.

I lifted my head to finally look at Isaac. He was also looking at me, smiling.

“You worked hard for it,” he added.

I didn’t know what came to me but tears fell down from my eyes and I began bawling like a little kid in front of Isaac.

I’m ashamed of myself. I was so desperate that I didn’t even noticed how low I’m falling just to satisfy my wants. I was so sure that nothing wrong would happen, underestimating the danger of the Mafia. I should know better, the world I’m in wasn’t the world where I wanted to be.

“...I’m…I’m sorry,” I said, wiping my tears with the back of my hand.

Isaac ruffled my hair in a comforting manner. He didn’t say anything but the gesture was enough to let me know that somehow, just a little bit, someone cares for me too.

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