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Slave Lunas

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Seven Lunas faced a choice after their Packs were overrun and their mates killed in front of them. Submit, and the pack lives. Resist, they all die. Living as his trophy sex slave was the cost. “The Red Moon Pack is no more. Prove your loyalty and your work, and you can have a long and happy life here among us. Or…” He looked at the lines of slaves, then down to the Lunas at his feet. “You can refuse, and be killed like those foolish enough to resist us, or sold into slavery along with your children. But first, bring forth my newest trophy.” The doors to the building opened. Two poles stretched between pairs of men, suspending a metal cage about three feet wide and tall and four feet long. The heavy bars encased a beautiful, frightened young woman, the newest Luna captive, Kirsten. The Pack was jeering at her, yelling in explicit detail what she had to look forward to. We had all been in her place; it was always the same. If the Luna did not surrender, the men would slaughter every last man, woman and child in the Pack. Kirsten knew her fate as soon as Alpha Kendrick attacked. She was naked, collared and helpless. His men opened the cage and pulled her out. Her face showed no emotion, she didn’t resist, she really didn’t want to survive this. She wouldn’t be so lucky.

Action / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: Destroying Her All

I watched the events like people watched a car wreck, unable to turn away. The men brought Kirsten up past us as Alpha Kendrick jumped off the Mating Rock. It wasn’t a huge rock, it was made of granite and was about waist height and only three feet deep and five feet wide. The guards moved her along, she complied without resistance, the bruising on her ribs and back testified to what would happen if she did. The men moved her to the opposite side from us, and I could hear the sound of shackles being fastened to hold her legs wide apart as she faced the crowd. I didn’t need to see, none of us did, we had all lived it. She was bent forward over the flat top of the stone, and her arms were affixed to chains attached to eye bolts in the front of the stone. Her fate was sealed, she was helpless to stop what was to come.

“Luna Kirsten, you know the consequence if you resist or fight me,” he said. “One of your Pack members dies for each resistance, and if you fight back I’ll kill them all.” He looked at the guard. “Make sure she’s watching this,” the Alpha said. I heard the grunt as the guards knotted her hair and attached a rope, tying each end to a leg iron. It forced her neck back so her face was to the crowd.

She was desperately trying to calm herself, I could hear her heart beating out of her chest. Her entire life was being destroyed as she watched in horror.

Beta Thomas pulled up on my chain. “Rise, slaves.” I rolled back on my toes and gracefully rose, despite my hands being locked behind me. The others did as well, a practiced motion, although I saw out of the corner of my eye that Mary had stumbled. One of the guards whacked her in the back with a baton as she moved back into position. Without an order, Thomas starter to walk and we immediately turned and followed until we were facing the back of the rock. We could see her exposed and vulnerable, as the Alpha and his Betas joked about her assets.

Meanwhile, the guards had been pushing the prisoners into a line, and the front of the line was almost to the rock. The Alpha addressed them directly. “Those that wish to join my pack as provisional members may do so now. Reject your Luna then pledge your allegiance to me.”

The first person up was an older man, he had the scars of a fighter but was well past fighting age. His eyes were apologetic, tears running down as he looked at his defeated Luna. “I’m sorry,” he told her.

“Spit in her face and reject her as your Alpha,” Beta Tennard growled.

The man stilled, his wolf was fighting him. Finally, he collapsed onto a knee. “I cannot, I will never submit to a monster like you,” he said as tears fell down his face. There was a growl and the swish of a sword, then his head was rolling towards the rock as Kirsten sobbed.

Men ran forward and dragged the corpse away, even as the guards pushed the next woman onto the spot where the blood was still soaking in. She was holding the hand of a pup of about six, a young boy who was hugging her leg. “I’m sorry, I have to protect my family, I’ve lost everything else,” she said.

“I forgive you, do it quickly,” Kirsten whispered.

She looked at the head, then spit on her Luna’s hair and spoke the words of rejection. She quickly pledged her fealty to Alpha Kendrick and the Black Dawn Pack, and was escorted to an area behind the rock to watch the others.

Once the first one broke, the rest quickly followed. I could tell her Pack had loved her, it wasn’t an easy thing for them by the tears and the defeat in their eyes. There were a few who took glee in her condition, those who blamed her or her mate for the death of their own mate or son. Spittle covered her face and hair as the parade of rejection continued. I could see her jerking in pain as each of the Pack bonds were ripped from her; moving my eyes to my friends, we shared a common bond together and knew exactly how she felt. Tears ran down all of our faces as we suffered in solidarity.

Out of all the prisoners, about two dozen refused to reject her. The ones too old or defiant to be sold at slaves were killed. The ones spared were collared and hauled back to the building, where they would be prepared for later sale. As the last one spit on her, the destruction of the Red Moon Pack was complete.

Her destruction was nowhere near over. The Alpha raised his hands again, and the Pack immediately was silenced. “The Red Moon Alpha tried to stir up the other Packs against us, to form an alliance to become big enough to take us down. We learned of it because the other Alphas are not stupid enough to move against us.” There were shouts of agreement from the crowd. “Now that Alpha is dead, the Pack is no more, and his precious Luna is mine to do with as I wish. As is customary, after I am done my Betas have their chance, then by rank any Pack member who wants to fuck a Luna may do so, in any fashion he or she desires. My other Lunas,” he gestured towards us, “are also available if the line for Luna Kirsten here is too long, or you need a warmup.” There was laughter in the ranks, men were already jostling for position. “Hell, even the provisional members can have a shot after our Omegas.” This was the rest of the humiliation, not only would the Alpha and his men take her in every way, but even her own former Pack members would.

For a proud Luna, it was a soul-crushing blow. I had learned to bury my hatred and resentment deep and just survive, because no matter how bad things got, they could find a way to make it worse.

He had dropped his pants, his familiar shaft straight out in front of him, and without preamble he shoved himself fully inside her. She screamed at the invasion, which only made him enjoy it more. She tried desperately to get him out, but the chains provided no give and there was no escape. Her sobs and screams were the only noise other than the sound of his hips slamming into her.

Beta Tennard handed my chain off to a guard and dropped his pants, then went around to the front. He smiled at his Alpha before slapping her face, her eyes and mouth opened and that was when he forced his dick in. Her cries were immediately muffled as she struggled to breathe, he was savagely face-fucking her while the Alpha continued his assault. She was gagging violently and trying to catch her breath; he was smart enough to recognize when she was about to black out and pull out long enough to prevent it.

The two spit-roasted her until Kendrick withdrew, his fist pounding his dick until he shot his load over her back and ass. As soon as he was clear, Beta Lucas stepped in. He was the commander of the Army, and as a reward he was allowed to be the first to take her ass. He had used Luna Mary’s mouth to warm up in, so there was some spit for lube, but with no preparation it was going to hurt like hell, I knew.

She screamed at the new invasion, only cut off because Beta Tennard was unloading into her throat. When he stepped back, she fought for breath only to have Beta Thomas take his place.

I saw the Pack start to disperse as the Alpha and his top Betas laughed and talked. The Omegas had brought out tables full of beer, hard liquor and meat. The whole thing was a sick festival of sex and humiliation.

Not everyone would participate in using us. The mated pairs typically didn’t, although some of them would screw each other while they watched. There were a few women that would get in line. The women that did were cruel, they were worse than most men as they wouldn’t be satisfied with just an orgasm.

A cock was shoved into my mouth and I went to work on it, fighting back the gag at the smell and taste. Our guards unclipped us from each other so we could better tend to the needs of their Pack, and soon hands pulled me to my feet before someone drove into my pussy. Both men were primed and ready, and shot their loads within a minute. Their places were quickly taken by others who either didn’t want to wait for the main attraction, or figured they could get it up again before the line got back to them.

I could hear the other Lunas being used, lines began to form for us and they obscured the view of Kirsten’s nightmare. Higher ranking wolves who had already had their fun were allowed to cut back in any of the lines for more. Unmated warriors were taught that we were spoils of war, theirs for the taking, so they did. The worst were her former Pack members, who took particular glee in being in control over their former Luna. The gang rape continued for hours and hours, lasting well past midnight, before the last provisional Pack member blew his load over Kirsten’s ass. The booze and drugs would continue back at the Pack House until dawn.

I got my first good look at Kirsten, she had passed out again but this time they could not wake her up with a bucket of ice water or a smack across the face. One of the guards stabbed her butt with his knife, and she didn’t react. She wasn’t dead, I could see her chest slowly rising and falling, but her mind was gone. It had gone to that secret place deep inside where no one could touch her, and it wasn’t coming back anytime soon.

I was glad she had disconnected. I looked at my girls, we had all be used hard and stank of sweat, cum and piss. Yes, a few would do that, yet another humiliation to pile upon us. One of the guards pulled me to my feet and uncoupled the clip between my wrist cuffs, allowing my hands to be free. “Carry her back to the basement and tend to her,” he said as he uncuffed us all.

I shook my arms, trying to get circulation back in them as Vivian and I went to the rock. The guards removed her shackles, and we carefully rolled her onto her back. She didn’t move, and we weren’t going to get a stretcher or any help. I had Tandy help us move her into a fireman’s carry and we started to move. Tandy and Sheri would alternate with us when we got tired, while the others helped the ones who could barely move. Nancy and Mary were very popular, and because of that were in the worst shape after Kirsten.

It took us half an hour to make the trip back to the basement, swapping out four times along the way as we got tired. Kirsten never moved or made a sound; by the time we reached our room, the other girls had already started their showers. We were all naked except our collars, so we moved under the shower head and turned on the cold water. Tandy took over for Vivian, who moved in with a washcloth. She gently cleaning the sticky mess from her abused body. Tears were falling down her eyes as she took in the bruises and cuts her friend had endured. “She’s no worse than you were,” I told her.

She nodded, then went back to cleaning her legs. “We will have to see how she is when she wakes up.” It took some doing, but the girls got her clean and bundled her off into bed as we finished cleaning up. We both used the enema attachment to flush out the remains of the night.

I thought we would be left alone, but the two guards on duty were miffed they had missed the fun. Lance came down and grabbed the twins, taking Sheri to service Charlie in the control room while he took Tandy into the fuck room next door. We could hear the whip hit her backside as he took out his frustrations on her. After everything that had happened to us tonight, they couldn’t even leave us alone to collapse into our own beds.

When both girls returned, I called them all over to me as I checked Kirsten’s progress. I didn’t want the video to show something unusual as we met. “I’ve got an idea,” I said. “It may not work, it may kill us all, but we could take all these bastards with us.”

“Count me in,” Mary said. “I don’t know if I’ll survive another night like this. I’d gladly die just to take one of these bastards out.”

“We could get rescued,” Tandy said.

Vivian shook her head. “You heard what the Alpha said? The Alliance failed, the Packs are too scared and fractured to take Kendrick on. He’s too big, too ruthless. If you were an Alpha, would you risk your Pack and you mate for this? No, rescue isn’t coming until Kendrick is dead.”

“And I want that fucker dead,” Nancy said. “I have no future, no family. I’d have done it myself, except for what they would do to all of you. How are you going to keep them from retaliating?”

I smirked. “First, we have to agree on something. What I am planning will likely result in our deaths, but at our own hands and own terms. But… it would kill every person in this House.” I could see the gears churning in their heads. The Pack house held the Alpha and Beta quarters on the top floor, the Gamma and Delta quarters below that. An entire floor held the unmated warriors. Taking out the whole house would decapitate the Pack, leaving it ripe to be taken over. I looked each of them in the eyes; behind the pain, the loss and the heartache lay a deep desire to kill the fuckers who did this to them. I put my hand out in front of me, over Kirsten’s shoulder. One by one, the girls put their hands on top of mine.

It was decided.

“We have to wait until the party is done. They’ve drank a lot, so there will be lots of hung over wolves sleeping late, that’s part of the plan. We can’t do anything to tip them off that something is going on. Vivian, you stay here and keep an eye on Kirsten. Sheri, Tandy, Mary and I will go out to do our normal cleaning of the rooms. We need to lull them into thinking nothing is wrong. After twenty minutes or so, I’ll head into the storeroom like I’m getting cleaning supplies. When I’m in there, you guys make your way back to the room and stay near your beds. When I do it, I’ll run out of the storeroom and back into ours. When I yell, everyone get into the back corner. Grab your mattresses, get low and cover yourself with them. If I’m lucky, I’ll join you.”

“And if not?” Mary looked at me.

“Then I don’t make it. Eleven years is long enough.” I looked at them again. “Get some sleep, we’ll wake at eight to start this.”

We went back to our beds and I tried to sleep, but the pain and nervousness wouldn’t let me. I wanted badly to talk to my wolf, I missed her, and would never have a chance to say goodbye. I hoped she was at least proud of me in the end.

The shift changed at eight, and a still-drunk Carl came down the stairs to wake us up. “Come on, Lunas, it’s a work day for you. Up and at ’em.”

I was already out of bed, so I was standing at the door when he opened it, my eyes down. “Your instructions, sir?”

He looked past my shoulder where Vivian was still taking care of Kirsten. “She wake up yet?”

“No sir, she hasn’t made a sound since we left the stone.”

He nodded. “Send Mary to me in room three, and clean this place up. It stinks.”

“Yes sir.” Mary pushed past me and followed him down to the room, she would keep him distracted for five minutes, he could never last long. We left our room and headed out to the closet, grabbing our supplies and making busy. I was scrubbing a stain under the St. Andrew’s Cross in the main room when Carl smacked my ass on the way by. I kept my ears open, waiting for him to start up the stairs. The other guard would have to leave the monitors to go let him out, and that was my chance.

I slipped away to the supply closet, nodding to the other girls as I went by. I opened the door just as I heard the first door open upstairs; as long as they didn’t count the girls on camera, I had a shot. This closet had no cameras in it.

I moved the supplies off the shelving, quietly setting it on the floor. Standing on a chair, I looked at the exposed piping running horizontally across the floor joists before turning vertical to go up to the kitchen. Two were water, but one was liquid propane to fuel the large kitchen ranges and ovens above. The pipe itself was an inch in diameter, copper piping with sweated fittings. I found the screwdriver one of the workmen had left behind, I had hidden it well. I removed the pipe hangers that supported the weight of the horizontal run, plus the one for the vertical.

I was running out of time, the longer I stayed in here the more likely it was for a guard to notice me missing. I reached up as high on the vertical pipe as I could, then jumped off the chair and jerked down as hard as I could.

It didn’t work, but I did hear the pipe straining. Gathering my feet, I did it again, and heard something break free as I dropped almost six inches down. The gas was pouring out of the break above, I could smell it filling the room so I held my breath as I shoved the pipe up a little then jumped off the chair.

“NOW,” I yelled as I pulled the door open and raced for our room. I made the turn, seeing the group huddled in the corner and raising their mattresses as I ran. I was halfway there when there was a bright flash and it felt like the hand of God hit me in the back, and blackness took over.

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