Slave Lunas

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Chapter 13: Sea-Yes

Catherine’s POV

I was about to leave Seamus behind and go clear my head when I heard the wolves coming down the stairs. We normally stayed in human form indoors, so I knew it was Shay and Nancy. I smiled to myself as I realized she was in wolf form as well, that would help her get past her fear of contact with him. She didn’t look back, but Shay stopped and looked at us apologetically. I waved him off, he had a mate to woo, he didn’t need to sit around and talk.

I walked to the front door and closed it, then waved Vivian and Craig with me. Maria looked at me quizzically, until I told her to make sure Seamus had a guest room and to move Shay into Nancy’s room. We went down the main floor hallway to the Alpha’s Offices, a pair of adjoining rooms that had been used by Kirsten and her mate. The smell of her was more intense in here as her belongings hadn’t been moved out, like had been done in my bedroom. I said a little prayer for them before I gathered the girls in front of a Pack Boundary map on the wall. We marked up the map with what we knew about the Packs and the Alphas.

“All right, let’s divide this up a little. I’ll take the Packs closest to us. Vivian, you call those in the second and third levels who are friendly to us, and Craig, you take the ones that may not like a female Alpha. If they ask, Alpha Rigby will explain everything to them at the meeting. Emphasize this is a social event, it is being done under a truce supervised by Elder Kirkpatrick. Alphas, Lunas, Betas and Beta mates are invited. We will be holding talks and having a barbecue dinner, lodging will be provided for those needing it, but we expect to end the talks by six PM. Got it?”

We went to work, using the multiple phones and the Alpha’s phone list to contact each of the Alphas. I started with Tandy and Sheri, mostly because I wanted to make sure they were settling in. They were, and although there were challenges, they were making progress together. They would attend, of course, as they needed allies as badly as we did.

The other calls were widely divergent. Some Alphas recognized the number and expected to be talking to Kirsten or Jackson, and were shocked when they found out they were dead. These calls took a little longer, as I had to explain the events of the past few days first. Alphas who knew the Packs had been taken over were curious as to who had done it and why. Others just said they would be there, giving no indication of how they felt about the events.

When we finished the calls, I was wiped out. I went down to the kitchen, where Abigail was sitting with a roomful of women who were dividing up responsibilities for food preparation. I had seen a number of wolves heading out to hunt game for the feast earlier, and others were out preparing houses and rooms for guests. It was a frantic time for the rest of the day, as we were still dealing with the families who had lost some or all members. I was going to move everyone not involved in the talks back to the Black Dawn territory, where there was more single housing at least.

“Where did Seamus go?” I couldn’t smell his scent and it bothered my wolf.

“He went to bring Shay and Nancy clothes and water,” Abigail said. “He said he would be back for dinner.” She saw my expression. “Go. We got this, Alpha.”

I went outside, wondering if I was that transparent and if everyone knew what he was to me. “Yes and yes,” my wolf said. “Now let’s shift, I’ll take you to him.” I grabbed a satchel, then put some beers in an insulated pack and stuffed it in. Walking outside, I pulled my summer dress off and folded it, putting it inside, then shifted with the satchel over my head. I shook out my fur, then walked towards the woods. I picked out their scents, Seamus’ being fresher than Shay and Nancy, and trotted off into the forest.

It took an hour, but I found him in a mountain meadow, eating off a deer. He looked up as I chuffed at him, and moved over on the kill to invite me to join him. My wolf was all for it, and soon I was tearing into the carcass after the remaining good meat while he crunched bones and lapped at the marrow. We left little for the scavengers as we headed downhill. Seamus avoided the trail Shay and Nancy had used, giving them the privacy they needed. We went upstream a little farther and found a decent spot with deeper water and a rocky overhang.

I walked into the cold water with him, both of us cleaning the blood off our fur. He licked the back of my neck, getting the spots I couldn’t reach, and I returned the favor. My wolf was spinning in circles as we groomed each other, she was happier than she had been since I was mated. Somehow Luna had given us a second chance at a mate, and she wanted him badly. I could feel the blood rushing to my privates as the intimate contact drove her desire. I needed answers, though, and my little horny wolf was just going to have to wait. I didn’t care how impressive his wolf was, or what that body looked like.

OK, I did, but I would still wait.

I moved out of the water and shook my fur, sending droplets everywhere before I moved up to the rock shelf. The sun was beating down on it, making it nice and warm, so I shifted to human form and laid on my stomach to let my long hair dry. I moved the tangles out, vowing to hack it back to something manageable as soon as we got back. The length was a result of Kendrick’s desires for how he wanted us to look, and his influence was gone from my life now.

I looked over to where Seamus was coming out of the water. With his fur wet and matted, his size and musculature was even more evident. I’d never seen such an impressive wolf, and my body was responding already. He shook off, some of the water reaching me, then shifted to his human form. My eyes drank in that form as he stood there naked, his hands squeezing the water out of his long hair. That was the only thing I didn’t like, at his age ponytails were restricted to bikers and hippies. I’d get him in the chair after me.

He smiled at me as he caught me looking at him, and I didn’t look away. Instead, I checked out all the places on his body I hadn’t seen before. He was truly a mountain of a man, and I was happy to see things were, well, proportionate. I just hoped he really meant the stuff he said about me and the girls. The last thing I wanted to be was a disappointment, and I don’t know if I’d survive rejection.

I rolled onto my side facing him, causing his eyes to widen as he took in my form. I knew I didn’t have the tight bodies of my younger Lunas, I had a lot more wear and tear on my form, but I thought I had held up well. My stomach was still flat, my boobs sagged a bit more but were still impressive. I moved one leg forward, causing my sex to rub and send a little thrill up me. My arousal was heavy in the air as he walked up, and his arousal was becoming obvious. He laid down in front of me, grinning at me before he leaned forward and his big hand brushed the hair away from my face. I closed my eyes and leaned towards him, and our lips found each other.

Tingles exploded through my body and I moaned into his mouth. His hand moved around my head, pulling me into him as our tongues explored. My leg found its way over his, and he pulled me on top of him as he rolled onto his back. I was rapidly losing control, so I broke the kiss and laid my head on his chest. “How is this possible,” I asked quietly.

“It is Luna’s gift to us,” he said into my ear as he kissed the top of my head. “Wolves think that there is only one person out there for them, but that isn’t always the case. We think there is one person you are born to be with, but that doesn’t always work out. People die, like my mate did, and Luna gives us another.”

“So why don’t we wait? Kirsten killed herself, she was so young.”

“Mainly because the pain and loss of losing your mate makes death seem preferable. There are no guarantees you’ll find your mate again either. Look at me, I’ve spent decades alone. I had given up hope of finding you.”

“I was tied up,” I said. We both burst out laughing, and we kissed again before I settled back onto his broad chest. “How does that work with me? I mated out of choice, to save my Pack. Does that mean you are my true mate?”

“No, because I had and lost mine. When you mated another, your true mate would get another, at least I hope he would. The mating bond is sacred to Luna, so once entered it is the same whether it is your true mate or not. The feelings you develop are the same, and so is the loss.”

I kissed his chest, moving up to his neck as he moaned in pleasure. “So this is just as real as our first matings?”

“Yes. And do you know what I think about it, Catherine?” I shook my head. “I think the wait was worth it. You’re amazing and strong, and I’m the luckiest wolf in the world right now.”

I felt Seamus Junior against my leg, and giggled. I reached down and touched its length, my hand couldn’t reach around it. It wasn’t overly long, with my fingertips at the base it reached a few inches past my wrist. It was wider around than a Coke can, and this made me smile. I’d touched many cocks in my life, but this was only the second that I couldn’t wait to feel inside me. I made a decision, I wasn’t going to fight it any more, I was going to live and love as long as my life would last- even if that was just until tomorrow.

“Mark and mate with me, Seamus.” I moved my hand up and down his length, teasing him to full hardness.

“Are you sure, Catherine?”

“I’ve never been more sure of anything. You’re mine, and I’m not facing the other Alphas without you by my side.”

He pulled me up his body, my nipples dragging against his chest as our mouths found each other. We kissed hard and long, then I reached down and positioned him at my entrance. I was sopping wet by now, my body had been preparing since I left the water for this moment. I pushed myself up with my other hand, sinking back as his length split me.

I didn’t feel pain, I felt unspeakable pleasure as I felt him push deep inside, so I moaned loudly. His hands moved down my body to guide my hips, and when I wiggled a little to fit the last inch inside we stopped and just looked at each other. “MINE,” he said.

“YOURS,” I replied huskily. I had my knees on each side of his body and I sat up straight, both of my hands moving to his stomach and feeling the rippling muscles underneath. I kept him deep inside, moving my hips in small circles as I got used to his size. I was stretched so wide I had trouble squeezing him with my channel.

My wolf urged me to take him, and I watched his face as I slowly raised myself until only his head was still inside. I leaned forward, letting my nipples drag on his chest, before I sank down again with another moan. I set a slow pace, and his hands moved up my sides until they were cupping my hanging breasts. I was lost in a fog of pleasure as he worked me over; I couldn’t keep track of all the places that felt so good. I came hard when he sucked on a nipple, it was so unexpected, and the first time in over a decade I’d come with a man. He pushed up into me as my legs locked up and my body quivered, sending me through one peak and to the next.

When I collapsed onto his chest, he was far from done. He held my hips as he slowly thrust up into me, building the fires again in my needy sex. I recovered enough to start moving with him, and this time he wrapped his big arms around me and held me close to him as he picked up the pace. The next peak was building, and this was going to be a big one. I nipped at his chest, urging him to take me harder, and he did so. My teeth partially shifted in anticipation, my wolf was claiming what was hers.

He was swelling inside me as the motions quickened, and I knew we were both close. I sat up a little, moving my hair to the right side so he had a clear shot at my neck. I was slamming down on him now, each thrust pushing me higher and higher until he grabbed my hips and pulled me all the way down as he came.

He lunged forward and bit down hard on my neck, sending pain and pleasure to my head that caused me to come hard as well. I waited until he released my neck, then while my body still quaked in pleasure I opened my mouth wide and bit down on his. I licked the blood clean as my body was rocked by waves of pleasure.

I collapsed onto him, now a mated woman. We just laid there in the warm sun, enjoying each other in the pleasurable fog of mating. He finally softened enough to pop out, causing our combined fluids to gush out onto our legs and the flat rock. I went to get up, but he held me close. “Leave it,” he said. “I’m not done with you yet.”

I reached down to see that he was right. “Come on, let’s get off this rock next time,” I said as I led him back to the water.

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