Slave Lunas

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Chapter 14: The Calm Before

I was tired and sore by the time we had exhausted our lusts with each other by the river. He held my naked body tenderly as we watched the sun starting to dip below the mountains; the air was already cooling. I snuggled into his body as his hand worked its way up and down my back. “I could stay here forever with you,” he whispered in my ear.

“You remember we have duties, right? Tomorrow morning the other Alphas arrive for the talks.”

He squeezed me a little tighter as he let out a groan. “I don’t want to share you with anyone, Catherine. I feel like I will tear apart any male who looks at you without fear and respect. Does that make me selfish?”

I could feel his arousal pushing up at my thigh as I wiggled in his lap. “No, that makes you newly mated. To me.” I reached down and cupped his balls, they were still pulled up tight after leaving the cold water following our last session. No matter how much I washed him or he washed me, the river water could never wash away each other’s scent. With our bites, we were now mixed together; for as long as both of us lived, you would smell one when you smelled the other. It was a way of warning unmated wolves to stay away. “And I will rip apart any brazen bitch that looks at you with lust in her eyes.”

I shifted in his lap until I was straddling him, his length rapidly hardening in between our stomachs. My wolf was urging me to take him, my mind was in agreement, only my body was protesting. It wasn’t that I hadn’t been taken so often or so hard in the past; hell, there were many times when it was worse. None of them were as big as my Seamus, though. He stretched me in ways I didn’t think possible, and my poor insides were protesting another round.

I reached my hand down, the palm circling his purple helmeted warrior. His pre-cum was already flowing, coating my hand with the sticky fluid. Our lips crashed together as his arms pulled my close, my breasts flattened against the muscles of his chest. We kissed hungrily, like lovers with a time limit, one neither of us wanted to think of. I felt his big hands move down until he was cupping my ass, pulling me up. I felt his hard cock rubbing against my wet folds as I went, until I was finally above it. I looked into his eyes, they were dark with lust but sparkled with love. Love for ME. He was MINE and Goddess help me, I needed him again.

I kept my hands around his neck as my hips shifted, moving until his little head was lined up. I sank down a few inches as he split me open again, biting back the yelp from the pain before it was replaced by pleasure. I drew up a little, leaving just the tip, then sank down to get a few more inches in. He could sense my pain through the bond, and he kissed me again. “We don’t have to do this if it hurts you,” he said.

Pain is just the cost for the pleasure I’ll get,” I replied. My body would heal, my spirit needed him. Making love with your mate was more than physical, it touched your soul and spirit. Both of mine had been so broken, they were desperate for something good to come out of the act. “I need you, Seamus, and I WILL have you.”

I rotated my hips as my well-fucked pussy got used to the sensation again. When the pain was replace by pleasure, I moaned as I lifted up and then lowered myself slowly, inch by inch, before rising again. Our tongues were busy exploring each other’s bodies as I picked up the pace. I kissed his face, his neck, and got a loud moan when I sucked on the mating scar from earlier. When he returned the favor, I screamed in pleasure and dropped all the way down, fully seating him inside me.

“Goddess you’re perfect,” he whispered as I quivered around him.

“And you’re the strongest man and wolf I’ve ever met,” I said. “But do you know what I love so much about you already?” He shook his head. “You didn’t look at me with pity, your eyes hold only love. I know it can’t be easy for you, knowing what I was, yet you still took me in.” I hugged him tight, loving the feel of being filled completely by my man. “I had been told, I was convinced that I was nothing anymore, that no one would ever want me as more than a spuz catcher. You proved them wrong with just a look.”

“I didn’t ignore, and I don’t look past it. My Wolf is frothing, he wants to protect and avenge you.”

“I did that already.”

“I know, and I still can’t believe you found a way to do it. I just wish I could reassemble them so I could tear them apart again and again. They didn’t suffer enough in this life, so I pray Luna lets them find their due in the next.” He closed his eyes in pleasure as I lifted up, then sank slowly back down. “Now that I have you, I cannot lose you. There is nothing I will not do, no line I won’t cross to keep you safe.”

I raised up, this time using short motions that caused his tip to almost exit before I took it back in. I picked up the pace, watching his eyes roll back before I slammed my hips down and took his whole length. “FUCK ME!” His hands lifted me again and I repeated the motion.

My desire was pushing me higher, and I shifted so my feet were on each side of his ass while my hands held his neck. My quads were burning as I lifted and dropped faster and faster, our cries of pleasure echoing through the valley. I could feel a ball of pleasure deep inside building, and when he pulled me down and started shooting his seed with a yell of pleasure, I broke. My legs slipped and my hands lost their grip; I leaned back as my body spasmed, caught by his strong hands on my lower back. The feeling went on and on as he continued to unload into me. When I could breathe again, he pulled me up to his chest. I started to cry, tears falling down my face as I shook in his arms. “Shhh, it’s all right,” he whispered. “Let it out.”

And I did. I wept for my lost mate, my parents, my Pack. I wept for my Lunas and their losses. I wept for the years of captivity and abuse. I wept for Kirsten. For the first time since my capture, I didn’t have to be strong to survive, I didn’t have to be strong for others. I could feel his love and strength through the bond as something deep inside me started to heal, replaced by his love.

Mary’s POV

We had held dinner as long as we could, but Catherine and Seamus weren’t back yet. Shay and Nancy had arrived just after sundown; I opened the door and stood aside as he carried her sleeping form in his arms. “Is she all right?”

“She’s better,” Shay whispered. “She’s starting to heal.” He carried her past me and up the stairs to their room. I went back to the kitchen and made up a tray with some water, juice, and a few sandwiches that I wrapped so they would stay fresh. I knew they would be hungry, and new mates didn’t like to leave the bedroom while they got to know each other. When I was done, I walked up and knocked softly on their door. No one answered, so I cracked the door open. I could see Nancy covered up in the bed, while the bathroom door was closed as I heard the shower go on. I put the tray on the bedside table and quietly exited.

Deep down I was happy for her. I loved her, I loved all the other Lunas, we had bonded like sisters in that hell of a basement, but I wished I had what she did. I wished I had what Catherine was getting right now.

I just wanted to feel whole again.

I went back to my room and packed a bag with a few clothes, then went downstairs and out on the front porch where Vivian was sitting. “You ready to go?”

I nodded. “I’d rather be here, though.”

“We talked about this, we need someone with the women and children we send to the old Black Dawn territory. I need to be here with Catherine, and with the twins being Alphas now that leaves you.” She looked out towards the trees, I knew she was waiting for Seamus and Catherine to return; her link had been blocked all day long, for good reason I bet.

I pulled off my dress and packed it in my bag before shifting. Howling, I called the group that was leaving to me. The Black Dawn territory was a good hour’s hard run, with the group I had it would take more like three. I moved around the group of thirty or so wolves, all low ranking or too young to fight. Beta David had left earlier to patrol the border before meeting us there. We were leaving as many fighters as we could with our Alpha in case someone tried to attack.

I enjoyed the leisurely run through the woods, playing with the young ones and carrying the toddlers on my back. We were bonding as a pack, as sisters and family, and I had forgotten how GOOD that felt. My wolf was basking in the attention and the respect I had from them. To them, I was a hero, I was one of the brave Lunas who had overthrown the vicious leadership and freed them from a hellish existence.

We arrived around midnight, and we all dispersed into the houses we had been invited to. I hadn’t even gotten to the steps before Louise whipped the door open and pulled me into an embrace. We hugged as she cried softly. “You miss your Moose?”

“Every moment he’s gone,” she said. “He is doing what he must for the Pack, and we all must sacrifice. Come on, I’ve got tea on, and the girls are already asleep.” I followed her inside, and we got to know each other as we sipped the tea in her small dining room. All too soon, my eyelids were heavy and she lead me to the guest room.

A shower later, and I fell into a deep sleep.

WE’RE UNDER ATTACK!!!” Beta David’s panicked voice blasted through the bond, waking me from a dead sleep along with the rest of the Pack. “HUNDREDS OF WOLVES POURING ACROSS THE BORDER, HEADING FOR THE BLACK DAWN HOUSING!”

I was already up and out the door into the hallway. “FIGHTERS RALLY TO ME, THE REST TO THE SAFE ROOMS,” Luna Catherine sent to everyone. I shifted as I moved out the front door; behind me, Louise was already gathering her daughters and heading to the basement. My wolf was furious, and ready to taste enemy blood. It wouldn’t be long, I could hear the low thunder of an army of wolves approaching.

They will be here in minutes,” I sent to my Alpha and friend, along with David.

Mary, I’m coming in hot, they are right on my ass,” David sent.

I could feel the frustration in Catherine’s voice in my head. “We’re on our way, go hide and wait for us,” she said.

I can’t do that, Catherine,” I sent back. “Kendrick didn’t build safe rooms anywhere except the Pack House, and that was our prison. These people have nowhere to hide, they’ll be dead before you get here if I don’t do something.”

“Don’t do something stupid, Mary, I need you.”

“We do what we have to, Catherine, you taught us all that.” I topped the hill and the wind carried the scent of the attacking wolves to me. It was time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I was all out of bubble gum.

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