Slave Lunas

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Chapter 17: A New Way

The door opened suddenly, waking me instantly. Beta Tennard stood there, a cattle prod in his right hand, his large body silhouetted in the opening. I could hear the other girls waking, Mary was shaking in my arms. She couldn’t sleep unless I was holding her. “Cath-verine,” he slurred, “Get your ass over here.”

I got up, pushing Mary back down onto the bed. This was going to be bad enough with a drunk and violent man, no one else needed to get hurt tonight. “Yes sir,” I said as I got up quickly. I ran over and stood before him, my head down. I could see his hand moving towards my face but didn’t dare try and avoid it. His meaty palm smacked the right side of my face, causing me to stagger before I recovered.

“The bench,” he said as he grabbed my hair and pulled me out of the room. I ran ahead of him, hearing the door slam closed behind me. I paused as I saw Beta Thomas there waiting for me, a whiskey bottle in one hand and his dick in the other. I felt the prod in my lower back, the high voltage coursing through my body and causing me to collapse to the floor. I barely felt my legs as he grabbed me by the neck and dragged me over to the padded bench that looked like a vaulting horse from gymnastics, just lower and more sadistic. My hands barely kept my face from smacking the leather covering as he threw me down on it. Thomas grabbed my hands, cuffing them to the base of the A-frame support on the far end, while Tennard did the same with my ankles. A leather strap was pulled tight around my waist, rendering me immobile and helpless to them. This bench was one of their favorite pieces of bondage furniture; it positioned me for easy access on each end, and they always took advantage of that.

“Bite down and I’ll knock those teeth down your throat,” Thomas growled as he forced himself into me. I forced myself to relax my throat as he pushed himself in to the hilt; he was holding my nose closed, forcing me to open wider for him. His smelly cock stopped my yelp as Tennard pushed into my backside, going in fast and dry. I struggled to breathe when I could as the drunken werewolves spitroasted me. Drunk and crazed with their power, they sated their lusts on me. Their fists beat on my back and sides, and I felt a rib crack as I screamed in pain.

Tennard finished first, and started laughing as he pulled out. My eyes got wide as I felt the hard plastic end invading my ass, and when he pressed the cattle prod trigger my entire body stiffened in agony. I screamed and screamed and it came out as a howl.

I jumped to my feet, my wolf bolting for safety. The Pack had been jarred out of a deep sleep by my distress, and I pushed through and over them until I could see the trees. I ran hard, my human side struggling to make sense of where I was. My wolf didn’t care, she just wanted out of there. We dodged trees and jumped fallen logs until I felt a wolf running at my side.

My wolf instantly calmed at the touch of her mate, Seamus was nuzzling as my neck as I slowed to a stop. He moved around me as I stood still, my wolf was telling me it was all right, that Seamus would protect me. My breathing slowed and I started to lean into his touch as he rubbed his huge wolf body on my side. “Are you all right, my love? You were blocking me back there.”

“Nightmare.” I jumped as he started sniffing and licking under my tail.I’m sorry, it’s just that I was back there, and…”

“You’re safe now. If I could kill them again, I would.” He plopped onto the fallen leaves with a loud thud. I turned around three times in place, my nose up, before I felt safe and curled up next to him. “The Pack is fine. I’m leaving a few people to protect them during the talks. I asked Shay and Nancy to take the rest back, it’s almost dawn and the Alphas will arrive soon.”

“They must think me a basket case,” I said as I snuggled my head into his soft neck fur.

You’re free of them, but you aren’t free of the effects of them,” he said. “You spent eleven years enduring that, nightmares are to be expected. What your wolf showed me would give me nightmares, and I’ve seen some sick shit in my days.”

“You saw?”

“Your wolf and mine, they are bonded now. When she is emotional, my wolf sees part of it. I saw what they did, Catherine. You don’t have to hide things from me, I’m here for you. I’ll help you through this.”

I mentally scolded my wolf, who just rolled over and sent back thoughts of wild wolfy sex with her big stud. I could hardly blame her, she was locked away for so long and now she had a mate again. “How long do we have until we have to leave for home?”

“I think we could be an hour or so behind them, Vivian is there.”

My wolf was spinning in circles, she wanted to play. “Then catch me.” I jumped up, my hips high and front paws low to the ground as I challenged him to play.

He chuffed in agreement, motioning in the way we needed to go. ”Run that general direction, then we’ll have more time after I catch you.”

I yipped and my wolf took off. Wolves loved the chase, it was the greatest aphrodisiac ever. The females loved making them work for it, proving they were worthy to mate them. The male wolf loved to prove his dominance and strength. In the end, we both would win and my wolf and human sides were looking forward to that.

I was back to full strength now, and I wasn’t planning to make it easy on my old man. I stretched out my legs as I pushed up the hill, picking my way over the uneven ground by the pale light of early dawn. I didn’t bother with trying to lose him in creeks, he was too close and wolves could air scent. It would just let him get closer, and I could already hear those dinner plates he called paws getting closer.

My advantages were in speed and agility, while he had strength and size. I started to take the chase through shrubs, under deadfalls, basically anyplace that would be tougher for him. I snuck a look back, checking to see how much time I had gained, when I was bowled over and rolled on the grass. “Nice try,” he said as he pinned my neck to the ground in triumph.

For most wolf pairs, for me before I was taken, being submitted by their mate would kick off the hips going up and tail going to the side before the real wolfy-loving started. That didn’t happen.

I freaked. I struggled against him, my neck being torn open as I fought to escape. I whined loudly as he figured out something was wrong and released my neck. I shifted under him, my human form scooting back to get away. “Stop… please…”

I was seeing him but not really seeing him as the flashback ended; I shook my head and looked at him. I wasn’t in that room, I wasn’t collared and helpless, Seamus wasn’t like THOSE men. I watched as he shifted, then sat across from me. He could feel my panic over his bond, and I was still breathing hard. “I didn’t mean to…”

“I know.” I sat up, pulling my knees up into my chest. “I just freaked out a little. There’s a fine line between wolf romance and memories of abuse and I’m figuring out where it is. Holding me down, forcing me to submit, biting my neck like that, it just sets me off.” I could feel his anger at himself, his wolf was upset he had hurt me. “It’s not your fault. There’s just all these things around that can set me off, that can bring back those memories. It doesn’t even happen all the time, but when it does, it’s like I’m back there again and I can’t deal with that.”

He opened his arms to me, and my wolf and I wanted his comfort, we NEEDED it. I crawled onto his lap and relaxed into his chest. “It will get better,” he told me as he kissed my head. “I’ll replace those bad memories with good ones.”

“They weren’t all bad, I got my sisters out of the deal. Our bond is deeper than a littermate, did you know that? Even though we aren’t related, even before we became a Pack we could talk mentally, we could share images. We wouldn’t have survived without it. I wouldn’t have survived.” I started to cry, the loss of Mary hitting me full force. “I couldn’t get to her in time, I couldn’t save her.”

He rocked me until my sobbing stopped. “If there’s one thing I learned in my decades as an Alpha, it is that sometimes you can’t save them.” I looked up at him as he pushed the hair out of my face. “She knew what she was getting into when she stepped in front of that army. She knew she wasn’t going to survive, but she did it anyway. She didn’t stop them, but she delayed them enough that we only lost houses, not people. A few more minutes and he could have carried off all the women and children and killed all the men. She was brave, she was loyal, and we will honor her sacrifice.”

I knew this, I knew he was right, but it still hurt. I shifted in his lap, giggling a little as I felt Seamus Junior poking at my butt. “You’re still hard,” I whispered as I reached down to move him to a more comfortable place.

“It’s all right, my wolf understands you’re not in the right place.”

I lifted myself up a little, kissing my mate deeply as the bond danced between us. I loved the feel of his arms around me, how safe he made me feel. My wolf was still horny, and I could feel my body responding to the kiss. “Seamus, love, remember what you said about replacing those memories?”

“Of course,” he said before he started kissing down my neck to my mating mark. I shuddered as he nipped and kissed the scar.

“Then shut up and give me another memory,” I whispered in his ear.

He laid back in the grass, pulling me up his body as he leaned back. “Come up here,” he said as his hands lifted my thighs. He pulled me up until I was over his face, the whiskers of his beard tickling my clean shaven and dripping sex. I moaned in pleasure as his tongue went up, and I rubbed my breasts as his mouth went to work on me. We didn’t have all the time we might want, so he didn’t tease me; his wide tongue licked me from bottom to top, flicking around my nub before starting the trip again. As I got more aroused, he spent more time sucking on my clit, alternating it with the long licks and deep probes of my channel. I closed my eyes, giving myself over to the pleasure as he pushed me to my first orgasm of the morning. I grabbed his head and pulled him to me as I came, his tongue lapping up my free-flowing juices.

I needed more.

Moving down his body, I reached behind and grabbed his rod. He had shifted his attentions to my breasts as I positioned my sex over him, rubbing him before I sank down. “Oh Luna,” I groaned as I felt his length forcing its way into me. The tingling of the bond, and my connection with him, made this so much more than just sex. I’d had plenty of sex, but it had been without pleasure. With him, I could be safe and fulfilled. I reached bottom, the tip pushing into my cervix. I reached down and felt him deep inside my belly, and I came again as my clit ground into his pelvis.

“Catherine,” he moaned in pleasure as the contractions milked his shaft.

“Not yet,” I said as I caught my breath and raised up again. I put my hands on his shoulders and used them to push myself back down again, making squishy noises as the air was forced out again. His hands moved from my hips up my sides, and he distracted himself with my hanging breasts as I rode him hard. The wet smack of my hips onto his, the panting breaths, and the moans of pleasure filled the clearing as we reached higher and higher. “Seamus,” I breathed, “I’m going to…”

“Come for me,” he commanded as his hand reached down and pinched my clit. It was all I needed, I went off like a rocket ship on him as he launched his seed deep into my space. His cock expanded, reaching even higher as he bucked up into me. I squeezed tight as he boldly went where no man had gone before, his hips continuing his pounding into me as I screamed my love for him to the trees.

When we were both done, I collapsed onto his chest. I couldn’t move, I was one hot mess of tingling flesh. “Holy shit,” I said. “That was intense.”

I could feel his member soften inside me, and when it finally popped out it was like a gusher of fluids going down from my channel onto his groin. I laughed a little, we were going to show up with me all freshly fucked and dripping as we met the other Alphas. “Good, it will help them keep their eyes off you. I don’t share well, and you are mine as I am yours.”

“We haven’t even talked about how this is going to work, Seamus. I called the meeting, I’m the Alpha of the Pack, we haven’t even formally inducted you into it yet.”

“And I’m the Elder called to oversee the meeting. Don’t worry, my love. I want to rule at YOUR side, not over you. We are equal, and we are one.” He put his hands on my cheeks and lifted my head so he could kiss me. “This Pack, this territory, this meeting, it was all you. If you don’t mind, I’ll just sit back and look generally pissed off.”

“That should make them suitably nervous.”

“Yeah, don’t introduce me as your mate, or Alpha. The mark and the scent will do that just fine.”

I pushed myself up to my hands and knees, then stood up. The trail of his love dripped down my legs; I caught some and brought it up to my breasts, rubbing his essence into my skin. Nobody would mistake who he was to me now, and that would only help. I reached down and pulled him up; he did the same with his hands, spreading my fluids from his face down to his chest. “Gotta keep the fangirls back,” he cracked with a smile.”

“You look like a glazed donut,” I laughed back at him. “Come on, we need to go.” We quickly shifted and ran off together for home.

When we arrived, a few dozen new wolves were mingling in the grass with wolves from my Pack, Shay’s and Sheri and Tandy’s. The conversation stopped as we ran into the clearing, shifting and putting on the clothes quickly tossed our way. I left Seamus there as I ran over to meet my girls; Sheri and Tandy were both hugging me and crying. “Are you guys all right?”

Tandy nodded as Sheri looked at me. “Mary…” I hugged them both again. “Vivian told us what happened.”

“It’s taken care of,” I said. “She’s being prepared, we’ll bury her with her mate tomorrow night.” I wiped a tear. “She wouldn’t take the collar again.”

“None of us will,” Tandy said. “And we need to make sure no female ever does again.”

“It’s more than alliances, Catherine. We have a chance to change things for the better now.” She took an exaggerated sniff. “And speaking of better, how’s Mr. Tall, Strong and Intimidating over there?”

“He’s perfect for me, Luna gave me a second chance mate,” I smiled. I pulled them over to where Seamus was talking with his nephew and a few other warriors. “Luna Tandy, Luna Sheri, may I introduce Elder Seamus Kirkpatrick. Elder Seamus, Lunas Tandy and Sheri of the Black Death pack.”

I grinned as my two girls craned their necks back, both were almost six foot but Seamus was freakin’ huge. “A pleasure,” he said as he shook their hands. “I’m pleased to meet Catherine’s sisters, you are always welcome in our house.”

“As you are in ours,” Tandy said. “Now, Catherine, we need to introduce you to some people.”

“Go,” Seamus said as they pulled me off. I waved at Shay as I passed and gave Nancy a quick hug before I was pulled into the madness that was an Alpha meeting. Over the next two hours, two dozen more Alphas and their top Betas joined the five already here. The barbecues had been going all morning, and long tables filled the clearing as we gathered to eat.

As the presiding Elder of the gathering, it was Seamus who rose and called for quiet. The long tables immediately quieted, respect for the former Alpha and respected elder showing in their eyes. “Greetings to you all in the name of Luna. I ask her blessing to be upon this gathering, the first in decades to bring so many of us together. We have representatives from as far west as Washington, as far east as Minnesota, north to Calgary and south to New Mexico. May the friendships formed here lay the groundwork for peace and prosperity. Let’s eat.”

I sat down at the table I had been assigned to; I asked the helpers to randomly choose where people sat. It went against convention, but so did my Pack, and after a few grumblings things settled down. I was soon engaged in conversation with an Alpha from Yellowknife and a Luna from Oregon. There were many sniffs and looks at my mating bite my dress proudly displayed, but none were so forward as to ask. They were much more interested in my story.

I politely demurred, shifting the conversation to safer subjects. This was about getting to know each other, and I didn’t want to repeat history just yet. The good part was that nobody there had participated in Kendrick’s perversions, so Seamus didn’t have to rip anyone’s balls off before lunch.

When the meal was wrapping up, I went to the front of the house and stood on the porch where I could see everyone. My helpers were frantically clearing plates and bringing desserts and drinks out as I motioned for my sisters to join with me. I held my hands out and was pleased when the group quieted and gave me their attention. “Thank you for coming to this Alpha Gathering, and welcome to the Seven Lunas Pack.” The guests looked around a little confused. “I understand you may be surprised to find me here, probably as surprised as you were to find out Alpha Kendrick and his leadership are gone. It’s a long story, but an important one, so if you’ll indulge us for a while so I can catch everyone up.” My girls closed ranks alongside me, and I told my story; of my old Pack, my mate, Kendrick’s attack, his bargain and my life in his captivity. The other Lunas told theirs, each of us adding a little more until the women were in tears and the men were ready to rip people apart.

Things got better as I described how we blew up the Pack house and escaped, how we took leadership of his Pack and dealt justice to those who had wronged us. Alpha Shay, Alphas Tandy and Sheri, and Elder Seamus each described the Alpha challenges they had fought in, plus the failed attack of the Bighorn Pack and the deaths of Alphas Pierce and Roger.

“You and those girls did all THAT?” The Alpha in the front row was awestruck.

“We took out the trash,” I replied. “So you can see, things are a bit fluid around here. I want to assure you all that we want peace and cooperation with our neighbors. Kendrick is gone, along with his ways. It is our job to rebuild the Packs, rebuild the homes, rebuild the lives of our members. That is what is important to us right now.”

“How can we help?” Alpha Stanley of the Copper River Pack stood to his feet; he was the oldest Alpha attending, a wise leader who had been in his position for five decades.

“Treaties and cooperation,” I replied. “Treaties, because we want to live in peace; cooperation, so we can rebuild. Kendrick didn’t believe in mates, he would force bonds, enslave or just use women. The change has left me with an abundance of women and children, many of whom have never found their mate. I’d like to help fix that, but I need your help in that.”

He nodded as it came to him. “Because if they move to their mate’s Pack, it weakens you even more.”

“Yes. I know it is a lot to ask, but it is what we need to grow. We’d also ask that you allow orphans, single wolves and families to change to our Pack if they desire. With your help and a decade or two of stability, our Pack would be back to where we could return to normal rules.”

“And in return?” The Alpha of the New Mexico Pack was now standing.

“I don’t have much to offer,” I replied. “The men who ran these Packs didn’t leave them in good financial shape, that’s one reason they had to keep taking over more and more packs as time went on. I do have land, more than we need, and perhaps some arrangements can be made.”

“And who is going to be Alpha? You? Seamus?”

“Yes. I am the Alpha, I have been since Kendrick was killed. The other Lunas and I have talked about this, and we will be doing something different. You see, we are like sisters, our bonds are that close. We don’t want to be separated, so the Seven Lunas Pack will be together. Luna Nancy will be returning to Washington with Shay, but Tandy and Sheri will be taking the western third of the territory, and Vivian the eastern third. I will have the middle, but we will function as one since they each desire to remain under my leadership.”

“Three territories, four Lunas? It’s never been done!” The outburst was quickly picked up on.

“Well, Lunas don’t get into dick-measuring contests with each other. We can’t solve our problems with force, we need to find common ground instead. The four of us work together, we’ve always worked together and we don’t plan to stop just because we have territories to govern.” With this, I called the questions to a close and just let all the discussions happen.

Dinner was a much calmer time, by now we had worked out private agreements with many of the surrounding Packs. Even those who didn’t promise an alliance wanted to cooperate, offering to send single male and female wolves to visit and help rebuild. We sat with different people, again randomly chosen, and I felt much better by the end.

Time to go for broke, I thought. “I thank you all for attending today, and for all the progress we have made towards peace and cooperation.” I waited for the applause to die down. “What happened to us, to other women in this territory, can never be allowed to happen again. We’ve drafted a few simple principles, a Werewolf Bill of Rights if you will, and I’m asking you to agree both to live by it and defend it. If we all agree, we can stop Packs from going down this same path, we can protect our mates and daughters. The principles are simple.

We, the creation of Luna, recognize that each Werewolf is a unique and precious creation of our Goddess and agree to treat them as such.

Article 1. Justice must be done. No Werewolf shall be executed or exiled without a trial of his peers and elders.

Article 2. The mating of two Werewolves is a sacred gift. Forced matings and rape are an affront to this gift and are punishable by death.

Article 3. Slavery is banned. Werewolves captured are to be brought into the Pack and given rank or exiled.

Article 4. Pack bonds are voluntary. Werewolves may leave or change packs without penalty.

Article 5. The flag of truce shall not be violated.

Article 6. Alpha Challenges must be made under the supervision of an Elder.

Article 7. Pack Boundaries are to be respected by all.”

I had copies of the proposal handed out, and there was a lively debate that ensued. In the end, all but three Alphas signed the agreement, with the remainder reserving judgment until they could see how it would work.

I was exhausted by the time they all left, their howls of departure rolling through the hills. Seamus picked me up and carried me to our room, where we took a hot shower together before going to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night, sweating and uncomfortable. I pushed the blankets off, moving my legs I could feel the heat pooled there. It was like a fire in my belly that pushed outwards until my limbs were on fire. “Seamus,” I moaned.

He woke up and his nose picked up the strong scent I was putting out. His eyes were glowing, his wolf forward in his mind. “You’re in heat,” he said as he leaned down to lick my dripping sex.

“Oh Luna, help me,” I begged him. He did. For three solid days we didn’t leave our bedroom. I couldn’t sleep more than a few minutes at a time, I needed him in me and he wanted to be there. When it finally broke, we took a shower, ate and slept for an entire day.

Two years later

“Let them run some energy out,” I said as we exited the Jeep we were using. Scotty and Shaw were out of the back in a flash, tossing their clothes aside before they changed into their wolf pup forms. The tan pups with black-tipped tails ran around the graveyard, sniffing and marking the trees, as Seamus took my hand and walked me through the gate.

We walked to my parent’s and my mate’s graves, and I laid the flowers there and said a prayer. My mate knelt with me, and next to us Shay and Nancy knelt and laid theirs. Tandy and Sheri put flowers on the other side, and Vivian and Lachlan put theirs down as well. I was crying, my sisters were as well. When I was done, I stood up and we had a group hug.

It would be the first of many this Freedom Day.

We had decided to mark the day we escaped captivity each year, not with a fancy meal, but with a remembrance of those who had been lost. This was the first stop of the tour that would visit seven different places before it was done. Each of us would visit our lost Pack members, parents and mate, and pay our respects to the dead.

It had been a long road to here. Having my mate at my side helped, and I couldn’t get depressed with my little terrors running around. Seamus had knocked me up during my heat, and I delivered two healthy boys, identical twins, the next spring. He whistled for them and they came bounding through the grass, their paws way too large for their bodies. We each took one and pulled them into our arms, where they changed into the dirty, wiggly, adorable little boys we loved.

“I can’t wait,” Vivian said as she watched me blow a raspberry on Scotty’s belly. Vivian’s mate Lachlan was a member of Seamus’ old Pack in Scotland, he and a number of others had come for his mating ceremony and Pack installation as Alpha. They were totally in love with each other, and she walked with a hand over her round belly. She told me she was expecting a girl, who she would name Mary Kirsten Kirkpatrick.

I was still trying to find mates for Tandy and Sheri, but at least they had each other. It wasn’t for lack of trying. I was sending them on a goodwill tour of the eastern Packs and then Europe. Our idea of a Werewolf Bill of Rights was spreading, we now had two-thirds of the Packs in the United States signed up.

Things were changing for the better.

The End

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